Shap's one of the oldest guys in the TGP game today. He's been around since the start and has connections and relationships with pretty much everyone of any concequence in this business. His paysites carved new ground in the TGP marketplace with image quality and retention rates. Hiding out in the Carribean, Shap's enjoying the good life. Shap's an old school guy, but one that's moved with the times and has one of the most stable businesses around. He's got a solid paysite and several traffic sources (tgps) with some of the highest quality traffic around. Def someone you WANT to do business with and it's why when he comes to GFY, anyone with a clue LISTENS to what he has to say.

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Ambush Interview GFY thread on Shap

Question #1
What's with the 'poor little me against the world' attitude on GFY?

Nice way to start the interview! I guess this dates back to my early days in the industry. I've been around since late 1996 (damn I'm pushing 9 years in this biz). In late 1998 the Cj/TGP explosion started and our sites were a part of it. Back then, Pay sites and Free sites did not have the relationship they have today. Pay site owners knew very little about free sites and free site owners knew very little about pay sites. pay sites didn't need free sites the way they do today. It's so weird to think back to those days. You could put up a banner farm page that had four or five 468x60 banners and nothing else and that page could make you a killing. Yeah, it was very different back then! As a result of these market conditions a pay site could be extremely successful without having a single free site promote them. The free sites on the other hand NEEDED the pay sites. It was the only way a free site could make money. Seeing that it was so early in the game the affiliate business model was also new. Everybody was learning the ropes at the same time and if you were a free site owner you probably didnít have a pay site and had no idea about how the backend of an affiliate program worked. I believe the general vibe was that pay site owners really didnít give a shit about free sites. They didnít cater to them. They didnít ask them for feedback and they really didnít understand them. If anything they watched us more closely, we were the guys giving away too much free porn and forcing them to improve their product. 95% of pay sites back then were absolute garbage. Imagine a pay site that 1. didnít update 2. used the same (zmaster) content that every other pay site had 3. used the same plugins and live video that every other pay site had and 4. had no exclusive content That was how the majority of pay sites were. Then along come free sites that have free pics and update everyday or weekly. Obviously the free sites were not welcome. They changed the industry and the ease of making money. From a pay site owner standpoint they made it much worse. Now you had to buy content. Now you had to actually deliver a quality product. All in all it was a great thing for surfer (who is our CLIENT) because the product (the pay site memberís area) increased in quality. Another problem with free sites is the cost of starting a free site was (and still is) very low. Everybody with a computer could start a site with little to no money. This makes it very easy for someone who wants to run a scam to run their scam without having to invest any money in it. That in itself was a huge problem. Affiliate programs were so new they didnít know what to expect in terms of fraud and cheating. Most programs ran pay per click programs that had little to no fraud protection. I have no idea how they even based their per click payouts (I think most of them just based it on competitors and not on what they were actually making). I do know one thing they were definitely not ready for the quality (or lack thereof) and the quantity of traffic free sites were going to send. Here came the free sites to promote these programs and theyíd send shitloads of traffic with little to no sales. A lot of these programs couldnít payout what they had promised and had to find a way to stop the situation (the onlmy way around it was to be a Russian Genius named Serge and use Mk Stats LOL). Not only that but they had never seen traffic so shitty and could only assume they were being cheated. The free sites werenít cheaters but to these pay site owners they sure as hell looked like cheaters. And so a line was drawn in the sand pay site owners on one side and free site owners on the other. This is the way I remember it and I may be wrong. I wasnít a pay site owner back then and I donít know what guys like FM and RB thought of the free sites. Obviously not all pay site owners believed that. A perfect example was Jeff and Lou from Karups who were one of the first sites to cater their site/program to free site webmasters (interesting fact you probably donít know: I was Karups' first affiliate). What was the question again? Hehehehe Ok back on topic. So that was the mindset back then. Then I joined Xpics for about a year (more on that in the Tahoe question). When I joined Xpics I finally got to see the backend of large program. I was exposed to the reality that the stats I see as a webmaster are not necessarily the real stats. This was quite the shock. I was only 20 or 21 at the time, I was young and naÔve and thought everybody was doing honest business. Man was I wrong. After seeing those stats it changed my whole view of things. Then I started to talk to more and more big pay site owners and it was somehow common knowledge that most of them had to do what they had to do to control payouts, keep affiliates happy and remain profitable. I remember one rumor I heard was that CEN (this is now a year or 2 after Xpics and the PPS model was now the big thing) was not giving affiliateís credit for sales from AOL email addresses. I heard this from one of the big boys and obviously I believed it to be true (another thing I learned to not do). I was promoting CEN at the time and this news did not sit well with me. I looked at my stats and noticed most days we did 10 sales a day and then some days Iíd have 0 and 1 signup. I asked around and others saw this as well. Then one day a newbie posted on Netpond (the popular board back then) that CEN was shaving and he had proof. I jumped in and made it my mission to cause a huge stink. In some ways this was a mistake becauseÖ First of all, my stats were absolutely no proof that I was being shaved. It wasnít until many years later when I started Twistys that I learned this. Sales fluctuate from day to day for absolutely no reason. It has nothing to do with being shaved and more to do with the way this business works. One day you can get 10 sales and the next day you can get 1. Thatís the way it is. The same traffic on any given day and youíll see different results. There definitely is a point where sales become more stable. I canít remember exactly where that point I think itís around the 50 sales a day range. After that sales can fluctuate up and down as much as 30 to 50% daily. Itís not shaving itís just the way this business works. Ever since I realized this Iíve felt like an idiot for always thinking I was being shaved back then. Second reason it was a mistake was because the guy who started the post was an anon. Nobody knew who he was and I went out put my name on the line and got into a huge pissing match with Joe E and a few others. Obviously all of Joeís followers came out to support him and I was there alone fighting and looking like a crazy man. Third reason is because I got a call from Steve Workman Joeís lawyer. Back then I didnít know about using the terms Ďin my opinioní or Ďallegedlyí LOL. I made a post that Joe E had a serious cocaine problem and was a coke addict and asked if this was the type of person you wanted to send your traffic to. My wife had actually seen Joe E at an industry party snorting from a huge mountain of coke with some strippers and then in a rage taking his hand and pushing all the coke off the table all over the place. I wasnít making this shit up. The problem was the way I posted the information was defamation to him and their lawyers were all over me and I posted a retraction to my comments. I still remember Brad Shaw posting and saying ĎDamn Shap I thought you had bigger balls then that.í I felt like a punk. I knew the principles I was standing up for, were right. I may not of had my facts 100% straight but the principles were right and because Joe E was doing big business with a lot of people everybody came out and stood up for him even though they had to know I was right. Sadly, in the past few years Joe E has run into some problems. He got kicked out of CEN and had multiple run-ins with the law. As soon as he wasnít the guy doing big business his followers were no longer there for him and he spiraled out of control. Thatís too bad. This whole experience pretty much sums up the way things work in our business- especially on the boards. People will stick up for and suck up to anybody who is paying their bills. They donít give a shit about how they make money; as long as they get theirs, they are happy. Thatís a really shitty way to be. We work in one of the most amazing industries around. It is laid back, enjoyable, fun to work in, fast paced and above all easier to make money in than 95% of other industries. Anybody and everybody can be successful in this business. If you put your mind to it and work hard you can make really good money and have a good time doing it. For many that is not enough. They arenít satisfied with that. They donít want to make really good money for a long time. They want to make as much money today and by any means necessary. Companies are going after the riches today and in the process pissing away the future of our industry. People donít think of the consequences of choices they make. There will always be a new scam people are ready to run. Back in the old days CE and Python would cross-sell to each other with nearly invisible font or pre-checked box that ended up nailing the surfer for $75 a month. As a result, CEís credits + Cbs were over 25%! Xpics wouldnít let members cancel. Companies were hitting up credit cards multiple times each month just to make Ďeasyí money. Nowadays, the new scam seems to be spy ware, dialers and shit that runs exploits to steal money from surfers. TGPs are taking huge payoffs to do it. Pay sites are taking huge payoffs to run it on their hosted galleries. In the end we are screwing the surfer. The surfer trusts us enough to give us their credit card information and in turn we try to find a way to steal some more out of his pocket. What a shame. As an industry, weíve done this for the last 5 to 8 years. We give the surfer (and the government and visa) no reason to trust us yet they do and we continue to abuse that trust. To sum up this first question, we are a self-destructive group that just canít seem to embrace the industry with a long term mind. Every day I see people who ruin the future of this great business. I personally canít sit back and let that happen. So from time to time, Iíll come out with a very unpopular post that I believe addresses issues that need to be addressed. I get bashed by almost everyone and I turn around and get quiet again and remember why I told myself to never make a post like that again. I try to keep quiet and stay away but sometimes I just canít and have to voice my opinion. As a result, Iím the whiny bitch with the apparent ďme against the worldĒ posts. Iím just trying to make a difference and improve our industryÖ but in the end I may be the fool? Who knows.

