Karup Lou

The fact I gave this person #69 should tell you he's a big player in today's adult online industry. Owner of Karups, one of if not the largest single adult porn paysite online today, Lou defines how to correctly run a paysite. Hanging with Lou means you are hanging with the big boys. To put it simply, they call him; he doesn't call them.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Karup Lou

Question #1
Why does a stock boy from Detroit drive a pink Lamborghini Murcielago in the snow? (purple then yellow = pink) Post pics

I worked for my dad's grocery store for a long time as a young man. As for a purple Lambo, where the fuck did this come from? I own a yellow Lambo. Thats it. Yellow. Ron C from CCbill gives me shit for driving a yellow Lambo because he is a jet black car lover, but in a Lambo, yellow is a very popular color. Its my favorite color. But dont worry, I got the convertible coming soon and thats Metalic Orange

Question #2
Explain the expression "That's my seat motherfucker!"

We were in Vegas for Memorial Day I think of this year and Chris Mallick had invited me and my girl to the Usher concert. Well we had other people with us, but they were seated somewhere else. It was just Chris and just one of his girls...LOL and my girl and I. Well the concert is about to start and we notice this guy comes up to the row right below us and starts yelling and saying get out my seat. Now this guy is kinda of a thug. Hes got a cigar in his mouth and a cognac in his hand and hes thinking hes bigtime. So hes cocky as hell and saying you need to move, get the ushers over here to clear this shit up. Yo you got to get up out of my seat. Well the girls who were sitting there wrongfully are acting like they are the sisters of Usher and they aint moving. Well now the cocky rightful owner of the seats is getting pissed and says get out my seat motherfucker. Well they get removed and the cocky guy is still pissed and Chris's girl says something to his party and he goes off basically saying SHIIIIIT, this is my motherfucking seat. Waving his tickets in our face and Chris and I are like oh shit. So ever since then when Chris and I see each other anywher the first thing we say is GET OUT MY SEAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Question #3
Why do you always come back from the clubs with a sunburn?

LOL...okay well I when I roll to the clubs I usually roll right. I like to keep it with a high girl count and low guys just like everybody else. Well also just like any other guy with money I can buy several bottles of vodka and Champagne, but I figured out along time ago for only a few bucks more I can set myself apart from the rest of the tables. I added tons of tealight candles to my booth and all the girls would come up and say I like the candles effect, etc.... You must be very creative and they would think that I pay very close attention to detail, etc... It just helped and gave me the extra edge at the bar I guess. Kinda like a great little marketing tool. LOL. I havent done that in a while actually, but it used to work great!!!!

Question #4
How come you employ so few people?

My brother and I (and I will get to my brother a bit later in this interview) both feel that most of the work can get done with just a few good people. So we did all the work in the begining ourselves and after a bout 4 years in the business we hired Charles and then took on a small customer service staff because we do not use a 3rd party billing company(sorry Ron) so we handle all customer calls regarding their credit card bills ourselves. Well that staff can do other things in the company that allow us to be able to get other more important work done and its just not necessary to have more employees than are needed. And we recently hired Mack aka Karupted Dave who is providing lots of contacts that we really never had before due to us not being in the spotlight so much. Are we understaffed? Sometimes sure, but at the same time everyone of us here are always busting their asses becuase there is always work to be done. Its very hard to find good quality employees that are reliable, loyal, trustworthy and that see eye to eye with the company's long term goals. So I reward my people well and in return they bust their ass for Jeff and I.

Question #5
What's with the daily updates? Too cheap or too dumb to buy a script?

Thats easy! Please see cars and house. Daily updates are managed by a custom script that creates the zips and pages for me, but I still till this day choose every model that goes into all of our sites. Lots of updates are key to us keeping our members happy and thats what counts. Affiliates are very important yes, but members are whats pays us and the affiliates. Can't forget that.

Question #6
History aside, who would win in a fist fight, you or Andreas?

Knew this was coming. LOL. Bottom line is they fucked us over and all this could have been so different had Andreas handled this a bit differently from the very begining. I know it would have been different, but he just handled it all wrong and I think thats why I never cared to repair this situation. As for the fistfight, the more I think about it the more I am convinced I would rather fight ACE because is more of an ASS.

Question #7
Why is Shap always sucking your cock?

WHEN THE FUCK IS SHAP SUCKING MY COCK? I am not sure where you are getting your info from, but you better double check this one. Shap, Jeff, and I have always been great friends. We used to chat with Shap when he was still a Canadian. Yep all the way back then. He of course now is an island man. We have always had the utmost repsect for each other as business people and as friends. We used to go out with him and say we were with Ricky Martin (again another maketing ploy to get girls). Shap and Beth are 2 very good people and I am happy to call them friends of ours and we would go to bat for them anytime. SHAP: Good luck to you brother and bring us some baby shaps to help run the traffic.

