Derek is the marketing guy for probably the largest celebrity site's on the net. Many celebs have graced their pages. It's one of the few legal programs on this subject that exists on the net. A staple at adult conventions these days, one wonders if where Derek spends most of time: at home or in a hotel bed.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Derek_MrSkin

Question #1
Everyone loves Hank. Why did you kill him to get his job?

There was no killing of Hank of course, he is alive and well, drinking Jack on the rocks (he gave up the coca-cola, that stuff is horrible for you). I took over his role after he left the company on top of the existing marketing and advertising roles I have. I know he is running another program, but don't know anything about it. Hopefully he will chime in during the interview so I don't get negative looks at the next show "Damn you Derek, you killed Hank!"

Question #2
How long does it take each morning to perm your hair? Is it wind tunnel tested?

Damn, perm my hair? That is harsh. Okay, it is harsh and true. I have my home perm set from 1982, it sits next to my bedazzler. You got a problem with that? I do wind tunnel testing on a boat that I invest in that we take out all summer in Chicago. At times it slows down the boat because of wind resistance. Luckily though the large hair masks the fact that my head is enormous. Look below to see what I look like next to someone with a regular sized head:

Question #3
Have any celebs every complained about their pics on your site? Any threats?

There have been very few complaints and very few threats. Most of the celebs understand what we are doing and appreciate the DVD sales and ticket sales we are pushing their way, especially through Mr. Skin's appearances on over 500 radio shows a year (including Howard Stern). The movie companies also understand the free marketing they get from us and send us their DVDs to be reviewed. Mr. Skin is a viable movie reviewer, with our very own book out this past year [URL=]"Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia: The A-Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actresses Naked"[/IMG] as well as another coming up in September of 06'. We are also quoted on boxcovers of new DVDs for our reviews, like the movie "Night Patrol".

Question #4
Is it true only twinks take Japenese and ceramics in University?

Uhhhhh.... No. When I was at University of Michigan taking Japanese and Ceramics was a good break from programming for my computer engineering classes. I will answer the next question I hear whenever I say I do ceramics "Yes, I have seen the movie Ghost." And yes I reinacted that scene once to make out with a girl in the ceramics studio at about 3am one night.

Question #5
Did your computer engineering degree help your career in online porn?

Probably not, but I like to think so. Some of the computer logic, database, programming and other courses helped me to know when a tech guy is trying to pull a fast one on me. Also it got me into the internet with my first job, so I guess it helped in some respect. I apologize for anyone who had to read this answer, when you start talking computer engineering it usually doesn't lead to humor.

Question #6
Did the previous owners of Globix influence your decision to work in online porn? Who were they?

The previous owner of Globix is one of the current owners of Penthouse and the man in charge over there. He is a real nice guy named Marc Bell. When I was working at Globix I knew our biggest customer was Penthouse and some other adult companies which always kept me thinking about the adult industry and how much business was going on in it. Since we run all celebrity stuff we don't consider what we do as porn, since we don't get to shoot content or anything but I am happy to be a part of the industry.

Question #7
How did it feel to get fired from Penthouse?

top secret information or doesn't have the guts to answer

Question #8
What the fuck is Vantage Associates and Bechtel?

I worked for Vantage Associates, where I was a Project Manager in charge of building and upgrading AT&T Wireless antennas and Antenna towers in NYC and the surrounding areas. We were a subcontractor for Bechtel who had the General contract for AT&T Wireless' 3G upgrade. AT&T wasn't doing a true 3G implementation as you can tell by the fact that we are still a year behind Europe when it comes to cell phone technology.

Question #9
Why the hell do you still live in Chicago?

Although there is snow here for about 9 months out of the year and the winds match those of hurricanes on a regular Chicago day, this is one of the greatest cities in the country. Great restaurants, clubs and bars that stay open til' 5am on Saturday, hot ass women that don't have that bitchy attitude that they have in NYC, Lake Michigan during the summer. Also, you guys who live in warm weather year-round forget what it is like when the first nice day comes after a harsh winter and every girl and their mother (for those of you into the hot moms) come out in scantily clad outfits bearing it all and usually that is a day when it is only 55 degrees, so imagine the raisins those girls are smuggling. I also have family out here and in Detroit, so I like to keep them close enough to visit. That last statement is so I get the sentimental chick vote.

Question #10
What else does SK entertainment own and operate other than Mr Skin?

SK Intertainment, the parent company to also runs and operates the following: - Our affiliate program Other Sites in the affiliate Program: Free Sites we Run: - The Celebrity Nudity Database - A helarious look at Celeb News and Rumors - A Porn blog, news and fucked up shit site. - Updates on what nudity is coming soon on DVD. - Updates on what nudity is coming to theaters near you. We are launching soon: - if you don't get the idea by now it is a lost cause. Our Books: Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia: The A-Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actress Naked - Launched January of 2005. Mr. Skin's Skintastic Video Guide - To Be launched in September of 2006.