Question #2
Admit it - you stuck up for Ibill only to save your own rebills.

The short answer is Yes. There is definitely more to the story. Last August, at the Florida Internext, we met up with the Ibill crew. Our rep Kevin had always taken very good care of us. In all honesty without him we would have left ibill years ago. This was our first chance to meet him. We also got to meet Greg, Darryl and the man in charge at the time Mark Smith. All people we had dealt with via email but never met in person. We had met them on the show floor and at their martini get together. Those meetings had been very brief. We were invited to join them with their other premium clients on a Private Yacht for the last evening of the show. At first we werenít going to go and at the last minute we changed our mind. You have no idea how happy I am that we changed our mind. During those 4 hours we had a really good time and conversation. We got to know them and they got to know us. We had some very in-depth discussions about the future of billing and ibillís position in the market. They were upfront and honest with us. By the end of that night I felt very confident doing business with ibill was a good move for our company. When I got home I even made a post giving ibill a plug. About a month after the show everything started to fall apart. Ibill lost their merchant account. They lost it because First Data was getting out of the adult industry. The problem was they hadnít secured another bank. Obviously this was a worse case scenario for any ibill client. Always one to profit from other peopleís problems Chris Mallick storms the boards with thread after thread slamming the living hell out of ibill. He took kicking someone when they are down to a whole new level. Ibill had my money and my rebills and on top of that the ďOWNERSĒ of ibill were not allowing the staff to come out and defend the company. They also had put a lock down on all database transfers. Ibill wasnít allowed to defend themselves and Chris and his followers were right up there ready to tear that up. So I stepped up and started defending ibill. I couldnít sit back and let Chris continue to beat the shit out of ibill. I was one of the few that stood up and fought back and asking Chris to back off. During this time I was in constant contact with Kevin and Mark. I was working hard to get our memberís moved over to ccbill. At that point I wasnít worried about the money they owed me. I knew if I got my memberís we were ok. I didnít want to have to build back up from scratch. As we all know ibill didnít pull through that mess they fell into. They are still struggling to pay the money they owe. Itís too bad because they had some really great staff on board. I believe their problem was the owners of the company were complete morons that screwed us all over. They made off with our money and have left the mess for someone else to clean. Looking back I wonder if this would have happened had Garret never sold. Standing up for ibill was one of the best moves Iíve made. Thanks to Kevin and Mark we were taken care of. We are very appreciative that they stood true to their word and took care of us. We were one of the first to get our database and we were always first in line to get paid when the funds did become available. This should serve as a lesson to those idiots who were owed money by ibill and used gfy to bitch them out. When someone owes you money you have a few options. Legal action. Muscle (not for everyone LOL). Say nothing and wait. Or stand up and try to help the situation. Coming to gfy and bashing the shit out of them is only going to bump you all the way down the list. Be smart and put yourself in the shoes of the people that owe you money. Thru this all we had a guardian angel of sorts. Actually I would say thru our entire stay in the industry. That amazing person was David from Scoreland. David is one of a kind in our industry and anybody who has had a chance to meet or do business with him knows that. Heís played a major role in our growth and expansion into the Paysite market. Without Davidís help and guidance things would have been a whole lot tougher. Thank you again for everything David. Be sure to Check out Score Cash they are a one of kind program. Amazing Niche, Well known name, well known babes, amazing retention, HUGE natural boobs and an honest no bs company behind it. Just to finish up this answer. As you can tell the ibill experience provided me with a number of valuable lessons. 1. Donít have all your eggs in one basket. Out of the blue you can get hit with a shitstorm that will knock you on your ass. 2. When a company is in trouble and they owe you money be smart about how you approach the situation. Was I tempted to post shit on ibill? HELL YEAH. Would that of helped me get my database and some money? HELL NO. Be smart and use your head. 3. Donít underestimate face to face meetings. I believe that had we not gone on that yacht things would have been very different. It was our first time meeting Mark and I believe that night played a big role in us receiving our database when we did. 4. It HELPS to have someone looking out for you.

Question #3
Have you figured out how to use email yet?

I used to be great at email, now I just suck. Iíll be honest Iím probably the absolute worst at replying to emails. If youíve emailed me and havenít received a reply donít worry you arenít alone I havenít replied to my dad in 2 weeks and heís bugging me about his server login not working LOL. I think what happened was we started to grow faster and bigger than we had the staff for. Iíve never been able to sit back and concentrate on making decisions and business deals. Iíve always been down and dirty doing the dirty work with my crew. Add a constant barrage of icq msgs all day everyday and email became something I rarely had time or energy for. We now have our new office set up. Weíve got new staff in place. Iím confident Iíll be able to be better at answering emails or at least have the staff on hand to answer them for me. The two emails we never ignore are 1. Emails from our members. Those are important and we are as fast as they come at replying to them. 2. Twistyscash. We do are best to answer our twistyscash affiliates emails as fast as possible. Sometimes we fall behind but we do our best. Our free sites are another situation LOL We are about 14 months behind on our free site email. Our free sites do well as they are. With them kicking ass I havenít had to really worry about email, link trades etc. We have plans on beefing up our free site operations and hope to get our email for the free sites back on track. Hopefully in a few months from now Iíll be cleaing out my inbox daily.

Question #4
Ever been mistaken for Ricky Martin?

Ahh that feels like a lifetime ago. As you can tell from the pics, on the first page, I donít look like Ricky Martin anymore. Beth is a DAMN good cook and every since weíve been married we could say Iíve put on a little weight. LOL I need to go on a diet. Anyhow this is a funny story and definitely one Iíll remember for the rest of my life. In 2000 I went to for my first Vegas show. We stayed at the Luxor courtesy of Jeff and Lou from Karups. The first night there I was getting a lot of attention. The first time it happened, that I can remember, was while we waited on a limo at the Luxor, this old lady with her grandson came up and shook my hand and said they thought I was great. LOL We were all like wtf is that? Then a few other people started staring and a few girls pointing my way. I think that night we went out and there wasnít a craze but people definitely thought I was someone. Lou being the marketing genius that he is picked up on this and worked on a plan to make the most of it. He put his plan in motion the next night. He had two of his friends dress up in suits and one brought his sunglasses and they were going to be by my side at all times (playing up the bodyguard thing). He was so into it I went along with it. LOL What a riot. We went out to the Hard Rock hotel and there had to be at least a 2 hour lineup to get into the club. While we were outside the club a bunch of girls came up to me and asked to take their picture with me. LOL Louís plan was working perfectly and he was loving it. I think I posed for 4 or 5 pictures with different Ďfansí hahaha. So there we are still hanging around outside the Hard Rock Club and in walks Dennis Rodman with his entourage. Lou watched as Rodmanís crew made there way past the line and straight in. Lou observed exactly how it was done and who they talked to to get in. Then Lou made his move. He cut ahead of the line and went straight to the person Rodmanís crew went to. He told them he was with Ricky Martin and we wanted to come in (I think thatís what he said, who knows Iím sure heíll come and post his recollection of the story). Lou came back to me and introduced me to the guy in charge of getting us in. We shook hands and we were escorted straight into the club. Me being the slick sexy bitch that I am I stopped to pay my entrance fee LOL. Iím such a geek. The girl at the cash was speechless and was just looking at me and I still remember her turning to Lou for assurance and he just gave her a nod that said Ďoh yeah baby itís himí. LOL. The whole trip was somewhat like that. That was the only club we tried to pull that off in but Lou was definitely pimping me out every chance he could and even when he wasnít doing his thing girls were coming up and asking me if I was Ricky. Since then it has happens from time to time. I get alot of girls tell me I remind them of someone and then once someone says Ricky Martin it's always the YEAH that's it. It's kinda cool. Jeff and Lou kick ass. They are definitely people I consider to be good friends of mine. That 2000 Vegas trip will be one Iíll remember forever. Thanks Guys!

Question #5
Talk about dialers and why you used them to fuck surfers over soley for your own financial gain?

