Sarah's a staple on GFY. Her personal life has been dragged through the boards. She's worked for some large companies over the years like JJJ's and webinc to name a few. She's a full timer and well known to many in online adult.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on sarah_webinc

Question #1
So did you marry him for the inheritance? Is it true you met online?

What inheritance? Seriously. My husband was 45 when he died, had been disabled for over a decade and we live in the 'hood. You can hardly say I married him for money. Yes, it is true that I met him online. I met him online on October 23, 1995 when I was bored in the campus computer lab. I had only been on campus a month or so and didn't know many people and someone showed me IRC. Being a BBW, I found some BBW channels on undernet and when I went into one the group of people there were doing a 'virtual time-warp' (and yes I know how geeky that sounds). I had been a Rocky Horror fan for years (as some people in Pheonix found out), I asked the rign leader if they were Rocky fans and started chatting. The ring leader was my husband. We started chatting online and very slowly we became very good friends. By about Febuary we were spending about 12 hours a day online talking to each other nearly non-stop. We knew more about each other before we met in person than most people know after years of marriage. To cut a long story short, we got married on October 26, 1996 - One year and three days after meeting online. It was the best decission I ever made and he was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Question #2
How did you do to commemorate rememberance day today? Did you take a moment to reflect on those that gave their lives for your freedom?

Well, as any good board whore would do I posted about it on gfy about ten minutes before 11am UK time and then while I was listening on the radio to the cermonies (strange listening to silence on the radio) I stopped my posting and thought about things. I thought about no matter how much I hate the current American gov't and and no matter how uncertain I am about the current war(s) that is no reason for me to disrespect those that died in previous conflicts (or disrespect anyone actually). I thought of my Grandpa that died a couple years ago that used to freak out anytime anything about WW2 came on and ask me to turn it off and I thought about my mom's uncle who was blown up in a tank with her baby picture in his pocket in Korea. Then I thought about my husband and how pissed off he would be about the war today and how I missed having him here to bitch about politcs.

Question #3
Why move from USA to London?

I came here to meet my husband and never left (or atleast not for a really long time). I arrived in the UK on June 11, 1996. On that one day I left my country, met my future husband, lost my virginity and moved in. I take life in big steps ;) I came here on a student work visa and got married six months later and was granted the right to stay. It didn't mater where I was going it was only important that I was going to be with Marc. I am just lucky he lived somewhere nice

Question #4
Why the fuck do you spend so much time on GFY?

So, my boss doesn't have to? j/k. I have always been a fan or message boards (starting with PCBBS) and I posted on GFY for years before I started working for Webinc (as Sjayne). Now that I work for Webinc and it is important to get out there and get to know our customers and affiliates. People are a lot more willing to approach you on a buisness level if they have had a conversation with you on a board or at a show first. There are times when I have spent too much time on GFY that I feel the need to step away from the keyboard and take a break before I snap and the polite filter stops working but I generally enjoy posting on the board.

Question #5
Why did JJJ fire you?

He didn't fire me. Well, not directly. I was one of the main reviewers for about four years and then one day - litteraly over night - I was told by Lisa Marie who was handling the reviews that JJJ had decided to no longer use reviewers. It was sudden and it hurt the bank balance to suddenly not have a job. Especially as it was an everyday job including holidays for so many years. However, it turned out to be good for me in the long run because had that not happened I never would have started to work for Todd here at Webinc and It forced me to step out of the shadows and take a risk on myself. Sometimes I can have a low self-image as far as what I am capable of doing so it can take kicking myself in the ass to take the step. Turns out I'm not all that bad.

Question #6
Did you have an open marriage? What's it like having sex with someone in a wheelchair?