Question #11
What is it about Extreme Holly that embarasses you?

Extreme Holly doesn't embarrass me, I love the girl. She is an awesome person and although I don't think her niche is my cup of tea, I can see the appeal. The story behind the question though is one of my favorite ones to tell to my non-adult industry friends. Basically, when someone wants to know about crazy stuff in the adult industry I tell them about my first introduction to ExtremeHolly from" I was at the Phoenix show and on the way out to the XXXCash party I had the pleasure of sitting next to ExtremeHolly. Not knowing who she was or what she did I asked "Who are you? (you probably could have guessed that). At which point she she replied,"I am Extreme Holly from So then I asked "So I am guessing you are Extreme in some fashion, but not sure what exactly it could be, what is your site all about?" She replied, in a matter-of-fact kind of way that really only comes across in speech, "Well basically we do extreme stuff, like a guy will be Face-Fucking me til' I gag and puke on him, then I will eat it off his cock...." (and this went on for a bit). So then I had to back her up a little by asking, "So I am unfamiliar with what Face-Fucking might entail, what is it?" (Cause to me I am thinking a guy might screw the girl in the nose or something) But she explained, "Well basically, the guy will fish-hook both sides of my mouth and fuck me til' I puke from the gag reflex." Now the great thing about this story is just how cool and regular this girl is and how she can look at this so plainly. I, of course, had to go check out her site the next day, which in-truth does what she says it does. That shit is EXTREME. She also had Double-E breasts now and she regularly pushes them on me at shows, so I love her for that too. Here we are at the CyberNet Expo party sponsored by NationalNet:

Question #12
How deep was your conversation go with Victoria Gibbons?

The great thing about Victoria is she is little girl who does some serious shit. When I first met her in Santa Monica at the WebmasterAccess show a couple years ago she walked up to me and some of the guys from Playboy and shocked all of us. She told us about the promotion that her affiliate program was doing, giving away a date with her in Vegas or something for the webmaster who send the most joins that month. Neither Playboy or can send hardcore sites too much traffic b/c of our mainstream branding, but she was cute and we like to hear what is going on. So we asked what the site was. She told us it was, a new ATM site. So at this point all of us had dumbfounded looks on our faces, because between the four of us we didn't have a guess as to what this might be. So I asked, "So what is ATMBabes all about? Do you get money from the bank or something and people get off on that?" As with ExtremeHolly, Victoria answered very matter-of-factly and said "No, me and a guy go up to an ATM machine where a girl is struggling to get money out, the site has a reality feel to it, and say to her 'If you are having trouble with that ATM we have ATM at home that works everytime' then we take her home and do ATM." Again, the four of us still have no clue as to what she is talking about and I again have to get clarification, "So you take her to your house and you have an ATM machine at your house?" She replied, "No we do ATM, you know Ass-to-Mouth." (Blank Faces all around) "The will bang her in the ass and then pull out and put his dick in my mouth, or I will eat her ass out after he comes and then we will cum-swap with our mouths. You know Ass-To-Mouth." So at this point I have been enlightened to the ATM Niche by one of the pioneers and truthfully anytime anyone in life says "I need an ATM" I do laugh a little and think of Victoria.

Question #13
How many cars do you own?

I only own one car and as you can see pictured below, it isn't much. If you are at a show with me in a foreign country I will most likely bring it with me and you will be pictured with it: This is sort of like my Gnome. I stole it from a boss of mine at Globix about 6 years ago and have been taking pictures of the car and sending it to him from around the world, just to piss him off. The story is a little more detailed than that, but I usually have to explain it when I bring out the car anyways, so everyone will hear it at one point or another. Other than that car, I got nothing. Living in NYC and now Chicago, there hasn't been a need for a car. I have been contemplating getting something, but they have to be roomy to fit my large head inside, either that or have a sunroof.

Question #14
Talk about your home. Pics. What other real estate do you own?

I own a condo in the Bucktown area of Chicago. It is a 2 Bedroom, 1.5 bathroom (I think the .5 means you can't take a shit in that one) with a back porch area. It is in an old loft building that was converted to condos in 96'. It is pretty sweet b/c it has 15' ceilings and exposed wood and brick all over the place. I think have some pics from my NYE party that I throw each year. Here are some: Oh, wait, that was Cancun. I can't seem to find any pics of my place. I will try to take some tonight and post them tomorrow if I remember. Other than my condo I don't own anything else.

Question #15
How many women have you had sex with in your life? Men? Most at one time? Every shared a woman with another man?

This is one of those questions that has to be asked and will never get honestly answered. So here is my go at an answer. How many women? There have been a few, I would lean more towards a loose definition of "a few" though. Men? Nope, not my bag baby. Most at one time? Every shared a woman with another man? That answer is going to stay in the "lockbox".