Ahhh my long and profitable run at running dialers LOL. It all started with a phone call LOL ironic isn't it. The guy's name was Steve. We had some good link trades with him so I thought it would be cool. I can't remember what sites he ran, all I know he was a sweet talker. A New Yorker living in Florida pitching me the retirement dream. I too could have a place in Boca if I use dialers. Ok, not quite that bad but you get the point. Anyhow Steve was a salesman for NoCreditCard. He pitched the idea about running these dialers on our free sites and said I was going to make major coin. So I loaded up Picwarehouse, Sexape and Bigbreastlovers with little icons that people would click on to download the exe file. The icons looked like movies, that was the idea I guess. My understanding was surfers would download this and then it would allow them to dial up and get access to tons of porn and they'd love it. Sounded like a great idea. Phone billing and you are billed only for what you use. So I put these links up and watched as the stats were out of control. I was making more from this dialer than all other sponsors put together. I couldn't believe it. I was making some crazy coin and it seemed legit too. So a month went by and I got my wires. I was loving it. I think 45 to 60 days had gone by before I received my first email and that was when it all changed. I got an email from a guy that was a loyal surfer. He told me he had been surfing my site for 2 years and loved it. He visited BigBreastLovers everyday and it was the bright part of his day. Then he downloaded this file. He loaded it up and felt that since it was on BigBreastlovers he could trust it. He had it run for no more than 20 minutes maybe 25. Then he got his phone bill. $384!!!!!!!!! He told me he wasn't able to pay that bill that he didn't have the $384. He also asked why after all the years of providing such an outstanding site I would turn around and lower myself to something like this. He said BigBreastLoveovers was better than that. He was right. He didn't swear. He didn't ask me to pay him the money. He just wanted to know why I would do such a thing. I received that email 4 or 5 years ago. That is the effect it had on me. I remember it like it was yesterday. I pulled all the links to NCC immediately. I did some research and they had been billing clients more than $7 a minute. That was absolute highway robbery. A year or so after that I was approached by someone else with a 'supposed' legit dialer. They charged $1.99 a minute and were supposed to have high quality content that kept the people that used them happy. I saw them on every site and decided to give dialers another go. The experience this time was a little different. I didn't receive any email complaints, that wasn't the only thing I didn't receive. I never received a dime. As our buddy W would say "Fool me once shame on.. shame on you... eh.. um.. a fooled man can't get fooled again." Now there are two sides to dialers. One is the BS side. Those are dialers that are there solely for the purpose of ripping off and stealing money from the surfer. The worse of those are the ones that use Microsoft exploits to dial up while the surfer doesn't even know he's dialed up and being charged. Assholes like Hooper are doing that with his idownload shit. I saw it first hand. My dad's computer was infected by Hooper's crap and I have never in my life seen anything that bad. It not only took over the IE browser, it took over his desktop, his searching, it had a dialer running every x number of minutes and it was impossible to remove. The link on their site doesn't work for shit. Karma is a bitch and I can't wait until it pays Hooper a visit. The other type of Dialer is the one we currently use on Twistys. It is thru (the same guys that wrote Partnersoft). It is a true pay per minute phone system that gives surfers access to paysites. It is upfront and charges clients by the minute according to their country. The prices I have seen range from $1 to $2 per minute (if i am not mistaken). We've had it up since January and so far our member's have had nothing but great things to say about it. We've actually had quite a few that have used the system more than once. The fact Bryan and Mike from X3 are behind Gxbill gives me confidence that this is a dialer that is being run the right way and using a great billing solution the right way. Any paysite not using needs to check them out. Bryan and Mike are on top of things and it will simply be extra revenue in your pocket (Especially if you maximize it with Geo-tracking on countries that can't be billed by credit cards).

Question #6
Why do you live in the Bahamas? What nationality are you?

Iím a Canadian citizen. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec. I Ďm English and being from Montreal I speak French fluently. When I started out in the business I had a real quirky accountant. He was an oddball but gave me some of the best advice Iíve ever received (until he went MIA LOL). One of them was the idea to get some of my money offshore. Our earnings had hit a level that in his opinion merited exploring the offshore option. He set up a meeting with Lawyer for me and everything was set in motion. The Lawyer was a Canadian that lives in the Bahamas and sets up companies for people that want to send money offshore. The whole setup was fascinating. The lawyer sets up a company in his name. You and the lawyer draw up an agreement that you are the owner of the company. The agreement is kept in a fire proof safe at the bank. The bank manager is aware that you are the owner of the company and you are the only person allowed to withdraw funds. The lawyer handles all the incoming funds and incoming mail for the account. No government ever finds out about this. The only tricky part is getting your money. One option is frequent trips to the Bahamas to pick it up in cash. Another is doing a cash withdrawal in banks around the world (primarily Europe). The whole setup was perfect. We were about to do it and then Beth asked what the risks (tax wise) were to us if we moved to the Bahamas. Our accountant looked at us and said nothing. We could move to the Bahamas for 4 years. Give up our Canadian residence. And after 4 years had passed move back to Canada with everything we had made and it was legal and TAX FREE! How could you beat that? We got on a plane and flew to the Bahamas for 3 days. We decided we liked it and within 2 or 3 months we were on a plane packed and headed to our new home. August 8th will be our 4 year anniversary. There is NO CHANCE IN HELL we are moving back anytime soon. In fact I think our plan now is at least another 10 years in the Bahamas. I guess that answers the question as to whether or not it we like it there. Was it worth the move? OHHHHH HELLL YEAH! There are absolutely NO TAXES in the Bahamas. Nada, Zilch, None! You donít even have to file any paperwork. No accountants. No paperwork. No taxes. The effect no taxes has on a bank account is absolutely amazing. Everybody knows the more money you have the more money that money makes. With no taxes you have more money at all times and itís growing faster at all times. Itís tough to explain but look back at your last 4 years of paying taxes. Take all those taxes and add them up plus interest and add them to what you have now. How does that number look? Pretty damn sweet eh? I could add more to this subject but itís getting late and I wanted to at least get one or two questions answered tonight. Bottom line moving your money offshore is a great way to really increase your personal wealth. It isnít for everyone. You have to be making at least $10k a month to even think about it. I would say itís really only worth it if you are doing at least $20k+ a month and most banks wonít even open an account with you unless you have a minimum of $250k to start with (I think that number may be higher). This isnít an option for Americans either. Americans are the only people that arenít safe having their money in the Bahamas. If anybody is interested in learning more about this let me know. Iím open to sharing everything I know.

Question #7
How the hell did you convince Ms Shap to marry you? Gunpoint?

I didn't need a gun, just a ROCK!

Question #8
Did you see Lensman's cabin at Lake Tahoe?

