Punker Barbie

Punker Barbie works behind the scenes in this business but jaws drop when she enters a room. She's hotter than most of the models out there but don't let that fool you, she's smart as a whip. Working as an affiliate manager and with her own radio show, Punker's become an icon and a role model in this industry esp for hot girls that think the only way they can get ahead is by their looks and not their brains.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Punker Barbie

Question #1
How many lesbian experiences have you had with lightspeed girls?

I dont even know if Steve even knows this. But there have been 4 lightspeed girls i have ummmmm how should i say had awesome experinces with LOL Unfortanlately not all at the same time. One particular time i was at a bar and next thing i knew LightSpeed Nikki Grindz is there and we are full on kissing infront of everyone. The owner of the bar later came to and said you and your firends are welcome here anytime! I guess we made a show. I clearly remember praticaly ripping her pants off and slipping my little fingers down there. I had a blast that night :P

Question #2
What was it like in San Diego 2 years ago to sit beside a friend who was fucking the brains out of a hot babe and watching it that close?

So my dear good friend Niko of www.Biminibucks.com, brings this ultra hottie to the show. We are all enjoying ourselves ordering room service and being joksters. Niko and his girlie start laughing and joking around & teasing the hell out of each other. All of sudden Niko couldnít take it anymore and bends his girl over the couch and whips out his thing and they start going at it. Mean while im sitting right behind him getting a total ASS VIEW! It was a side of Niko Iíd never seen before. As he is pounding the shit out of her he gets thirsty and says hey barbie do you mind getting that drink over there?(it was across the room) Being the good friend i am, i said ya shir thing so i went grabbed the drink and since Nikos' hands are around this girls waist i'm there holding his drink for him. That lucky bastard!

Question #3
Is it true you drive like a 90 year old woman doing 30 in a 45 zone and such?

OMG this is too funny. YES I drive like an old lady! Most of the time Iím stoned and I guess the thought of getting to an accident scares me. Lets say *IF* I were to get in a accident and I was stoned Iíd hate myself for ever and blame the ganja which isnít kewl. For anyone who knows me well knows Iím a avid supporter of Norml (http://www.norml.org/)

Question #4
Can you post the pics from the tape that exists of you nude in your backyard?

No way! I cant because the tape has been destroyed. However i can say it did consist of me being thrown in the pool with my clothes on. After already being in the pool i got another girl in and we ended up taking our clothes off and going skinny dipping and having fun. It was an awesome time and i had a blast! The reason i destroyed the tape is because the risk factor was too high. I had a good time filming it and a good time destroying the tape.

Question #5
How many men have you had sex with in your life? Women? Why won't you have sex with Vanilla when she wants you soooo bad?

Damn this is a personal question.... Im prude but then again im not at the same time. Anyways let me just say im young and i still lots more experimenting to do. Anyways i've been with 5 girls and 7 guys. I'm not shir if i should admitt this info but what the heck. As for Vanilla, Im ALL over that its just a matter of timing.

Question #6
Where did the expression "Shirley's short skirt sells!" come from?

HAHAHAHA I was working at sketchers and we would compete in sales. Our store was super competitive and the top 3 sellers would get a higher commission and the top seller would get an extra 100 bucks or so. (i cant recall the exact amount) Anyways i'd always win the top spot and everyone would always be mad at me and say it was the jean skirts or the fact i wore shorts. Which yes that was the case in some insistences but most of our customers were women. So the store sales reps came up with "Shirley short skirts sells".

Question #7
How did you get the name Punker Barbie? Post the orgional GFY pic that you used with that name.

Punker Barbie came from my girlfriend... In high school I was going thru a funky stage and I think all together I had 10 piercing and one day decided to die my hair pink. She thought it was cute and came up with punker barbie. My first name is Shirley and itís kinda boring. After I cleaned up my look and years later when I registered for gfy I couldnít come up with anything ďcoolĒ and PB was the only nick name I ever had so I went with that. I think this was the first pic of myself I ever posted online.

Question #8
Do you prefer wages or commission? Why?

Commission rocks! Granted a base salary plus commission IMHO is the best way to go. Getting a % of sales rocks and keeps the desire of the employee/contractor motivated.

Question #9
How old are you? When did you start in this Biz? How? Why?

