Def old school, Aly's been in the game as long as some of the dinosaurs. Starting with one of the largest adult companies (Python), she ran the affiliate program and defined some of the traffic strategies that exist today in most programs out there. Moving into public relations, Aly became a spokesperson and a public figure unlike any other. Recently changing companies Aly now works for AVN and talks to all companies and people who have any interest in doing business with internext as well as other ventures AVN is involved in. Aly's got more love in this industry than ANYONE I know. She has this magnetism about her that everyone talks about. A long term veteran and a master at promoting herself and who she represents, AVN is proud to have snagged her from Python and she's someone who most expect will be in this industry for many years to come.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out for a photo archive all all webmaster events!


GFY Ambush Interview thread on Aly_AVN

Question #1
If it fair that lesbians are allowed to use dildos? They made their choice.

First and foremost, you have a typo in the first word of that sentence. Not that I'm snobby or judgemental about such things... but it just doesn't seem right to continue past that first word without first correcting it. Actually, that probably says more about me than the rest of the answers I'm about to give combined. For those of you who don't like to read too much, you need not continue any further; please turn off your computer and go outside to play! Now, to the issue at hand: the fairness of dildo wielding lesbians... All's fair in love and war, darling, and I think it's pretty safe to say that there's usually a rather fine line between the two. When it comes to sexuality I believe there's an infinite number of shades of grey (at least as far as women are concerned). Sexuality is a very fluid thing that can incorporate dildos, vegetables, various electronic devices, and anything else that fits really. And as my noisy friend Ms Brittany Andrews will attest, there's no end (excuse the pun) to the number of perfectly 'heterosexual' men who can think of nothing greater than having her strap one on and take the plunge, so to speak. Sex isn't just about accepting or rejecting the almighty penis, darling, it's about taking whatever fits and turns you on at the time and rolling around with it as acrobatically and as noisily as possible, before finally screaming hallelujahs to all who'll listen and collapsing in a big sweaty heap.

Question #2
Talk about your education and love of the stage and attention.

I have the best education money can buy! Well... in theory anyway. The problem with that theory is that I was shipped off to an evil Scottish boarding school at 8 years old and only really learned one crucial thing... Aly's One Lesson From the 'Best Education Money Can Buy': If you combine NICE with FUNNY - you can drink on school property, smoke cigarettes galore, avoid all homework assignments and similar forms of torture, and you'll NEVER be expelled! (There's good reason I don't have children of my own) In the process of becoming increasingly 'entertaining' (in my own mind at least) I found my way onto various stages where (ironically enough) I ended up performing tragic Shakespearean roles, and internally emoting the great works of brilliant dead Russians. This may sound odd, but I don't generally like attention at all. I'd rather be left alone and mix with others when I choose to. Unsolicited attention kind of makes me recoil... BUT, if I jump onto a stage, or grab a microphone, something turns on and I LOVE IT. Oh... I gave up the stage for a woman. ...And I'm okay with that.

Question #3
What was it like being a minor and a woman in the Persian Gulf?

I should preface this by saying that I grew up in Malaysia, Egypt, India, Abu Dhabi (Persian Gulf) and Canada. My parents were either international spies or on the lam, but I can confirm neither. By the time we reached Abu Dhabi I was in my early teens and therefore an independent, fully-grown adult who was unusually out-going, horribly precocious and looking for a party! Now, here's the thing you might be surprised about here; that particular region of the Persian Gulf is (or was at the time) very liberal when it came to the goings-on of non-muslim teenagers. And of course, being British, so were our parents. During the 3 years that my parents lived in Abu Dhabi, there were at any one time about 30-50 British youths thrown into the mix. We were all held prisoner in repressive British boarding schools, from which we'd all be released three times a year for a little R&R on the beaches of the Persian Gulf. As long as you weren't Muslim, you could drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes at any age, and if you had British parents they rarely took the time to wonder what you were up to. It was the BEST PLACE ON EARTH to spend one's teenage years! We all had ski boats and would go waterskiing everyday (I was pretty good); we'd throw crazy parties on desert islands that involved all sorts of debauchery... and really had a fantastic time! This was, of course, in sharp contrast to our lives in Britain, so we really lived it up! The Persian Gulf was a great place to live.