I donít think so. Did Lens have a cabin in Tahoe in 1998? How did I end up in Lake Tahoe? Ahhh Iím going to try to make this as short as possible. It was August of 1997. At that time I had been running a few regular free sites and a paysite. I was doing ok but not overly well. I had taken on a few contracts here and there to make some extra cash. I came across the Ass Awards paysite on a password board. It was absolutely BRUTAL. The interior was horrible. The memberís area was actually a list of the best adult sites out there. No content just links LOL. Anyhow I found an email address on the website and sent xpics an email. I told them that their tours were great but their memberís area looked like it was designed by a blind person. I didnít know how they would take the email. Then I received an email from Mario Carmona that said basically said he agrees and asked if I thought I could do better. I said HELL YEAH and I was hired. It was that easy. bout a month later Brian Shuster was coming to Montreal and wanted to meet up. Brian and Mario were partners and the owners of Xpics. Hereís an interesting story about how they met and became partners. Brian was a cartoonist and went to Mario for personal training at a gym. Mario told him about a client of his making huge bank on 900 numbers from a website. From that they formed a partnership and Xpics was born. So Brian and his wife were coming to Montreal to visit. His parents actually lived in Montreal. At that time I had been running a paysite called Total Extacy. I was running it with Brent Aka Axeman. We had started a new partnership program that paid out per signup based on your signup ratio. Back then this was a new concept and we actually launched ours the same day Fantasyman did with CE (DAMN I wish our programmer had been faster). It was one of those that if your signup ratio is 1:100 you get paid 25 cents per click. Within a week there was us, FM and the General that had this new type of program. The starting price had affiliates making $10 per signup or something like that. We had nobody promoting us so I bumped our payout and FM matched me, then the General bumped him and I bumped him LOL then the General called me and I think FM called too. Here Brent and I were, we had no affiliates, we had a shitty site and we were changing the payout of 2 major programs. The payout across all three had at least doubled within the two weeks. After the phone call they both told me to be smart and stop driving up the payouts. I did slow it down. When Brian came to Montreal the first thing he asked me was how that affiliate set up was doing for us. He was really interested in how we were doing as it appeared we were kicking ass (IMPORTANT LESSON: donít believe the shit you read on the boards. We were talking a big game and had almost nothing, itís real easy to portray yourself as a huge company on the boards.) Even he thought we were smoking. Looking back I honestly think we had the right idea but had the wrong pro duct and were off by just a bit. If things had been a little different who knows where things would be now. I told Brian it wasnít working at all for us. Iíll never forget that day with Brian in Montreal. At that time Xpics was nothing. They were just another company. Brian looked at me and said I GUARANTEE you that in 2 weeks from now xpics will be on every free site out there. At that time that seemed impossible. How could he go from very little market exposure to complete domination of it. Well he did JUST THAT. Within 2 weeks everybody was pushing xpics. I think it was a combination of good timing, smart business, and dirty business. CE was running FastCash at the time and they had to shut it down for a period of time, Xpics just happened to be there and announced the highest per click payout ever on the same weekend with an email to all FastCash affiliates. It was dirty but it worked. Xpics was everywhere. Paying 10 cents per raw. Then 15. Then 17. Then 20 cents. They kept raising the price. UP UP UP. It was nuts. Everybody made big bucks with Xpics. They paid you no matter how many sales you sent. A good friend and VERY well known site had a 1:20,000 signup ratio and was paid $4000 (20 cents a click) for that one signup. Is that insane or what? In June of 1998 I got a phone call from Ray St John who was now managing the web division of Xpics. He invited me up to Tahoe for a week to check out their office. Up until then I had worked for xpics from home. So I hopped on a plane and off I went. For the first 5 days the place sucked. Nobody spoke to me and I thought no way in hell Iím moving to this place. Then on the last day Ray told me about all their plans and how they wanted me to move there and Iíd head up their sports site (which worked out well because my parents were throwing a fuss about me doing porn at the time). Then that night two of the guys from the office Dameian (CaughtNude) and Kevin Male took me out to a strip club in Reno. What a night! We had a great time and I thought man these guys are cool I can dig this. So I decided to move to Tahoe. My plan was to give it two months and see how things went. If they went well Iíd stay. If they went poorly Iíd move back and finish up university. So at the end of June I moved to Xpics and finally got to see the backend. I will say this, xpics made a lot of webmasters A LOT of money. It was crazy. I believe that is how Brad Shaw started making his big bucks in our business. Heíll obviously correct me if Iím wrong LOL. I was curious how was Xpics able to payout so much? Xpics was ranked 19th in the world for traffic. I believe they were right behind AOL. 19th in the world!!! Everybody was sending them traffic you had to be a fool not to. They had over 2.1 million members and they were doing 7,000+ signups a day. So what was their secret? Simple, you couldnít cancel. Thatís right members couldnít cancel. They had a 7 page cancel process that asked numerous questions and on the 8th page they had a coded TIMED OUT page. They actually coded that page in, it said something like sorry this paged timed out to cancel you need to snail mail your request to this address. And of course they rarely received any of those. On top of that they did something REAL sneaky and real evil. I was going thru the memberís profiles one day and noticed something odd. Here is what it looked like. Member John Doe. Signup up Jan 2nd billed $29.95 Rebilled Feb 2nd $29.95 Rebilled March 2nd $29.95 Cancelled April 2nd No activity thenÖ. August 2nd Billed $29.95 September 2nd billed $29.95 October 2nd billed $29.95. They basically would turn the billing back on out of the blue. So once you joined an xpics site you could and would be billed regardless of if you cancelled or not. Talk about sticking it to the surfer. They did a lot of damage to consumer confidence in our industry. Needless to say after 2 months I decided that xpics wasnít a company I wanted to work for and I headed back to Montreal. I learned so much from that short 2 month stay in Tahoe. It opened my eyes to a lot of what happened in this business. It also helped boost my business to the next level and I met some of my best friends to this day. >From a business stand point there was one experience that played a huge role in my success. I was running PicWarehouse at the time and I was getting about 17,000 hits a day. It was a links site like Green Guyís. One day at the office I heard Kevin gloating about a HUGE media deal he signed. He had signed exclusive advertising on Wetlands and wetlands was going to be on dateline the following Thursday. My mind started racing. I had had a trade with Wetlands and had a great relationship with him. So I emailed Jon to fire up our trade again. He replied and said HELL YEAH send me your banner and Iíll hook you up. So we got the link trade up again and then Dateline hit. The day my business changed. That night I went from 17,000 hits to 75,000 hits. Then the next day 90,000. Then 100,000 and my traffic never dipped again. That one boost was the boost I needed and the site was kicking ass from that time on. Amazing what a little luck can do for you. On a side note I read not too long ago that Jon has since passed away ;( Youíll be missed Jon. >From a personal level xpics allowed me to meet one of my best friends around Dameian from CaughtNude. We instantly became friends in Tahoe and have remained great friends ever since. He was the best man at my wedding. I would have never thought Iíd meet my best man at a porn company in Tahoe. Life is funny that way. I have a whole lot of other stuff I can say about Dameian but judging from his post count I think heís prefers I leave him out of the ambush. All in all Tahoe was an amazing experience. I would do it all over again. I learned a whole lot, improved my business, had some amazing experiences and made some lifelong friends. What more could I ask for!

Question #9
Why can't you afford to buy a home?

We've simply chosen to not purchase yet. We came very close to buying a home in Naples two years ago. It was $800k at the time and is now $1.6million. Don't i wish we had made that purchase LOL. I think the main reason we haven't purchased was because we were undecided about a few things. We don't have kids yet. It is definitely in the plans and up until a few months ago we didn't know whether we wanted to have kids and live in the Bahamas. We've since changed our mind and may be looking to buy in the Bahamas once our lease runs out. One problem with buying in the Bahamas is some properties tend to be very overpriced and not built to last. The quality of the work sometimes can really suck. I wouldn't be very happy dropping $1mil on a house and during the first rain storm find 2 feet of water in my living room. Ideally we'd like to have our main home in the Bahamas. A condo in Miami. A vacation home in the South of France (probably Nice). And possibly a condo near our office in Toronto. For now we own nothing hehehehe.

Question #10
Why does everyone from your home town think you're a drug dealer? Still got any good weed hookups? Ever used any of the drugs you supposedly sold?

This is so funny. Anybody who knows me knows Iím the furthest thing from a drug user at all. Iíve never touched drugs; Iíve never even had a cigarette. I donít have anything against people who do drugs itís just a choice I made. Iím very obsessive and when I like something I usually go overboard. I realized this at a young age and knew that if I did a drug that I liked I would never be able to stop. So I have never tried drugs for that reason. Did people in my hometown think I was a drug dealer? Iíd be surprised if they didnít. Here is a story of how an interesting chain of events can lead people to think you are something you arenít. I lived in a not so well off neighborhood in St Michel. The average household income was $17,000 Canadian a year. Thatís below the poverty level. So here I was in that neighborhood with a new Acura Integra. Then that December I got into an accident. The car was almost totaled (asshole driver was charged with reckless driving in the case). I was given a courtesy car while my car was being repaired. I believe it was a Grand am. That took about a month. Then I got my Acura back and Beth moved in and she had a new Saab. Then a month later my Acura got stolen and I was given another nice rental car. During that time Beth and I decided to sell her Saab and get a 3 series BMW. So we got the BMW and then insurance paid for a brand new Integra which I had upgraded to a better model. Then a month after that we decided to move tor the Bahamas, we sold the bmw and integra and bought a Nissan Pathfinder which we eventually had shipped down to the Bahamas. So here I was living in a not very well off neighborhood and I went thru 7 cars in 5 months. It gets better. Two of my best friends were policemen. During their shifts they would pull up to my house with their cop lights flashing and run in to say hi. LOL Theyíd do this once or so a month. And then to top it off in the spring when it got nice I loved to work outside on my laptop. To cut the glare Iíd put my laptop in a big cardboard box and work on it. Sounds innocent enough right? I thought so too until my sister said you know that looks so wrong and all the neighbors are looking at you weird. I guess to people on the outside it looked like I was doing some work in the box on my drug stash. LOL. After all it made sense. 7 cars in 5 months, cops stopping in monthly and now rolling weed outside and to top it off I moved away to the Bahamas. Oh well sometimes things arenít what they a ppapear to be.

Question #11
Did you fuck with anyone's credit while working for Equifax?

Hereís another quick and easy question. Before working in adult I held only 2 jobs. One was a summer job with Equifax credit bureau (for 2 summers) and the other is question 12. I never screwed with anybodyís credit at Equifax, I never had a chance. All I did there was data entry. It sucked and I learned something very valuable from that experience... I never wanted to have another job where my mind was not being used. At the end of that summer I decided Iíd be going on a trip to Cancun with my buddy Ric from That trip meant leaving my job early for that summer. My boss told me if I leave on that trip to not even think about going back to work there. That was a weak threat. I laughed and said thatís fine I had no plans of coming back. I didn't have much work experience and I didn't know about the web. But I did know that I wasn't a robot and I wanted to put my skills to use.

Question #12
How does one go from door to door sales to internet mega pimp?

