Sexy Rhonda's been in this game for a long time now. She's worked for several big name companies and is someone with connections and knowledge that you def want to get to know.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Rhon23

Question #1
Are the tats and hair colors a subsitute for not having a husband?

The tattoos and hair colors is just who I am. I look at it this way....if you look at me and judge me on how I look you definitely do not need to know me. I cannot tolerate those who judge. And I am not married because I dont want to. No reason for it really.....

Question #2
Why the fuck don't your socks ever match?

am a bit on the "anti" side of life. I hate doing what everyone expects you to do. And everyone wears matching sox. Its my little fuck you to the world. Today I have on a lovely purple and black skull and crossbone sock and a beautiful white sock with cherry skulls on it. I also never tie my shoes. Havent tripped once but everyone loves to tell you they are untied.

Question #3
Who has the pimpest shoes?

Such a silly question! Everyone knows that AaronM is the king of all that is shoes. I have a rockin collection myself but nothing compaired to Aaron

Question #4
What does 'the nicest shoes' mean?

Nice shoes....wanna fuck! Who doesnt love a cheezy pick up line

Question #5
What's with the lustful dutch boy obsession?

I would hardly call it an obsession. But those boys are pretty to look at.

Question #6
What bands have you worked for and what did you do for them?

I used to do side work for a production company here in Hollywood called Goldenvoice. Mostly just a runner for the bands. I did Rage Against the Machine's last two shows as a band, the first Coachella festival, NOFX, Danzig, Kid Rock, Smashmouth, Creed, System of a Down, Powerman5000, and a bunch of others that I cant remember. Those were fun times. How often can you say you got to kick back at a concert and hang out with some of the biggest bands and get poaid for it. NOFX was the absolute best. My sole job for them was beer and food runs. I have a lot of friends who work for bands so it becomes surreal to go from loving a band to hanging out at a bar or a party with them.

Question #7
How often do you go to tranny clubs? Did BradM take you or did you take him?

The trannie club was the funniest experience I have ever had. It was Yo Adrian, his wife, BradM and me. I am very diverse in my life. I have many many gay friends and just strange looking friends in general so going to a club like this is nothing to me. But none of them had even ever seen a trannie in real life. And this was a strip club. Brad was in such fear he basically stared at the table the whole time and when I got up to use the restroom he made sure he was sitting in the middle of our booth so the trannies coulnt even touch him. All of them could not stop staring or asking is that a girl or a guy. I think he was into it all but was trying to play the macho guy to cover up his tranny lovin feelings...

Question #8
Ever fuck Leonarno Dicaprio? Discuss in detail your time with him.

haha I lived across the street from him. Would see him from time to time and saw his family all the time. You should have seen the size of the limo he had for the premier of Titanic.

Question #9
Talk about your time running a candy store in Beverly Hills.

Just moved to LA and ended up getting a job at a candy store which is hell on a diabetic! If there is one place to stalk movie stars its bevery hills. The only star that made me speechless was Kyle MacLaghlan, Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks cause I am a huge Twin Peaks fan

Question #10
Why did you drop out of college? Too dumb?

College right after high school is a joke! It was just too easy to walk out of class or just not show up.

Question #11
Just how long have you worked in this industry and where did you start? What companies have you worked for?

Honestly around 10 years. I started doing costume and wardrobe for porn and went from there. My first internet job was babenet from there was netvideogirls and now nscash!

Question #12
What happened to babenet? Why did you get fired?

First of all I was not finred from babenet I quit. I started with babenet back in 97 helping run their studio and chat. So I was with them in the beginnings. I stayed for 4 years but had quite enough and left when things were beginning to go down. I also did all the set design and talent scheduling. It was crazy there.

Question #13
Talk about your work as a seamstress and designer in relation to the adult business.

I was a seamstress for an amazing designer for the adult industry. We did costume design for a few movies and a lot of feature dance costumes and award show gowns. That was a rad job. Even got to help alter Jenna Jamesons first wedding dress. Met a lot of big porn stars thru that job

Question #14
What did you do for netvideogirls? Why were you fired?

Once again I was NOT fired. I left on very good terms. I am still friendly with them today. What did I do there....I was a jerk of all trades. Customer service, dealt with the processors, made galleries, in charge of 2257, and everything else under the sun. I liked netvideogirls. It was a fun 3 1/2 years there.

Question #15
Why do you live in Hollywood? Where else have you lived?

I live in Hollywood because it is the best, most diverse city. There is every kind of person, every kind of club, every kind of restaurant. I get to do pretty rad things here. where else can you live where a friend calls you up and says we are on the list for a party wanna go and it ends up being a party thrown by the owners of New Line Cinema. Or going to a New Years Eve Party thrown by Drew Barrymore. Its just a big slice of crazy here....I love it! I grew up in Lancaster, Ca about an hour outside of LA but moved to Hollywood in the early 90's and havent left.

