She's bounced around to a few companies but Funbrunette is in the game to stay. Her name says it. She is indeed fun and hot, not mention smart. She's got an interesting background. Let's get to know her.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Funbrunette

Question #1
Is it true you'll sleep with anyone to get them on your radio show?

Well If I had a radio show it could be true, but I don't...I'm assuming you're referring to the time I hosted Pillow talk for Twinkley and had you on the show! Thanks for being my guest I had a blast!

Question #2
Are you ever going to finish the fan signs you started on GFY ?

LMAO!!!!! It all started off as a joke I wanted to make a point to prove that Webmaters DON'T read! And I was right on! I'll get to it eventually...Really I will!

Question #3
Why are Montreal Canadian and Toronto Maple Leaf fans so delusional?

Probably for the same reason American football fans get as crazy as they do. Montreal and Toronto fans are extremely passionate about their teams.

Question #4
What's the biggest fight you and the hubby had while watching a hockey game?How did you get into it?

Where should I start? I'm a die hard HABS fan and he likes Toronto...Need I say more? Montreal is a better team and Chris has to come to terms with it... I've been to so many hockey games in my life and have seen my brothers fight like dogs over it so I usually try and walk away before it gets too heated up! When it comes to hockey Chris knows I'm ALWAYS right!

Question #5
Just how did the STD clinic give you food poisoning? Why did you go there? How often do you go?

ROFL!!!!!! Geez, I wonder who came up with this crazy story....RONALDO!!!! Here's the thing, I went out for Sushi Sunday night and I got too brave and tried all kinds of new shit and I got very sick from it and had to go to the clinic...Not sure where the STD comes in (Maybe I shouldn't of given Ronaldo a blowjob in Montreal...I think he's trying to tell me something)

Question #6
Just how much of your dignity did your job at TopBucks cost you?

Not much...Of course I had to satisfy my manager, but lucky for me this time it was a woman! I think the fact that Sylvia had multiple orgasms helped me land the job! Seriously, I'm psyched to be part of the TopBucks team!

Question #7
Are you ever going to finish your GFY fan signs?

Yeah I get it you REALLY want See question #2

Question #8
Talk about your Dad, the professional hockey player.

For obvious reasons and to maintain my fathers privacy I will make this answer very brief. My dad played for many years for the HABS (Montreal Canadians) and actually won 6 stanley cups with them. He also played for the Bruins and the Blues. He's still very much involved in hockey...

Question #9
Three years ago you got caught making out with a woman at a show in the washroom. Who was this and what happened?

LMAO!!!! OMG!!!! you guys miss NOTHING!!! That was at a Webmaster party in montreal more like 5 years ago. I had a few drinks and I saw this really hot looking girl (l'm straight as an arrow) but all evening I kept bumping into this mistery woman...We finally got introduced and started chatting...Next thing I knew I was experiencing my first kiss with a woman...and it was HOT! I'm really dying to tell you who she is, but I promised I wouldn't (and I always keep my word)

Question #10
Why did you get fired from Lightspeed?

I didn't get fired I quit...I left on good terms and have much respect for everyone at Lightspeed!

Question #11
Discuss the nude pics of you on the net. Post them. Why were they taken and who has them now?

Ok, I'm going to speed things up a bit...Sorry but I do have work to do! Naked pictures of me on the It's the first I hear of it. I'd be curious to see them too! Unless Chris decided to make a bit of money on the side...

Question #12
Describe kissing technique in detail.

I'm not sure there IS a technique "per say", but I can easily point out a few DO's and DONT's DO use your tongue to stimulate. DON'T use your tongue like a jackhammer DO gently part your lips open DON'T open your mouth so wide that it feels like you are sucking the other person in In my books someone is either a good or a bad kisser there is no in between! I love kissing it's so intimate!

Question #13
Is it true you like to get your toes sucked?

LMAO!!!!! It's a fact I love getting my toes sucked! It's actually quite erotic and fun! (Yeah I know I'm

Question #14
What the fuck ever happened to your interview site idea?

I put it on the back burner...Now I figure why bother, you've got such a great thing going on with Ambush I wouldn't want to steal your thunder!

Question #15
Does Xnations even still exist?

It sure does! Xnations is my other baby and it's doing GREAT! We even got nominated for an XBIZ award! Check it out

Question #16
Why aren't there ever any announcements when you leave a program?

I didn't think anyone cared!

Question #17
What cities have you lived in?

I lived in: Montreal, Calgary, Boston, St-Louis

Question #18
What kind of car do you drive? Pics

I drive a dark green Jeep Liberty 2005 I'm sorry I don't have a I prefer to take pics of my son!

Question #19
Talk about Evil Chris.

Chris is a wonderful father and husband and he's got to be the most patient guy in the world (to put up with I'm a lucky woman!

Question #20
What the fuck is human relations and how the fuck can it be a degree?

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Human Relations and Business is a multi-disciplinary program which includes business, communication, human behavior and development, human resources and training, and psychology/sociology.

Question #21
Why Montreal? Do you speak french?

That's where I was born and where most of my family is. Oui, je parle Francais. French is actually my first language.

Question #22
How many shows do you attend a year? Which are your favorites? Least favorites?

I try and attend at least 2 shows a year...We just had the Qwebec Expo here in Montreal and Michael P did a GREAT job the show was AWESOME!!! I always have a good time no matter what/where the show is. I'm excited to be representing TOPBUCKS this January at Internext in Vegas! See you all there!

Question #23
Can you be bribed?

No (Why are you offering me anything, you got my phone # right?)

Question #24
How many people have you had sex with in the industry? Men? Women? How many did you give an STD to?

Only one person and I have been having sex with him for the last 4 years on a daily basis About the STD that would explain the burning sensation when I pee ROFL!!!!!!!

Question #25
Ever had sex in a hockey arena? What's the wildest place you've had sex? Ever cheated on Chris?

No, but I did have sex in the hall of fame in Toronto (OMG my Dad would have a heart attack...) The wildest place would have to be the hall of fame (same night ) If I've cheated on Chris?!?....Mouahahahahahahahaha! Yeah I'm going to confess to adultery on GFY of all places!

Question #26
Any chance you'll ever have a sex change? (again)

LMAO!!!!!! Nope! Oh my!!!! Who told you about my sex change?

Question #27
Are they fake or real? You know what I'm talking about.

What do you think... I have no problem admitting that I had a bit of help!

Question #28
Will you ever recognize me?

Scott I'm so sorry hun!!! Somehow I doubt you'll ever let this one go...

Question #29
How many pairs of flip flops do you own?

Hahahaha! More than 20 pairs and I know who inspired that Poor Chris pointed out to me last week that every room in this house has a pair of flip flops in it! What can I say I love my flip flops! Ok Peeps going to bed..I'll finish up tomorrow!

Question #30
Spit or swallow?

It's rude to spit no? And I don't believe in wasting....

Question #31
Discuss the time you drove though the garage door with the SUV. How much did that costs?

The Jeep was parked in the garage and Chris and I were chatting away...I just backed up (But I just forgot to open the garage All I heard what a huge crash and a "FUCK STEPH!!!!!" The damages were minimal, but our garage door wouldn't close (This was in the middle of winter) We had the door fixed the next day...Costs $250 the Jeep was intact! Well this was fun. Thanks Sleazy, I love you dude! Have a GREAT day everyone!


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