Just before my last summer at Equifax I got a job as a door to door salesman. They tricked me into the job. Made it sound like a big sports marketing job that turned out to be a door to door salesman job. Weíd go door to door selling 10 rounds of golf for $25. It was a great deal, but try getting a complete stranger to give you $25 at their door. I stayed at this job for only 2 weeks but it lit a fire that I didnít know I had. The job was 100% commission. I was paid $9 for every golf package sold. Sell nothing meant making nothing. Somehow I was really pumped. Every morning Iíd wake up pumped and ready to go. This job showed me I wanted to be in complete control of my financial compensation. I wanted to be paid according to how hard and how well I worked and this job did just that. It was interesting because I had never been in that situation before and now that I was it was for me. My dad gave me a book of his called ďThink and Grow RichĒ by Napoleon Hill that I have and read to this day. Itís a must read. The job was really interesting. Weíd be two guys and walk into a lingerie store filled with women and try selling golf packages to them. Sounds like a bad idea right? We dropped 4 or 5 packages in that store. Itís all about how you pitch something. People tend to have a barrier up and once you break down that barrier you can get them to do or buy anything from you. Once they trust you your word is gold and I believe the same applies in everything in life. Itís something Iíve tried to do with my sites from the beginning. Especially with Twistys and BigBreastLovers. If you set a standard of quality and the surfers know they can trust it youíve broken down their barrier and you can get them to trust and buy from you. You canít buy trust, you have to earn it. Once you have someoneís trust itís important to not abuse it. If you donít abuse it you stand to make way more in the long run financially and otherwise. By the way as a sidenote the reason I left that job was because it was long long hours. I was 17 or 18 and my Dad told me to enjoy my summer instead of spending it working. I'd have my whole life to work. He was right (little did I know that was the last summer I got to enjoy, I started in the biz that fall). Those 2 weeks were all I needed. Interestingly enough the day after I quit the company closed up shop. They had run into financial troubles and had to cease doing business. A similar thing happened at Xpics. After I left everything went sour and within 2 months Xpics had gone from the big boys of the web to nearly out of business. It wasn't because of me, I just seem to blessed with having REALLY good timing.

Question #13
What do you have a degree in? Where did you go to school?

I went to Concordia University in Montreal. I started out in MIS and quickly realized two things. First, the fastest way for me to graduate was to get into Marketing. Second, that if I needed any programming done it would be quicker to buy it than do it myself. I started my company in my second year of university. By the time my third and fourth year rolled around I was itching to get free and to devote all my time to work. I actually resented school because I truly felt it was holding me back and it was one of the main reasons I wasnít doing better. The only reason I didnít quit is because my parents really wanted me to finish. I knew Iíd possibly never go back if I quit so I stuck it out and went thru with it. Iím glad I did. Itís nice to say I went thru with it and got it all done.

Question #14
What kind of car(s) do you have? Pics

This is going to be a disappointing one. We only have a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder. It gets the job done Being on an island there isn't much point in spending too much on a fancy car. Like Pierre said I'm half dutch so I guess that means I'm cheap according to him I've always prefered to spend my money in places where it will be a wise investment. Cars don't fall into that category.

Question #15
Post pics of your house.

Seeing that I'm not at home I don't have many pics of our place. I'm going to try to find a few. Here's one of me working outside at night.

Question #16
How much money did you marketing teacher say you should expect to make in that field?

I had two funny classroom experiences in my last year. The first was in a Marketing class with my buddy from Our teacher told us statistics show one in 40 univeristy students will go on to be very successful and become millionaires. He used the example of making $1000 in a day and that it was important to network and get to know everyone in the class because one of us was going to be that person. My buddy Ric turns to me and says some of us already know who that is. The other was an MIS course in my final year. The teacher asked the class what they expected to make the year after they graduated. One guy said $35k canadian a year. The teacher looked at him and say that is a very high goal and will be tough to reach. I chuckled but at the same time it pissed me off. That is what pissed me off about school from the beginning. I believe school trains people to be followers and take what they are given. Here the guy told her his goals and she shot him down like he was on crack. Throughout my university career I noticed the teachers don't encourage people to become successful and to think for themselves. Instead they teach them to take orders and do things by the book.

Question #17
Who do you look up to in this business? Down on?

Who do I look up to? Thatís a tough question. As I mentioned earlier in the thread this is an industry of temptation. Itís very easy to turn a blind eye and do the wrong thing to pad your own pocket. I respect the people that are able to say no to temptation and make their money the ethical way. There are 4 names that immediately come to mind. David Uwate from Scoreland. Iíve mentioned a lot about him earlier in the thread. Jeff and Lou from Karups. Iíve already detailed my thoughts on them. One person I havenít mentioned that I look up to is Kim from AtkCash. Kim is another rare gem in our industry. He is without a doubt one of the most intelligent men that Iíve met in my life. Nobody knows this but 7 years ago when I was just starting out Kim gave me a phone call. We spoke for about 2 hours and on that phone call he basically outlined and gave me a complete business model and a detailed plan for my paysite. I didnít listen to his advice. His advice was detailed and very in-depth and for some reason I didnít follow it. Jeff, from Karups, got the same advice and followed it. As a result Karups has been a major Paysite player for the past 6 years and Twistys has only been for the past 2 years. Iíll never make that mistake again. You canít put a $$$ amount on good advice. I just consider myself lucky to have known Kim then and to know him now. There are far too few Kimís in this industry. I look up to Ernesto, Robert, Kris, Pipecrew the whole Bang/Nasty group. Theyíve quickly grown to the top of our industry. Theyíve done so by staying clean. They did it by backing up Solid Marketing with a Solid product. They started out with Sublime and have since gone on to be the kings of the industry. I love doing business and hanging out with these guys and itís refreshing to finally see one of the top 10 paysites are run by a company that isnít a chargeback risk. I know a lot of people in this industry look up to guys like MarcDe. I think that is one of the problems. Too many people are looking up to the wrong people and are following the wrong lead. Do I respect MarcDe and his success? HELL YEAH! He has been extremely successful and set himself up for life. Do I look up to him? HELL NO! Itís guys like MarcDe that ran at VERY VERY VERY high Chargeback rates and put billing companies at risk and caused Visa and MC to come down hard on our industry. ARS was a great success but they were all marketing and no substance. They ran way above industry average CB rates to the point that Paycom and Ccbill will not even process for them today. ARS is stuck using ibill and stormpay. Does Marc care? Probably not. He made his money and doesnít have to work another day in his life. That is the example he and guys like Ron Levi, Seth W, Brian Shuster, JoeE/JB, David Van Der Pool , Frank Wally have set. Make your money at all costs even if it eventually destroys your industry. All of those guys have been very successful and made shitloads of money. Good for them. But at the same time I donít see Ron, Seth or Brian trying to comply with 1% chargeback rates that they played a huge part in having imposed on us. We are now left to clean up their mess while they are retired and enjoying their riches. I have trouble looking up to someone that has done serious damage to an industry I am a part of. Who do I look down on? I look down on people that screw over the end user. We work our asses off to gain their trust and people abuse that trust and screw over the surfer. I have no respect for people that do that. Perfect example is Hooper the Spyware scum. He is hijacking peopleís computers and stealing from them. Hopefully the law will throw scum like him in jail.

Question #18
How many conventions do you attend a year? Favorites?

Usually 2. Internext Miami and Internext Vegas. It's interesting because we never look forward to the shows and we actually debate going to every show. Beth and I are in the industry but we don't live the industry life. I'm not a fan of walking a convention floor and having some paid girl hand me a flyer and tell me I should use ARS. I don't like companies inviting me to a free blowjob party or telling me why I should go to their strip club party and they'll have 3 girls per guy. Or free blunts if you party with us tonight (that was a real smooth way to get people to process with you). Stuff like that isn't what we are about and for the longest time it kept us away from the shows. I will say this, every show has always turned out to be worth going to. I've always met someone that makes it worth it. The perfect example is the last vegas show we met a ton of people. Here are a few of the new people we met that stood out...Fade and Michael from ReelProfits, these guys are amazing. We had some very indepth conversations and a fantastic dinner together. Pipecrew from BangBros. A really kick ass guy that is smart, interesting and alot of fun. Cam and Xapster from Teeniesxxx watching Cam let loose was hilarious and there are very few like Xapster to talk Tgp talk with. Mike D our photographer. Great guy that takes great pics. I really enjoy doing business with you. Jackson from Joggs Great to finally meet you and I'm looking forward to doing more business together. JUICY I finally got to me the Legend that is Juicy. That is just the short list. There is alot of smut at the shows. Alot of over the top parties. But if you want to get down to business you can definitely do so. Sleazy and Michael/Fade throw really good BUSINESS gatherings. It's parties like that that make the trips to the shows worthwhile.

