One of the big 3 traffic brokers in the tgp game, Choker's created a spot within the marketplace that many have challenged but none have been able to come even close to. Chickentraffic is unique, and some of it's spin off programs and utilities help webmasters, esp smaller webmasters with smaller budgets who enter the game. An opinionated spokesperson for the free speech coalition and a hard working single dad, Choker speaks his mind on anything he finds relevant. He makes sure as many people as possible can hear him. Let's not bullshit; lets begin.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out for a photo archive all all webmaster events!


GFY Ambush Interview thread on Choker

Question #1
What's your opinion on the proven psychological fact that people only really get excited about issues or statements made to tease or to poke fun when those statements get close to the real horrible secret truth that the person being teased doesn't want discussed?

After reading this 5 times I still do not get it. I guess you are asking if I i.e. tease someone about being gay then in fact I am really gay myself ? Or something along those lines?

Question #2
How much money did you donate from your own wallet to the free speech thing? I sent in over $2700 and another $2511 is waiting to be sent. Actually the day before the deadlined I freaked out afraid the FSC did not get me on the list so I sent in like 2 additinal memberships for myself I think $600 more. I was not impressed with the way the FSC handled a lot of the last minute issues. I STILL have not recieved confirmation of any of the last two memberships I bought for myself.

Question #3
How did you get into the online adult business? What examples/mentors did you look to when you started?

Hahahaha, you fat boy. Yep believe it or not you were a example for me. I noticed your galleries every fucking where. I sent you a email asking how AFF does for you, trying to get advice. I had even went out of my way to signup for AFF under you so you could get credit. It was your galleries afterall that inspired me to sign up with them. Your email reply to me I will never forget the substance, though I have long forgotten the exact words, but I will try to reproduce them here............................ >From Choker: Hey, I noticed you use Adult Friendfinder a lot. I signed up under you and am going to promote them. I take it you do good with them? Thanks, Choker >From Burger Boy: Well consider yourself lucky as I RARELY reply to newbies. I do not have the time to waste with people just coming into the business. You guys just make it harder for us professionals.Thanks for signing up under me and yes I do real good with them. Please don't bother me anymore. LOL, after getting this email from you I laughed and said to myself, "one day I will run circles around this asshole" Guess what burger boy? that day was years ago hahahahhaa Continued..................... Basically I started like most others, making and submitting galleries. Zilla I admired quite a bit, until years later when I had a trade with him, in fact for some time I was his top trade. He was using that shit x3 script, his toplist was by uniques in instead of productivity. Anywho thumbzilla would be twice the size he is now if he had been productivity based. Here I was looking at his toplist, nothing but absolute shit trades and he did nothing about it. I had on my site a category "Bondage and Torture" it listed very mild galleries, just bdsm no blood or bruises or any shit like that. At that time galleryspots was really big, Zilla had even started turning down trades that used my galleries. He was stuck in the past and "was tired" of seeing my shit everywhere. Instead of telling me "hey we are over exposing my surfers to your gallerise, is there something we can do?" the smuck emailed me and said something to the effect of "You have torture on your site, I was in Veitnamn and this brings back bad memorimemories" or some shit like that. Fucker was still trading with sites that had animals getting fucked. I did not even bother to reply to him, I just killed the trade. Zilla was nothing but a asshat. Nelvac made that site what it is yet that asshole Zilla got al lthe credit. I think Shap is a bit of a arrogant egomaniac but I give him kudos for changing thumbzilla to productivity based. That was a very smart move. Got some more on this.............. I always admired the Hun, the way he would take time to help newbies out. Also Doc Bizzaro was a inspiration although I could never understand why he traded with that redway guy that sends surfers to directery snoops. But I guess in the beginning that was what everyone did. Today that is not a good thing to do. Joey from Mature Post /Call Kelly one of the nicest guys around inpsired me, he still does. John from his growth from dirty daughter to a HUGE program is very inspiring Brad from the buffet family of course. I always enjoy meeting up with him Eskimoen really helped me get TTT started. Lane from cjultra was/is one of my biggest inspirations. I mean the guy made a script, set back and the money still rolls in. Jim from lightning free always inspired me, although his partner seems to be a real asshat. Jason from googirls remember the tgp cumdumpster? Nick from Pinkworld. Down to earth guy who kept it simple and made big bling. There are many many more. Basically I get inspired by anyone that works hard and creates a niche or exploits a niche nobody else has to date. And anyone who makes it big yet does not rub it in or act like a big shot I respect. I have NO REPSECT for old timers that are sitting on their past success and are just riding their own coat tails. Like you Sleazy. You have done nothing extroidinary. Many oldtimers have adapted and done new things and changed. Old timers that do nothing new and just ride on their past are nothing special. Anyone that got in the game when they did could have done the exact same thing.

