Roger V

One of the old school original players in this game, RogerV has an extensive background and an amazing list of references to his resume. One of the most notable of which are his connections to the Paris Hilton tapes and their release on the internet.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Roger V

Question #1
Post a picture of yourself in a thong from your male stripping days and talk about this time in your life.

Well Iím looking for some pics soon as I find some I will post one, I have some videos I might post later as well. I started stripping back in 91 when I couldnít find a job in the airline industry as an A&P Tech. I was 21 and it was the best damn job I ever had. Just imagine 100ís of woman screaming for you. I did it for the next 5 years off and on. Iím going to look for some footage on me itís the only way for you guys to really understand it. But I will tell you women are just as horny as men and it was fun hustling them for all there money. If it wasnít for stripping I might never be in this biz today. The first live cams went into a club called centerfolds in 95 were I used to strip and guess who put them there Seth Warshavsky. That was the day I stopped dancing there because I wouldnít sign a release. Iím not ashamed of it at all I made a lot of money and friends from it and learned a few good moves...

Question #2
Discuss the Paris Hilton tapes and their release and your involvment therein.

Well Iím not going to go into to much detail on this for obvious reasons. But Iím sure if you google my name Roger Vadocz you will find enough info about it thats public knowledge. The reason I go by Roger V is because poeple always Pronounce my last name incorrect. I wish I could go into more detail but I just canít. I will say it was a crazy ride while it lasted. Iíve partied with Tara Reid and that crew many times in LA. I kinda miss it sometimes being out in Florida now. I had Sunset on lock down for a few years when me and my crew took over SKY bar and all the hot clubs. I partied with all the Rockstars and Celebes they all love our business BTW I do have some stuff on some Celebes right now just deciding whether to pursue them or not. Tried it a few times already and it just never panned out.

Question #3
What did you do for your father's construction company when daddy gave you a job?

I worked for my father since I was 15 digging ditches for foundations etc. I did a lot of labor work for him and worked my way up to a supervisor. But for some reason I didnít want to be in construction my whole life growing up around it. We built many celebrity homes. Like Patrick Swaze, Linda Carter, and many big producers and directors to name a few my father had all the Persians on rodeo locked down for the last 10 years until he retired in 90 and moved to Seattle. Bijan was a good friend of my fathers and still owns the most expensive store on rodeo. They would buy homes in Bell-air and Beverly hills tear them down and we would build them new mansions. I grew up poor because I was first generation in the states and my Father had to escape from Hungary. I watched my father work really hard to become very successful. I always said if I did half as well as him I would be happy. Letís just say Iím still working on it. I have never taken a dime from my family to this day.

Question #4
What was the phatest detail you ever did? Pics. Talk about this business.

I think after I answer all the questions I will have to go find a ton of pics to post But when I owned my detail shop in Seattle called Auto Salon and I also had a mobile one as well, we detailed everything from piece of shit cars to Ferrariís and even did Ken Griffey Jr. SUVís every week. We did a lot of whole sale cars for dealerships and privately owned cars But I have to say the best are the piece of shit cars that were all oxidized from the sun. When we were done with them it was funny to watch the owners not recognize there own car. I think those were the phattest ones to do cause it was like PImp my Ride when we were done.

Question #5
How many airlines did you get fired from?

Funny I never got fired just furloughed cause the airline industry is always the first to let people go when the economy is unstable. But I worked for United, Continental, America West, Tramco a repair station and Boeing It was kinda funny when I left Boeing I was all over the news in Early 97 with TheReal they were talking about the millions I made on the internet. Thatís when I had to leave and go into this full time. Another reason why you canít believe everything you hear. LOL I was on Stress leave for like 1 1/2 years out of the 2 years I worked there. They hated me but I new how to work the system and they couldnít fire me. From 95-97 I was always looking for ways to become successful while I held 9-5 jobs.

Question #6
Do you still thank you sister for her role getting you into the online business? How have you shown your appreciation to her for her role in getting you online?

I love my sister she does everything for me including handling all my personal bills I canít trust anyone else. But if it wasnít for her giving me her Pentium 1 computer and showing me how to turn it on. I might still be a Stripper, A&P tech, detailing cars or working in construction. So I owe her everything! the latest gift was a diamond 2 carat watch bling bling.

Question #7
What are the 600 ways in which someone can get rich and why is that now illegal?

