SexyScribe is as sweet as she is cute. Don't be fooled; she's an intelligent, quick witted woman. Her warmth and good sense of humour make her easy to approach both business wise and on a personal level. She's worked for AEBN, YNOT, AVN, and is currently a freelance writer. She's been in the industry for years, and already has a recognizable face as well as penmanship.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on SexyScribe

Question #1
Just how much weed do you smoke?

There's a variety of ways to answer this.. using metric or imperial measures, or using metaphors or analogies and comparisons. The truth is, I smoke one j at a time, just like everyone else.

Question #2
What is it about muscular twinks that you like so much?

LOL Everyone's got their thing, right? Some people are into boobs or long legs.. I'm into muscles.. arms in particular, but muscular all over just makes me weak in the knees. It's a primal, lusty thing.. it makes no sense, but there it is. I suspect that little fetish probably dates back to my first boyfriend who was a bodybuilder.. And it doesn't have to be twinks necessarily.. I don't discriminate that way.

Question #3
Talk about your work experience in the industry so far.

Most of my work experience in the industry has focused on writing ? with the exception of the time I worked with AEBN as a sales rep and French translator ? and I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunities that I do, to write about the industry and about sex and porn and erotica, and all the while travel to shows and meet all kinds of interesting people. As a writer, it?s been fantastic. I get a chance to work on my craft, hone my voice, and get feedback from the people I?m writing for. Sex is one of my favorite subjects to write about as it usually stirs up a response in most people quite easily. I started out on the fringes of the industry as a freelancer, writing for various companies and individuals who needed writing done, and either didn?t have the time or talent or inclination to do it themselves. Writing, as many people discover who try their hand at it, is harder and often more tedious than may seem at first glance. A lot of website owners are happy to be able to foist the job of writing text, or stories or press releases, onto someone else if they can. One of the first clients I had, asked me for gallery stories ? descriptions of the photo sets for his solo girl site ? written in the girl?s voice. ?She?s extremely ditzy,? he said. ?She has to sound really flaky.? I worked on those stories for twice as long as I normally do, trying to write badly. I threw in spelling mistakes that made me cringe, and sent off a few samples. ?Great,? came the reply. ?But can you make her dumber?? Needless to say, it?s been great exercise for my ficiton writing skills. =) Eventually, I came to freelance for Ynot, and started developing media relationships with people in the industry, writing news articles, editorials, interviews, company profiles, educational articles, blogs, and anything else I could think up. Now, with an eye towards moving forward with different writing and translating projects, I?ve adopted the title of freelancer again. (Or, as my badge at the Qwebec Expo proclaimed: Erotica Writer Extraordinaire.) My coverage of the Qwebec Expo was published recently at AVNOnline. I've learned a lot so far working in this industry.. about myself, about writing, about business, about people. My "negative" experiences with the biz have been few and far between (notwithstanding the occasional bozo or two lurking in the depths at shows) and I've met some genuinely good people, who took time to teach, talk and explain to me the workings of the biz. (You guys know who you are, hugs to you!) One of the things I enjoy most about this work is that I'm always learning.. and no matter how much I learn, there's always more to know. Many years ago I went to Harvard to visit a friend studying there. The first time I stood in the lobby of the Library, I remember being overwhelmed for a moment as I realised that no matter how many books I read, even if I devoted every day of my life to reading books, there was no way I could ever come close to reading *all* the books contained in that immense building. The amount of knowledge is so vast, that learning one thing only opens the door to learning a half-dozen other things. That's what this biz is like.. no matter what you know, there's always more to learn.

Question #4
Your travels through Mexico, an educational adventure or a sex fiesta?