Question #19
Do you fly first class?

Sometimes it all depends on the price. I have trouble justifying paying $4000 more for a comfy seat. When the price is right I'm always up for first class.

Question #20
What was so horrible on your servers that they all got shut down when you started?

To answer this question I might as well tell the story of how I got into the industry. Iíve always spent a lot of time on computers. Most of that time was spent playing baseball simulation games (NOTHING BEATS Baseball Mogul, check it out baseball fans! Ok so in the Fall of 1996, I was in my 2nd year university and playing Junior hockey. I was the leading scorer of my team but I had a real dickhead for a coach. We both had huge chips on our shoulders and the coach always got the best of me. We didnít see eye to eye. To punish me, heíd cheat me out of my playing time. After half a season I decided enough was enough and I quit. To this day, I regret walking away from the game I loved. But on the flip side, had I not left I may have never wound up in this biz. Everything happens for a reason. So I found myself with 5 free nights a week. Nothing to do. I had found out from a friend at school that all students had a free Internet account at our university. I had to dial in with Quicklink and then surf the web with Lynx. So here I was surfing the web with a Ďtext onlyí program. The only way to see images was to download them first and THEN view them. It really sucked when Iíd download an image that turned out to be a banner! But somehow I became addicted to the process. It was so new and cool. Iíd spend hours just surfing. Not chatting- just reading and 100% clicking around. I remember trying to surf porn sites once. I came across and it was a pretty bad ass site (even in text only format!) Surfing porn was definitely a ďtime wasterĒ without images, so I didnít really bother. Then one day I was told about a way to surf the web and actually see the images without the hassle of downloading each image separately. I quickly got my ass on line. Finally being able to view stuff easily I went back to the search engines and tried to remember what I had typed in to get to Persian Kitty (I couldnít remember the name.) After only a few tries, I found it. I scrolled down and something absolutely amazing caught my eye. Her COUNTER! It had some insanely high number on it. I couldnít believe it. Iíd hit reload and the number would get higher and higher. I couldnít believe THAT many people were visiting her site. Being a numbers freak, I knew IF that number was REAL, this whole porn/Internet thing was potentially something big. I studied her site and did research on how it worked. I also found out that thru my university, I had web space to upload a personal website. I began working on my first site to submit to PK. I finished it and submitted it one Friday afternoon. I still remember like it was yesterday. My buddy came over to my house and was bugging me to go outside and play football. I asked him to wait. I wanted to see my site go up first. My site was titled ďWow Big Breast WorldĒ. (ĎWowí being a way to get listed at the top of her charts for that day.) I had no banners just REALLY BIG pictures. PK listed my site around 5pm and the hits started pouring in. My buddy sat there watching with me. I explained how the counter worked. He didnít believe it. He couldnít believe THAT many people around the world were coming to view my collection of boob pics! That weekend was incredibly motivating. The hits kept coming in all weekend long. Fast-forward to Monday morning. It was 8am and I received a call from my university. It was the geek at the head of the computer department. He told me that over the weekend I had used 99% of the bandwidth that the school had used in the past 6 years! I had pushed over 250,000 hits in less than 3 days. I was officially banned from any more free university web space. I was also banned from every school computer lab. And from everything that had to do with computers at my university. He hung up on me all pissed. I was speechless. I was scared because my faculty was computers. LOL. As I sat there for a moment it started to sink in. That call put everything in to perspective. I WAS ON TO SOMETHING BIG. There had to be some way to make money from those 250,000 hits. I figured if PK could send me 250,000 hits, I wanted to be her. I put a plan in motion and it was real simple; take PKís site, copy it and publish it as my own. ĎWhat a great ideaí I thought. I remember my first link trade was Slick Rick who is now That link trade didnít last long. Within a week, I received a letter from PKís lawyer informing me that my site was in direct violation of PKís copyright. That was it I thought. Wow- first I get banned from all school computers and now I get a legal letter asking me to remove my copied site! I AM DEFINITELY ON TO SOMETHING NOW. My motivation couldnít have been higher. I knew I had only scratched the surface of something that had the potential to make me a lot of money. And there you have it. Thatís how I got into the industry. PKís counter got me started and I havenít stopped since. NOTE: I am officially sorry for copying your layout, PK. =^..^=

Question #21
What were the early days in TGP like?

Back then the surfer was much more trusting. As a result things were very different. Sales were much easier to come by. Bookmarks were easier to get. There was less competition and less BS. When we bought Thumbzilla it was the first time in 2 years that I really sat down and looked at the TGP game. I was disappointed. It is very weak. There is a total lack of originality. I would say 95% of sites suck. The quality of sites is very low and there are more cheaters than ever before. Here is something I donít understand. There is more competition than ever before and yet TGP owners continue to lack originality. TGPs forced paysites to improve their product and over the past few years I think we can all agree paysites have come a long way. Unfortunately during that same time period free sites have made little to no progress. Bandwidth prices have dropped, competition has increased and yet very few tgps have done anything to stand out from the rest. All you get is category text tgps or thumb tgps or a mix of both. No personality. No branding. Nothing that sticks out and makes you say DAMN that is amazing. Just big traffic pyramids. Itís sad. I may have to put some time into our tgps and take things to the next level.

Question #22
How does it feel to come back to Canada in the Winter? Do you miss Montreal?

Over the past few years we've tried to stay away from Canada during the winter months. This year Beth and I flew back for Xmas (I actually finalized the Thumbzilla purchase on Christmas eve from my parents' place LOL). It was DAMN COLD! Our tolerance of cold weather isn't what it used to be. If I have my way I'll never see another Canadian winter day again Do I miss Montreal? Hmmm good question. While Montreal is a great city I don't miss it (and it's DAMN COLD there in the winter). I guess I'm an island boy now.

Question #23
Have you ever paid for or sponsered a party or the like at an internet convention?

Not yet. We've thought about it a few times however we haven't put anything together. We've played a role in organizing a few private dinners but that is it. The most memorable of those was a few years ago with the owners of NastyDollars, Oxcash, Scoreland, Karups, JasonandAlex, ItsYourPorn were among those in attendance. That was a great night. I don't think we'll ever sponsor a big party I just can't see the ROI on doing that. I prefer to take that money and send it as a bonus to our affiliates throughout the year.

Question #24
If you had to do something else other than this business - what would it be?

Beth and I have discussed this quite a few times. Sheís an amazing interior designer and really loves doing it. It is definitely something she wants to do more and more of. Iíd love to get into real estate and work as a team. Buy a place; Beth does her magic on it; I go out and sell it for a profit. There are a few other things I could see us doing. None of them can make us as much money as this business. As a result we are 100% focused on it. When the time comes to move weíll hit the road and travel for a few months and then think about what we really want to do.

Question #25
What's the income tax rate where you live? Any other reason to live there than climate and taxes?

The income tax rate is 0. Any other reason to live there? For sure. It is home for us. We have some really amazing and interesting friends here. Everybody that moves to the Bahamas has their own unique reason as to why they moved. They all have a fire to get ahead (hence the reason they moved there) and most of them are very successful in their profession. Itís an amazing mix of people and we have a lot of fun. Despite the nice weather and island life there is nothing I look forward to more than our Bahamian Ball Hockey league. We have a blast and we take it as seriously as any Canadian league.

Question #26
How many women(men) have you had sex with in your life?

Seeing that I'm not a pornstar and this thread has been filled with replies from men I doubt anybody reading this really cares about my answers to these questions hehehehe. How many Women? Only 1 that counts. Beth. How many men? Pierre won't let me answer this question honestly. Ask yourself this: "Why does Pierre promote Twistys so hard?"

Question #27
Ever had a threesome? Orgy? Was your wife involved?

Beth is more than I can handle as it is.

Question #28
Describe the most exotic sexual experience you've ever had?

I must be tired. I canít even come up with a witty reply to this one hehehehehe

Question #29
How much are the hookers in the Bahamas?

In all honesty I have no idea. I've never even seen a hooker in the Bahamas.

Question #30
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

I hope to be enjoying life with Beth and whatever family we have. Having the freedom to travel the world and experience as many cool things as we possibly can. Life is too short to sit back and not live it to the fullest. We've devoted the past 8 years to working. I hope to start enjoying life more soon.

Question #31
If you're truthful on all the sexual questions - will you still be married after this interview?

Checked my finger. Still married.

Question #32
What TGPs do you own? Paysites?