Well it was my first Online Product called 600 ways to get rich It basically was a list of 600 things you could do like own a club, resterant, hotel etc. I guess they thought it was Deceptive Marketing or something. The company was called Internet Business Ventures early 96.

Question #8
Discuss your first site tripplexxxgirls.

Tripplexxxgirls was a site Seth gave me on a 50/50 deal thats when i decided to dell turn key websites using his back end when my get rich quick product ended.

Question #9
What's your opinion of Seth Warshavsky and discuss your meeting of him and your business ventures with him.

How do you explain Seth unless you new him? He is a very intelligent person who you would think was on crack all the time. But never was. Until later on but thatís another story.. we had a lot of fun and he was a great friend I do miss him sometimes. We hung out a lot in seattle. I kept away from doing to much business with Seth because I knew how he was. And thatís when I decided to do He gave me the inspiration to continue on this path.

Question #10
What is

The real was the first voyeur house and I had deals with Real networks at the time for my own channel. The company was (Real Life Media) it was before its time but did well for the short period it was up. Back then it was all type in traffic and converted amazing Seth came to me at the time and wanted in on the deal I told him NO so he partnered up with Candid cam and there site was Voyeur Dorm and was nothing compared to what I had. So with seths name attached to it and being the golden child everything he touched got mega press. I was pissed because I had audio etc and a deal with Real Networks, and they were just smoke and mirrors compared to what I had. they even came to Seattle to check my operation out. If I had known they had something I would have never let them see it. So I got some good press but with Seth behind Voyeur Dorm he stole the thunder right out from under me. Just one of my bad breaks in life LOL you think the industry is shady now! back then it was like swimming with sharks 247 But thatís business for you and Iíve learned many lessons since then.

Question #11
How many women have you had sex with in your life? How many without a condom? How many men? Ever prostituted yourself ?

Question #12
What kind of post secondary education do you have and where did you go and why?

I did 2 years at West LA College and got my A&P lic. So I had something to fall back on. If all my crazy get rich quick ideas failed. As you know I am dreamer always have been and always will be I try to live life to the fullest. Iíve been lucky and never gave up. That is the key to success Luck and persistent/dedication never give up and your dreams will come true.

Question #13
Discuss Hollywood gossip lines and your involvement therein.

Back in 92-93 when I worked for Continental/stripper I bought some 900 numbers for a Hollywood gossip and sports book lines I spent all my saving on this and got fucked by the people I bought the lines from. I wish I could remember there names they were from Florida cause I would make them pay me something now Mother fuckers. I also borrowed money from friends to make it happen. bad break

Question #14
Who is IKE?

Ike is one of my mentors in Business and has somehow remained to stay behind the scenes over the years. I will always remember the story about the whale... Many in the industry were lucky enough to meet him he goes way back into the audio text days. Anyway he is one of my Mentors and friend who has taught me many things and opened my eyes in many ways. Anyway I wish I could tell you some stories but in respect to him I will refrain from it. Letís just say we had some big time fun and I will have many great memories and stories to tell for years to come. Just not on a public board. Some things are just meant to be whispered. But I will say David Lee Roth will never forget how the IKE family parties. I miss the good old days and all the old school parties we had.. We are all getting old. The only time a whale gets harpooned is when it comes up to blow its spout..

Question #15
When and why did you leave LA and move to Florida?

I never really left LA just taking a break for a while. LOL I was born and raised in LA so itís my home town. But I got tired of all the partying everynite my place is on Sunset and we always had parties in my building. It was so much fun for a while till most of my real friends all moved on or got in serious relationships. So I was left with a bunch of people who were just free loaders and didnít really give a fuck about me. Many big Celebes would come over to party it was very surreal Might have to do it again one day just need to take a break for a while And I love Tampa itís like LA without the attitude and many more hot girls

Question #16
What exactly happened to your grandmother?

Back in 98 I moved back to LA because I couldnít handle the Seattle rain and grey all the time. Anyway life was good and my main focus in life was about making money and getting rich. My Grandmother inherited a ton of money so she wanted to remodel her house. The only people she would trust in the house were me and my father. So my father flew down to LA and I helped him when I could. It was great because I spent some quality time with my grandmother and father who I didnít see much of. Anyway to make a long story short cause itís a topic that gets to me. Her husband killed her the day we all didnít show up to work since my mother was in town. It was a crazy time in my life because I just kissed my grandma goodbye the other day. She was one of those cute young hip grandmas. Because me and my father were the men of the house we were asked to clean up the house and mess before the ladies went in. let me tell ya it was one of the hardest things to do. Because it was a brutal murder. Donít really want to get into detail He went to Jail and then died a year later donít know why but Iím glad he did. This is when I decided that money caused my grandmothers death and I changed my ways. life is to short to worry about money all the time and enjoy life because you never know when its going to be your day.