Somehow I knew this quesiton would pop up. I am always reluctant to call it an open marriage because in most people's minds that means we were out screwing anything and anyone we wanted. That is far from the truth. I used to say it was more a case of our marriage being slight 'ajar' rather than open. I am bisexual, my husband was bisexual. Now, he had a lot of sexual experience in his past having been a teenager in London during the punk era and having moved in that world. I, on the other hand, was a virgin when we met but I knew I was bisexual. We had a very healthy communication as far as our sex life was concerned in that we talked about our desires and weren't threatened by them. So, we had some threeways and then over time it moved to that very ocassionally we would both go out to our seperate playmates that could satisfy parts of desires that the other person couldn't based on gender or kink. My husband was into BDSM and I am not so it would have been horrible of me to deny him the right to ever express that ever in his life after he met me. Just as it would have been horrible for him to deny me the right to ever express my bisexual side. We knew how much we loved each other and we knew that sex was just sex and that making love really was/is something different. We also know that when the fun was over we would becoming home to each other because that was where we wanted to be and not because we were somehow required to be there. Through the years I discovered that I have tendencies to have polyamorous feelings from time to time. For me it is the case that I need one 'Primary' in my life where we love each other more than any others but I am capable of loving other people in my life in different ways than that. That was harder to come to terms with than being bisexual and if I am honest, I have not yet fully come to terms with it. As far as sex in the wheelchair goes: We never actually had sex in the chair..not the least because I don't think it would have stood up to that sort of abuse. In addition to which, Marc could walk. It was just the case that walking any sort of distance was very painful. For most of the time I knew him he was on crutches but for the last few years he pretty much needed the wheelchair or his electric scooter if we went outside of the house. I did have to take some care as he had very bad non-healing ulcers on his legs that caused him constant pain but extreme pain if they even had a strong wind cross their path. So, I had to be very careful not to come in contact with his ulcers while we had sex but somehow we managed

Question #7
Did you go to the national AIDS conference because you have AIDS?

At that stage the only thing I was in danger of catching was a cold. For some reason that I still don't remember, as a teenager I took a really strong interest in the HIV/AIDs situation. I have always had a strong hatrid for bigotry and ignorance and the way people with HiV/AIDS were being treated at the time was a perfect example of both. When I was about 16 I started a group in my school called T.A.S.T.E. - Teens Aligned Stopping The Epidemic. I had no idea what I was doing but I took it to the principal of my school and he reluctantly let me set it up as an after school group in the school. It took a while to get a teacher to agree to be the sponsor but I did find one and we started off by doing things for National Aids day and the like. Essentially I wanted to raise awareness in my school that thought HIV/AIDS was something that only people they never met would get. I was lucky that I had a very good health education teacher that listened to me when I talked. At the time the school was still showing the C. Everett Koop HIV/AIDS education video for school. It was so out of date and in it he blames the whole thing squarely on the shoulders of gay people. When I saw that in class all the political and social justice vibes in my body were set off and I went on a personal campaign to get that video removed from the ciriculum. As I said, my teacher was a good man and took my side and after many weeks and going to the school board they removed it. Somehow along the line my Senator's office must have heard about me or contacted someone and asked for suggestions of teenagers interested in such matters because I had a phone call from his office asking me if I wanted to be Pennsylvania's reprentative to something called 'Metro Teen AIDs Conference' in Washington DC. After much talking to my parents (my mother who was a scientist but was convinced someone would bleed on me by accident) I was allowed to go. I went for two years and every time I went my mind opened up a bit more. Suddenly I was taken out of my stuffy and town and taken to this conference that was full of teenagers from all sort of backgrounds, many of whom had HIV and AIDS and even more that were gay, transgender, lesbian, bisexual or just weren't sure yet. The puropse of the conference was to teach us to be 'peer to peer' educators on the subject. For me, it did that but it also took me from being interested in the subject to knowing people that would touching people with HIV/AIDS and suddenly it was my cause and it lit a fire under me. The good side of that was that it helped me to to what I consider to be my biggest accomplishment in high school. After VH1 did their first 'Concert for Life' I suggested to my school that we have a battle of the bands and do the same thing. Again, the principal said it was okay but he gave me a whole list of things I had to do inorder for it to go off. I had to get so many bands (in a place that never did anything like this), I had to get everything donated so the school didn't have to pay anything and a lot of other little things. As I said in an earlier answer, I often doubt my abilities and need to push myself and go out of my comfort zone. This was one of the first times I did that. I talked a lot of kids a lot 'cooler' than me to do the show, I got stuff donated from around town and I used AOL and BBSes (old fashioned) to advertise the thing. That last bit was pretty new as no one had the web at that stage and anyone that knew what 'download' meant was a freak. As a result of advertising like that I was able to reach people on various gay themed Fidonet and mailing lists. As a result we had a big turn out of people from all over the Philadelphia area and our little school earned about $5,000 profit that night that all went to HIV/AIDS charities. I was particuarly moved when I went onto the school website last year and saw an advertisement for this year's concert for life. They have changed it so part of the money goes to cancer charites but regardless it feels good that ten years on (eek) my school is still mixing music and two faveorite things.