LOL Both, of course!! I couldn't resist answering this one first.. I have a soft spot for Mexico, as those who know me can attest, and given any chance to talk about it, I will. After I finished university with a degree in English and no clear idea what I wanted to do, except not be a journalist, I decided to seize the chance to do some traveling. I went backpacking through Mexico for six months, with my brother who was 18 at the time. A couple of backpacks, a couple of well-thumbed guide books, some pesos in our pockets, and a desire to see the Mayan ruins led us through the country, from the pacific coast and its surfer beaches and hot spots, through the jungle and the mystical ruins that are at Palenque ? to the poorest areas of Mexico where the rebellious spririt of Che is still very much alive and children beg with slips of paper that state the donations are to buy pencils for the children to use at school ? to a town that consumes so much Coka-Cola that the corporate giant sponsors the town?s annual burping contest.. It was amazing, awe-inspiring, eye-opening. Not to mention I picked up Spanish along the way. My brother lasted 4 months, and I solo?ed the last two months of my trip, retracing some of my steps to catch up w fellow travellers. One of the things I realised on that trip is the difference between a tourist and a traveller. I grew up in the tourism industry, but I have a traveller?s heart and curiosity. And as for the sex fiesta part of things... people on vacation just want to have fun..

Question #5
Any plans in the future of taking over your mom's business?

My mom has owned and run a travel agency for nearly twenty years, and there are times when she tells me about trips she's taking, or selling, and I sit there and wonder if I'm in the wrong industry. As much as I've traveled in the last few years to industry shows across the continent, she beats me hands down with weekends at Club Med in Cancun or Bora Bora, or cruises in the Caribbean - of which she's taken so many that she's hard pressed to find an itinerary with an island she hasn't visited. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. China, Tahiti, Hawaii, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, France, Panama.. the list goes on. So, yeah, we definitely talk about it.

Question #6
What was your university major? minor? Where did you attend?

Growing up in Montreal presents its own unique rewards and challenges, not the least of which is the whole French-English thing, as well as the entire school system. Always one to be different, the province of Quebec graduates its high school students at grade 11, who then attend another educational institution called a CEGEP, which some may be tempted to call a college, which it's not, since it's not recognized in any way by any one outside of the province. This is where I ended up studying tourism for two years - lots of geography, sales, marketing, psychology, inter-cultural relations studies - and then burnt out, took a semester off, and switched to a social sciences major and went into modern languages - French, Spanish, Italian - and, of course, English. After cegep, I started at Concordia University - one of two English universities in the city - with no definte idea of what I wanted to study, so I stuck with English Literature, and minored in languages, French especially. I moved out of my mom's house around the start of my second semester.. and in with my boyfriend in his downtown pad. At this point, as anyone who's done the college thing knows, it all gets a little fuzzy. There were classes, and much note-taking and essay writing; there were parties and pub crawls, and since my bf was a drummer in a band, I spent many a hazy night in small bars, having my hearing reduced in small, yet measurable increments. Eventually that relationship fell apart, I wrote several pass-or-fail 20-page final papers, and spent the last year and a half in university studying feminist literature. There's more.. but that's a story for question #16.

Question #7
The most amount of people you've slept with at one time and/or in one day?

In 24 hours? 3. And, no, none of them knew about each other. I?ve had occasion to try out just about all possible body-count combinations, but I?ve always found, and haven?t had an experience to the contrary yet, that more people equals more choreography and more effort. I'm not much of a multi-tasker when it comes to sex. Personally, my favorite?s still one-on-one sex. Although, I have no objection to watching group or even solo activities. Sex in all its forms fascinates me, and the writer in me is, of course, a natural voyeur.

Question #8
What was the first erotic story you wrote? what happened?

