Breaking new ground, Venus developed one of the first and I believe still largest single girl amateur bodybuilder adult paysites on the net. She did it without help from the credit card processors or other traditional methods of growing a site. A true pioneer, she has a different take on how to grow and maintain her business and looking at her success it's one more player we should listen to. Different, persistent, bright, and dedicated are some words I'd use to describe Venus. She's someone who knows what she wants and isn't going to let anyone stand in her way to get it. If you want to promote a site that has a different kind of edge to it, try hers. There isn't too many other people out there today with a respectable adult female bodybuilder site worth spending the time promoting, but this one is def worth a try.

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Ambush Interview GFY thread on Venus

Question #1
Are you really a man that had a sex change?

LOL... no I am all woman ... god drilled all the holes, not a doctor

Question #2
Talk about playing football on the men's team in high school.

Football was a game I really liked, I started playing in biddy league and up to the 8th grade. I had planned on playing in highschool but I found out the HS boys had plans to try to hurt me because I was a girl plus the boys were bigger in high school. One time my coach, just to be funny, put my against my brother, my brother is a year older then me but allot bigger. He hit me so hard he cracked my helmet. They thought it was funny to do crap like that because they did not think I belonged on a boys football team. Here is an interview from when I was 15 or 16

Question #3
How did you get started in weight lifting?

I was at the Ft Polk gym with my brother, the post powerlifting team was there lifting and the coach came over and asked us both if we would like to join. They said I had some muscle and they needed more females and especially teens so we both said sure, what the heck.

Question #4
What championships have you won in weight lifting and body building?

1999 - Silver State Natural bodybuilding competition (Las Vegas NV) 1st place in novice and Open 1994 - Kansas State Bench press and Power lifting competition 1st place and best lifter award 1991 - Louisiana women's power lifting (heavyweight ) 3rd place 1991 - Arkansas State power lifting Championships 1st (Set state record in my weight class and won outstanding women's lifter award) 1991 - Louisiana State power lifting Championship 1st place (I broke ALL the state records with my lifts in the bench press, dead lift and squat, this meet ranked me in the top 5 in the nation) 1990 - Mississippi Power lifting competition 2nd place 1990 - Louisiana State power lifting championship 4th place. I set 3 state records in Arkansas and Lousiana while ppowerlifting there might be a couple of others but I don't remember for sure.

Question #5
When was the first time you took your clothes off for a camera? Describe the experience.

This one kinda has to combine 2 questions. Actually taking my clothes on camera was not an issue, I started dancing when I was 18 so had been dancing in topless and nude clubs for bout 4 years. Now the first time I took my top off when I started dancing, now that was an experience. When I was called on stage about 50 guys came over to the edge of the stage was was just staring at me, it took me several attempts and the everyone trying to encourage me for my top to come off. finally I kinda just closed my eyes and did it, man was I nervous.

Question #6
Talk about the how it felt to go from jock muscle geek to sex goddess?

Well guys liked my body that was for sure

Question #7
Talk about your love of horses. pics - discuss in detail

there is not enough time for me to talk about my horses, plus it would probably bore you all to death I love my horses and they get treated like I would want to be treated, I spend about 2-3 hours a day on each horse when I give them baths, most of the time is spent combing and braiding their manes and tails.

Question #8
How old are you? Is age a factor? Do you think you have a shelf life?

I am 29 right now and no, I dont have a shelf life

Question #9
Have you ever worked as a stripper on stage in a club? As a hooker?

No never been a hooker, but I am willing to learn from you

Question #10
Who are all the other muscle girls on your site? Have you had sex with all of them? Who took those pics/videos?

One of the girls on my site is my best friend who now lives in Finland. She is a fitness competitor in Finland.

Question #11
So, who's the guy you're fucking in your member's section? Is it always the same person?

tpo secret information

Question #12
When did you start your website and when did you get your first paying member?

I started my site in 1997, it was around march, initially on the free space you get from your ISP, It was free while I was trying to work out how to run a website, I had no pictures or anything else, just my webcam using Ispy. I got a phone call and they told me I had to move to a business account that was like 30$ a month or something like that, that did not last long either, back then I used hitbox for my stats and was getting around 60,000-70,000 hits a day. Someone from my ISP called and said their business account was not for sites like mine but he knew someone who who ran an adult site and had his own server who could help me out, I contacted the guy and he said sure. what happened was he ended up putting his banners all over my site, then wanted like 30% of what I made from memberships. I said nope and had our own server built that was similar to his, a dual pentium pro 200. so we turned the spare bed room into an office, out the server in it, had a DS1 (T1) put in and got my site running. the first 12 hours my site was pay I had 158 signups and for about a 9 months it stayed about 100 new joins a day. Not bad for no advertising. We ended up with 3 DS1's into that townhome and about 5 computers - now have I have three dual 2.66 Xeon systems with 1G of RAM co-located at 2 different data centers. One is for my website, the others are for video/chat server, mail server and DNS server.

Question #13
Does it get boring having done this for so long now?