Eeeeek. I'm as old as most amateur teen models. I'm 20 years old and i started when i had barely turned 19. I remember going to shows and being told "What ever you do not say your age". I thought it was funny and it made me think. I guess people would associate experience with age. Naturally they are correct but i think i really did a good job at maintaining good relationships and learning everything i could and using the knowledge which helped me out a lot to gain respect. I started working for webmaster paradise selling there feeds. I needed a part time job (i was going to school full time) that would pay me enough to still go to school and pay my bills. I will soon turn 21 (YAY FINALLY) August 31! Rochard's birthday is 4 days after mine and we are having a party and everyone is welcome to come. The party is September 3 so mark your calendars NOW!

Question #10
Talk about when you were the sales girl for American Idol.

At the time I was Sketchers promo girl (I got recruited when I was a sales rep for them) and they needed someone who was camera friendly. This was the year when Kelly Clarkson had won. Anyways they took the final 10 contestants on a shopping spree to the Beverly center. They had closed down the whole mall for 3 hours for them and they would go store to store and get what ever they wanted. Well Justin and a few other guys of the show must have spent 2 hours out of the 3 they had at Sketchers buying shoes from me LOL It was pretty apparent Justin had taken a interest in me and kept asking me a bunch of questions all the cameras were all up in my face and getting footage of this. When it aired the narrator even made a comment. I was so embarrassed because it was a hit show and after the episode aired I got so much crap from my friends. I guess they all thought he was gayÖ.

Question #11
Talk about going on tour with seventeen magazine and working as a model for YM and Teen.

It was pretty exciting going on a mall tour with seventeen magazine. We got to play dress up and model all the trendiest clothes meet other hot chics and goof off and be paid for it. Everyone on the staff was super nice and we always got lots of free stuff. There was a group of 10 girls and originally they werenít going to go with me because i was an inch away from standard height. Needless to say i still got a call back. This time they wanted me to walk for them so i did and after waiting 30 minutes or so with the rest of the cattle i found out i was chosen. I was super shocked because i normally did print and rarely runway. I do have to thank Sketchers for getting me started in everything with out being a promo girl for them the modeling thing would have never happened. Working for them one thing lead to another and next thing i knew i had an agent working for me. I got gigs doing YM prom special edition and working with great magazines such as teen mag. I also did a lot of make up campaigns. I'm very lucky to have had those kind of experiences how ever thatís how i figured out that models are on the crapy side of the biz. Here i am 16 yrs old and making X amount of dollars (which was good pay) but my agents would have anywhere from 6-20+ girls and making a % off of everything not to mention the production and the kind of $ they were making. It made me thinkÖÖ I dont have many pictures of me my Mom in California has all my stuff. I gave it to her to hold on to when i moved to PHX.

Question #12
Why do you live in Phoenix now? Any plans on ever moving?

I went to Phoenix Forum and met up with XXXCash. I saw soooooo much potential and had been getting an itch to try something new. So i went from selling content to dealing with traffic and affiliates. I had no clue what so ever but thanks to my mentor Kourosh who took the time to sit me down and hammer this stuff in my brain i learned so many new skills. So after going to Phoenix Forum 2 weeks later went to LA packed my stuff and drove to PHX. It was the best thing i ever did and im very happy with my decision. I like the idea of staying here for 5 yrs or so then packing my stuff and moving again. I have no clue where but i'm open to anything i'm young and still have so much to see

Question #13
What was it like to meet Collin Farrell? Discuss.

OMG it was FUCKING AWESOME! I was working for my agent as her assistant and doing my normal thing setting up appointments marinating the front desk that sort of stuff. Gigi (my agent) told me the night before to come to the office nicer than usual because i was going to be helping her cast and we were going to have some special clients to take out afterwards. So Iím there helping with the auditions and out of no where Collin Farrell comes in and is in the office. Iím totally stoked and completely in drool mode. I continue doing my thing pretending he isnít there. He then walks up to me and asks for a pen. I looked at him and i was just in lala land I was just there standing looking at him seeing his lips are moving but not interpreting what was being said. Finally he's like HELLO??? I snap back to reality and he repeats his questions i grab him a pen and nock over a clip board. Collin starts laughing at me and asks "Rough day?" i just look at him and say ya. Later that day i felt like such an idiot. I still tto this day cant believe i froze like that. Maybe we will cross paths again and i can give him a better impression

Question #14
What exactly did you do for an Automobile Appraising company?