Oh boy, here?s another blast from the past. Okay.. here we go.. the dubious start to my eventual career as an erotica writer.. My first encounter with porn was a couple of Playboy and Penthouse mags that I found when I was a kid snooping through my parents? things. I locked myself in the bathroom and went through those magazines cover to cover. What caught my attention and triggered my imagination were those letters and stories in the first few pages. Cheesy as they were (and badly written) there were stories of actual sex.. quite enlightening to my up-til-then confused mind. Fast forward several years to grade 7. My friend Debbi and I are hanging out in my room, talking about (all the things we don?t know about) sex. So we decide to write a sex story together. Due to our combined lack of actual experience, the story writing didn?t go very well. But when she left, I went back to the page, and wandered through some of the images I?d constructed in my head from reading those magazine stories. Sure enough, I had plenty of material in my imagination to write a hardcore sex story, and after a few hours, I found myself with a story more than 10 pages long, full of wild hot sex including a dungeon scene and sex toys and all kinds of kinky details. It was raunchier by degrees than anything I?ve written since, completely uninhibited, plucked straight from the depths of my young, fertile imagination. I was quite proud of my little creation. The next day, I brought the notepad to school, and showed my friend Debbi the story. She took it to class with her and read it. Then another friend read it, then another, then another, and before I knew it, half the class had read it and the whispers had started. By the end of day, nearly everyone in my grade had read it, and word had gotten around to the teachers. Somehow I got the notepad back that day, brought it back home, ripped up the pages, and tried to forget about the crazy little sex story I?d written. You can be sure the rest of the school didn?t forget about it, and even though I was still the absolute virgin in every sense of the word, I earned myself a mighty big reputation with that first erotic story

Question #9
Cats, a substitute for a meaningful relationship? LOL

I?ve had two of my cats for ten years, and the last one was a backyard stray I adopted a little over five years ago. They form the crux of my little family and we all co-exist more or less peacefully in the same house, as long as I feed them on time.. lol We?re all quite independent. And while the cats don?t usually mind if I hole up in my office for a couple days while in the grips of the muse? some people don?t do so well with that. I went through a few bad relationships, and I finally learned the truth behind a saying I learned when I was in Mexico: Mejor sola que mal acompa?ada.

Question #10
How does one get a career as "professional traveler"?

Fluke and coincidence, in my case. ;-) While visiting a friend in Costa Rica, I met a German man living in San Jos? who owned a local tourist newspaper that was published in 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. My ?job? was to travel around the country to tourist destinations and scout out hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, all the touristy things that tourists are into when they?re on vacation, and then write articles and reviews in English for the newspaper. This was one of my favorite discoveries: One of the coolest assignments I?ve ever had was a 4 hour horseback ride up a mountain into the Monteverde cloud cover. That was also the ride where I got kicked in the shin by an irate horse, but even with the throbbing pain in my leg, I would?ve gone back up the mountain again in a second. Feeling the clouds kiss my face was unforgettable.

Question #11
How does your family deal with you being an erotica writer?

They?re happy that I?m a writer. The erotica aspect doesn?t feature in our conversations. LOL My mom was happier when I was a journalist for the local paper and she could show my articles to her friends, but she knows what I write about now, and she?s happy to not read any of it. I tell her stories about the shows, and she just shakes her head in perplexed disbelief. hehehe My brothers ? both computer and internet geeks - still read my articles on the industry. Neither concern themselves with my erotica writing, but in general they?re all supportive of my writing? or.. at least, non-confrontational.. which, in the case of family, is sometimes the same thing.

Question #12
Do your brothers call you mom?

Hehehehe No, my brothers are all grown up now. But when we were kids and our father died, as the oldest of three, for many years, I was mom #2 in the house. They never called me mom but I?m sure they called me lots of other things when I was out of earshot.

Question #13
Why do you like the adult industry? Are you a nymphomaniac?

Hehehehe a nymphomaniac? You write one dirty story, and all of a sudden you're a nympho.. lol What I like about this industry is our ability to be frank about all things sexual. There are none (or fewer) of the usual taboos when it comes to having conversations about fetishes or sexual preferences or particularities. It's all just out there. Obviously, people still have their hang-ups, but this industry is made up of such an incredibly diverse and eclectic group of people that there's always someone interesting to talk to.

Question #14
Who's this naked gardner?

LOL Um.. that would be me. I like to walk around my house in the nude in the summertime, and there are times when I?ll walk out into my greenhouse or into the garden and forget to put any clothes on. The neighbours don?t seem to mind.

Question #15
Talk about the influence of catholic nuns in your life.

