Topbuxom Lee

Lee works Topbucks, one of the larger affiliate programs in the game today. She's making a name for herself as someone who knows what she's doing when it comes to marketing. Her experience with companies like: Zenith and Citigroup have served her well in online adult. She's applied it in the biz in a way that no one else has to date.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Topbuxom Lee

Question #1
So what's with this skinny dipping fettish? Is that why you were drawn to work in adult? pics please

Since I have a "Rubenesque" figure .... I find clothing-especially swimming suits- rather confining. No, I was drawn to Adult to live out my wildest fantasies

Question #2
Is Lori Z really your favorite straight girl of all time?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, yes.

Question #3
Where did you get the name Topbuxom from?

Buxom=wishful thinking on my part

Question #4
Does citigroup really have as many security holes as we have seen in the past months?

Update of June 6-7, 2005: CitiFinancial on June 6 admitted that it has lost nearly four million consumers’ files -- all customers of CitiFinancial’s branch system. The files lost include Social Security numbers. While the company expressed shock and predicted that no harm will come of it, it’s worth noting (as much of the other press didn’t) that CitiFinancial has had this problem before. For example, in Florida in 2002 -- as reported by the local NBC TV affiliate there, “Citifinancial even left its files in convenient boxes, making it easy for anyone who wanted to cart them away. NBC2 decided to find out what kinds of records were there. What was found surprised even seasoned investigators: drivers license information, credit reports, social security numbers, even bank account numbers — for more than 1,000 people. ‘This would be a treasure trove of information for an identity thief. People’s names, social security numbers, banking information,’ said David White of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Unit.

Question #5
Is Ali really a Tyrant?

Not reallly. However, I do believe she is a "legend in her own mind". She makes feeble attempts from time to time to frighten me- but I can take that skinny, blond babe anytime

Question #6
What do you really think of the gay population of San Franscisco and other well known gay dominant cities?

Nothing but a bunch of fags and dykes. Seriously though, I come from Chicago and I can tell you that all-around Chicago is a great city. The people are warm, friendly and engaging...and so is the "community" there. Like S.F, they are involved, organized and motivated to make positive changes. However, Chicago lags behind the progressiveness that is built into the city infrastructure in S.F. For example, in S.F , the city contracts work out to companies who offer domestic partnership to their employees etc. Denver is beautiful and has a great gay & lesbian community. New York is well...New York. I now live in Tucson. The community here is SORELY lacking in most things: organization, mobilization, funding... In S.F and Chicago the "communities" are generally in a designated area within the environs. Here in Tucson, the community is spread out all over-so It's not like you walk down the street and all the gay peeps are right there. I'm also disappointed in not being able to find gay folks in my age range. Seems they're all babies or retirees. And the sun....geeez....I've seen some old dykes here that I could make a purse out of. Gives an entirely new meaning to the term "leather dyke". I must say though, I don't spend vast amounts of my time soley within the "community.

Question #7
Have you ever worked for any other companies than Topbucks in the online adult biz?

No I have not. Who knew there would be so much excitement, challenge, diversity,advanced marketing and outright fun within one industry? I truly wish I'd have discovered this all long ago-but I suspect the path I've traveled has reason and I'm right where I'm supposed to be at this time.

Question #8
What exactly do you do for Topbucks? How did you get the job? Why stay there? Discuss.

I'm the Director of Marketing/Public Relations at TopBucks. It’s never boring believe me. A day for me might consist of first answering a ton of email and responding to ICQ’s. Then doling out projects and following up with my staff on project status. I check the boards, post, do research, write up announcements/press releases, filter through advertising/creative, check stats, attend manager’s/sales meetings. I actually got the job simply by responding to an ad for a "high-growth internet company". Who knew I'd be stepping into such a window of opportunity? Part of the reason I stay is because we have a wonderfully diverse and talented group of people at TopBucks. We have a solid management team with a wealth of business experience in both Adult and Mainstream. Plus, we have an owner who is creative, caring and sets a very good example for all his employees. Kevin has a clear vision and the drive to create and sustain a successful business and he allows his managers to play an integral part in that business each and every day. Here- there is an environment with challenge, opportunity, education and positive reinforcement for growth as a business person and individual.

Question #9
Where did you go to highschool and university and what did you take? Discuss in detail.

I attended High School at Alan B. Shepard High in Palos Heights, IL (burb of chicago). Partied hard and yet amazingly-graduated with a scholarship/graduate scholarship from Northern Illinois University. Majored in Advertising/Journalism. Took the obvious coursework: Public relations, Advertising, Copy Editing, Photojournalism, Media Planning, etc. Worked on the college rag writing headlines. Dual minors in Psychology and Women's Studies (ahem...) Loved the Psych courses and considered post-graduate work but alas, the Math classes were more than I could bear (read: boring). Once I got an apt. and Marketing job in downtown Chicago-I never did go back for the graduate degree. Think it would have advanced my career in Adult??? The Minor in Women's Studies was interesting because it came at a time when that particular area of "study" was just introduced. (I-on the other hand-had been indoctrinated to that area of study just a year or two prior LOL). The coursework for that included a lot of developmental psychology, social sciences and poly sci classes which I've always found interesting. When people ask if I think I chose the right field of study I always respond with a confident "yes". The combination of Advertising/Psychology is relevant, interesting and has helped me in every position I've ever had, regardless of the industry.