I was an insurance adjuster. I had 14 automobile appraisers that i had to dispatch work and monitor. Since we were an outsourced company for insurance companies i'd have the appraiser calling for work, insurance companies calling for status of claims and lawyers calling with questions. I had never worked so hard in my life! It was pretty kewl because i had gone in for a interview and got hired on the spot. I was hired for there operations department and within 3 months i kept getting promoted and ended up as a insurance adjuster. I was there youngest adjuster they have ever had till this day!

Question #15
What places have you lived in?

I grew up in Beverly Hills California and moved to Glendale California at the age of 5 so i could be in the school district to attend the same schools my family went to. I couldnít go anywhere in Glendale without bumping into people i knew. It was great it brought a sense of belonging.

Question #16
What kind of car(s) do you own? pics

Currently im cruising around town in a 2002 330 BMW on 20" rims :P

Question #17
How come you like going to strip clubs soo much?

*Guilty* I really enjoy being teased by beautiful women and it brings me pleasure to give them $ for it. I frequently visit the Candy Store here in phx which has 5 dollar lap dances, Canít beat that!!! It's also a good way to end the night after partying. I have my routine of partying till 2am then hitting up a nude strip club till about 3-4am. I get home take a shower watch TV then hit the hay sack around 7am. Sleep all day and do it all over again Saturday. Repair on Sunday go to the titty club again Sunday night and head home by 10pm like a good little girl and go to the office Monday Morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed :P I just really enjoy being surrounded by beautiful women.

Question #18
How often have you been naked in a jacuzzi at shows?

Once! It was great, i had such a good time. It was at Las Vegas internext 2004. I have yet to do it again but it was a good time i had lots of my girlfriends there from California that arent in the biz with me. I think only 2 people from the industry were with us. They both ended up hooking up with my friends it was all gravy XOXO Sorry no pics....

Question #19
Why does your dad make and eat mushroom cookies?

Hahaha we started this project together and we both started growing mushrooms i believed one technique was better than the other. So i grew and he grew and both were VERY successful. Which was a total shock because we thought one of us was going to fail at it. So now he and i have so many we donít know what to do with. This right before internext and we were both going... Even though the mushrooms were grown off of rice not cow sh*t they still had a yucky taste IMHO. So we thought to make some cookies. They turned out GREAT, OMG i can not express how yummy they tasted and such a great positive energy. Not too much and not too little the buzz was perfect. At the time i didnít want to go to internext by myself so i made him come (he doesnít like webmaster shows) and we thought it would be a good way to meet webmasters so we brought some and passed them out. They were a BIG hit.

Question #20
What's the deal with the 10 inch pyrex dildo? Discuss in detail and pics too please.

OMG man this is funny. So one time i had Vanilla and Stewie over and i had just got back from the sex shop and forget that my ex BF had left the bag of goodies on the table. Well in the bag was a HUGE strap on Dildo. It was pretty embarassing and i thought my ex would be shy about having it out in the open. He was totally fine with it being there in fact later that week when Niko Bimini came by the house my ex was so very proud of it and showed it off to him..... Damn Sleazy you are good @ getting the dirt on people Did you major in journalism in college? LOL

Question #21
There's a rhumor you did a webcam show - discuss. links?

*DOH* Ya i did and i liked it too. It was a cam show for someone i had my eye on and i thought it would be cute and fun. I have NEVER done a cam show for any adult company or been paid to do it. It was me wanting to say "Hey im cute fun and sexy wanna see?" LOL

Question #22
Are you a sex addict? How many times were you late on your lunch break cause you were watching live sex?

Oh man one of the many perks to having a roommate who is a photographer. Iíd come home for a quick smoke and munchies. My old roommate Niko Bimini would be shooting. If he wasnít shooting for LightSpeed he was shooting for his own stuff. It was the best thing ever. Iíd come home eat and relax and have entertainment! I had the hardest time leaving to go back to the office. I had LIVE entertainment in front of me no need to turn on the TV when live shows are in the making. Best part it was FREE, not like going to a titty bar where you gotta pay entrance fee and drinks. It was awesome. I miss those days! I donít think Iím a sex addict but my world does revolve around sex. I think for being 20 yrs old I am very comfortable with my sexuality.

Question #23
Who do you work for now and what do you do for them?