Question #4
Why do you hate the asacp so much? Are you against stopping child porn? The Asacp has stopped monsters and saved children. Does it make sense to make public calls to stop an organization that does this kind of thing?

1. You made a pedo remark on this board. You are a proud member of ASACP. I think they let you onboard thinking you will rally funds from the TGP industry. I guess they think it is ok for a member to make PEDO remarks on the industrys most vistited forum??? 2. I offered them like $3000 a couple years ago. They turned me down saying they do not accept TGP sites. I was not wanting to be monitored, I jsut wanted to donate. They are dumbasses for turning money down from anyone other than actual cpers. 3. The crap with Gary K and lightspeed 4. Thier support of .xxx and thier FAILED attempt to show that their letter did not support it. I guess we are all idiots to believe that there has been no other corespondence between ICM and ASACP that this one form letter? Give me a fucking break. If ASACP is getting funds from the sale of .xxx names OF COURSE there has been lengthy corespondence. This question is a prime example of the way you twist shit, just like a bitch. Because I do not give money to ASACP I promote CP? Right? We can go forever and forever with this. I do not give money to AIDS charities so I promote and hope everyone gets AIDS right? This is one part of your TRUE personality I really despise. Do you give money to help hungry kids in Africa Sleazy? What's that ? You don't ? So you could care less about kids starving to death? You sick fat fuck. ASACP has forever discredited theirselves with all that has happened. Have we seen a official withdrawel of support for .xxx ? NO WE HAVE NOT. The FSC is the only thing that is going to speak up and try to stop this. And BTW I am NOT a spokesman for the FSC as you originally posted.

Question #5
Talk about your horses. Pics (non sexual please)

HAHAHAHA remind me of when I wanted to get a trade with sleazy ... I forced him 10-15k free traffic for a week and he still wouldn't trade with me ... till I noticed the enter link on his front page was fucked ... and told him . He said he owed me and gave me a trade ;) Awesome productivity ... very targetted traffic . I was getting about 500-800 % productivity on a 70 % skim text tgp.

Question #6
As you are a major broker these days in the industry? What things/events have you sponsored thus far?

Nothing so far, but neither have you have you fat boy? These parties you have you don't pay a fucking dime out of your pocket do you? You have sponsors pick up the tab. Many people have told me your parties are great, but hardly a "TGP" party. Seems you invite cam whores thinking you may get lucky, then they in turn bug the TGP webmasters about listing their sites. Seems there are very few people there who actually have any TGPs at your parties. You are still mad at me because I turned your invite down 3 years ago. And I love the way you say that people who do not go to every webmaster gathering of 10 or more people have something to hide, are not honest business people, etc,etc . PK does not go to conventions. The Hun does not go to every convention, The list goes on and on. See Sleazy some people have a life other than thier business and business friends. You have NOTHING to promote at conventions yet you go to every single one because you have no life, no friends, no wife (she left you remember" nothing in your life. If you did not have do you really think anyone would want to be your friend? I pride myself on the fact that I have NEVER spent a dime on advertising, that my business id from word of mouth and my contests/giveways which i do more for fun than to get business. I do not need a booth at a convention, nor do I need to go to every gathering of webmasters. I have a family, they are priority. And ok I said I would be totally honest here so here it is................. I AM SCARED SHITLESS OF FLYING. Yep I am so scared to fly it is pathetic. I am such a control freak I refuse to even ride in a car unless I am driving. Cab rides are pure hell for me. If I am going to die I want it to be by my own hand. When I am on a flight every odd sound from the plane tears me up. I can even tell if there is a bad ball bearing in the turbine by the sound of the engine. Yes it's that bad. Now with that said, this August I will have a booth and I will have a nice surprise for you Fat boy. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Question #7
What's it like being a single dad and working in adult? Does your family know what you do? Do your mainstream friends and neighboors know??

They know what I do, I provide a service not too much uinlike google does. Think about it. Type in porn on google and you get a results page. A tgp is nothing more than a results page. I sell non adult traffic and adult traffic, just like google,msn,yahoo. I do not shoot models. I do not consider myself a pornographer. The day I run a ad for models I would call myself that.