Question #4
Why do you live in LA now?

The further I move away from Benoit, the worse I feel, so I live about three blocks from him. I'd move closer but he lives on a hill and those damn things have a habit of collapsing when it rains here. It's all about Benoit. I LOVE living in LA.

Question #5
Talk about your passion for boats and the water.

I've had a life-long love affair with water... Which is quite a practical notion when you think about it... Human beings belong near water, it's rather important to our survival (unless you're in Phuket, but that's another story). I spent my childhood in boats and bodies of water of various shapes and sizes and love the freedom of both. I love the release of leaving land behind and the silence when you stick your head underwater and hold your breath for as long as possible. Recently, Ms. KimmyKim 'volunteered' me as crew for a race here in July. I'm on Bow. Now, seeing as I have a sailing certificate that I obtained from sailing dinghys in Lake Ontario, I took a rather cavalier approach to the tasks at hand... at first... until I rapidly realised I really didn't have a clue when it comes to 35 foot racing boats! We're practising like crazy... I'm covered in bruises... I took a spinnaker pole to the head on Saturday... and I LOVE IT! It made me wonder momentarily if I might be a bit of a masochist (not that there's anything wrong with that) but then I realised that if I really liked pain that much I'd actually go out and BUY A BOAT instead. ;) Funnily enough, I also love skydiving... Water and Air.... hmmm... perhaps I just don't like dirt.

Question #6
How did you convince the twink to spunk on Shok's bed?

That was so funny! LOL... I should clarify, it was RRRED's evil scheme! HERE IT IS AGAIN: I have no idea how we got that guy to do this... Forgive me. MUST clarify... Shok's bed was cleaned right after that filming... He wasn't told that though. I filmed and edited the piece. ahem. I'd never actually filmed porn before, or edited it for that matter.. it was fun!

Question #7
What job did you have for a newspaper?

I was in ad sales for a Toronto newspaper when Python ran a classified looking for sales staff. I'd tried to get the newspaper to do something brilliant online (and in hindsite, it was indeed brilliant) but they didn't see any value in it, so when I saw an opportunity to work online it caught my interest. Now, I had absolutely no intention of working in porn, but was very curious to see what pornographers looked like so I went for an interview. David Van der Poel turned out to be quite pleasant looking, so I accepted the job offer. A few weeks later I was made Director of Marketing at Python. As far as I know it was simply because I have a 'cute' accent which would work well for industry radio shows with Dokk and others.

Question #8
Talk about the debutante ball.

Oh god. Okay... For those of you who haven't been subjected to such things, when a fine young lady reaches what in some societies is considered Marrying age, she's presented to the world at large at her fucking "Coming Out Ball" (which is a term that is now of course uproarously hilarious to my mother) My mother forced me to put on a big puffy white dress, be presented to some Scottish Lord and dance around a ballroom with a Captain from the Black Watch. This truly wasn't a highlight of my youth and when I find out who told Scott to ask me this question they're in big, big trouble! NEXT!

Question #9
What countries have you lived in? Discuss life in each one.

