Director of marketing at Eric has enormous power with influence over amateur pages, playboycash and GFY, to name a few. Starting on his own in adult, he soon found that working with one of the largest online adult companies was his calling and has been with since 2001. Anyone who's anyone in this game knows Eric. This interview is one I've personally been waiting for as his background and connections are simply as good as they get in this game. I call Eric a friend. He's always available to help anyone in this biz - big or small. He does so with class.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Eric_AKA_Redeyes

Question #1
Describe what it's like in detail to french kiss a man? pics

Damn bro with friends like you who needs enemies! HAHA To answer the first question... Wet! Actually in Santa Monica two years ago Jman and I were messing around and on a dare kissed. Oddly enough I think too many people who were interested in repeat performances saw the event or pictures as I have been harrassed on several occasions for some action. Won't be doing that again. But Ramos does try and kiss me regularly.

Question #2
Is it true you bought your escalade because your ego wouldn't fit in your eclipse?

Something like that. My ego or my head (which one I am not saying!)

Question #3
Is there anybody you won't step on to get to the top?

Step on? Wouldn't USE be a better term? Well I have never tried to step on anyone to get to the top. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who have thought I have done that, but it was never intentional. I try and help everyone big or small in this industry with any tid bit of knowledge I can. Just like anything in this game I try and be as reciprocal as I can with how I play the game.

Question #4
How good are you at keeping secrets? IE when a friend tells you not to tell someone something.

Very good... I even have some of yours that will go with me to the grave! Or the highest bidder!

Question #5
Do you think every single person you work with is an idiot?

Not at all. But just like anywhere you go there are people that personalities don't mesh 100% of the time. I just try and come to the office and get my work done. As in question 18 I get what I work for. So I take my work very seriously. Sometimes I am sure I am in the middle of things and I brush people off when they are being social. Not me trying to be a dick, just me being in the middle of something else. Some people can just be overly sensative. Nothing I can do about that.

Question #6
What are you doing to prevent baldness?

Growing a beard! Actually... NADA! It really doesn't bother me. I will just shave my head if it gets too bad. I would ask you for a recommendation, but I see you don't have anything that works either.

Question #7
How come you wait to get to work to take a dump in the morning and don't do it at home?

Didn't the ego question answer this one too? You didn't know that my shit don't stink? Why spend money on Toilet Paper when I can spend Lensmans? To answer honestly. I don't wait, I just go when I have to go. Just like the rest of my bodily functions.

Question #8
Is it true you sneak up on your co-workers and fart on them?

Doesn't everyone!? Nah I just love to tease Loryn that I am going to Fart on her. She screams with the best of them. She is better than most of the horror film chicks. She could get an oscar for her screams. She would just use it as another sex toy. But hey that is her prerogative how she uses that stuff!

Question #9
no question #9


Question #10
Have you ever been the big sausage pizza guy?

I ADMIT TO NOTHING! Nah as many times as the role has been offered to me. I have declined each time. Maybe one of these days.

Question #11
Any plans on working at McDonalds again if your career in adult ends?

Actually it was funny. Both my sister and I did stints at McDonalds. Mine lasted all of 6 weeks. They kept scheduling me for shifts that started before I got out of Baseball practice. Then they wrote me up for being late. No matter how many times I told them I couldn't be there. Idiots! Not only would I never work there again, but I would never even recommend that a kid work there. Hell with computers now days a 16 year old can make a ton more working from home selling shit on Ebay than they would ever make working fast food.

Question #12
Ever have sex with any widows or hot (or ugly) babes as a UPS delivery guy?

Glad to see Sleazy knows how to read. I worked for UPS the late night shift sorting packages and loading trucks. So I never got that hook up. But I did meet a hot girl that I dated for a while when I was delivering pizza's. OOoooooohhhhh Latin women!!!

Question #13
How come you never finished your degree? Do you plan to spend the rest of your life as a dropout?

My last semester in College I started working in adult at the same time in the late summer of 98. Mid way through the semester I started going on job interviews for my field, I was a geography major with a concentration in Cartography and GIS. Interviewed with Thomas Bros, City of Lakewood CA, and a few other places. The money they were offering as well as long ass hour was a joke compared to what I was making on my own working a few hours a day in Adult. So I said FUCK IT. I actually tried to go back once, but just couldn't justify it. So yes, I plan to remain a college drop out forever. My degree will never do anything for me.

Question #14
Why have you always lived in California?

Almost moved to Denver once, but Job I was going to take fell into that catagory from the previous question. When I graduated High School I had a good offer to play Baseball at the local City College and then from there had another offer from CSULB so I just stayed in the area when a lot of people leave. I didn't have a bad relationship with my parents that had me rushing to get out of town or anything like that. So just like anything we all pretty much do what we do with the options that are presented to us. I also have travelled around the US quite a bit and have seen many of the places I would consider living. I love to visit those places and know that if I moved there I would take a lot of those things for granted and so for now I just keep them as travel spots to enjoy to the fullest.