Question #16
Why did the cabbies yell at you in Amsterdam?

After the SupperClub party by, which was awesome by the way, at the Webmaster Access Europe in Amsterdam we decided to hit up another fine drinking establishment in the city of "the munchies". I am not naming names here (Rob) but lets just say the least suspecting of the GTS crew (no Devin was not there) broke the window of one of the cabs. In actuality the cabbie opened the door for him and another cab came by and clipped the door, shattering the window. I took this opportunity to take some pictures, which I guess the cabbies didn't think was as good of an idea as I did, because they started yelling at me "What are you Crazy?", which I though "if I am crazy for taking a few pics, then JFK would be friggin' nuts right now." I think the cabbie might have given me more grief if there weren't 20 of us standing there including the rest of the formidable crew from GTS. Here are some pics: The broken window (it was raining, so sorry about the shitty pic):

Question #17
Talk about the time you got the most intoxicated at an adult webmaster gathering? What happened? Why did you get so drunk?

17. Talk about the time you got the most intoxicated at an adult webmaster gathering? What happened? Why did you get so drunk? I guess this would have to have been when I was 14, drinking for the first time. And as everyone knows, the best way to start off drinking at 14 is by doing Tequila shots. I was with my family at the time, so I didn't worry too much about anything. I think I made it through my 6th Tequila shot before I figured out what all the fuss was about when people spoke about Tequila. I prayed to the porcelain god for quite a while that night. Luckily when I finally finished puking I brushed my teeth before bed. When I woke up I was being yelled at by my sister because I had accidentally used her toothbrush.

Oh, I misread that, I just thought it said the most drunk ever. At a webmaster event it was probably in Lisbon during last year's AOE show, where we went to dinner and for Doug's bday, we bought a bottle of tequila for the table and did shots til' it was gone, on top of the regular drinks we had.

Question #18
What cities have you lived in?

I currently live in Chicago for the last three years, before that I lived in NYC for three years (Murray Hill, Upper East Side and Brooklyn), before that Ann Arbor, Michigan for School and growing up I lived in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan a suburb of Detroit. I have also lived in Ichikawa, Japan on an exchange program in High School. I also worked and lived in YellowStone National Park for a summer during college. That was a great time and a great party.

Question #19
What kind of grades did you get in high school? University?

I was actually a fairly smart kid, I have no idea what happened. I graduated High School with 3.7 and went to University of Michigan. I graduated from their computer engineering school with a 3.1, which was a miracle.

Question #20
What's your favorite color?

This question is a little too personal, I choose to not answer. I mean I can answer how many women I have slept with, but not my favorite color, what kind of sick fuck do you think I am?

Question #21
Has a gay man ever hit on you? What happened?

Did you not see this pic?

Question #22
Do you tell all your office friends about your sexual adventues at adult conventions? Do your office friends know the names of the guilty parties?

Most of the people at my office are already mad at me for being the only one who goes to all these conventions, so I try not to rub it in with too many stories. They always ask me for stories and then when I tell them one, they just get a little more mad at me I think. It is really a catch-22. Nobody gets the names, those stay in my head.

Question #23
Is it true you know nothing about celeb nudity - can't even name movies with celeb nudity.

I will admit that my grasp of celeb nudity doesn't compare with Mr. Skin's, the man is the idiot savant of celeb nudity. When I started with the company I didn't have a clue who Phoebe Cates was, now of course I do, as well as some of the more classic celeb nude scenes. Truthfully though, I don't remember celebs names all that well so I always forget who was in which movie. I have a Treo 650 cell phone so I usually can login to figure something out if someone tries to quiz me. I cheat, I am a friggin' cheater, I admit it.

Question #24
Discuss this roller blade fetish of yours, the one with the knee high white socks? Post pics.

Alright, so this is not so much a fetish as a way to stay in shape during the summer. Also, I don't have a car so it is pretty convenient to rollerblade around Chicago. On the weekends during the summer I rollerblade to the boat, which is about 5 miles from my house, then if I can see straight when I am leaving the boat I will attempt to rollerblade home. I figure a day of drinking on Lake Michigan can be counteracted by 10 miles of rollerblading. The Knee high socks, well they usually don't get to the knees, but I wear some pretty talls socks so they go above the rollerblades. My foot is a size 13 so the blades go fairly high on the calf.

Question #25
Is it true that your New Year's Eve party had no office friends show up? Does anyone really like you at the office?

I did have one of the girls from office at my NYE party, but honestly I don't push it too hard in the office. I am friends with a lot of the people here, but everyone does their own thing for NYE. I had over 500 people on the guest list and my place can hold about 100, so I wasn't too worried if everyone showed. I had about 125 at the party, so it was a pretty good turnout. I don't know if anyone really likes me at the office, but I do know they appreciate what I am doing for the company when they see updated membership numbers and sales and in business, that is all that counts.