Question #10
Why do they call you le le le lee?

Not sure-Maybe cuz I'm a le le le Lez

Question #11
What would a guy have to do to get you to switch teams?

Full paid Life membership to Augusta National

Question #12
With your softball record why haven't you been thrown off the team yet? Is it because of sexual favors?

It's because I buy the pizza and beer.

Question #13
What do they call the bathrooms at the office?

Falluja #1, Falluja #2 (they are always being BOMBED) Why do they call you the bathroom natzi? Because I'm sick and tired of: 1.) The seat being up 2.) The seat being down and pissed all over 3.) The floor being pissed on 4.) The bowl being stained by massive dumps I've had to put the hammer down and turn one of the uni-sex bathrooms into the "ladies room". However, I STILL find the seat up.....and I think it's Kevin

Question #14
Why all the toilet/bathroom issues? Is this some unresolved childhood development thing?

I'm a GERMAPHOBE....I'd put Howard Hughes to shame.

Question #15
What's so good about the Chicago Cubs?

1.) It's Wrigley Fucking field man!

2.) Old Style Beer 3.) Harry Carray and the 7th inning stretch (take me out to the ballgame as opposed to God Bless America ) 4.) Left Field Bleachers 5.) White Sox Suck 6.) View of Lake Michigan 7.) Very little signage/advertising 8.) Curse of the Billy Goat makes for a good excuse each year 9.) Mark Prior, D. Lee, Aramis Raimirez, Woody 10.) Leo Durocher-"Nice Guys Finish Last" 11.) Cubby Bear Lounge, Hi-tops, Bernies 12.) Wait Til Next Year

Question #16
Is it true you're a wino that can't admit when she's had too much to drink?

Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Question #17
Are you into lean cuisines because you like them or because you can't cook?

Simply because I value sleep more than anything so I just grab them for lunch in the morning and go. I'm an excellent cook btw.

Question #18
What's your golf handicap? Talk about your love of golf.

My handicap is that I golf from the left side (being right-handed....slightly odd. Same w/Softball). I love golf for the challenge (although I'm not one who freaks out when someone steps in my line or talks while I putt) the beautiful surroundings, cigars and the 19th hole. My father first took me when I was about 11 and I absolutely hated it. It wasn't until much later in life that I picked it up again. Easier on the knees you know.

Question #19
Why were you fired from the Hardrock Hotel in Vegas? What celebs did you meet there? Sleep with any?

Ha! Not fired. I did some major promos for Zenith at the "Joint". Hired Jay Leno (terrific guy-great to work with), Glenn Frey (pain in the ass) and Stevie Nicks (her I woulda slept with-she was sooo easy).

Question #20
What exactly did you do for Zenith when you worked there? Why were you fired?

Again-not fired. Was Director of Promotions. Did alot of B2B & consumer promos. Cross promotions with Discover, some entertainment groups. Did a 42 city Blues Tour with BB King, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan, Johnny Lang, Keb Mo and Tower of Power. That really rocked.

Question #21
What exactly did you do for Citigroup when you worked there? Why were you fired?

Not Fired. Bagged the Financial Services Marketing (tough to do because my earning potential there was terrific), sold the house and moved to AZ. At Citi I basically controlled the new Diners Club Carte Blanche Premium Charge card portfolio. Responsible for adding benefits to the card (airline, retail partners) and increasing spend. Question #22
Where did you grow up? discuss in detail how that made you the person you are today?

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and lived there my entire life (until 3 years ago). The town I lived in til I went to college was very white, catholic, blue collar. No blacks, hispanics, indians, asians, jews or muslims. When I went away to college and experienced the diversity-I realized I could never go back to live in that town. I graduated and moved to the city. Chicago is tremedously diverse. I guess the bigotry and small mindedness I grew up with molded who I am today. You either conform or you don't. I didn't and I'm glad.

Question #23
Take about the mainstream business lifestyle as it compares to your lifestyle now in adult at the office.

Like night and fucking day. I have an entire closet full of business suits (yes skirts) and really cool pumps/shoes. I did throw away the pantyhose. There is much more creativity and freedom in Adult. I love being able to "dress down" and have the freedom of expression that I have here at TopBucks.

Question #24
Why do you perfer women over men?

Well I've spent ample time with both men and women and to point out-let me say that I adore men. Slept with em-close to marrying one. However, I find women to be a more "natural" fit for me (no pun intended). I think the familiarity, the emotional bonding-is a definite draw. Sometimes I miss having sex with men....but then i keep thinking that thing just makes a mess.

Question #25
What was your first, second and third job? ever

1.) Marketing Associate for a Direct Marketing firm 2.) Marketing Manager for a publishing company 3.) Director of Marketing for Zenith

Question #26
If you weren't working in adult what would you be doing today for income?

I'd have a sports marketing job.

Question #27
How many conventions do you attend a year? Favorites? least favorite?

Internext Vegas, Phoenix Forum, Internext Florida are the big ones. I think Florida Internext is probably my favorite thus far.



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