The nuns?.. those fuckin nuns?. (Sweetums is laughing right now, I know it. She?s heard me say these exact words many times over the years.. every time we drive by my old high school, in fact.. LOL) At the end of middle school (grade 8), my mother, rather than sending me to the normal high school down the street where all of my friends were going, chose to send me to a private all-girl Catholic school downtown. I had to wear plaid. A green and burgandy plaid kilt skirt, with forest green tights, and a tidy white shirt. For three years. While all my friends went to school with normal clothes, and with boys!!! Three years in that green plaid, with the nuns breathing down my neck every step of the way. And I?m not even Catholic!! Right at the start, it didn?t go well for me and the nuns. I got into an argument with my religion teacher (yes, of course, we had religion classes!) about something minor, a mistaken test score, I think it was, and my fate was pretty much sealed from that point on. The religion teaching nun sent me up to the principal, Sister Zarpetini, who was the most unflinching rock-like woman I?ve ever met. She had iron grey hair that was tinted purple, and she looked like she hadn?t smiled in her entire life. In the three years that I was there, I didn?t once see a smile crack her face. Not that I ever gave her reason to smile, either. Those nuns tried their hardest to make a good girl out of me, but it was too late by then.

Question #16
When did your life resemble the TV Show "Friends"?

While I was still in university living with the drummer bf, sweetums moved to town, and when I broke up with the drummer bf, sweetums and I moved into a great 3-bedroom, 2 story loft-style apartment in a rambling 100 year old house in downtown Montreal, with two consecutive kooky roommates, and a house of 4 charmingly lusty college boys next door whose apartment was always somehow cleaner than ours. It was like a cross between Friends and Sex and the City... LOL

Question #17
What was it about Pearla that turned you on? Talk about this relationship.

About ten years ago, I met Pearla at the school bar and I fell head over heels for her? which was strange for me because up til then I?d never felt attraction or lust for another woman. She just totally blew my mind.. but soon after she moved to San Diego with her family and we lost touch. Amazingly, she found me again last year through an online search and several misdirected phone calls, and after about eight years of no communication, the connection between us was still just as strong as it had been. When I went down to San Diego in June, we met up again, and I had the chance to introduce her to a few people at Cybernet. I don?t really believe in the idea of ?soulmates? but I like to think of us as kindred souls.

Question #18
Describe in detail what good sex is to you.

It?s really simple: Connection. When there?s a connection between me and my partner, the dance is so much more fun. ;) What I enjoy is playfulness, openness, enthusiasm, and genuine uninhibited lust. But without connection ? that sense of sharing ? I might as well stay home and play with my toys. ;)

Question #19
What the fuck is a lexicographer?

Lexicography, for those who don?t speak latin.. hehehe.. is ?the process or work of writing, editing, or compiling a dictionary.? In my case, the dictionary in question was the database for the search engine for a translated government website. All clear, now?

Question #20
If you went to the zoo today, what animals would you want to see first and why?

I always tend towards the big cats when I go to the zoo, just because they?re so graceful, powerful, elegant? but it always makes me frustrated/sad to see them and the other animals caged.

Question #21
Why does the adult industry feel like the right place for you to be??

After I?d been in the industry a little while, I came to realise that I?m actually quite vanilla in my sexual tastes.. relatively speaking. This was quite refreshing for me, because rather than being a sexual deviant in mainstream culture ? remember the result of my first erotic story? ? in this industry, I don?t even register as a blip on the radar.

Question #22
Do you act out the stories you write?

Sometimes the story comes first. Many times, the story comes after. Sometimes it?s complete fiction, an absolute fabrication. .. and I usually always change the names. ;)

Question #23
What did you learn from depression in your twenties?