Question #8
Did you ever use you journalism university education? Why did you drop out? Was it because you were failing?

A bit. For a few years my husband (who was a fleet street journalist before his accident) and I ran an online newspaper for our local area and I wrote for that. It made a few bucks eventually. Also, part of the journalism course at university was public relations and that is more or less what I do now. I was studying journalism at Northeastern University in Boston when I met my husband online and I made the choice to go meet him and because of that I didn't return. However, I did go back to university here and in 2003 I graduated with a double major honours degree in Sociology and Politics. That said, I have always had the writing bug and I am writing all the time. For the past few years I have been working on a book that I will eventually finish.

Question #9
Why are you taking a master's degree now? Don 't see a future in porn?

I hope I have a future in porn but I made the choice to go for my Master's because right now I have enough money to just about pay for it (I think) and without having to care for my husband I have a bit more time. Largely it is for personally fulfillment but I hope that it will help me when it comes to publishing my book too. I know the first degree in sociology helped me to learn how to conduct the research I have been doing. My mother has a PHD, my dad is a genius and I am the only female in my extended family not to be a teacher so education has always been a big deal in my family.

Question #10
What the fuck is this book your researching and writing now?

I am writing a book that explores the nature of fetish. It is called Explain Your Fetish and it comes from me working a lot with fetishes in this industry. Many times I would start working on a fetish site and think 'how on earth did this person find out they were interested in this?' That combined with moving in the BBW community where many people think I am a fetish object made me want to know more about fetishes. So, I put up a website called Explain Your Fetish which is just a survey that asks people that consider themselves to have a fetish to answer the questions and tell me about there fantaties regarding the fetish, how they think it started with them, when the first time they acted on it was, what they do when acting on it and how it has effected their life both personal and public. I put that up, used google and contacts to find forums and mailing lists where people with fetishes hang out and told them about the survey and within days the responses started to flood in. I took a break from writing it after Marc died so it is taking longer than I wish it would but in the past two years I have had over 3,000 replies to the survey and I have had to personally contact a lot of them for further interviews so the research has taken a long time. The idea is to have these people tell the reader how they see their fetish through their own words and with me summing things up. There are books about fetish out there but the vast majority are snooty people looking down on the people they are writing about. My book is about these people telling the story themselves. If anyone has read any of Nancy Friday's books I want it to have a feel like that but still have the feel of something that could be used as a reference point for people that don't have fetishes to learn what particular fetishes are and perhaps get a better insight into why somebody might have that fetish. I am finally on the point of writing it up and I am a few chapters into it. Today I am writing about cast fetishists.

Question #11
Are you staring in the BBW website you're making?

Well, there will be pics of me there but I am not the star. On my trip out to the Pheonix Forum this year I stopped off in San Francisco first to stay with a good friend that has long been one of the best known figures in the BBW community. While I was staying there he mentioned to me that he had a large collection of pics he had taken of various BBWs over the years and that since he had once flirted with doing a website he had IDS and model releases from them all. He said he had no idea what to do with these pictures. Well, I would have been an idiot to not pick up on that. In addition the few thousand totally exclusive BBW pics he already had he happens to be a very good photorapher and has since been taking a ton of pics for me and the site. I feel the site will be unique because not only is all the content exclusive but it is shot by a man that truly loves BBWs (and these women in particular). He is so well known in the BBW community that he did litteraly write the guide to fat sex that is featured on The site also has more supersized models than most sites have simply because he likes them big and treats them like queens. The site design is almost done. It is just a matter of fitting it all in. Just a sample of me on the site. So, having seen what I look like at shows after a ton of air travel, etc...this is what he did with his camera when I had a bit of make up on but no other post work..

Question #12
Where do you get or do these fetish surveys?

Like I said before, I hunted down surfer forums and mailing lists for various fetishes and started there. I also bought some small advertising in some fetish publications. In addition to all that, when I started I asked around the boards and some webmasters that run feitsh related sites or communities helped me by asking their surfers to respond. The people over at were particuarly helpful. **** SHAMEFUL PLUG ALERT **** If anyone runs any websites, yahoo groups, communities, newsletters, etc that are related to any fetish and would be willing to tel your surfers about my survey PLEASE let me know. The more information I have the better.