Question #17
What was the first adult webmaster event you attended?

The first real one I attended was at the Monte Carlo and the floor was split into two rooms. I remember Cyber erotica starting pushing hard to webmaster then and they had a DJ if I remember correctly. I split my booth with thesexlist after Andy Edmonds stole Sextracker from Kelly but thatís a whole other story back then everyone was a pirate. Joey cuaty who owned I broadcast introduced me to everyone. I remember meeting Steven Cohen who then owned he was an arrogant cigar smoking guy. Back then I could name every program and site maybe only about 20 programs then if that.

Question #18
What kind of car(s) do you own? pics

Shit I donít have pics but I only drive on car Iíve have many but one at a time. Iím not really a big car buff like most guys/ I have a new Range Rover with 22ís simple yet elegant. I asked every girl I knew what ride I should get and they all said the range.

Question #19
How many houses/properties do you own? (pics)

Well this is where I have to be somewhat discreet I donít own anything, as far as Iím concerned Iím broke as fuck...Donít worry though you will always get paid on time from Porno Pushers I was raised never to talk about your financials with others for many reasons. Itís trashy and I would never throw anything in anyoneís face. I show enough to represent myself a certain way for business reasons.

Question #20
Who do you look up to in this business? Down on?

Wow this is a list that can go on forever if I forgot you I truly am sorry Start in no particular order and I look up to them for various reasons my true mentor is my Father but these are some people I respect for many reasons Ike PK Seth warshavsky IEG Kelly K Sexlist Chris Mallick Epassporte Sweet T NatNet Joey Cuaty Ibroadcast Paolo TXC JB TCG Lars Legendary MikePrice Silvercash Jstyles Lens Brad siccash Don Topbucks charlo cartoonbucks and i never look down on anybody I might not agree with some but to each is own.

Question #21
What kind of grades did you get in high school?

I was a C student in High school cause it was just a social event for me. I got bored very easily. I always got into a lot of trouble back then selling drugs and getting into fights mostly defending people because everyone new I would back them up no matter what and I hated to see people pick on someone that couldnít defend themselves. Teacher loved me even though I was a trouble maker. They would crack jokes sometimes, one time I was dropping some breath drops in my mouth and the teacher stopped to ask if I was dropping acid or something. The first time I got shot at was in High School by 18th. I went to Culver City High in LA. My girlfriend was the hottest one in school if you remember the song Going back to Cali by LL cool J the girl in the video was my fiancť. 3 years with her damn the longest relationship to this day. After she sheated on me I never trusted another woman. Until now with my girlfriend I totally Forgot I did get kicked out of Santa Monica High for getting all F's LOL that was my freshman year when i started smoking.

Question #22
How many adult conventions do you attend a year? Which are your favorites?

Not sure how many we attend a year but Iíve been to over 30 the past 9 years not counting little get together I do like the Jan. AVN show cause all the players come out and play. Island gathering Phoenix forum Shit I like them all itís a time for me to hang with all my friends and bond.

Question #23
Talk about drugs and booze and your use of them and thoughts about them at conventions and on your own./font>

Well Iím not going to lie Iíve had my share of Drugs but I completely stopped when I turned 30 since Iíve been going strong for so many years and I didnít want to end up looking like shit. So I stopped everything even drinking Most of the time people think Iím out partying doing blow etc because I'm always out late with everyone. but those that know me and I respect know I donít and they actually treat you different in business when they have more respect for you. Not sure if it just comes with age or what but I decided to make some changes in life to get ahead. I blew a lot of money in LA and it was another reason why I had to get out for a while. alot of it was supplying party favors and clubs To be honest I really donít care what people do and I still hang with everyone I donít have room to preach nor do I care to. But to be honest sometimes I miss letting loose Iíve just learned to have a good time drinking now. I even quit smoking a year ago after smoking for 20 years so I needed some vise and starting drinking again but only on special vacations.

Question #24
What were you selling on the net when you first met Jstyles in Seattle?