PART 1 To answer this question Iíll go thru the history of our sites. I think itís a pretty interesting history and one that will hopefully provide some valuable information and possibly motivation to someone. I got started by making a little free site that I posted on Persian Kitty. It got me banned from university hosting so I had to get myself a domain and hosting. Being the genius that I am I registered Here we are in 1996 and I register Talk about being young and dumb. To this day my biggest mistake was not being more involved in domain buying (isnít that easy to say now). The domain stood for ĎInternet Webmasters Choice Awardsí. I was going to make an adult awards site and use that gimmick to get all other free sites to link to me and send me traffic. I never did launch the site. So it is the Spring of 1997, I had my domain and a $99 unlimited hosting account, I was ready to roll again. So I put up Above All Babes and got it linked at the top of PK. I was updating it monthly to try to get return traffic to it. I told a very close friend of mine what I was up to and he instantly became very interested (he later went on to start which is now the #1 menís magazine online). We realized that site name was very important so we tried to come up with something catchy that would really draw in surfers. We came up with President Clintonís Nude Celebs. LOL. We thought anybody that saw the link would click it and if the media got hold of it weíd be set. The site definitely got clicks but was more worry and hassle than we wanted. So we let it die off. So I had Above All Babes making me some decent coin and I wanted something else. I didnít know how to grow it any bigger so I started thinking of new ideas. I started spending time on YNOT. I didnít post much but I paid close attention to what was being said. Through it all one thing became very obvious: THESE GUYS HAD HUGE EGOS! This one adult webmaster board had all of the worldís most intelligent and talented people. LOL. I knew if I could play on their egos I could have something big and it could help me make an instant name for myself. I came up with the perfect idea. A competition to decide who truly had the best content. Each paysite would submit their best picture and my surfers would vote on the winner. The competition and voting would last a month and the winning site would get the top banner spot on the site for the following month. I called the site ďBattle Of The BestĒ. The response was absolutely amazing and as predicted I made an instant name for myself. Fantasyman, Atk, Serge, CarolCox, Wetlands and others were ready to participate. It was so popular I had to turn some people away. The first day of the launch was crazy. Fm and CarolCox hit me up so hard with traffic I ran into server problems. I simply couldnít handle the traffic that I was getting and in stepped Serge to help out and host the site for me. Overnight I went from somebody that nobody knew to hosting with Serge, talking with FM and Atk on the phone and having a HUGE link on all of CarolCoxís site. I couldnít believe it. Battle of the Best was my first really good idea. It opened a lot of doors for me. Itís unfortunate that I didnít keep running the site. There were a few issues that made it a pain in the ass. First, the egos got in the way. As soon as the first winner was announced (btw it was Carol Cox) I had other sites crying foul and saying that the voting was fixed or flawed. The next problem was running the site. I did it all by hand and it was very time consuming to keep it updated and fresh. 1 month was too long for the voting and anything shorter would have been way too much work. Had I been smarter and got it automated I could have had a really good run with the site. I can honestly say I regret not continuing with the site. This was a common thing for me. Iíd come up with a good idea and I wouldnít stick with it because I didnít see the results fast enough or because it was too much work. Success requires patience, passion and hard work. It took several years for me to learn that. When I look back at all the sites and projects Iíve been involved with I can honestly say Iíve turned away or given up on more great ideas than I care to mention. Usually it was because the work involved was more than I was prepared for at the time. Luckily I learned my lesson early in the game and ever since then Iíve been working my ass off non stop. Before I continue I would like to mention something regarding Fantasyman. Earlier in this interview I made a comment that some could take as me knocking FM. The truth is Iíve always been on good terms with FM. After Serge screwed me on the hosting LOL, FM bailed me out and hosted the site for free. Ron would always be there to help and never asked for anything in return. He provided me with a lot of advice over the years and was never once too busy to lend a helping hand. I have to say I owe FM a thank you for everything heís done over the years. So Ron, thank you for everything! On that same note I need to explain my earlier comment. While FM has been a huge help over the years we have gone our separate ways. He has his way of doing business and I have mine. Business wise I donít agree with a lot of the decisions heís made. But thatís my opinion and it doesnít change the fact that as a person Ron has always been very nice to me. Another lesson I learned a long time ago, business is business. Thereís the story of my big break into the exciting world of Free sites. Part 2 will be how I started my first paysite and how I got screwed by my hosting company. Also still to come the birth of PicWarehouse, BigBreastLovers, SexApe, Twistys and the purchase of Thumbzilla. Stay Tuned.. PART 2 As I mentioned Battle of the Best opened a lot of doors for me. I had become good friends with Brent (aka Axeman) and we had discussed opening a paysite together. We didnít know why we should start one we just saw everybody else doing it and figured it was a good idea. So in August of 1997 we opened our first paysite Right off the bat you can see that Brent was no better than I was at picking domain names. Here it was 1997 and I had and LOL (we didnít even register the real spelling of it). Itís amazing to think the domains Iíve picked up in the past year are better than what I bought in 1997. We did very little research. We bought the N&L Photography cd and the Zmaster content and signed up for the Barely18 etc live feeds and that was our site. We had no quality control and we had no niche. I canít remember if we updated the site. Like I said we didnít know why we started the site. All we knew was put the site up and promote it anyway we could. We had just launched the site and I received a phone from Kim at Atk. He had been a part of Battle of the Best and wanted to offer some advice on our new paysite. We spoke for 2 hours and he laid out a plan for success. He told me to concentrate on a niche. Study the market. Listen to my surfers. Have good quality control and not just list every picture I buy. He gave me the most valuable advice I ever received and I didnít use it at the time. I never forgot it and was able to put it to use a few years later, but at the time it was way more work than I was willing to put in. To this day I regret not listening. Kim was willing to take the time out of his day to give me some advice and I didnít have the energy or will to work at it. Young and dumb. Thatís all I can say. I was still in university and at the time I was looking for quick easy money solutions rather than setting up a solid long term business plan. Thatís how I first got into the paysite biz. We did ok with it. Then Anders Nillson (the guy who sent me my first check) decided to close down his Nude Celeb site so I asked him if I could have his collection. He set me up with a username and pass to his ftp and said we could download as much as we wanted. I couldnít believe it. I always thought that was really cool of him. That plus the Pam and Tommy tape gave us a new appeal for the site and helped sales. We did most of our sales thru promotion inside Xpicsí members areas and email campaigns (Brent should we email Australia or France LOL). We got the site close to 1000 members and then DMR went under. We built it back up to 700 members and then we were switching hosting companies and the company we were leaving (AdultCandy) got pissed and deleted our entire site. I had been in-between computers and didnít have a good backup of the site and as a result we just let it die. That is the story of my first venture into the paysite world. We made ok money from it but really never put the time and effort into making it a kick ass site. After Total Extacy I had some talk with and TheDoc about working on a few sites together. For whatever reason, nothing major ever came from it. TheDoc runs EvilGeniusCash. We all started out around the same time and we each went our own way and have had great success. Here is what TotalExtacy used to look like on January 28th 1999. That completes Part 2. Next will be the birth of PicWarehouse and its rise to become one of the Top10 visited adult sites (at that time). And then the stories of BigBreastLovers, SexApe, Twistys and the purchase of Thumbzilla. Stay Tuned. Whatís up everyone? Iím back to continue with this question. My wife told me my long answers are putting people to sleep so Iím going to try to shorten them. PART 3 A few months after starting TotalExtacy I knew I wanted to have a free site so I could drive sales to my paysite. I didnít want to have to rely on others and knew the more traffic I had the better. So I was back in the free site game and in November 1997 was born. It was a link list. I did a little digging and here is my June 3rd 1998 update. Youíll notice that PicWarehouse had no content. It was simply a modified TopList type of site. Back then Top50s were very popular but also a pain in the ass for the surfer. I wanted to take that idea and improve on it. So I created a site that was essentially a toplist but with a new fresh way of presenting it. The listings were link trades listed in the order of what traffic they sent the previous day. By todayís standards I think this would be considered a Circle Jerk. This was close to the beginning of the Circle Jerk movement. It was a very clean Circle Jerk by todayís standards and most of the sites I traded with were or became the same thing. The surfer knew where they were going, they werenít tricked. However they never saw any content unless they clicked on a sponsor link. The site was doing a steady 15,000 to 20,000 uniques a day until October 1998. I started the site with no traffic and I realized very early on that the best traffic from my link trades was from the number 1 or 2 spots on their toplist (back then everybody had top 10 list). So I worked very hard to make sure I was one of the top trades for each of my link trades. At the beginning that meant trading with smaller sites and getting at the top of their link trade list. Then as my traffic grew I went after bigger sites. Iím quite sure to this day this works. Currently on all of our sites the best trade traffic is the non blind top 