Question #13
Have you ever had your toes sucked?

I've had the ties of my pvc garments sucked if that counts ;) Really though, I have had my toes sucked and I have had various entertaining things done to me with other people's toes. For some reason I find having my toes sucked more stressful than being gone down own. I always worry that they would smell or something even after a shower but they must have been okay as they came back for seconds. It isn't something I ask for but it if happens I won't stop it.

Question #14
Do you live in a trailer, apt or house? Pics.

Sort of none of the above. I live in a pretty unique housing estate in South East London called Thamesmead. This place was a housing experiment in the late 60's/ early 70's when London needeed to find a lot of housing and fast. The way this place is laid out is rather unusual in that all the places are connected by a series of walk ways. There is a walk way that goes over to a doctor office and row of shops and originally there was a walk way that went over to a school. The idea was that at no time did anyone have to go down and cross a road. That combined with the fact that the houses were built in a butt ugly concrete gives is a weird feeling. In fact, this place is so unusual and odd that it was the setting for the film version of A Clockwork Orange. If anyone remember the scene where they attack the bum? Well that parking garage is across the street from me and I do my best not to be there at night. This place has also been used in a lot of tv shows in the UK but the only other noteable film is 'A Beautiful Thing' which is a gay themed movie version of a play that was actually written about life as a gay teenager in Thamesmead. I just bought my cam yesterday so I don't have any of my own pics so I had to search the internet for pics of these places. Most of the pics are old so you have to forgive the quality but they demonstrate it. This first pic isn't my house but it is exactly like it. Mine is a two story that sticks out on the end like this and doesn't share any walls. Most houses here share walls so I love my place for being detached. I moved here because my husbad lived here..I stay because I am close to London and my rent is sinfully low for this size of a place in London. This old pic is taken from across the street from me. Most of the Clockwork Orange bits were filmed over there and that parking garage I was talking about is under there. In addition there is a dogging site under there - or so I have been told. My place is peaking out in the very distance of the pic at the end of the long walkway. You can just see the top of it hiden behind the row of houses on the right: What kind of car do you drive? pics

Question #15
What kind of car do you drive? pics

That pic pretty much sums it up. I don't drive. I was about to go for my licence when I was 17 and my mother decided she didn't want me to get it (very over protective). The next year I moved to a city and I have lived in cities ever since where I didn't need a car. My flatmate has a car so I now have access to one for grocery shopping for the first time in a decade and I have to admit I like it so I might learn at some point.

Question #16
What exactly do you do for WebInc?

Webinc and Both are owned by the same people. For Webinc and do customer support and am the public face on the boards,etc and for I am affiliate relations for the affiliate promoting our pill products. Essentially, I am the person people hit up on icq and email when they need a qoute, want to place an order or if they need help or information promoting our products. Webinc and place a high priority on having a high quality product and recognize customer service is part of that product. I always try my best to give the best public image I can for Webinc and because I want to reflect the quality people associate with the companies. I think it is important to behave in public forums and such as a buisness person so that people don't every have to think twice about if they trust you and by relation if they trust the company. Webinc and the team here are a fantastic bunch of people. I know everyone says that when they talk about their companies but in my case I mean what I am saying. Todd is the best boss I have had anywhere and he has my loyalty until the end.

Question #17
Have you ever had cybersex? Describe the experience.

I have but the vast majority of the times were when I was still on the other side of the ocean from my future husband. Since then I haven't really done it. I think there is something in it that it appealed to me more when I was an actual virgin. Once I had real sex the cyber variety was never going to do it for me again. I like to talk about sex and build up sexual tension but actual cybering isn't for me. Not the least because it is easier for men to type one handed. Might want to ask Tofu about a cyber orgy but that is the only time I can think of that I even came close in the last decade or so.

Question #18
Are you into anal?

Giving or getting? I do own a strapon and I am not afraid to use it. With the right partner I enjoy anal sex a great deal. However, it isn't something everyone is offered (very few in my life actually) because I have to fully trust the person to know they will listen to me if I need them to stop. That said, as long as the partner knows what he is doing I am more than willing to participate.

Question #19
Are you mad at Lisa Marie for firing you?