Question #15
How many conventions do you attend a year? Favorites? Least Favorites?

In the past year I have been to 7 shows from Internext FL last summer to Cybernet Expo a few weeks ago. I enjoy all the shows and always meet new people at each one (sometimes the same person several times. Note: new faces at 3am when drunk are tough to remember no matter how hard you try). Never seems to matter how many people you know there is always someone somewhere that comes out of the woodwork and you meet them for the first time even though you have talked to them for ages online. I personally, and you and I have talked about this, enjoy the shows for the relationships more than the business. I enjoy spending time with people in the more relaxed atmosphere and enjoying their company and getting to know them. We can do business when we get back to the office. Let's share a drink or dinner. That to me is what makes going to the shows with it everytime! With that said my personal favorites are Webmaster Access Cancun and Phoenix Forum. Two places the relaxing environments seem to go to another level. I am sure there are other shows similar to these, but I have not had a chance to make it to them yet.

Question #16
Why are the offices in Sacramento?

When Lensman first started this little operation he started in in AZ where he lived at the time. Then he moved the operation to Plesanton Area to be in the Bay Area during the Dot Com boom. I didn't work with them till after they moved here, but from what I heard it was a decision between here and San Diego. The final decision was based on Family for Lensman.

Question #17
What was your first computer? Did you ever steal software?

Commodore 64 baby. I am sure this one will stir up some memories for some people.

Ask for it as a Bday/Xmas gift and loved it. I may have done a few shady things as a kid. The trick is not whether you did it. It was whether you got caught! Nothing shady anymore. I don't download music, movies, software or any of that stuff.

Question #18
Why do you like to be paid for preformance and not time?

I don't know what preformance is, but I like to look at being paid based on performance as the same as being paid for my time. If you look at it this way. Being paid based on performance is me spending my time to do the things that will increase the amount of money I make therefore increase the amount of money a company makes. So I am being paid for my time, but based on a performance structure. I will never not be paid on a performance structure again. When I was working years ago at UPS I was in a trailer on a night not long after the Northridge Earthquake. Well one of the main hubs for UPS colapsed in LA. So they had to re route all the packages to our hub. That meant tons more work for us. So I am in this trailer and the guy working with me is dogging big time. Total Slacker! So I ask him to speed up so we can keep up with the work flow. Well he was an old timer and looked at me and said, "Why? No matter how fast I work they are still going to pay me the same amount." I went out and got my first sales job shortly thereafter. There was no way I was going to be in a situation where I worked harder and yet was paid the same as someone sitting on their ass doing nothing.

Question #19
Why did you almost get married but run at the last moment?

HAHA... I knew this one would come out. The short answer is that even though we thought we were both ready. Neither of us were. We were both still in school. We were both heading down far different paths. I had recently found the adult internet and was trying to figure out how to get started and she was very religious. I know a bit of cold feet help in the decision too. It was crazy though cause after I called it off. Her dad came to my house and threatened to kill me. Her parents took me to small claims court to get some of the money back that they spent on the wedding. The next year was nuts. Yet a great learning experience. One of the best decisions I have ever made as hard as it was at the time. Looking back I just remember throwing out the thought "Oh man what are all these people going to think of me!?" I had to put that out of my head cause there was no way I was going to get guilted into getting married when I knew it was not right. She married a couple years later from what I heard. No clue how she is doing now.

Question #20
How much do you know about mortgages?

I know enough to get me by. Man I really hate signing all the paperwork that goes a long with them though. Talk about a pain in the ass. But on the brighter side signing that paperwork has been very good to me over the past few years.

Question #21
Have you ever fucked anyone you work with?

Anyone ever working for this company... No In this industry... Yes At other jobs I have had...Yes You left that one too open my friend.

Question #22
Have you ever been drunk or high at a webmaster event?

Yes... See the picture above with Jman. Never been HIGH in my life. One thing I am actually proud of is the fact that I have never done any drugs in my life ever. Asprin doesn't count.

Question #23
How much do you pay Sunny Leone to pretend to be your girlfriend at shows?

She is only gay for pay. i.e. Vivid Contract She puts up with my shit daily for free! Bet that really has you wondering what I have on her eh? Actually she is amazing! I could go on for hours about her. But this is MY INTERVIEW DAMMIT!

Question #24
How many houses do you own?

Right now I own three homes and one lot of land. I live in one and rent the other two out and then am sitting on the lot for a few more years and then I am going to build on that and move there. I am also looking at buying two more properties this year. More rentals. With the way the market is and still going, I don't see the bubble bursting like a lot of people do, even if I am a little upside down on the rentals the equity over time will pay off the difference and then some. Reason I don't see CA's bubble bursting is that there are too many investers right now. Everyone is still scared shitless of the stock market so their money is going into more homes. There are tons of people that I forsee getting themselves into some huge trouble being over extended and losing their homes to repo. But there are tons of investers just waiting to gobble those up too. If you live in CA right now. Buy something, anything, do whatever you can to get a piece of property. My advice for the day. I have other investments also that I place cash into and let that grow which are much more basic and simple. Have to diversify you know!

