Marketing Manager at Adult.com - Ramos came into the industry with a bag for one major company. A military background prepped him for the relentless commands of General Lensman and his commanders Eric, Spanno, Reddd etc.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Ramos

Question #1
How did the Fleshlight become your special brand? Discuss the mixup. Did you promise Juicy a lifetime of anal pleasure for promoting the Fleshlight?

Actually, I am pretty sure the first time I noticed the fleshlight (see sig) was in NaughtyAllie's site. Anyway, I asked around in the office and no one really knew to much about them. I figured Eric knew a little about them (he is a bigger pervert than me ), but he did not reveal any info. So..Fast Forward to the San Diego Show, Sicone and I were headed to RevSand's Crib to crash for the night. Well, after some drinks, I noticed the "FleshLight" in his office. It was like love at first sight......I woke up the next day and my little angel was laying right next to me!

Question #2
Talk about your crush on Odie and will you go visit her without having her pay for the flight?

For starters all Hispanics have a penchant for thai, laotian, and french (oui oui ) women! With that said, I first laid eyes on my little fortune cookie Odomphone a.k.a "Odie" at Webmaster Access Cancun, I was very nervous because this was my "official" first show, but Odie made me feel comfy and introduced me to some great people, who I am very close too! . *My 4th day in the business was Internext in Vegas, and I was a Booth Bitch, didn't know a TGP from a Titty, so Cancun was really my first time to meet and greet. * Although, we met in Cancun, we really didn't get to know each other that well. So, when we got back during the next couple months, we talked a little on ICQ. Then she invited me to the Toronto Copulation Conference...............

Question #3
What happened at the JBM show with the 'escorts'?

Under Article 91: I will not say anything to incriminate myself or any others. *Odie, you gots nothing to worry about, Bukkake is not cheating...right?*

Question #4
What is the real reason behind your love of trannies?

It's more Lust than Love! It all started when I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time some years back. I just think it's amazing that a person's sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex! So Here are some pics............Enjoy *Sorry Folks, I have never been with a Tranny, but other peoples' sexual orientation doesn't bother me.* I have many friends and I judge them by how they treat me, although Tranny's have a soft spot in my heart!

Question #5
Is it true your toothbrush was passed around in Vegas?

It's True, my buddy needed it, so I let him use it. I had no clue what was in his mouth before he used it until after the fact. Not too much I could do at that point!

Question #6
Do you believe that as long as your having anal sex with a tranny it isn't gay?

No, it is UberGay

Question #7
Who were the 2 girls in the hallway at the JBM show that came back to the room?

So, Juicy and I went up to the room to change and hit the BlackJack Table, I am thinking it's 4 maybe 5 in the morning. Phoenix may have been with us, still a little foggy. We are walking to the elevator and we meet these two chicks in the hallway.....we decide to shoot back to the room for a drink and they follow......So we chillin, cuttin' up and they start asking if we want some of that thang. I asked if I could see it first! The chick took Juicy's laptop, went to Craigs List and showed us her "Escort Advertisement" and at that point, we decided to leave!

Question #8
Just what did you do for Lensman in New Orleans at Mardi Gras that impressed him so much that he hired you?

Great question, this was an actual life changing experience, and it was Eric, not Lens. So, My buddies and I decide to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans for the first time. It's funny, I almost didn't go, but Thank God I did. The the last night of Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday" and my buddy Josh and I decide to go to the Playboy Club (757). We are up in that bitch for about an hour when we bump into this drunk cat with a bunch of stuffed animal beads around his neck. Turns out, my buddy Josh is from Sacramento and lives very close to Eric, that night we had the time of our lives. I believe we may have been the last 3 guys to leave Bourbon Street, we went straight to the Casino and played Pai Gao, the greatest game known to man! I almost missed my flight! The rest is History! We remained friends thru the next 5 years and when I graduate college, I moved out here, got to meet Lens in Late December 2004 and he gave me a shot!

Question #9
Is it true that you've had both homosexual and heterosexual experiences?

It is true, that I have had plenty of heterosexual relationships, but no homosexual ones. I do tend to give a kiss on the cheek every now and then, but that's about the extent of it.