Contrary to what many people think, depression isn?t just about feeling sad or having a bad day or week, it?s about being numb. Anyone who?s been there knows, it?s like being shut off from the world, living behind and beneath a dull haze. I was numb for a long while, years, and after attempts at fixing myself proved limited, I discovered the joys of pharmaceuticals. I was like the poster child for anti-depressants at that point. I could?ve done commercials for them.. it was like the chemicals in my brain were suddenly all back to normal, and the world went from greyscale to full color once again. Up til then, I?d been a writer. Working my way out of depression taught me the value of talking, and of story-telling.. and how we?re defined by the stories we tell, and that we change in the telling. I learned to reach out for help, and I learned I could count on my friends. I learned that the days keep ticking by, regardless of how you feel about them? lol And that no matter where I?m at, there?s always someone worse off, and always someone better off. And I learned that the true measure of a life, for me at least, is in the people you love and the people who love you.

Question #24
Where does the name SexyScribe come from?

It was the name I came up with for my first hotmail account. It may or may not have been influenced by my perusal earlier that day of a Latin-English dictionary?. we?ll never know

Question #25
Post pics of you house and car.

I?ll come back to this tomorrow from a different computer.

Question #26
What conventions do you attend and which are your favorites?

Let?s see.. working backwards this year starting with the most recent ? Qwebec Expo in Montreal, Summer Internext, Cybernet San Diego, Webmaster Access East in Montreal, Phoenix Forum, Webmaster Access South, Internext Las Vegas? My favorite show of 2005 so far was Phoenix ? this year was my first Phoenix Forum, and everything about it was great ? and my other faves are all the local shows we?ve had in Montreal. Qwebec Expo, WAE, and Cybernet Montreal ?02 were all among my favorites, since the city itself is so conducive to adult business, and the size of the Montreal shows has always been small to moderate ? enough to be productive and profitable, and still maintain a fun, relaxed atmosphere for networking.

Question #27
Have you ever blacked out? Discuss

The only time I?ve ever utterly passed out was at the doc?s office after I?d just gotten a vaccination shot for overseas travel. That was the eeriest feeling? like falling backwards into a pool of nothingness. But there?s also one or two fuzzy nights in my memory bank, details of which supplied by others ? ahem, witnesses ? where much drinking of tequila occurred, particularly in the form of shots and/or body shots? I don?t drink tequila anymore.

Question #28
Talk about your time with AVN, AEBN, and Ynot.

I'm currently freelancing with AVN, as well as writing, editing and translating for various other clients. Writing for Ynot was a great opportunity to get a feel for the adult community from a media position, and to learn from the vast resources there, including the people. Working in sales/marketing in AEBN's global division gave me a chance to become familiar with the world of international porn and international webmaster relations. Translating some of those words on the site from English to French stretched the boundaries of my imagination.. hehehe The more I learn, the more the industry keeps growing.

Question #29
If you couldn't work in online adult today, what would you do for a living? Ever considered escorting?

LOL escorting? keep dreaming, babe. I whore out my words.. sex I do just for fun. If I wasn?t working in this biz, I?d probably be teaching English (TESL) and travel writing .. and writing erotica.. lol

Question #30
How did you feel about being nominated for "personality" in the biz at the recent Qwebec Expo?

Surprised, flattered, honoured, noticed, validated, encouraged, supported, appreciated. It?s hard, often times, from the solitude of a writer?s desk to gauge the effect, if any, and reach of my writing. Being nominated was a bit of confirmation that I?ve actually been doing a good job of representing myself through my words as well as in person.

Question #31
Do you use your sexuality and fact that you are a georgeous woman to your business advantage?

First of all, thank you. To answer your question, it?s a matter of ?how do I? rather than ?do I? use my sexuality? ;-) I?m a shameless flirt, both online and in person, and I always have been, so that?s just one of the things that works naturally to my advantage. But I think what works far more to my business advantage is my ability to listen.

Question #32
Where do you see yourself in 5 years in this industry?

No matter where I am and whatever else I?m doing, I see myself still writing, and still learning. I plan to spread my dirty stories around the world and then just sit back and watch the woodies pop up everywhere.

Question #33
Have you been practicing your twisting skills?

No matter how much I practice, I'll never make up the 2 decades you've got on me. I am but a grasshoppa.

Question #34
How much did you enjoy watching your first straight porn shoot?

LOL You should know, you were there taking pics of me!



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