Question #25
Who are your favorite people at your office? Least favorite.

My favorite people in the office are the ones that work hard and do everything they can to make sure everyone around them's job is as easy as can be. They are the ones that help make sure that everything gets taken care of. Also the people who show ambition to take the position they have been given and use it not only to do a good job for this company, but also take and use the knowledge gained to get themselves further outside of just working here. Ambition is always a great trait. Any job I have been at slackers and people who do things half assed have always gotten on my nerves.

Question #26
Who do you look up to in this industry? Down on?

There are quite a few people that I look up to and see the way they do things in their business and admire those things out of them. The one person that comes to mind that I have had long conversations with and admire and is at the top of the list is Tony Morgan. Surprised I didn't say Lensman? Well Tony and I have had several long conversations and tons of short ones. He runs a class act and is a top notch business man. I watch how he handles his company and I see a man who truly wants to see all of his employees prosper, not only in business but in life. His generosity is second to none. But I think that to me is secondary to the way he conducts himself personally and professionally, his knowledge, and his business demeanor when it comes to supporting the industry. The only people I look down on are the ones who give the business a bad name. They know who they are.

Question #27
Would you go to GFY if you weren't paid to go there? Discuss.

Of course.

Question #28
What's the worst part about your job. second worst, third worst.

Lensman, Lensman, Lensman Oh man I have been waiting to say that! I don't think there is any worse parts. I think there are parts and days that are harder than others, but nothing that is so bad I would call it THE WORST. With that said. The absolute hardest part of my job is that it is like a leash. I am tied to it no matter the time of day. Many people go on vacation and their work stops. As everyone that is serious in this industry knows that if you go on Vacation you either take your laptop with you so you can work while on vacation, or you leave it behind and come back to a shit storm pile of work to take care of, so that would have to be the Hardest. The second hardest would be when the drama shit hits the fan and keeping up with the deleting of thread content that violates the rules on top of everyone ICQing to tell you about more places the same stuff is posted. Then add that to normal daily duties can be pretty tough. Lastly I would have to say the constant reinvention of ones business. Staying ahead of the game is important. Standing still in this industry is not an option. You constantly have to be moving forward and moving toward finding the next best thing or the next thing that is going to blow away the surfers to get them to join. That is where that office toilet time comes in. Nothing like sitting on the throne and getting in the thinking mans position to generate some great ideas!

Question #29
How did you get started in adult?

I actually found Persian Kitty about a year before I got started. And I saw what was being done. But at the time I didn't complete understand the programming and all that and I was dealing with the wedding issue above and a bunch of other crap. About 8 months later I was on ICQ when I was spammed with a page showing a little girl that had cancer and asking to click a link and that for every click 20 cents would go to help the little girl. Also right below that was a text link that said Webmasters make money for your traffic. So I clicked that one instead. Well Cyberthrill casino was my first sponsor and my first scamming sponsor. Right out of the gate. This got my feet wet though and I went out and found Porncity free hosting and started reading everything I could find about TGP gallery submitting, Link Lists, SEO, and any thing I could find on getting traffic. Then started asking tons of questions of what was a small community of webmasters back them on Porn City's message board. Everyone was awesome and very helpful. I got up and running and then started teach other people to do the same thing. I actually got to know Lensman because I join his program and was caught as a cheater and he held back a nice chunk of money from me for cheating. I talked to him on ICQ and worked it out that I would get to keep sending AP traffic but I wouldn't get any back pay. We kept in touch here and there over the years till I came to work for him about two and a half years later.

Question #30
What's the most hilarious thing you've ever done to yourself or to another?

I find the Jman thing quite funny obviously. It was hilarious at the time and we still laugh about it today. I have several Tea Bag, Impossible Situp or Face Mask incidents over the years that rank pretty high for stupid humor. For the most part I love to see people laugh so I will say or do just about anything to entertain or make people laugh. (No Sleazy as funny as it sounds I will not sleep with you) So I think this one ranks in the whole "Too many to count category."

Question #31
What kind of porn gets you off?

Beast stuff! You have any on your site? Actually... Hot girls with Pierced Nipples

Question #32
What exactly the fuck is it that you do on a daily basis?

Get to work. Take my shit. Surf GFY all day! I would list everything that I do but I would have to KEEEELLLLL you afterwards.

I would like to thank Sleazy for the opportunity to do this interview. It was a blast. Any more questions other people may I have I am more than happy to answer them. Some huge news on the homefront is coming soon. Tons of shit we are working on. Just to tease you all a little bit.. GFY Warmup Party in FL? New Sites for Reality Cash? Webmaster Access Amsterdam Launch? hmmmm... COULD BE! Stay tuned!



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