1-2-3 link spots. Itís important to never try to trade out of your league. Itís better to be #1 on a site that has only 1000 hits/day than to be #75 on a site with 500,000 hits/day. Looking back thru those link trades there are some great memories. I find it interesting that a large majority of the people I did business with in 1998 are out of the business now. If I had to guess it would be because they were unable to adapt to a fast paced and ever changing industry. A lot of them were able to make easy money and when times got tough they werenít prepared to work hard to succeed. Back then with 15k to 20k uniques/day PicWarehouse was making about $5k a month. Going thru my old files I just saw my old AXS stats. LOL That is the script I first used to track incoming and outgoing hits and rank my trades. Anybody else remember Axs? Now thatís old school link trading. In October 1998 things got very interesting. One of my top link trades was featured on Dateline. That one show played a huge roll in the direction and success of PicWarehouse. On October 4th 1998 PicWarehouse did 18,201 uniques. Just 2 months later on December 22nd PicWarehouse did 158,470 uniques (the show aired sometime between those two dates). It was the exact same site but the boost of traffic we got from the WetLands link trade increased all our link trades and in turn our traffic kept rising. It was definitely an amazing time. Once the site passed the 100k mark I started working hard to make sure the site would stay above 100k. The formula was simple, the more you send to link trades the more hits you get back. I worked my ass off to find ways to send more and more traffic to link trades. Productivity wasnít an issue. Back then none of us used scripts to automate the link trading process. We used scripts to track incoming and outgoing hits and that was it. Things were very different back in the old days. Today I get the feeling that the majority of webmasters are independent and do their own thing. If they come up with an idea they want to do it themselves and try their best to keep everything secret etc. Back then we were all together. You could talk with other webmasters about anything. Stats, profits, ideas etc. You could come up with ideas together and bam on the spot form partnerships and start kick ass new developments that change the industry. That is exactly how the Circle Jerk sites of the time went from manual to automated and more efficient. Iím not going to claim to be the first person to start link trading scripts however I know I was involved in programming of one of the first very widespread link trading scripts LINKX. I was good friends with TheDoc (EvilGeniusCash) and one day him and I were talking and got around to the Link trading script idea. He knew a programmer and we sent over a list of things we wanted and Linkx was born. The company that programmed it was HiEndMedia which if my memory serves me right was a bunch of hotheaded pricks. The owner was a young little punk from Phoenix that had a real chip on his shoulder. Anybody know if they are still in the industry? Anybody who used Linkx knows it was a pain in the ass but it was an important part of a movement forward. After Linkx was Scorpion which was run by another little punk named Kristen or Kirsten (he was a faggy California dude that challenged me to a fight at Internext LOL gotta love people dishing out threats and wanting to settled them with an Internext fight). The link trading scripts helped sites grow much faster than ever before. They also made it easier for anybody to run a site and as a result the quality dropped FAST. Circle Jerks were originally sites that could actually get bookmarks and make good money THEN they became sites that were absolute garbage. They would have 3 or 4 exit consoles and 100% trick links. With the increase in link trading script technology Circle Jer k sites continued to lower their standards as low as they possibly could to try to get as much traffic as possible. The Circle Jerk movement was a very interesting one. Overnight it went from non-existent to a HUGE group of sites trading big numbers of traffic and then overnight it disappeared. It literally blew up over a year or 2 and then faded away and alot of the people that were a part of it used it as a launching pad to go on to bigger and better things. A few of the sites/webmasters that were a part of the good ole Circle Jerk days: Myself J99 from PinkTeenSeries TheDoc EvilGeniusCash Phil/Magnatique ItsYourPorn Manny from AlmightyZeus Worldsex (was then owned by Cor) Marcel FreeHeaven Jjjís from Anthony Brian from Cdgirls Doctor Dre Katdaddy Joey from Mature Post My Man Hoffman from UltraDonkey and ElephantList Babes4Free Iím drawing a blank on a bunch of others. If you are reading this and you are from those good ole days feel free to post my memory needs help from time to time. That is pretty much the most important part to PicWarehouse. It actually peaked at #8 on Sextracker and was in the top 10 for quite some time. Once Circle Jerks started getting very dirty we turned PicWarehouse into a tgp. Obviously we lost a lot of traffic and in terms of size PicWarehouse is only a fraction of what it once was however it still does quite well. It played a major roll in getting us to where we are today and will always have a special spot in my heart. Damn Iím still making these posts way too long. Iím going to try my best to really shorten this one. Part 4 In February of 1999 I had the feeling I had to do something with my PicWarehouse traffic. The CJ movement was in full swing and I didnít feel the traffic was steady. I wanted to have a High Quality site that surfers would keep coming back to non stop and I didnít want to depend on link trades to get them back. I wanted bookmarks. I decided to go niche and on February 7th 1999 I started To get the site started I fed it 5k to 10k hits a day from PicWarehouse. Within a month I had BigBreastLovers doing 30k uniques a day with no blind links. I knew right away that I had a hit but there was still much work to be done. When I started the site I was in university and a common topic was boobs. The guys I knew would always comment on boobs and nobody cared if they were fake or real. Pam Anderson was the poster child of slim and stacked. Not knowing anything about the boob niche I started BigBreastLovers with the idea of having Pam Anderson/Fake Busty Stripper girls on the site. Then one day something happened. I put up a link to a gallery with a Chloe Vevrier (for those who donít know her sheís 100% all natural and HUGE). The response was CRAZZZZZZZZZY. I received so many emails from surfers begging me to start listing more girls like Chloe. I thought back to what Kim (Atk) had told me, ďListen to your surfers.Ē From that day forward the site went in a completely different direction. It went from fake busty Pam types to all natural girls with huge boobs. Almost instantly bookmarks and sales increased. By interacting with my surfers I was able to really understand what they wanted and in turn build a site that gave them exactly what they wanted. Thanks to my surfers I believe I understand the boob niche better than just about anybody else in this business. The surfer is your client and if you listen to what they say you can really take your business to the next level. I think a lot of companies and sites try to guess and dictate what the surfers want. When you are dealing with a niche itís important to step back and let the surfer tell you what they want and built around their needs. If you do that youíll have them as a client for life and make A LOT of money with them. BigBreastLovers is the perfect example of that. I havenít made any adjustments to the site in 3 years now. I really havenít had the time to spend to make it what it could be and yet BigBreastLovers makes a lot of money simply because Iíve been able to give my surfers what they want. They trust me and they come back to me. BigBreastLovers opened my eyes to one of the most important things I learned with free sites: The size of the free site doesnít matter itís what the site makes that matters. Erik from BloatedGoat was the first guy to open my eyes to this. Back in the PicWarehouse days we chatted and when I found out how much money he made on only 20,000 hits/day I knew I was doing something wrong and my goal with BigBreastLovers was to have a site that made as much $$$ per unique as just about any other free site online. BigBreastLovers has done around 100,000 uniques a day for the past 5 years. Itís been steady at that level. If you have a niche site that gives the surfer what they want you donít need 1,000,000 hits to make money. Perfect example is weíve had galleries do Hun like numbers despite BigBreastLovers only getting 100,000 uniques a day. I remember a few years ago we had two real kick ass galleries that I made for BigBreastLovers. One was promoting Daizie from Busty Amateurs and the other was Linsey Dawn Mckenzie for Scoreland. The Daizie gallery did 120 sales and the Linsey one did 126 and that was just from one listing on BigBreastLovers. I donít know too many sites that can do that and the only reason BigBreastLovers can is because it has one of the most loyal followings of any free site around. Listen to your surfers and theyíll help make you A LOT more money. Part 5 One year after we started BigBreastLovers we launched Sexape (Feb 2000) with the same formula. Feed it traffic and build up a quality bookmark base site. It worked great and has been a fantastic site for us. Our old SexApe commentaries worked great at getting bookmarks. I think one thing TGPs lack is personality. I believe site personality is one of the biggest factors in getting bookmarks. If you can deliver what the surfer wants and get them to connect with you then you are going to have them coming back to your site for a long time in the future. In October 2001 we started Twistys. Before starting Twistys we did a lot of research. We joined as many sites as possible and tried to come up with the perfect membersí area for Twistys. Iím pretty happy with the way things turned out as weíve had phenomenal retention from day 1. The retention was good but it took 10 months before we came up with a tour that converted and thatís when we decided to start Twistyscash and there has been no looking back since then. I could post a 10 page discussion about Twistys but I'm trying to wrap it up so I'll save it for some other time As many of you know the last piece to the puzzle of sites we own was added in December 2004 when we purchased Weíve spent the last 7 months building up our staff and preparing for our next wave of expansion. We have a number of paysites that we are very close to launching and they will follow the Twistys model of being high quality and giving the surfer what they want and great value for their $$$. And thatís it for the interview. I hope you enjoyed reading it and thank you to Sleazy for interviewing me. Iím always open to any questions or advice anybody may need. You can either post it here or email me and Iíll do my best to answer it.



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