Question #16
Did you really get paid to play video games?

I live in a tiny tiny studio guest house in West hollywood. My rent there for this little shoebox is 850 a month. More than 3 people in my house and you get cclaustrophobia. But it has a nice courtyard and I have awesome neighbors that take care of me and watch out for me. The property I live on is actually up for sale. A 2 bedroom house in the front 2 studios and a bachelor in the back....the place is going for a million!

Question #17
How many men have you had sex with in your life? Women? Most at one time? Most in one day?

Yes I have had sex with men, but whats in a number. And yes I have hooked up with a few women but that was my "early 20's experimental years"

Question #18
Discuss loosing your eyesight and then getting it back again.

Back in January of this year I broke my glasses so went to get my eyes checked for a new pair. When doing the exam the doctor found blood in my left eye. I had no idea I was even blind in that eye. After further testing the amazing doctors at UCLA diagnosed me with an eye disease called retinopathy. Which means I have abnormal blood vessels growing in my eyes, spidering out, and in my right eye they burst. I have had total of 11 lazer surgeries where they numb the eye and lazer the vessels. Yes it is extremely painful. I would take 1,000 lazers per eye per session. In June they had to operate in the right eye. They peel back the eye, remove the center gel and lazer what they couldnt lazer durring the other sessions. At that time the Left eye was 20/20. Around labor day the left eye went crazy. The blood vessels all the sudden started growing again, attaching themself to the center gel and pulled it away from the retna. I couldnt see street lights, a computer screen or even street lights. So once again I had surgery. I am now recovering from that surgery and my vision is comming back strong. sO I am on the road to recovery now and only blind in the right eye for now.

Question #19
Talk about your drinking days. Why are you sober now?

I started drinking and doing drugs when I was around 11 or 12. When I was diagnosed with diabetes right before I turned 16 that was the end of that. I had a doctor tell me if I wanted to do those things I would die. That was good enough for me. I didnt need it then and I dont need it now. I am happy being sober.....

Question #20
What kind of diabetes do you have ? What do you do to control it?

I have juvinile diabetes. Diagnosed on February 2, 1987. A day that is embedded in my brain forever. I take shots. Lots and lots of wonderful shots. About 4 a day. I take a shot and check my sugars before every meal then a different shot at night that lasts 24 hours. Diabetes of any type is not a condition to mess around with. Trust me, my eyes and my kidneys know!

Question #21
Who do you look up to in the online adult business? Down on?

To this I say kill your idols. And never look down on anyone because you never want someone looking down on you!

Question #22
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Not sure where I see myself tomorrow

Question #23
Plan on having kids? Discuss.

I decided when I was 10 that I would never have children. At 34 its safe to say I am a girl of my word.

Question #24
If you could have sex with anyone, who's door would you be knocking on tonight?

Crispin Glover. He is beautiful

Question #25
Ever had anal sex? Double penatration? Tried axficiation?

Yes absolutely! Are you kidding...even if I ever did it; admitting it would be out of the question!

Question #26
Just how much power do you think you get from your tits in your day to day life?

Haha I am obsessed with my own boobs! I have been known to get caught staring at my own cleavage and have full conversations with someone with my hands on my boobs. Dont know what it is about them but I love love love them. I dont know how much power i get from them but damnit they are amazing. Not just mine but most boobs are just amazing.

Question #27
Ever felt discriminated against because of your hair or tats?

I would love to say no but I see it in people when they look at me and my very very colorful friends. This happens when your friends have things like face tattoos and many piercings. Actually my look is pretty tame compaired to most of the people i hang out with. But in all honesty I think of myself as an average jane. This is how I am most comfortable with myself. I think the person who has the biggest problem with my appearance is my mom. She would be happiest if my hair was black and I wore long sleeves all the time.

Question #28
Ever had sex on film? Ever fucked, sucked or licked with friends watching? Discuss.

Nope. But funny you should ask, I was just asked today to shoot a scene punching a guy in the nuts.

Question #29
What exactly do you do for new sensations?

NS Cash is a well oiled machine! Sean who runs the web department is amazing. Besides the websites New Sensations/ Digital Sin is a well established and respected adult company. If you dont send your pornstar traffic our way you are insane! I work in the web deptartment there. I do whatever needs to be done. From customer service, to afiliate stuff to building galleries scanning chromes to getting the new release mailer up on the web and out to our sales dept. I guess i am the jerk of all trades around there nad very very very happy to be a part of their team!

Question #30
Where do you see the online adult industry in 5 years? 10 years?

Not sure. I told myself 5 years ago I was done with adult and 10 years later I am still working in it and loving it. I dont think the adult industry will be going anywhere anytime soon.



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