No not at all, I enjoy my job. Its much better then some of the alternatives out there plus with other jobs I cant just get up and go places like I can now.

Question #14
Who takes your photos/videos? How many people work for you?

top secret information

Question #15
Is the diary on your site real or just something to tease your members with?

top secret information

Question #16
Have you ever been to an adult internet convention? Thoughts? Plans on going to more?

Oh yes, I have been to allot of them, I also have advertised in the AVN online magazine several times during IA2000. The first one was in early 1998, I think the last one I went to was in 2000 or 2001, cant remember which. They have changed so much that I decided it was not worth it. The only reason I went was to see what was new in the industry, check out content booths and so on. met some really good people at them, you all may not know most of them. This is Me at the EMUlive ( booth, thats Jory hamming for the camera, he is the owner and main programmer for emulive. FOr those that dont know what emulive is, they make streaming video software. Very good stuff with the best security on the market. I have used emulive since 1997 or 1998.

Question #17
Post pics of your real estate ( home, etc)

top secret information

Question #18
What kind of car(s) do you drive. pics.

top secret information

Question #19
Why did you get fired from the Sheriff's department?

top secret information

Question #20
Ever beaten up any men? Women?

top secret information

Question #21
Is having sex with a women considered cheating in your marriage? With a man?

top secret information

Question #22
What was your first experience with a hosting company like? Why do you do your own hosting?

I used to host my own site from my home because I did not trust anyone in this business. I had my site, when it was new, shut down because it had to much traffic for the business account I was on, and finally was given the name of someone who would be able to help me out. Way to many people out there that if they see you making money or think your making money they start trying to suck the blood out of you. They try to act like you need them and they are something. The only people in this business who really counts are the customers. This guy who I was paying for space on his co-lo server was putting banners and stuff on my site, charged me $500 to register my domain name. Once we figured out how to register a domain name through internic and saw he was taking traffic away from us with his banners it was all over. I had allot of down days those first few months trying to figure out stuff but it eventually worked itsself out. Now My servers are co-located at naked hosting and wild websites. Both have proved themselves to be very trust worthy with almost 100% uptime. Now I dont have to always worry if my windows server has crashed.

Question #23
What kind of education do you have?

I have an associates degree (2 yr) in criminal justice.

Question #24
Why do you live in the Phoenix area?

well, I wanted property for my horses, land in vegas is about 500k for an acre with nothing on it, so we moved to phoenix. Homes in Phoenix is about half the price of vegas. My house sold in 12 hours to someone from San Jose, she never even seen the house. I just sent her some pictures through email and she bought it for my asking price. I made a 105k profit on my home.

Question #25
Has anyone ever recognized you from your website? What happened?

top secret information or doesn't have the guts to answer

Question #26
If you couldn't work online, what would you do for a living?

Oh heck, I dont really know. maybe a horse trainer. I guess its something I should give some thought to someday with Bush in office.

Question #27
Ever had an STD? Been tested? Last time you were tested?

lol..nope never, not sure when the last time I was tested, haven't had a reason to get tested recently.

Question #28
How were you able to be the first Amateur Website to Broadcast live video and Audio?

Because no other amateur site I knew of at the time was. Everyone was using ispy or webcam 32, a few had tried cu-seeme which is not a good solution, anyone who has ever used cu-seeme knows what I mean. I found a company that adapted their pay per view software to act as a webcam but streaming instead of just pictures. it worked great, this was mid 1997. People loved it, this is when my signups really shot up, mainly because word of mouth, plus I had shit loads of webmasters comming to my site to see how I was doing it and to try to get me to work for them. Those guys killed me, telling me how they were all this and that and how I needed them and such. most of them are long gone, I am still here.

Question #29
What kind of dogs do you have? pics - talk about traveling with them.

My boys go everywhere with me. When I have to stay in a hotel, I only stay at ones who allow dogs, most of the 4 and 5 star hotels let you bring your dogs.

Question #30
Do you think you are more sexually attractive now or when you were 18, 21, 25?

Too subjective, beauty is all in the eye of the beholder.

Question #31
Talk about your most profitable real estate deal.

top secret information

Question #32
Why do you feel people in this business want to stab you in the back?

So many people come into this business wanting what others who have been at it along time have (or they think they have) but they do not want to do it by working hard or they do not know how to do it so they screw people over. I am sure there are some good people in this business, but one thing I have learned is if you help someone, show them how you do something, they tend to get really greedy and take what you gave them and use it against you. I am sure there are allot of good people in this business, but its the dirtbags that riun things for others.

Question #33
Why did you move to Vegas, and why did you leave?

top secret information

Question #34
What kind of airplane(s) do you own.

top secret information

Question #35
Did you ever do any steroids? other illicit drugs? Discuss in detail.

Yes I sure have, steroids, about 5 years ago. Would never do them again. One thing about roids is they do make you strong, my bench got up to 224. My trainer, someone who had been there in her younger days, gave me some lessons on it and told me the insides of pro bodybuilding. Not something I am interested in any more.



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