I've already touched on this a little, but I'd be delighted to elaborate further. God knows there are a lot of people on this board who are clealry in need of a little cultural education... I was born in the UK and then moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I lived until I was almost nine. That means I wasn't educated by Sesame Street, and am certainly not a product of any typical environment. But I also really don't know anything different, so it's hard to say whether that's a good thing or not. Certainly, moving to a culture that was primarily Caucasian and English-speaking was by far the biggest culture-shock of my life. Malaysia was beautiful, I rarely wore shoes, I went riding every day (with shoes) and spent a lot of time hunting monstrous insects and snakes. It was great! ... Then one day I was put on a plane, dropped on the steps of an ancient Scottish boarding school and forced to wear shoes. That sucked. At that point I started 'visiting' the places I 'lived'. First on the map was Cairo, Egypt. This was in the early eighties when Cairo was a little less 'Westernized' than it is now, and a little less anti-Westerners. To be brutally honest, it was a tough place to live; my mother used to make me bring sugar and flour and stuff like that in my suitcase from Britain because such things (at least in the varieties she preferred) were hard to come by there. My bedroom window opened toward a Mosque on the opposite side of the street, which was a beautiful building... except when the speakers in the tower of the building blared some fellow singing prayers at sunrise every day right into my bedroom! With all due respect to Islam, that was a racket! After being woken by my morning serenade our chaffeur (yes, chauffeur, try driving in Cairo and you'll get the point) would drive us over to Giza (that's where the Pyramids are, BTW) and we'd go riding through the desert (I had an Arab) ... (Pony that is). That was an experence for which I'm forever grateful. Even at a very early age I understood how lucky I was. Yes, it was a tough place to live, for many reasons, but I also discovered a great respect for the culture and the history and would never trade the experience for a childhood in Beverly Hills. We trvelled all over Egypt and parts of Africa and... well, I could write a few books about this but this is GFY, so I'll move on... Oh wait... I should mention that I was arrested in Cairo, at the age of nine, for conspiracy to assassinate President Sadat (who was shortly thereafter shot by his own troops)... okay, moving on... Then we moved to Bombay, India. Actually, it was tougher to live in Bombay than it was to live in Cairo! Oh dear... Let me clarify that India itself is a spectacular country, with an intensely colourful, multifaceted culture and truly beautiful people. Bombay, however, is a bit of a mess. The incredible levels of poverty that you're surrounded by in that city are beyond anything most of you can imagine, and as a child it was a confusing reality within which to exist. I couldn't make sense of it at all and while some of you may now have the impression that I was living a rather upscale colonial life... well, actually, I was, but it was very unsheltered. My parents wanted me to see the world the way it really is... which is admirable in a way but also very disturbing. But, to jump back to the positive again, I trekked up the himalayas on a pony, rode a steam train through the country, danced with naked hippies on a beach and developed a lifelong fondness for curry! After India, I moved to Abu Dhabi, which I covered earlier in this thread... At the time, it was the wealthiest nation on earth. Imagine moving from the poverty of Bombay to the wealthiest nation on earth at almost-13... There's a book in that, too! Then I moved to Toronto... which is truly one of the greatest cities on earth. Now I'm in LA... and I love LA and realize how very privileged I am to have experienced so much so far. One of the greatest gifts I've received from growing up all around the world is the ability to communicate with just about anybody on a very real level. Nobody seems much like a foreigner to me.

Question #10
Why did you leave Python for AVN?

I was at Python for 6 years. Everything I learned in this industry I learned over there. They're a great bunch of people and we'll be friends for life. Career-wise I needed a change though. That's why I started AlyTV; I was restless for something different to do. AVN made me a good offer and the freedom to choose my own adventure, so I decided what I could best do here, and am now attempting to do it! From my perspective, I saw AVN Online and Internext as pretty solid products that could serve our industry very well. However, I saw problems with the way the company was communicating with us; there was a growing chasm (by my perception) between AVN Online and it's intended audience. They were getting out of touch with the online industry, not getting involved, not playing with the other kids. I saw an opportunity (and need) to bridge that gap and slowly bring that perception back inline... Not because I'm some all-knowing arrogant asshole who thinks she has all the answers, but because I'm happy to get out and play with the other kids and find out what AVN can be doing better. It's remarkable what a difference a little communication makes! There's also something really cool about working with a tangible product again. Something you can hold in your hand, something you can smell, something you can find typos in and know that no matter how hard you try you're stuck with them forever! Yikes!

Question #11
Why did you choose the porn industry for a career? Are you obsessed with sex like everyone else in this business?