Question #10
Describe the process you use to steal affilates from your coworkers?

I work extremely hard at finding new affiliates and do my best to get them to become an affiliate, whether it be through assisting them w/their sites, teaching them how to get started, traffic trades, exits or coming up with a creative marketing strategy (Ex: RealityCash/Fleshlight Challenge) to get something going. I put 200% in when dealing with each and every affiliate that I create a relationship with, whether they are new or existing. My relationships with affiliates is unique to me, I take pride and have worked hard to maintain and build the rapport that I have with each one. So to answer your question, No I do not steal affiliates from others as I try to go above and beyond what the average industry sales rep would do for their affiliate. Look out for GFY Trivia......It's coming soon!!!!!! *looking for some sponsors, email me and I will shoot you some details*

Question #11
Where did you and "Albert" run off to last month in Vegas and not return for hours?

Is "Albert" code for someone? I am not very good at reading between the lines.

Question #12
Why do you act like an idiot and throw bottles off balconies? Has anyone ever been hurt from that stupid behaviour?

Wow, I sound like a real wild and crazy guy..... Let's see, I did drop a 40 ounce of Mexican Malt Liquor on my neighbors Balcony in Cancun, which, if you were there, are right next to each other and an arms reach away, I cleaned up the mess like a good boy. As far as acting like an idiot, if that's the case, it's news to me. I think if you speak to people that know me and work With me, they will say nothing but good things. And the only one thats been hurt by my behavior are the unfortunate folks who aren't there to experience my behavior. The Bottle That Started It ALL...

Question #13
How many times a week do you use your Fleshlights? How often do you wash them?

I'm glad you said Fleshlights, because I have a few of them that I have a liking too. A good friend of mine (ToolGuy) has taught me the Art of Fleshlight ATM (Ass to Mouth). Get yourself a Buttlight and MouthLight (see pics below) and rock out with your cock out....and in. A little interracial fun never hurt no one! pics *Run under warm tap water to clean it out after Every use*

Question #14
Was it hard to learn to talk though the side of your mouth and tell two different people two different stories?

Peoples perception of events are always different from others. What a person chooses to take from something that is being said or what they want to hear may be different from what is actually being said and what is being put across by the person who is speaking. Actions & tone of voice can be misconstrued or taken the wrong way. Misunderstandings are always created from what one person says.. ...Kinda like the he said she said BS...I hope that I haven't come off somewhere and was misunderstood in any manner but you can't please everyone and not everyone is going to like what I do/say. Bro, I do my best and try to be as honest as I can be. Even though this business is rough and sometimes the truth hurts. I don't know what your referring to in particular, I am pretty out in the open and don't hide much. I feel my actions speak louder than words.

Question #15
Who pays for your shows? Why won't work send you? What are you favorite shows? Least favorite?

Internext Vegas - Adult.com Webmaster Access Cancun - Adult.com Webmaster Access Montreal - Adult.com Toronto Copulation - Ramos.com Cybernet Expo - Ramos.com The JBM Show - Ramos.com I may be paying my own way to some of the shows or excursions to network but I'm building and strengthening my relationships that I've established within the industry on a personal and biz level. Regardless of who pays for my shows, either way I benefit from the few dollars that I have spent. The returns on my investment have far exceeded the amount I've spent on the travels in many fashions both mentally, emotionally and monetarily. You can't make money without spending it first. If travelling to a show to meet with webmasters is needed then I will to go that extra mile to attain new affiliates and biz relationships. In the end, I benefit from it and so does adult.com and that's what's important. *Besides, I can always stay on Magnus and Phoenix's couch.* The JBM show was my favorite and most productive. It gave me an opportunity to represent Adult.com solely. I created some new windows of opportunity for our programs and closed some pending deals. I also got a chance to really get to know some very good people in this industry. I never met a show I didn't like, any opportunity to meet new affiliates and create new opportunities for Adult.com is a Plus. Although, I learned a lot at Cybernet Expo. About myself, work ethic and people's perception of me, it was a great learning experience, that could never be expressed in words. At this point in time, I feel Lens has seen the Real Deal and knows that my goal is to continue Adult.com/Playboy's success by any means necessary.