Well, again, I wasn't fired. What happened was that Lisa Maire and her husband Les ran Go Postal and Thumblords and some other TGPs. They were the ones that headed up the review team for JJJ. When JJJ stopped using reviewers it hit me hard but hit them much harder. Despite that they tried as best they could to give a lifeline to the reviewers that had lost their jobs. They asked me to do the reviews for Thumblords so I did but she had to sell Thumblords and her and Les made the choice to leave the industry. I am sad about that because if it wasn't for her I would never have started to work full time in this industry. When I first started playing with the industry in 1998 I briefly tried to start my own tgp and I wrote her an email to Go Postal asking to trade links. She responded and offered me the chance to review galleries and from there I got my foot in the door.

Question #20
What kind of AVS work do you do?

I work mainly with CyberAge Platinum sites and Premium sites I use to upsell to the Platinum memberships. The AVS sites I do are all micro-niche or fetish related. I can't sell a teen site for the life of me so years ago I decided to use my knowledge of fetish to help me in AVS. My game plan is to corner the market on small niches that have dedicated followers but that most webmasters don't even know exist. It has worked well for me and makes my work more interesting.

Question #21
How did you deal with assholes on the phone when you worked at a call center?

That was an odd job. The last job I had before I went full time in this industry was at a big call centre in London that dealt with a lot of blue chip accounts. There was some out bound calling (I could probably still remember most of the Abbey Life Financial Services opening speach I had to say) but the majority was inbound calling or call back customer care. For about five months I was Hyundai's test drive booker (just me) in the UK. Beyond that I worked on customer care lines. My faveorite was the Mcvitte cookie helpline. That was the most entertaining line to be on because it would amaze me what people would call up and complain about. One woman would call weekly to complain there wasn't enough chocolate on one cookie in the whole pack or something similar. We also did emergency recall phonelines. When a company had to recall a product they would set up an emergency call line and we had to answer people's questions from a book of legally correct answers. I always put myself forward for those jobs because you never knew what you were going to get. My faveorite of those was when Chicken Tonight had to recall a product. The reason was that they found glass in a bottle but people would call up claiming all sort of things were happening to them. I had one woman on the phone that was screaming that worms were coming out of her rectum. I suggested that if that was the case perhaps the doctor should have been her first call and not our helpline. The job was a trash job but the working conditions were good and because of the nature of the job there were a lot of 'resting' actros and actresses at the company. From time to time I will see some of the people I worked with show up in tv comercials and stuff. I suppose the job did teach me abit about customer service.

Question #22
Talk about your job as a travel agent.

When I moved to the UK I badly needed a job but the conditions of my student work visa was that any company that hired me had to show why I was needed for the job over someone from the UK. My dad had been a travel agent for a while while I was growing up so when I saw an advertisement in the wanted ads for a entry level travel agent job I applied. I got the job and was called their 'North American Specialist'. This was a crappy teletext package holiday travel agency so that essentially meant that I had been to Disneyworld. I worked there for about a year before being hired by a better travel agency where I worked worked as one of five people in the basement starting up the internet side of the UK travel agency Flightbookers. That is now the online travel giant (in the UK anyway) called Ebookers. I laugh when I see the comercials because I know how chaotic it was to start. Because the internet department was so small we also handled the corporate side of the company. My ex-client list included a few people famous in the UK. Jools Holland was my faveorite and the biggest twat was Peter Andre. Another odd thing about that office was the in the corner of our basement office was a desk that was rented out by the one man in the whole of the UK that represented Air Botswana. He was a nice guy but would have strange clients. I made the mistake of leaving that company when I was offered more money by a smaller agency called 'Africa Travel Centre'. It was a mistake and I hated working there. The two other agents there were white South Africans and they were constantly making racist remarks about the clients. One day I had an obviously gay client in front of me and they laughed at him loud enough that he could hear it. That was the last day I worked there. I had never walked out of a job before but it was too much for me. So, that was the end of me in travel. I was already working for JJJ part time after work so I took the call centre job to help earn some money to save until I went full time.

Question #23
What kind of porn turns you on?

I wish I could remember who on GFY said what has become one of my most used qoutes. In a discussion about how working in porn had effected their sex life someone said 'I need viagra to jerk off these days'. When I was younger I got turned on by porn but I have to say that since working in porn and having my own sex life I very rarely get turned on by porn. I can get turned on watching porn with someone else but that is more about the interaction with a partner than what is happening on screen. If I am going to watch or look at porn then it needs to look real. I like lesbian porn but I can't watch or look at this fake porn doll version where they all keep their high heels on or have fingernails far too long and sharp to come into contact with any soft tissue. If it is a video I need real sound with people talking to each other. If there is one thing that will make me turn off a porn video it is when they put music over the action so there isn't any natural sound at all. I am a typical female, I suppose, in that stories get me off more than images.