Question #8
Ok, rant about acacia, .xxx and 2257. Who you think is behind them? What do they expect to gain and how they affect you?

This is a multi part question so let me address the Acacia issue first..... At the time the Acacia shit set it there was no unified effort to combat it other than Spikes group. Now that the FSC has corraled our support in fighting the 2257 regs, I think if Acacia does increase it's claims on us the FSC will step up and defend us. As far as the guys who signed sweetheart deals with Acacia? Well they are sellouts and PUSSIES. They did not sell out the industry, you, me or anyone else in this biz. They sold out themselves. A bully came along and they folded like the true yellow bellied cowards they are. xxx oh boy, there are so many differnt ways to look at this. If done properly I would support it, but we all know it will be used as a tool to shut us all down. Let me talk about Gary K's involvement in this for a sec. Being the cowering snake in the grass he is, I could have SWORN I heard in one of his interviews that he approached ICM and asked them if he could pre secure his domains so nobody else could get them. He was told 'NO". He then went on to ask if they needed financing, that he would buy stocks in ICM. Again they said "NO". After getting thrown out like yesterday's trash, Gary then decided to turn coats and rally everyone to support fighting .xxx Any YELLOW snakes on the mansion gorunds there Gary? LOL Now since Gary did contribute a lot of money to the FSC, I give him Kudos and will even spam his shit in my admin areas if he does it again. He is still a piece of shit but my enemy is his enemy at the same time. Give me a sec and I will post some juicy rumors about who is supporting ICM and .xxx 2257. This still has a very good possiblity of shutting down 75% of us. I have been buying content lately and rarely does the content provider give out anything other than the models ids. What does it take to convince people that having ids means absolutely NOTHING. If you do not have proof of production date then you cannot prove the model was over 18 when shot. A good 30% of the content I have can't be used because the model release is not dated, not signed, not legible etc. If the secondary producer part of the new 2257 regs is not struck down completley, we are all FUCKED FUCKED, even you Burger Boy. I read a post of a guy who called the DOJ and asked them specifically do they need the docs of a site they link ot with a text link. The answer was YES if you gain anything by linking to that site. Guess what? it's not a far stretch to say trading traffic is gaining something. The scondary producer part of 2257 can be used to shut ANYONE down. My shit is in as best order as it can be. I have a guy full time doing 2257 stuff. When you go thru all your docs you will find that quite a bit of "2257 complient" content is far from it. What good is a id if you can't read it?

Question #9
How many homes do you own now? Where are they? pics

None now. I have owned many homes in the past and do not plan on owning any more anytime son. I rent. It's very hard to find a home to rent for me since I like big nice homes. I don't like being stuck in a home. If I want to move I want to move NOW. In todays market even when it is hot like Orlando, you gotta park it for 4 years before you can resell and just break even. The most you can make on rental properties is 10% per year. Then you got the hassle of renting. Even a CD you can get 5% and no work or hassle. If I ever decide to retire I may buy another house. Not sure.

Question #10
What kind of car(s) do you drive? pics

A 2000 Dodge Durango. I am mister Mom remember? I grew out of thinking of a car as a status symbol at 18. I do want a Boxter though. I just can't see paying what a house would cost for a car. A car is jsut transportation to me, nothing more.

Question #11
Discuss your coin collection. pics

No pics. LOL. Most of it is in bank vaults. I am collecting as a business not so much a hobby. I plan on opening a online coin store. Total collection is at least 500,000 pieces. I have 10 of the large boxes in a bank vault. As far as pieces I am proud of I have some awesome Roman era coins in really great condition. I will pull out the camera and take some pics later today if Iget a chance.

Question #12
Did you knock up any of the female military recruits you fraternized with? Did you always use a condom?

Not that I know of and I never use condoms, not even for anal which I love more than life itself. I really love eating a girls ass out before I fuck it. Was this question designed to probe my sexual life?

Question #13
Have you ever lived in a trailer? pics

Yep I was REAL trailer trash for a couple years. No pics of it though, sorry.

Question #14
How many hot dogs do you eat a week and how do you cook em?

None. I may eat a chili dog once every three months. Kids hate them so we just never eat them. That maker you gave me sucks btw. It burns the buns by the time the dog is cooked. I have been meaning to blow it up with some m80s. One of these days I will and will video it. I wished I had kept the box it came in, I could at least give it away to a relative or friend for a xmas or birthday gift.

Question #15
When and how long you were a cab driver?