Kind of already answered this one, TurnKey websites and 600 ways to get rich Internet Business Ventures IBV my first online corp.

Question #25
What kind of porn turns you on?

I personally love POV. I want to feel special. I donít like seeing dicks or guys Cumming all over chicks. I also like fisting, lesbians and big objects whatever thatís called. The rest Iíll leave to myself.

Question #26
How come you always have to have 3-6 hot girls with you at adult conventions? Are they hookers?

Back in the day we would all bring hot chicks for each other to bang. Kind of like showing off your stable I didnít want to stop that tradition Ask JB from TCG he always brought the hottest girls. Missed his ass this last show. I always have woman around even when there is no show I guess you can call it my hobby. I love woman The trick is to have a few really hot girlfriends to hook you up. Pimphand 101 I have never hired any hookers maybe on a lonely night or two but thatís about it. LOL

Question #27
How do you have so many close relationships with high end people in and out of this business? discuss in detail some of the people you know.

Wow Iím not one to Name drop but I do know a lot of powerful people and I want my ambush to be fun Itís just part of my personality. When I was 23, I lived with Joe Pesciís Ex wife Claudia haro In the Hollywood hills. So I hung out with him and many other Celebes. Iím not going to Lie I was the good looking guy who brought all the hot checks around. Kind of funny it still hasnít changed. I didnít even know about this till today I wanted to find a picture of her for you guys because she was hot but a total bitch Funny part is he couldn't live with her cause they always faught all the time Back in High school I went to all the Rock concerts VIP backstage because Vivian Campbell was my best friends Uncle. I grew up in LA with Celebes like Jack Black and Joey Lawrence and many others I lived in Cheviot Hills right in-between Fox and Sony They used to film Highway to Heaven at my house. Shit Ronald Reagons daughter live on the next block over and our whole street was on surveillance during his presidency Gary Colman lived 2 blocks from me. I have met just about every Celebes out there at least once and have dated a few female celebs The past 9 years have been good to me and Iíve been able to afford to hang out in these circles. Thatís really the main reason why and they all love what I do. I have many friends in the music biz as well who produced some of the biggest hip hop stars today.. I could go on and on. I really donít care as much anymore I went through a faze I have many friends and accuatincsa of all types from the Ghetto to Bell Air. I have learned to weed out the fake people even if they are rich and famous I have learned to surround myself by good people now..

Question #28
What's the guiding principle of your life now?

One of the great things that happened to me during my clubbing days in LA Was I had a Daughter with a SKY bar waitress the owner always gave me a hard time because I dated a lot of them. My life is totally complete now because of my daughter she is th cutest thing. I know she will always love me unconditionally that no other woman can fill.

Question #29
What projects are you working on today?

If I told you what I was working on it wouldnít be a surprise. But my main focus is getting PornoPushers to be the second largest program out. Not going to stop till it is. I never want to be the biggest everyone guns for you. We are shooting a reality sites that should be ready in a few weeks thatís kinda fun and should do well. Itís called itís a site about girls who want to bikini model but we get them naked. We put an ad out in the papers and we see how many we can get to take it all off. The girls are all sweet and innocent I like to turn girls out.

Question #30
Thoughts on spam, spyware, toolbars, installs, hijacking, and other nasty things that go on in this business? You ever done any of them?

Of course Iíve been involved in many of those Might have even been the first. But I never did anything illegal or unethical at least not as far as Iím concerned. What does piss me off is the people who take it too far and destroy great marketing tools.

Question #31
How many big watches do you own? pics. Why? Costs?

We both have a thing for watches but I only own 5 right now. I got great deals on them. I would never pay retail. It's more for appearance reasons then anything and sometimes I get bored so I take myself shopping for watches.Even if I added them all up they wouldnít come close to Ron Ccbills watch. Itís totally gangster Iíve never seen a watch bling so hard.

Question #32
If you couldn't work in online adult what would you be doing for a living now?

Well I have this great mainstream Brick and mortar idea that will make billions. Itís so good! Some of you already know about it. When I decide to try something new this will be it. Itís just going to take all my time to make happen and I'm not ready yet. When Iím in the top ten of fortunes magazine you will know what Iím talking about. The reason I donít start it now is its going to take a lot of funding and I want to fund most of it myself. possible before I lose control. Then I retire a billionaire I give myself less then 5 years to get it off the ground. So this is what I would be doing or I could always go back to Stripping.



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