Question #24
What are some of the weirdest places you've had sex?

New Jersey was pretty weird. I haven't been that risky really but oral sex on a train going through London Bridge Station (we were the only people on it before CCTV were on the trains) and in a hidden a way booth in a goth pub qualify a bit, I guess. I have always been a bit of a goodie two shoes when it comes to getting in trouble with authority goes so I have mostly kept it indoors.

Question #25
What the fuck is a micro-micro niche?

Money in the bank if you know what you are doing People often think too big when they are trying to market to a fetish community. I do understand it because I know that most people want to hit as broad an audience as possible. However, that leaves a lot of room for those of us that have researched a fetish niche within the inch of their lives and understand that people within a fetish community have very specific desires and do whatever it takes to obtain them. Combine that with the idea that even within the community for a particular fetish there is often a serious of 'divisions'. Micro-micro niche is when you find out what those divisions are and market to them individually. So, for example within pantyhose fetish you have people that are into a specific type of pantyhose or a particular activity involving them. Shoe fetish and spanking are both prime areas of micro-micro niche promotion if you know your stuff.

Question #26
Talk about your love affair with Shemp? Is it true you asked him to marry you?

If I did I was sleep posting That said, I have great respect for Shemp. I have said it a number of times of the board but he is more or less the only one that remembers me as Sjayne (Sarah Jayne) from when I was reviewing. I like that somebody as big as he is remembers the little guy. Plus nobody wears a hat as well as he does.

Question #27
Do you pay taxes in the USA or England? Ever cheated on your taxes?

I pay them in both places. I hate the process involved with paying my US tax but I pay it anyway.

Question #28
What kind of computer(s) do you own?

I personally own three PC's, a laptop and a PDA. I don't know that much about them other than the main one in my office is a Dell. I took this pic of my office earlier but it isn't a great pic: However, since my flatmate moved in we now have a ton of computers in this house that don't belong to me and most of them are 'retro' Amigas and the like. We have made two rooms into one office. There was a partitian between the two rooms and we took it down so my tiny office wasn't so cramped and so that I can help him as he is learning to do galleries and the like. Here are some pics of his set up:

Question #29
Are you fucking anyone regularly now?

For reasons that anyone who has read this thread or various others over the last year I have learned to make sure the details of this part of my life are only available to those in the industy I am close to. However, I will say things this way - I am still and will always be in love with my husband but I am ready to start rebuilding my life.

Question #30
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

I am always impressed by anyone that truly masters a niche (particuarly a fetish) owns it. There are a lot of people I have learned from but in that category there are a few people that spring to mind. Tofu for BBWs, Pam (HairtoStay) for Hairy, Emannuelle for all the micro-niche stuff I love, Basschick who knows what I am talking about when it comes to micro niches and Amelia G with the best goth sites around. I like anyone that makes a day on the boards fun. A few people I haven't mention that always make me smile are Freakfish (Scott) and Don Mike. They both rock. As far as the second part of the question goes - I am far too short to look down on anyone.

Question #31
How much time do you spend online a day ?

Way too much time but not as much as I once did. These days I try to stream line my work. I get up and do a sweep of the boards and then eat breakfast before starting doing avs sites. Then I make myself take a break from work and do stuff around the house, go into town or whatever. I am always near the computer because I need to be here if a client hits me up on icq or email but I try not to be chained to it these days.

Question #32
Care to hazard a guess who Ambush #69 will be?

Oh, I don't dare guess because I am sure you have a suprise up your sleeve. However, looking through who has been ambushed I would be interested in reading an interview with Peaches (and I was going to say that before we made out in the thread)..I didn't see 12clicks there..and for 69 perhaps it is Lensman's turn?

Question #33
Do you think that people with dual citizenship are scamming the passport system?

Not at all. Infact, we have to go through so much more just to get the second passport that I am sure the authorities know more about us then they do people with singular nationality. I am required by US law to us my American passport whenever I am going into and out of the United States. Of course the good thing about not taking a British passport into the UK is not having to get my eye scanned and all the rest. Then good thing about having a British passport is I can now go to Cuba.



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