I drove a Taxi Van in Disney for about three years while I built my sites up. I kept a laptop in the van and worked while waiting on fares. Many many times I would work for 48 hours or more without real sleep, just dozing off in the van while waiting on fares. Go home take a shower and go back to work. I really physically hurt myself during this time with all the crazy hours. My eyes are permamently bloodshot, I have damaged nerves in my left leg from sitting in the same position for so many hours. It hurts like hell when I have to walk for over 3 hours. I probably need surgery. I did what I had to do at the time. I'm not proud of driving a cab. Nor am i ashamed of it. I am just so fucking glad that part of my life is over.

Question #16
What kind of education do you have? highschool? university? Where?

Highschool grad, that's it. And in fact at that time everyone passed no matter how good or bad you did in school. Half the time in high school I was zonked out on ludes, dots, or MD20/20 LOL I started drinking and getting high at 14, quickly discovered that I have a very addictive personality. Had 4 DWI's before I turned 17. Ran a car head into a cop car the last time. LOL. Spent a Christmas in juvy jail. That sucked a lot. I'm one of those easy test takers, even without studying I do good on tests. Education wise I have never formally tried to improve myself and have no interest in doing it now. I do not know a whole lot about any one subject, but I know a little about everything. sort of

Question #17
When was the last time you had sex? Have you ever paid for it? Thoughts on hardcore models and other people in the content production. Thoughts on hookers?

Last night actually. I am at the point in my life that I want nothing more than young skinny sluts who can appreciate a sugar daddy and stay out of my personal life. When my kids are on their own then maybe I will settle down. Of course I have paid for sex, last time was in Vegas two years ago. Hardcore models are nothing more than whores. They are simply hookers, nothing more nothing less.

Question #18
Why did your divorcee leave you pennyless?/font>

Well unlike your divorce, my wife did not leave me to go fuck a schoolteacher. I left her after she got fat. Yep I said it, I am shallow as hell. With my gut I still cannot fuck a fat chick. She is not the first I have left because of the weight issue. I like my women skinny as a Etheopian. LOL. Perfect woman to me is about 5"0 and 100 pounds. And no it is not because I have a small cock, I'm a little over 7 inches and very thick. I love a woman I cannot get it all in. I love to hit bottom. Almost all divorces like this leaves the guy peniless. Maybe your wife and her schoolteacher boyfriend felt sorry for you and did not stick it to you?

Question #19
Why did you sell your landscaping company?

I got tired of it. Sold it and went into real estate. Sales is my first love. I love to sell things.

Question #20
Why do you have to tell people that you are honest? Do you subscribe to the philosophy that anyone that HAS to tell you they are a certain way, usually isn't?

Where do you see me "HAVING" to tell people I am honest? Only in your threads where you try to claim I am not honest or am questionable because I do not attend every convention? Pathetic.

Question #21
What do you think of some major affiliate sponsor programs out there? names, experiences - good and bad please.

LOL, going back to AFF, I just looked and I still get checks from them even though I have not linked to them in years. Gotta get them back up on some sites. streamray has done good for me googirls Nasty dollars etc etc For over 3 years now I have built my business to not depend on affiliate programs for income, so I am not so up to date on what paysites are hot or not. I have never succesfully generated good quality traffic to sell to paysites, until now that is. I am beta testing a new system that sells to paysites from generic banners on my galleries. So far the results are pretty good. The unsold hits will go to my paysites, so again I stay away from depending on other paysites to generate income.