Question #16
Describe the impact your behaviour at shows has on your work.

This year has taught me alot about myself, I've grown as a person both in biz and within. I am continuing to grow. My actions are mine and I am responsible for my own. I am not responsible for others and how they perceive me and my actions or words. That being said, I am an energetic person who loves to have fun and will do just about anything to have a great time. Regardless of the time or place, I will ensure that I enjoy myself to the fullest. Those around me enjoy my company (for the most part or that I know of) and I love to make the best of what situations I am faced with. Seeing people enjoying themselves, laughing, socializing is what motivates me. Those things aside, my behavior at the shows is no different at work than it would be outside of work. Most ppl in this biz have two sides to them, board personalities and their true personalities. I only have one and what you see is what you get. I am real and sincere in everything that I do. This follows me wherever I am present whether it be on the boards, at a show, the office and in my own house.

Question #17
How many strippers did you fuck in Cancun last year?

None, but you knew that all ready.

Question #18
Are you a myspace whore? Discuss. Post your page.

Damn Right, I take that as a Compliment, and I am very proud of it. I use myspace to keep in touch with all my buddies on a daily basis. Ain't nothing wrong with a little hoeing every now and then.

Question #19
Why California? Where else have you lived?

Isn't California the land of opportunities? I decided to venture out West and see if I could dip my feet into the Wonderful World of Porn. So far So good. I grew up in the Tri-State Area, spending most of my time in Connecticut and New York. Once I graduated High School in Connecticut, I some how let my Grandfather convince me to join the Army and get some discipline in my life. Once I was in, I had the opportunity to live and visit some cool places. Although, the only spots I spent more than a year were Africa, South Carolina, and Georgia. After my enlistment, I stayed in Georgia to attend college and use my GI BIll.

Question #20
Discuss your educational background.

Man, I come from the school of Hard Knocks, learning more in the streets than I ever learned in a classroom, but here goes nothing. -Graduated High School: 1992 -U.S. Army Ordnance School: 1993 -Bachelor's Degree (Marketing): 2004 *Also, have been to many schools, workshops, seminars, etc in many fields that I have experience in*

Question #21
Ever been shot at by the Taliban?

Yes, nearly every day and night during my time in Mogadishu, Somalia. I will never forget the first night, we were replacing Alpha company, which had a group there for a few months before us. We got in awfully late and were not issued ammo the first night. At the time, we were at the University, our central location. Around 9 pm, the Somali Warlords (all geeked up on Kat) attempted to break our barriers and attack. Started shelling us with mortars, destroying part of the motor pool and a few vehicles. I was in a room with about 20 people, ranging from a Full Bird Colonel to Private David Ramos. None of us had ammo, so all we could do was hit the deck and take the best cover we could. I knew I was going to die that night. My last thoughts were with my family and the ones I loved, then I prepared for the worst. Thank God, I am hear to tell the story, many brave americans never made it back. After that first night, I wasn't frightened or worried, I was pissed and ready to start capping Skinnies! I first got stationed on Fort Gordon, Georgia in 1993. Within my first 2 hours in processing, they let me know that I would be headed to Somalia for Operation Restore Hope, a humanitarian mission that was supposed to bring health care, and Aid to the people of Somalia. But we all know it turned unto a blood bath, with American Soldiers being dragged thru the streets. This is Real Life Drama Folks, please forgive me if I don't get caught up in the Childish Drama that taints our business at times, or get sore when someone makes fun of me for promoting a Male Sex Toy. The truth of the matter is that I have seen more and been thru more than most people will ever experience, I went thru some of the worst shit you can ever imagine and somehow manage to keep on keepin on. Operation Restore Hope 1993:

Question #22
Discuss your parents murder and raising your sister.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Thinking about my Dad and what he went through is really bringing emotions and feelings I have never felt before. In my youth, I hid those feelings and blocked them out, trying to be tough or just doing whatever it took to not think about it. I am laying on my bed with a box of tissues that I never thought I would use to wipe tears, but this is my heart and I am giving this interview everything I have no matter how hard it is to answer these questions. My Father was murdered in the Bronx, New York in the late 70's. I was around 5 years old at the time. He ran a local corner market off southern boulevard and was at work like any normal day. 2 men that had owed my Father money showed up, and My Dad followed them to the Subway station to confront them. They shot and stabbed my Father, he died right there on that cold concrete slab, clinching the arms of one of those scumbags. I cannot imagine what was going through his mind, all he wanted was to love my Mother and provide for his famly the best way he knew how. My Fathers death was a big reason for my mother leaving me and entering a world of Heroin, which eventually ended the family we once had. My mother is still alive and we speak every so often, but this chain of events has pushed me to the point of trusting practically no one and being as independent as I can be. My father was a very kind and gentle man, he would give you the shirt off his back, I guess that's why I wear my heart on my sleeve like I do. R.I.P. David Ramos, a man who I never really got to know, but think about everyday.

Question #23
Who the fuck is Afroman?

Afromman's claim to fame was a little song called, "Because I Got High". Don't Get it Twisted, this brother has been making great music for years, plays all his own instruments and puts on one of the greatest shows I have ever seen or been involved with. I decided to take a chance and see if I could promote a few shows, give people in the Dirty South a chance to hear some great music and experience some even better times. So, It's May 2004, and I just picked up Afro's latest CD at the time, "Afroholic...The Even Better Times", I am checking out the Tour Schedule and notice that they have to come thru I-20 in Georgia for a upcoming show, right thru the town I am living in. I grab two buddies and head to the Jacksonville show (4 hour drive in a 86' prelude with no a/c or power) at "Jack Rabbit's" to see if I can meet this Cat and convince him to play in my town. Sure enough, I got a chance to Hangout and enjoy some of the finer things in Life . We worked out a little something and I headed up to Rock Hill, South Carolina, the next weekend, to meet Billy, Afro's Agent/tour Manager. We set it up and Afro's first show in Augusta , Georgia was June 21st at The Soul Bar. This show was sold the Fuck Out, at one point we had to turn people down. We got 20 cases of Colt 45 and every cracker in the house was guzzlin' one! Pre-Party Pics at My Crib.....We were flowing for about an Hour, almost missed the show. Having Afroman in my Home spittin' lyrics was a Great experience and to think it all started with an idea.... "Hey it would be cool to have Afroman play at my favorite Bar!

Question #24
Who the fuck joins the army to become a diesel mechanic?

Yeh, that would be me! At that time, College really wasn't for me, my grades were sub par and all I liked to do was run streets and Hustle people playing Basketball. So, my grandfather talked about the military and I decided to check out what The Army had to offer. While at Meps (initial entry processing, where you raise your hand and give up your life for the next 4 years) I was offered quite a few MOS's, but I wanted to get going as soon as possible and there were postions available for 63 Bravo School, Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. I took that, and left a couple weeks later. I found myself in Columbia, South Carolina in August of 92', it was Hot as Balls! But, I can fix pretty much anything 5 tons and below, diesel or gas. Although, you won't ever see me fixing any Big trucks anymore. My days of sitting in the motor pool for hours are gone! I got a new Gig!

Question #25
What kind of looser goes back to college in their late 20's?

Wow, that's kind of harsh. I thought it took a lot of balls to be a broke 27 year old freshman, but that's just me. It was around mid April 2001, I was an Inside Sales Rep for Greenfield Industries, a steel cutting tool company, (we manufactured Taps, Dies, Endmills & Carbide Rounds Tools) some of my accounts were Caterpillar and Nissan to give you an idea. I worked very hard and locked some big companies in the 2 years I was there a part of the team. In 2001, I was awarded with the "Sales Leader of The Year" Award, the top prize in our company, as far as Sales goes. So in April, I applied for an Outside Sales position, I was turned down, and a big reason was not having a degree, which was required to apply for the position. At that point, I gave my 2 weeks notice and decided to use my Army G.I.Bill and go to college. I began College in May of 2001 and graduated December 2004. I worked my ass off to get my degree in a short period of time! It was tough adjusting, especially being a little older and kind of stubborn in my daily routines, but I stuck it out, and even made the Deans List a couple times. Graduating with Bachelor's in Marketing. *There is no greater feeling than being a 30 year old senior, especially study groups on Sunday nights

Question #26
Talk about your job as "Arena 2 Football Promotional Coordinator".