Question #8
Are you addicted to strip clubs? What's with this solid gold stamp on a table with your name at fight club? How often do you have to go there to get that? Anyone else have it?

No Im not. Now just to clear things up, there is mainly 2 bars I hit in Detroit at the current time. Detroit is not a huge party town although I am trying to change that. There is Flight Club which is a strip club and there is Blue Martini which is a regular bar. I have my own table at both spots, but Blue Martini for Christmas last year bought me a plaque that says Lou's Table and nailed into that table. Kinda nice actually that way when some idiot is sitting there and I come in and he says we are not getting up and says what is this your table? I say yeah actually theres my plaque that says so NOW GET OUT MY SEAT MOTHERFUCKER I go to Blue Martini once a week on Thursdays and go to Flight club 1 to 2 times a week. Flight Club is one of the best strip clubs in the US. I have been to several, but if you judge it on several factors overall its tops in my book. And I have had several people come in and say the same thing. As for getting that plaque at Blue Martini, I go there and I am very good to all the waitstaff and management. I treat everyone there with the same respect whether your a security guard, busboy, or the owner and they love me for that. I tip well and I dont start any trouble. I am an ideal customer. Not to mention I ship all girls drinks within a 30 feet radius. Whats not to love!

Question #9
What cities have you lived in? Why?

This is kinda interesting. I was born in Michigan and when I was 6 years old and my brother was 4 we burnt down our house playing with caps. I mean toasted it to the ground completely. We then moved to Houston, Texas as it was a booming economy down there in the early 80's due to the oil market. So I lived there until I was 16 and we moved back to Michigan. I lived here for a while then I moved to Indianapolis for about 6 months to start a head shop( bongs, pipes, other tobacco accessories, lol). Well I had a partner in that and I didnt like the way things were going so I moved back to Michigan in 1996 and wasnt really sure what I was going to do. So I went back to work for my dad and then my brother bought a computer from a customer there and the rest is history. I will of course explain this in more detail once we get to some questions about the business getting started, etc...

Question #10
What kind of education do you have? As a kid, why did you scream "Fuck You" at your teacher and clear her desk?

I have a high school diploma. I tried college, but was just never into it. I love knowledge. I am always asking questions and will research things endlessly. I never get enough info. I know the smallest facts and details about lots of things. I just love to know as much as possible about anything I can. I wish I had more discipline to have gotten a degree as I think its a very powerful tool to have and the knowlegde you gain is priceless. As for me scremning at a teacher is part of the reason I dont have a degree. When I was in school I hated it. I thought it was a waste of my time and I was going to make it huge without school. Typical dumbass kid who thought he knew it all. Well I guess I did...Just Joking. So I used to battle with my teachers alot and one day I walk in my classroom with some MickeyD's because I am starving and the teacher says I cannot eat in the classroom and basically gets in my face about it. I told her to FUCK OFF and cleared her desk and grabbed my food and left the classroom. Dumb thing to do, but I was a young punk at the time. Now I am an seasoned punk. LOL.

Question #11
Discuss your anger management problem.

Extreme Holly doesn't embarrass me, I love the girl. She is an awesome person and although I don't think her niche is my cup of tea, I can see the appeal. The story behind the question though is one of my favorite ones to tell to my non-adult industry friends. Basically, when someone wants to know about crazy stuff in the adult industry I tell them about my first introduction to ExtremeHolly from www.extremeholly.com." I was at the Phoenix show and on the way out to the XXXCash party I had the pleasure of sitting next to ExtremeHolly. Not knowing who she was or what she did I asked "Who are you? (you probably could have guessed that). At which point she she replied,"I am Extreme Holly from ExtremeHolly.com. So then I asked "So I am guessing you are Extreme in some fashion, but not sure what exactly it could be, what is your site all about?" She replied, in a matter-of-fact kind of way that really only comes across in speech, "Well basically we do extreme stuff, like a guy will be Face-Fucking me til' I gag and puke on him, then I will eat it off his cock...." (and this went on for a bit). So then I had to back her up a little by asking, "So I am unfamiliar with what Face-Fucking might entail, what is it?" (Cause to me I am thinking a guy might screw the girl in the nose or something) But she explained, "Well basically, the guy will fish-hook both sides of my mouth and fuck me til' I puke from the gag reflex." Now the great thing about this story is just how cool and regular this girl is and how she can look at this so plainly. I, of course, had to go check out her site the next day, which in-truth does what she says it does. That shit is EXTREME. She also had Double-E breasts now and she regularly pushes them on me at shows, so I love her for that too. Here we are at the CyberNet Expo party sponsored by NationalNet:

Question #12
Ever been an accomplice to a stalking incident in Mexico?

