Morgan Sommer

On the gay side of this business - Morgan is probably one of the biggest there is. Cybersocket defined a new standard for gay porn and continues to stay on the cutting edge of the marketplace. Impecable reputation and a pleasure to talk to, Morgan is on the top of the hill in gay online porn. Anyone wanting to work in gay porn should look to Morgan as an example of hard work, intelligence and dedication.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Morgan Sommer

Question #1
How the fuck does a married mormon / political activist end up IN FRONT OF the camera for gay porn?

I was in the middle of my divorce when I accidentally met a guy who did casting for gay porn and he asked me to do it. I am by nature rather curious. I thought what the hell they want to pay me to have sex with this guy who I think is kind of hot anyway. Seemed like a no brainer at the time.

Question #2
Did you leave your wife or did she leave you?

We met when I was 15 and she was 17 in the early 80ís at a night club called Club Zoo, everyone was ambiguous then. After being friends for 10 years we got married. That ruined a great friendship. We both agreed being married was not our thing and decided to end it together. No animosity or recriminations. We did not like being married.

Question #3
Talk about your homosexuality and coming out.

I decided I liked having sex with both genders when I was 15. My girlfriend at the time brought it up and kind of opened a new world view to me. The hardest part was dealing with Mormon culture and family. So, over the years I had to conform outwardly but I always had friends who knew the truth. I think the toughest period would have been while a student at BYU and being a Mormon missionary in Quebec. I sure did learn how to subsume myself for something else, how to turn off emotional response until a later date. In other words self-denial. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I am such and extreme Libertarian and individualist now. And I try to elicit that quality in people around me.

Question #4
Why did you create cybersocket?

Tim and I created Cybersocket because it was an Idea we developed together a weeks or so after meeting and it was the first time in my life I ever felt compelled to follow through with a thing even when I did not really understand how to get from here to there. And since then itís just been following the path that seems to be the most obvious one to follow.

Question #5
Have you ever hit on a straight guy?

No. I donít hit on people unless there is some demonstrated interest, obvious interest. But I just donít respond even if a straight friend of mine is being forward especially if they are drunk. It does not mean that there is real interest. Itís the same thing with any person who is inebriated, male or female. I prefer lucid sex anyway.

Question #6
What kind of return do you get out of the parties you throw at internext?

Well, good will is the first thing. Second itís getting to know people when they have their defenses down. That is how to really get to know someone and ďget the measure of the man.Ē The most important aspect of the parties we produce is that they are for the benefit of our sponsors and guests. We like being good hosts. And we want our sponsors to meet each other and for our guests to have access to the sponsors who are some of the biggest players in the gay & non-gay Internet world.

Question #7
How often do you get checked for STDs?

Every 6 months. I practice safe sex. Have ever since I was about 18. Every get anything bad? Gonorrhea twice. Thankfully itís one of those things you know you have. discuss your thoughts on condoms and protection, I do not understand why people are not having safe sex now. The information has been freely available for decades now.

Question #8
If you couldn't work in porn - what would you do for a living?

I would own a greenhouse and really get into some experimental propagation of some of my favorite plants. I might choose that as my next career.

Question #9
What exactly is your relationship with Tina?

Haha, She is one of my best friends. She is Timís oldest and best friend. And she is now a colleague at Cybersocket. She is a very talented woman. Networking and sales are second nature to her. She and tim and like big brother and little sister. Tina and I are more like slut friends. We can talk about the things that she and Tim do not.

Question #10
What on earth is a Geophysical Engineer?

It is geology and geological research without using invasive techniquest to uncover what is buried or concealed beneath layers of earth or manmade objects.

Question #11
Where did you go to high school?

La Jolla Californina. I liked growing up at the beach in San Diego and La Jolla. La Jolla high school was a great foundation in education. However I was never friends with anyone at school. Friendly but not friends. My friends were all in college or older and I was hanging out in clubs and other places most high school students could not imagine at the time.

Question #12
What were your first, second, and third jobs?

First job was a paper route in my neighborhood. Second job was at a Bagel place in La Jolla but they fired me the third day because I could not manage the stupid cash register. Third job was at the Barbecue Pit in Pacific Beach. Friends of my parents owned the place and I worked there through the end of high school.

Question #13
Why did you drop out of graduate school in Boston?

Tired of school and really just not sure I wanted to make the investment of time and money into the field.

Question #14
What Adult web conventions do you attend?

Internext, Eurowebtainement, & Phoenix Forum. Occasionally a webmaster access show or one of the others. Which are your favorites? Phoenix forum and Internext. Why? Because they are better.