What a Great Gig! In 2001, Augusta, Georgia decided to get in the Arena Football Market with their Augusta Stallions! My good friend was working for the Stallions and she was given the task to find a Promotions Coordinator for games, etc. So, we had a meeting with the President of Operations to discuss what I could bring and how I could get things rolling. Basically, before the games and during the games. I got on the microphone on the field, talked to the crowd, had guys throwing T shirts, Give Aways, you name it. It was a great job! We only had 10 Home Games, but I had the time of my life. It was nice, kids loved me and asked for my autograph (LMAO) and the perks were the Cheerleaders, they were all local dingbats, we got along ggggggggreat!

Question #27
Discuss your car. Post pics.

Ahhh Man, I am about to get a new ride, but here is the Official Hooptie. I drove from Georgia to Cali in and made it in one piece! 1993 Toyota Camry 186,000 Miles First, let me show you how I open my Drivers Door! ....In Sequence.... 1) Drivers Door INOP

2) Open Passenger Door 3) In Ghetto Style, unlock door and push open, on Windy Days, this is the Pits! 4) Walk around to the Drivers Side & It's Business as Usual 5) MTV.......MTV.... 6) Please PIMP MY RIDE


Question #28
Who do you look up to in the industry? Down on? What matters to you in this industry?

I look up to innovators, risk takers, ambitious people, hard worders, folks who create something from nothing, everyone I have worked with that gave me a shot to work together, and last but not least people who could care less what others think and follow their heart. Most of all Our Team @ Adult.com, with extra special shout outs to YoungMoney, ToolGuy and Spannow, these guys have spent many many hours showing me the Ways of The Force!

Haters (theres only a few, I think we all know who they are), Lazy people, and folks who think it's all about who you know, not what you know. I care about our product, our Affiliates, our Surfers and all the folks I work with on a daily basis, which is a wide variety of Industry peeps! It's like Christmas everytime I turn on my ICQ. Keep em coming, if you want to work together, give me a shout! I have many of ways we can do business together.

Question #29
Have you ever been drunk or high at an adult convention.

I have been under the influence a few times, but only at night when it's party time. Especially my first few shows, I was very nervous and I used whatever I could to ease the tension and nervousness I faced coming into this Biz and especially when your on the same Team as Lens and Red Eyes, these guys know their shit, so I spent many nights studying up and getting focused. It's tough when people start drilling you with questions and you have no idea how to answer, but I ain't nervous no more and ready for anything thrown my way!!!!!! My #1 Goal is to be involved in every conversation I can. I am always learning about our business in every way possible. Whether it's hitting as many boards as I can, going to shows, Ynot Radio, reading XBIZ World or AVN ONLine, and Any and ALL resources that teach me something new or shows me anything that can apply which makes me more effective and efficient at my job. But, now I feel I know most of you pretty well and as you can see I am getting more comfy in my position and with the folks in our Industy. OUI OUI

Question #30
Ever had an std? Which ones?

No, Not yet. Thank GOD!

Question #31
What were your very first, second and third job?

First Job: Spinning Wheel Restaraunt in Redding, Connecticut. I made Pancakes during Sunday Brunch and washed Dishes. I was 13 and making 8 bucks an hour under the table. I was ballin' Second Job: Shell Gas Station, I worked the register and the Full Service Pumps. <---Do they even have those anymore? It was cool, I would take my check and purchase an entire Roll of $1 Dollar Rub OFF Lottery Tickets and make an EXTRA $300 Bucks. Third Job: Assistant to the Assistant Manager of the Produce Department for Ancona's Market in Ridgefield, Connecticut. I know my Fruits and Vegetables very well and can Cook my ASS off in the Kitchen and On the Dance Floor.


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