I really didn't choose the porn industry for a career. I figured it would be a good way to pay off some bills before I moved on to something more appropriate. My plan was to work at Python for 2 years max, make lots of money, then go back to the 'real' world. The real world's still waiting. As far as being obsessed with sex... Not really. No. Maybe that's more of a boy thing...? Actually, thinking about some of the women I know, perhaps not! I'm disgustingly well-balanced so I don't get particularily obsessive about anything really... Except my cellphone... I obsess about my cellphone; if it doesn't ring every ten minutes I turn it off and on again to see if it's still working. It's a bit of a problem.

Question #12
What's the meaning of life?

I'll try and keep this brief! Here's the deal: Imagine a graph... like a waveform for example Now, each of those dips and spikes represents good things and bad things (big and small) that happen in a day or a life even. Now imagine that your emotional or physical response to those triumphs and adversities is reflected as a shade of either red (negative) or blue (positive). There are of course myriad shades of red to blue, but I've simplified that for this explanation. If you were to take a snapshot of your life, or even the sum of a whole life and look through it from one end to the other, with all those responses washed into one colour, what shade of purple would you see? A bluer response? Or a redder response? I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't allow ourselves to feel bad things or respond to tragedy but I think we sum up our lives with the levels of positivity that we not only present to others but also choose to allow ourselves. I also believe that the energy we exude and affect upon others (thus affecting their own responses) is the only logical legacy we leave behind. So, the meaning of life my friends... is Periwinkle.

Question #13
Talk about nature vs nurture in the homosexual community and why you think is one often seen as more valid than the other.

We human beings are driven to 'make sense of' things and categorize them and create words to identify one thing from another. This is of course terribly clever of us and necessary for communicating as well as understanding our world. However, the downside of all this is that it's also rather limiting; we don't have the capacity or time to individually label an infinite number of shades of grey, and frankly that would be impractical. So, in order to make sense of things, we limit ourselves to the words BLACK, WHITE and GREY. We're all born perfect, and within that perfection lies a unique shade of grey that could just as easily sit at either end of the spectrum, and that unique shade of grey will most definitely be adjusted by personal development and experience.

Question #14
How many different schools did you attend as a child? public/private?

Four, I think.. All private.

Question #15
How many languages do you speak?


Question #16
What was it like living in the mansion?

I was living in an apartment in San Diego (briefly) when a large fellow came into my place one night uninvited. We had a scuffle, I won and he ran away, but I was a little nervous about staying there alone the next night, so Gary and Sue Whatley (LadyLaw) invited me to come and stay at the mansion for a few days. I ended up staying a year... That year was a huge one in my life on many levels for many reasons, and the location and cast of characters had everything to do with that. The weather was perfect up there. Almost as if the higher the property taxes you pay, the better the weather. It could be raining in downtown San Diego, cloudy at the beach a mile or so away... but it was always perfectly sunny over Rancho Sant Fe! It was also perfectly silent an awful lot of the time. During the year I lived there, there was a stream of people that stayed in the house for various amounts of time. Until J$style$ they were all women, so I called the mansion 'Gary's Home for Wayward Girls'. Which was really no exaggeration! Gary is a very generous, entertaining, brilliant guy. We'd sit in the hottub scheming brilliant business startegies that we'd rarely implement, just for fun. He loved to throw parties at the mansion and I think was taken advantage of a little too much in that respect... although he didn't seem to mind that if the party was a hit. LOL.. KB was there right from the beginning (and probably still is, I imagine) he'd drop by almost every day with either a girl on each arm, or the photographs to prove it! He was funny as hell and a great friend at the time. J$tyle$ moved in not too long before I left. There's an awful lot I could say about Jon but you've all heard it before and he doesn't need to hear it again from me. My fondest moments with him were sitting late at night (many nights) by the fireplace outside my bedroom (an outside fireplace) staring at the flames and not really saying anything at all... those were very peaceful times! I learned a lot about myself during that year, and it was also a lot of fun.