Question #22
Talk about your boat and adventures. pics

Here I'll just post that old thread I made about that boat here. LOL Friday I bought a boat. Not having anything to pull it with yet I decided to rent a truck for a couple days so I could take my kids to the lake. Saturday morning I get to the Uhaul to find the truck I have reserved has a flat tire. After waiting for a new tire, we get to the boat dealership to find out the boat trailer has a flat tire. Since I bought a used boat I had to pay for the tire. After the tire is fixed we swing by my home to load the boat up with our junk, where I promptly back up over the cable TV box in my front yard beside the driveway. After searching for a boat ramp at a local lake, I actually back the trailer up and put the boat into the water with no problems. I am so proud of myself now. After a couple of hours of pulling my kids on the float thingys, we decide to stop and eat and swim around the boat. I drop anchor but forgot to tie the anchor to the line good. Bye bye anchor. Undeterred by my run of bad luck, we continue on the lake for a few more hours until the lake starts getting choppy. Again I back the trailer down the boat ramp perfectly. During the test drive before I bought the boat, the salesman drove the boat all the way onto the trailer so I figured I could do the same. Wrong answer. I went slightly to the left and too far up on the trailer. Trying to reverse I hear scary sounds coming from the outboard. After close examinatation I discover that the one of the trailer runners is wrapped around the prop. Bad thing is the runner was also still attatched to the trailer, so all the weight of the boat was on the front of the boat and the outboard. I could not back the trailer up anymore as the muffler of the truck was already submerged. Thinking if I unhooked the trailer it would only slide back a couple feet, and thus relieve the tension on the outboard, I unhooked the trailer and watched open mouthed as my new boat and trailer rolled into the lake and floated away. So here I am blocking the ramp, 12 boats waiting to dock, and my boat is drifting away with the trailer still attatched. After the boat/trailer drifted about 100 yards out, some people towed it back in to me. At this time there was about 20 boats watiing to pull in, and they were not the friendliest group around. After about a hour of backing up and forth we finally got the outboard unjammed and got the boat back on the trailer. Lucky for me only the prop is trash. Did I forget to mention that I forgot to put sunscreen on? Yep I look like a lobster right now and am in some serious pain. SO now I sit here in front of my computer dehydrated, in pain, and without cable TV. At least the cable modem still works. Now my kids want me to get a camper. LOL

Question #23
How did Kman help you out in the begining?

I don't remember saying "he helped me". What I said was that he inspired me. At the time I was considering what to do with my TGP, I was making shit from sponsors, I was trading very good and was building traffic up. I figured shit, trade traffic I send to other tgps has to have a value to it, it is a comodity. So I had a script made that sold the traffic. I then saw that Kman was selling traffic to other tgps from his tgp. Seeing this I figured it would work and from there the rest is history.

Question #24
Do you wack off to your own sites? Ever? Still? What kind of porn gets you off?

Of course I do. Any webmaster that says he never jacks off to his own sites is either full of shit or his content really blows. I like to jack off to skinny girls getting a slow anal fuck or swallowing a big load. I never ever come in a girl, I like to come in her mouth but I have to see myself cumming. SO i like the tounge sticking out and her gobbling up what she can. And yeah I will nd do kiss her before she swallows it all. It is afterall my own cum. Do this with a woman one time and she is your sex slave for life. Girls absolutely eat this up.

Question #25
Who is your favorite processor, content company, programmer, convention, hosting company, broker, etc and your least favorite.

Boring questions but ok ccbill,epoch,MVC hosting I like Candid, phatservers Broker? myself of course

Question #26
What's your thoughts on the people who put fake traffic into your system?

Lets talk about fake traffic in your system first. You use no scripts, plain html pages with no way to know what a surfer is clicking on on your site. You probably use Webalizer for stats. How would you know if you had fake traffic or not? You wouldn't. A 14 year old could code a bot and hit you with it and you would never know. Your only assurance that you have all real traffic is the "integrity of your trades" LOL, give me a fucking break. You are ONLY guessing what your trades traffic quality is, you add and delete trades based on what others tell you about sites. Maybe this explains your wildly swinging traffic levels ? I would be willing to bet that 30 to 50% of the traffic at is fake. Sleazy can't prove me right or wrong since he has no way to tell. Content? they're all good as long as they are cheap and have the right docs. We do what we can to combat this. We are constantly finding new ways to stop new methods of cheating. I keep on top of this as best I can. One of the most helpfull tools is the way I let buyers rate niches of traffic. High tech methods we have tons of , but the old method of people reporting suspicous traffic is still the best tool.

Question #27
Do you have a criminal record? arrested? convicted?

Many times when I was a kid for partying, etc as a adult about 15 years ago I passed a bad check and got arrested for it, pleaded no contest. That's it. 1 traffic ticket in the last 15 years, I fought it but lost. That really pissed me off so much because I really was innocent.

Question #28
How many countries did you visit while in the navy?

A couple dozen. Mostly in the Med and South America

Question #29
What's your most sucessful program to date? Least successful..