Question #15
What was it like studying and living as a young man in Hawaii?

The lifestyle on the North Shore is amazing. I grew up at the beach anyway so for me it was just an extension of the life I was already leading. My family spent most Christmas holidays in Hawaii as I was growing up. I lived in an awesome A-Frame house on Laie point. Hukilau beach and Goat Island were right next to me and Sunset Beach was 15 minutes up the road. It was a time I will always look back on as ďgood.Ē I became obsessed with being tan and still managed to get a lot of Botany and Zoology study time in. I was a Biology student while there. I actually learned a lot.

Question #16
Talk about your religion and how they accept you and or your lifestyle.

The religion does not accept me or my lifestyle. My family is extremely accepting and loving. I just spend the weekend in Utah and Idaho with my cousins, aunt, second and third cousins and my parents. They love me.

Question #17
Define love to you.

It is a feeling more than an identifiable object or thing. It is a feeling of warmth, acceptance, love, and also an expectation of the best in both directions, and when needed, humility and forgiveness.

Question #18
What exactly is this gay porn mafia people talk about in Hollywood?

I have no idea. There is no mafia. The only mafia that exists is in the imaginations of the people who feel that they are somehow excluded from things or who cannot get certain major gay companies to play with them. But there is no secret meeting taking place saying lets all gang up on someone. And many of the companies accused of being in the gay porn mafia are not even in LA. There are certain companies that have been working with each other for years because 8 years ago there were not that many people in the industry. So the perception by some people is that there is a group that is exclusionary. But really how many new business proposals can one be expected to embrace each year. I would say none to one. So if in three years you do two new things with new partners in the industry that is a lot. So the 20 other things you did not do, or rejected, may feel some animosity. The natural person to propose things to is someone close geographically and or someone you have known for a long time.

Question #19
Talk about your take on politics.

I am against government intrusion into the private lives of any person. I have a social conscience but I believe the individual must do all they can within their physical and mental capacity to take care of themselves and then society should pick up thereafter to at least maintain a basic level of care and dignity. I think sex and sexual orientation should not be political issues. Roads, defense, crime and other real issues are what people should be paying attention to.

Question #20
What kind of car(s) do you own? (pics)

Um they are available on the Infiniti website. Tim and I have an FX35 and a G35 sedan. We just traded in our Jeep Wrangler and Ford Explorer a couple of months ago for the new cars. We do love them.

Question #21
How many houses do you own?

Tim and I have a condo in West Hollywood and we have a weekend house in Palm Springs. Both houses are home to crazy parties with friends and colleagues. Tim and I seem to always create these situations around us.

Question #22
What one experience has changed your life above any other?

Taking care of my grandmother for 4 years while she deteriorated with Alzheimer's.

Question #23
Where does cybersocket get most of it's signups from?

TGP, affiliates, SEO, spam, other? Cybersocket does not get signups, it is a Search engine, magazine, and annual directory. Bionic Pixels is a web dev company, and our dutch company owns TGPís and traffic tools, as well as a couple of specialized gay pay sites like Our pay sites get most of the signups from traffic we generate.

Question #24
What advise would you give someone looking to break into the gay marketplace on the net starting today from scratch?

Do your homework. And do not expect to become rich overnight. It takes work, intelligence and more to be successful in this industry or any other.

Question #25
Who do you look up to in this business?

I look up to a lot of people who have innovated and or create something from nothing. Ron Cadwell, Karl Edwards, Chi Chi LaRue and Rob Novinger. I will not name the people I do not respect. I think some can guess who they are and I will not say it in public. Get me drunk then I talk.

Question #26
Do you find Juicy sexy? Would you hit it? With or without a condom?

Would you let him fuck you? Who is Juicy? And no I will not let him fuck me and no not without a condom.

Question #27
Do you like to fuck or get fucked? Which is better - anal or oral?

I like to fuck rather than be fucked, and I like oral sex. I like all of sex, not into just one thing or the other.

Question #28
Do you find people treat you different when they find out you are gay?

Some do, some think that I needed to be treated with kid gloves but I donít treat people differently because they are gay or straight.

Question #29
What is your favorite part about this business?

The camaraderie, the sense of being a tribe apart from the rest of business and culture. Itís unique with some of the best people I have ever met anywhere.

Question #30
How many people do you have on your payroll?

Haha, not giving you the $ value of our payroll. Not even the IRS gets the truth there. We have 14 people on payroll at the moment. We have trimmed down a bit since 2 years ago when we were at 25 I think. We have learned to trim staff and increase $ value and overall revenue. Increasing payroll costs do not equal increasing value.



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