Question #17
How many conventions do you attend a year? Favorites other than internext? (hey you work there - you have to say them first)

Remember back when CE was throwing the AWE events? They were monthly in different cities across the states and I went to every single one of them, along with every other show/ event that happened. I got SO tired of travelling! The convention/ event options change a bit every year, so it's hard to give you a solid number on that. My top three favourites (and NO, I wouldn't call Internext my favourite because it's my job, fuck that) are Summer Internext, Phoenix and LA Webmaster Access (I'm REALLY excited about the Amsterdam webmaster access too!) After going to so many events for so long, I love looking at the folks I met at events years ago and how they've changed, made millions, lost millions, grown up, or in some cases regressed.

Question #18
Who do you look up to in the adult industry? Down on?

I have respect for the people in this industry who created new and innovative ways to make it work for them. Ron and Dave Levine back in the earliest moments of this industry built affiliate programs that laid the foundation for how the largest segments of this industry now operate. Yishai and Fred Warner broke new ground in marketing tricks and mechanisms that, again, became common practice in online marketing. There are others who broke new ground who are very impressive for their innovation. The others who've impressed me are the ones who took existing models and substantially improved upon them. Marc deForest for example... I remember looking at ARS at the New Orleans show a few years ago and marvelling at how they took the basic affiliate program model at the time and pumped it up to kick the asses of the larger programs in a matter of months. That required brilliance, an immense amount of hard work and some very innovative ideas... SilverCash did a similar thing... very impressive. What doesn't impress me at all is the type of 'webmaster' or other business owner who is basically just lucky. One trick ponies (if that) who make loads of money because they happened to be in the right place at the right time. Good for them. That's great... but I'm not particularily impressed. I also look up to people who are honest, intelligent and have good manners, no matter what they've accomplished business-wise. I dislike people who are arrogant, self-righteous and rude. I try to live my life by the Golden Rule. When I encounter others who don't I just kind of turn them into 'chatter' that I either deal with politely (most of the time!) or ignore. I also have a lot of respect for the independent free-thinkers that I've met in this industry: Fred, Halcyon, IrishPimp... and a few others. There are far too many people in this business who jump on bandwagons and trends and spend very little time thinking for themselves. That's very unimpressive.

Question #19
What would you do differently with your career if you had to start over from the begining?

Assuming we're talking about my Online Adult career... Actually, I'm pretty satisfied with the choices I've made, so I'll just leave it at that. I'm often asked why I haven't started my own program. One reason is that I wouldn't want to turn around and fuck with Python; they're my friends and everything I know about this industry I learned while there. That's also why I didn't move to a different affiliate program when I left. BUT... the primary reason is that I'd never want to have my own online adult company. The liabilities and headaches aren't remotely attractive to me and I've never really been driven to make millions of dollars a month. The wealthiest people I've known have been, without question, the most miserable, too. I'm not saying that's a general rule, but the fact that money can't buy happiness certainly is. I'd rather have the freedom of being somebody else's liability.

Question #20
What happened to AlyTV? Every had any other mainstream or adult media opportunities? What happened?

AlyTV was a wonderful experience for me and I really enjoyed doing it. As time passed I got to enjoy improving and developing the show so that it got better each week, which was very fulfilling. When I started at AVN I had every intention of continuing the show, but I ended up becoming far too busy to do it. Earlier this year I made the choice to archive all the episodes on the site and focus on my day job. I've been presented with quite a few adult and mainstream opportunities but for various reasons they didn't grab my interest enough to drop everything and pursue them. I still get offers, and maybe one day one will work for me but, shockingly enough, I'm not going to jump on the first opportunity to be infront of a camera simply out of a desire to be there.

Question #21
Do you perfer blondes, brunettes or redheads. Discuss.

Brunettes, redheads... and possibly pinkheads. I don't have anything against blondes, I really don't... I just never seem to find myself attracted to them. (That said, all stunningly goodlooking, brilliantly witty blondes should feel free to contact anytime!)

Question #22
Why do you come to GFY? What topics interest you here? Personal/professional.