Currently Iím the affiliate manager for XXXCash. I handle all inbound and outbound traffic, tech support, marketing, sales, new development and ideas.

Question #24
Do you think your looks has helped or hindered your career? Do you use them to your advantage?

Hell YES i use what i have to my advantage. Whether its my looks, connections, knowledge available to me , i mean what good is anything if we donít use it? I think my looks (that sounds so weird saying that since i donít consider myself to be hot shit) helped people navigate to me and from there it was up to me to keep that interest level with conversation, my POV on adult biz, my product. Looks can only go so far they might get you *in* the door but looks alone wont make one stay especially in this biz and especially for a 20 yr old female! Webmasters are always looking for something to bash on and if you donít know what the hell your talking about they will be the first to put you in your place!

Question #25
What's it like to host a radio show? Do you get paid to do it? Talk about.

I think having a radio show is awesome. I get a chance to really get to know webmasters and how they got started. Everyone has a story and its great getting that kind of information out that makes everything really interesting. Iím always am asking questions I want to know or what other people want to know. Its not a paid gig but I do it because I think itís a pretty cool thing to do. I really enjoy getting other webmaster point of views on so many different subjects lately the 2257 and .XXX have been most popular. On the show Iím always learning about stuff so its also a great learning experience as well. With www.VanillaDeVille.com jumping on board itís most definitely going to get a lot spicier! Dont forget every thursday at 12noon EST www.YnotRadio.com

Question #26
Is it true you Dad is a genius?

hehehe Ya at the age of ten he got tested and scored amazingly high into the ďgeniusĒ category. They wanted to put him through rigorous testing and see what subject he excelled at then send him to a special school where he would be surrounded by those who can tech him in that subject he scored highest. Heís one smart cookie a little weird but smart as hell.

Question #27
What kind of house/appartment do you have(own)? pics? Any roommates?

I have a townhouse. I totally dig it. Itís a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom 2 car garage with a private Jacuzzi. I really like everything about it. Iíll take some pics once the cleaning lady comesÖ..Sheíll be here on Wednesday I hate cleaning so weíll just have to wait till she comes so I can post some pics.LOL I have one roommate she isnít in the biz but shes pretty awesome and we get along great!

Question #28
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? in ten years?

You know thats damn good question! I have no fucking clue! If you told me 5 yrs ago i would be in Phoenix working in adult i would have told you "YOUR CRAZY!" I love LA and i didnít think i would ever move but i took a risk moving out here and i fell in love with phx! I do think i will stay here for about 5 yrs then pick up and move somewhere else. i dont know where but i'm open to anything.... Maybe i will end up in Cancun...All i know is what ever i do i'm going to make shir im happy!

Question #29
Who do you look up to in this industry? Down on?

I look up to Ron cCdwell. He is so genuinely nice and sincere he will give anything to see his friends happy, i'm very lucky to call him a good friend of mine. he has really shown me so much about this biz and gave me such good contacts i really owe him. On top of everything he also has come a very long way to get where he is at today! *two thumbs up* I dont really look down at anyone. I normally like to stay cool with everyone. Plus negative vibes suck and donít want to project any.

Question #30
If Adult ended - what would you do for money?

I would go mainstream and get in contact with my old agent Gigi and take it to the next level. if that feel through Iíd go back to working with the appraisal company. I'm always welcome to go back but instead of an adjuster i'd like to train to become an appraiser. Lots of good $ to be made there and i would get to chose my own hours and work from home.

Question #31
What kind of programing skills do you have?

I'm no the best but i can hold my own in unix enviroment using perl.

Question #32
What's in your fridge RIGHT NOW - list all contents. post pic as proof.

Damn my fridge is a mess. I'll post pics after the cleaning lady comes. Anyways it has drinks, arizona ice tea, cranberry juice, lettuce, sweet tomatoes, honey cured ham, chicken Ö Thatís about it. I tend to use my microwave and freezer. Cant go wrong with frozen dinners! Hungry mans Turkey and stuffing baby! *YUMMY*

Question #33
Why do you come to GFY?

Its all about the free gear baby! I'm not sure, I enjoy everything: the good, the bad, and the daring the keyboard cowboys! Sometimes after a late night of partying I'll spend an hour just reading people's comments. I get a kick out of some people. You are one Sleazy, your classic comment "IDIOT" to a response always makes me laugh.



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