Question #26
Who really owns this boat on the lake that you always talk about? Are you part owner?

My friend Barry is the sole owner of a 33' SeaRay Sundancer that he allows me to invest some money in each year so I have full access to the boat. Once I learn how to drive the damn thing I will be able to take it out on my own, but most likely wouldn't because you really should have a crew with you, just to dock and everything. Our deal is something like this, he pays the mortgage, I pay for some of the gas, booze, food and most importantly I bring most of the women. It is a pretty good deal for everyone involved. We also have a 13' Inflatable water trampoline (which is really my baby) and a waverunner. You can see some pics at a site that I am putting together for next year (still need a designer to do the layout for me) at: Boating Pics Site

Question #27
What do you say when people ask you if you are Mr Skin?

I tell them "No, he isn't nearly this good looking." that "I am the Marketing Guy, as stated on my cards. Mr. Skin has memorized every actress what movies she has been in, what body parts she has shown and what minute of the movie it is. He goes on over 500 radio stations a year being interviewed for his wealth of knowledge. I book his radio shows and do the marketing, advertising and Afffiliate Management for the company. He is my boss." Here is a pic of him and I:

Question #28
Just how much weight have you gained since you started going to shows?

I usually gain a few pounds at every show and then lose it when I get home. I stay right around 200 lbs. and go up a few when I am not working out. Most of the weight I have gained has been in my noggin, I think my frontal lobe weighs 30lbs. I am afraid if my head gets any larger I might start falling over when I nod my head.

Question #29
How old are you? Ever been married? Serious relationship(s)? Did those relationships ever hinder your homosexual escapades? Discuss.

Age: 27 going to be 28 on October 29th (I am registered at Toys R' Us and Sharper Image) Married: Nope, never been. I do plan on it some day. Serious Relationships: Not really, had one a few years ago, but it wasn't all that long of a relationship. I haven't had one since I started with Mr. Skin. I think because I am travelling once a month and I think that hurts the chances a little. I am not really looking too hard though. Did those relationships ever hamper your homosexual escapades? Discuss Sleazy, you are my one homosexual love, you big hunk of man you. And what girl is going to get jealous of that? Repulsed by the thought maybe, but not jealous. (I think I just puked a little in my mouth from the visual - No reason that two men with as much hair as Sleazy and I have should joke like that)

Question #30
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? If you couldn't work in online adult what would you be doing for a living?

I think in 5 years I will be doing the same thing as I am now. In ten years I will be married with a couple kids, working as the COO of a media company, I don't know what media as they could have come out with something new by then. If I couldn't work in the adult industry I would be doing Marketing and Sales for a technology company. I like the technology industry and think that working with cutting-edge technology is pretty interesting. Otherwise, if my head keeps growing at the current rate, then I will just join the circus in ten years as part of the freakshow. They will have to roll me out by my head.

Question #31
How many adult webmaster conventions do you attend a year? Favorites? Least Favorites?

I think I go to about 8-10 adult webmaster shows a year and then I also go to 2-3 mainstream shows as well. I am looking at about 1 event a month for the 2006 calendar year. I like all the shows for different reasons. I think Internext Florida was great this year and I like the Vegas show for its size (even though girth is really what counts). I really liked this last GFY Webmaster Access show in Amsterdam b/c it was a great mix of Europeans and US webmasters. AOE shows are good if you are looking for the mobile European market. Cybernet produced a ton of business for me so I gotta like it for that. As I said before, there are shows that I like less than others, but the ones I go to all have a purpose and as long as I keep getting business accomplished during the shows, I will keep going to them. I think there are a few too many shows at this point though. I checked, for the 2006 calendar year there are at least 17 gatherings. That seems like a little much, I mean I might as well just live with Sleazy and JFK. I liked the Phoenix Forum purely because I got to hit Jeff Neis with a dodgeball when he had already fallen. Pic below:

Question #32
Who do you look up to in this industry? Down on?

Look up to: hmmm... that is a tough one. I guess I look up to Hugh Hefner because he is really doing it right. He started a brand that is known throughout the world and is so recognizable that it is crazy. His persona is huge, I have his friggin' bobble head doll at the office. Who has a friggin' bobble head doll at the age of 80. Playboy really embodies how you can stay mainstream and be adult at the same time, which is really what is doing as well. Now, of course, Playboy bought, which is a pretty ingenius move. And yes, this is a ploy to get on the next invite for the Mansion. There are a lot of people in the adult industry that I look up to as well as him, but I figure if I start throwing out the big dog's names I am going to forget one of them and have to deal with that later. Look Down on: Poppy, just because he is short and because of that dance move he does.



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