Yes I have. Cancun show this year we are all at this club called The City. 50 Cent is there for a concert and we are in a huge group of people. This is of course made available by Tony Morgan, Chris Mallick, and Ron Cadwell. So we are chilling in the vip area and there is this hot girl and everyone and I mean everyone is all over her. Well Roger V. don't say shit to her. About 40 minutes later I see Roger talking to her and BAM we are all leaving the club and Roger and her take off from the group of people. This is actually called the NINJA. Where he gets out of there with her before someone else fucks it up for him. . So I am thinking its all good they are just gonna hook up and thats that. Well not exactly. The next day Roger is freaking out and saying to me DUDE that girl is from Tampa. I am from Tampa so what the fuck are the odds of me running into a hot ass girl like that from Tampa. And I am like man whatever forget about it. Well he didnt want to forget about it and there I am walking down a Mexcio road with Roger to this girls hotel. We dont know shit about her. He knows hers name and thats it. So we get to the hotel and the hotel front desk aint having it. We cant even be on the property without a room and a wrist band. So Roger is not gonna give up and says can I get a pool pass. They say sure 75 bucks each and Roger buys us both bands. Then Roger sees her and I am like oh fuck bro we are so stalking this girl. I just got this feeling like last night was last night and we are in Cancun man so basically beat it. So we are akwardly just sitting at the pool with her friend and herself and Roger is running mad game. I am laughing and watching the PIMP hand being layed down. Next thing you know he is in the ppol with her and hugging on her, etc... and they hung out for the rest of the show. They get home and continued the relationship and are now still together and very happy. So he stalked his current girlfriend. Bottom line to this story is don't give up if its something you really want. Roger and Amanda: love you guys and its awesome to see you guys still together. Side note...Amanda is the coolest girl I have ever met. She is a guy, but in a hot female body. She understands Roger will be Roger and that any other girl he wants to stare at and flirt with dont mean shit to Roger and that he loves her, but likes to have his fun. Trust me she is perfect for Roger!

Question #13
I heard you love to eat Sushi and Seafood aka "robsta craws". Why do you love it so much?

truth is I hate all seafood. I never liked any seafood so this is just like a little inside joke with Roger, Amada and her girlfriend Katie. They all love Sushi, but we never eat it when I am with them, becuause I cant eat that stuff. As for the Wrobsta Craws, thats just my joke with the girls. They like my accent when I pronounce it that way with this deep accent.

Question #14
How do you stay up 'til 6am every weekend? Medical assistance?

Not actually 6am, but I have always been a very late person. I wake up at about 10-11am every morning and go to bed about 3-4am everyday for the last 15 years of my life maybe. As for medical help, none whatsoever. I don't drugs at all and I will explain this more in depth in future questions.

Question #15
Discuss your thoughts on drugs , booze and partying in this industry and how it affects you and the people in it.

My thoughts are simple. I want people to do what they want to do. If I choose not to do some business or hang out with someone it most likely will not be because of how hard or little they party. I am a party guy. I like the clubs, the girls, drinks, etc... But I just choose not to get high. And again this will be touched upon more in the addictive personality question coming up a bit later. But mainly if someone is fucking up or not doing what they are supposed to be doing when it comes to a business relationship or a friendship, then I will step in and try to resolve things. If things are too out of hand, then I will simply step back and not associate myself with that particular situation or person and most definitely not be caught in the crosshairs. And of course, if I can help the person I will. So if you wish to party and use drugs, then I do not judge you, all I hope is that it is truly recreational use and you have a control on it and it does not affect you in any major way.

Question #16
Why are you such a sore looser at poker?

I am very competitive. I love to win. I am not a sore loser. Thats my brother fucking with me by telling you I am a sore loser. I hate to lose and when some idiot makes a bad call and knocks me out of a tournament, I let him have it. I am never disrespectful, but I say shit like how the hell do you make that call, etc... Then I swear Im done playing this fucking game, then next Tuesday Im at the same game again. I am sure lots of you reading this will relate to this if you play hold em. I hate that game, but cant stop playing it.

Question #17
Is it right to hit a woman in the face? (re: astroworld)

I dont believe in hitting a woman for any reason whatsoever. The problem is I didnt realize this until I was after about 10 years old or so. So the story goes like this my brother and I are like 8 and 10 years old and we lived in Houston at this time. There was a big amusement park there called Astroworld. Well my dad would drop us off there in the mornings and pick us up when he closed the grocery store down at like 10 or whatever. It was a great, fun, and safe place to spend your summers as a kid. Lots of cool things to do and concerts of groups like Depeche Mode, etc.. Well anyways the rule was we had to call my dad and check in every 2 hours or so. So I am on the phone telling my dad I just won this fucking HUGE stuffed animal(I threw a ring around a bottle) and this girl who is like 15 or 16 starts tapping on the glass of the phone booth. I look over and she says get off the phone asshole. I look at her still talking on the phone and flip her off. Well I eventually hang up the phone and start walking off with my brother and this HUGE stuffed animal and all of a sudden this girl comes up from behind me and pushes me saying fuck me huh fuck me...well fuck you mother fucker. Im just standing there not doing anything and she just charges right at me so I swung once and dropped her. I picked up the stuffed animal looked at my brother and said lets go. So again, I would never do that now, but I was a kid then and that happened so fast I just reacted.