Great question! Nowadays I primarily come to GFY to answer posts about AVN and Internext. One of the things they were doing wrong in the past was to not respond to public criticism (or praise). It gave the impression that they weren't playing with the other kids, not participating with the community, not keeping 'in-touch', and not listening to their key audience. Threads that catch my attention usually touch on industry news (even gossip), and general news if I haven't heard it yet (eg: the fire in St Louis today). I click on drama if it involves someone I like, respect or detest. The random posts about nothing in particular, and joke threads I usually skip.

Question #23
What's the worst thing you've ever experienced in your life? Best?

I really can't answer that question honestly - because I really can't think of an honest answer.... but I guarantee each answer involves a woman! Women are crazy. I love them for that, but I think most of us can agree that they're what's most likely to cause the most pain and joy in life. (Unless you have kids, of course.

Question #24
Where does one sign up for your squirting lesson seminar?

That's really not necessary! I'm more than happy to share my vast, extensive knowledge on this subject right here! LOL... Here's what you do: First off you need to get your partner warmed-up, get the juices flowing, so to speak. When you feel that she's near orgasm, start gently playing with her clitoris and pushing on the paraurethral gland, as you do so, apply a little pressure to her belly right above the area. Keep bringing her closer to orgasm and doing all this, and as she comes she should, in theory, make a big wet mess all over the place! Yippeeeee!

Question #25
Are you a superstar? How many do you know?

LOL... I wouldn't want the pressure! I really truly can't stand it when people have unnecessary expectations of me, so Superstardom would be a disaster. I'd end up like one of those Hollywood recluses, rarely leaving their house and hiding behind big floppy hats and glasses when they do. I look terrible in floppy hats so it's not the life for me. I don't consider anyone I know to be a superstar... except my dog Kinsey of course. She's quite the Primadonna.

Question #26
Talk about golf.

Mark Twain called golf "A nice walk, ruined." Truer words were never spoken.

Question #27
What does the color orange mean to you?

Some of you don't know Joan from ASACP very well, and those that think they do probably aren't seeing the whole picture. She's a very smart, very generous, very educated woman who goes out of her way to help people with all sorts of things. Including me... You see, among her many accomplishments, Joan's also a clinical hypnotherapist. She hypnotizes people to help them deal with certain things. 6 or 7 months ago my partner at the time insisted that I quit smoking, so Joan offered to help. One evening I showed up at Joan's apartment in LA and she sat me down, said a whole bunch of things which are now awfully blurry and helped me quit smoking. An exercise she had me do was to imagine myself in a very safe place in complete comfort, she then asked what the general colour was in that place. It turned out to be orange. Now, in theory, whenever I'm stressed or in need of a smoke and so on I just have to go to my orange place and I'll feel better. It worked pretty well actually. Thanks Joan! Of course, I started smoking again as soon as the relationship ended.

Question #28
Do you own your own home? What kind of car do you drive? pics

It's terrible of me I know, but, no I don't own my own home. I really should, but I'm relatively new in the US and don't have a credit history with which to buy a home. One day... one day. This is what I drive:

Question #29
What nationality(s) are you? Any plans on changing it?

I'm Scottish. I have Canadian citizenship as well. You can't change a Scot's nationality. Wars have been waged over far less.

Question #30
Do you have any new hobbies? I race sailboats. I have a feeling I'm going to get pretty good at it actually... Americas Cup here I come! I also go to the gym a lot. I gained weight in all the wrong places when I quit smoking. So I started smoking again and joined the gym...

Question #31
How many people have you been photographed kissing? post pics

A long time ago, Melissa at CCBill convinced me to start the site, where I posted pics of me kissing lots of industry luminaries. It turned out to be a really effective way of breaking the ice actually! The only problem with it was when people whom I neither wanted to kiss nor wanted to put on my site would approach me for a pic of me kissing them... Valuable lessons in diplomacy were learned because of that site! I took the site down a year or two ago. At last count I think it had about 40 or 50 photos on it. They're all gone now. You'll never find 'em...

Question #32
If you weren't in the adult industry, what would you want to be doing for a living?

I'd own my own jazz club in LA. Thanks so much Sleazy for your excellent questions. That was fun!



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