This question deserves a thread of it's own. Let me start by talking about some of the old stuff I did. The original Gallery Spots program where I paid back TGP's traffic back to their sites to send to paid gallery spots was pure genius on my part. At it's height we were doing over 12 million hits to galleries a day. Cheaters and the fact that it was to much to control at one time is what shut it down. Funny thing is that now I have more galleries now (over 100k) and better galleries now (no pics on html) yet we are only at about 1.5 mill a day but it is more profitable now than it was 2 years ago at 12 mill a day. Back then I simply did not have the scripts to handle the large volumes of traffic. Back then the Gallery Spots system sent 24 hour uniques, now it sends 30 day uniques. Right now the price starts at 75 cents per k. Very soon I will be filtering out all of the non-english traffic from galleries and the price will increase to $1 per k. The payouts to the TGP's will also increase to 62.50 per k. I must say the days of the original Gallery Spots was some of the best times online I had. Burger boy was constantly on me, Kimmy and that Russian thief Backoff had started thier own program, of course Backoff had stolen the idea from me, even made accounts and copied my scripts as best he could. Burger boy was bragging about how Spotbrokers would run circles around me within 6 months. Lots of awesome fights between me and others on GFY, remember the time Pimpdog thought I was sourcing his servers? LOL, that was good shit. Now I am friends with everyone except Burger Boy and Backoff who in the end showed his true colors. I am glad now that spotbrokers is owned by my very good friend Stu, we now work together a lot. Kimmy and I talk frequently, she even allows me a reach around when I see her every once in awhile LOL. My least succesfull program to date is probably sponsorpromo. It was at the same time my most brilliant idea, just wrong time wrong place. Lots of programs I create never get out of beta. I usually follow my gut instinct rather than logic when deciding to go ahead on a project or not. I spend a lot of time pondering ideas and getting input from others on ideas before I implement them. I spend a lot of time being Mr Mom, transporting kids everywhere, so I think a lot about my ideas and run thru all the possibilites. People ask me how do I do it all the time. I think what has made me survive all this time (4 years is a long time online, LOL) is my ability to think ahead and not hesitate a second to change a program in part or completely. If I feel a program is doomed I will not hesitate to send out messages that it will be canceled in 15 days. And I am always making changes and adjustments to every program. Lots of guys complain that they cannot keep up with the changes I make. That I change shit too much. Well the market changes fast online and you have to keep up with it. Every program I have ever had every webmaster has gotten paid out fully if it closed. If not then the money is still waiting on him to ask for. 2257 changes nuked a couple programs I had, and again everyone got paid out what was owed. Believe it or not I do not always analize stats of a program to see if it is loosing money or making money. I jsut go with my gut instinct usually.

Question #30
What is your deepest darkest fear? Personal, business.

Well I already told you how scared I am of biting the bullet by someone else's hand. I guess my greatest personal fear is something bad happening to my kids. One of my kids has a genetic disorder. She has about 6 benign tumors in her body with 4 in her brain. One on her spine is growing and causing her a lot of pain. This worries me to no end. My greatest business fear is this 2257 crap. Most people do not realize how easily this can fuck us all.

Question #31
Why do you come to GFY? Who are your favorite posters and least favorite?

LOL, I come here to do business, have fun, and relieve stress. I really enjoy getting in pissing contest. You Burger boy are my least favorite poster. The way you run to Lensman when someone owns you is pathetic. I truly enjoyed all those beast threads, the way so many people owned you at one time. Favorite poster is myself. I spend countless hours laughing at my own posts. I also like Bradshaws post, that one titled sheep..blah was so funny, just the title cracked me up. I love the way he pushes buttons. Chico is funny also. Nocarrier because he makes great photo chops of you. Pimpdog because he is a master at herding sheep. Least favorite? LOL, here we go. Juicy used to be funny but too much too often. Now he is nothing but annoying as fuck. He ruins so many threads by posting his babble. Enough is enough dude. Arron M, this guy has some serious problems. Talk about a egomaniac. His content sucks and is so over priced it is not even funny. If it were not for GFY this guy would be nothing. Being the people watcher that I am, at conventions I see him all alone drinking looking like a sad kid. People walking by him smirk at him, till someone recognizes him as "Aaron M from GFY". This guy is a total joke. A legend in his own mind. LOL. Cumsensei. This dude just rubs me wrong. Can't even get a tgp he has had for years and years over 20k a day. Then he posts everyday when he makes changes to it, as if anyone really cares. This in itself is not a bad thing, but when he makes posts after posts giving advice on how to make money in this biz, well that's sickening to me. Nothing wrong with being a security guard and part time webmaster, but when I was a cab driver and part time webmaster I did not try to act like a big shot and give everyone advice on how to make it online. Baddog because all he does is come in threads to defend his daddy Sleazy. How does it feel being Burger boys bitch baddog? LOL If I think of more posters that annoy me I will repost about them.

Question #32
How long do you plan to stay in adult?

At least 6 more years. By then I will have enough investments in other areas to hopefully have good businesses my kids can run while I semi-retire and watch over their ventures with them.



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