Question #18
How old are you and your partner? Who is your partner?

I am 31 and my brother who is 29 is my partner. My brother Jeff whom most of you have never met is pretty opposite of myself. He is laid back and not high strung like me. He is the most honest person I know and a perfectionist. Karups was his idea. He was surfing around free sites in late 96 and said im gonna start a small free site. Well I wasnt doing anything major at the time and said lets do it. So we got the ball rolling and started trading traffic with all the guys from those days and built up solid friendships and relationships. And he was pretty much the frontman for the company at that time. Nobody even remembered me LOL. Then we started Karups Private Collection and I started running the content, members area updates, and running lots of other day to day activities. So through that I started to become more of the face of Karups. Jeff personally does not prefer to attend the shows and just gets business done via email and phone calls.

Question #19
Where did you get the name Karups from? Explain in detail.

This is all Jeff. He liked the rapper named Karupt from Snoop Doggy Doggs group called the Dogg Pound. Jeff used to use this screen name in all the AOL PW rooms to trade passwords to adult paysites His screenname was KARUPAZHELL. So when we started a site we just went with Karups. We regretted it after we got big in the begining becuase we wanted something like teenbabes or teensluts, etc...but in the end we are glad we went with a name that is very recognizable now. We branded it and found out that was a very good move afterall.

Question #20
Talk about what it's like to do telemarketing to get donations for pig vests.

When I first moved up to Detroit from Texas my cousins were all working at this telemarketing firm selling bullshit sponsorships to people trying to get them to donate money to get bulletroof vests for cops and to educate kids about fire safety. So I started working there with a few cousins and my brother and we went to the phones and got people to send money. We used to get all types of crazy people to tell us to fuck off, etc...We used to always joke as well that when the person would ask what is this money going towards we would say well Maam the owner of this company needs a new Ferrari and honestly he cannot live with only one so if you could be so kind as to donate money he will even be kind enought to cut you off on the road with the Ferrari that you bought him

Question #21
What is @home? How did it relate to your business in the begining?

We were one of the first people in Michigan to beta test broadband and they offered it to us for free to try it out. Back then it was called @home network. We tried it and loved it and they offered us 5 free megs of web space with the service. Well as you can imagine the names Jeff and Lou were taken so my brother used the name Karup which was the name of his favorite rapper at the time. So Karup's Gallery was first hosted on the @home network till they saw the bandwidth and kicked us off and we then had to get some real hosting. Thats how it got started.

Question #22
Post pics of your home. Talk about it. What other non-porn related real estate/ assets do you own?

Here is my house in Michigan. I just got it finished in July 2004. I am now doing the basement and putting in a pool so it will be even better next summer. I will post pics of the pool then if anyone remembers to ask about it per a followup or something. I own this house and lots of other property. I also own a land development and building company with my best friend. I am very active in stocks and real estate and I want to develop shopping centers and larger subdivisions in the near future. I had 2 homes in Vegas, but have sold one recently. I dont have pics of those homes as those are and were strictly investment properties only. Vegas was the best for real estate in the past 4 years as most other big cities were, but has since cooled down. Anyways heres the house...

Question #23
What are some of the wildest places you've had sex? What's the most amount of women (or men) you've had sex with in one day? At one time?

The wildest place was probably at Rehab which is held at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sundays. It was Memorial day weekend and I was with the normal crew and me and my girl just went to the jacuzzi area and got all worked up so we grabbed 2 towels and went up in like these trees and wooded area. We layed down the towels and got busy. It was okay, but I was always afraid of getting busted. Not to mention JFK could have popped out of nowhere and post this shit here Note to JFK: you should not have any photos like this, but if you do please do not post. I have had sex with 3 women in one day, but these were all girls that I had been with before. I have been with 2 girls on me twice. The second pair of girls were way better than the first. Plus they were more recent and was just into both them much more.

Question #24
How do you know if a woman (or man) likes you for your money or for you?

This is very easy IMO. I just know. First of all, my circle is very small. All 3 of my best friends have either known me before the money or have lots of money themselves and we just connected on a friendship level with sharing the same interests, etc.. As for women...this is even easier. I have the girl I love so all other girls are just for fun. So whether they are all about the money or not, I dont really care because they are never around long enough to get any of it. . They party with me and everyone is happy. I spend money, they look good, I look good, we have lots of fun and bye bye. I will worry about that when I get to be 55, and completely bald and cant get young hot girls on my own. Then we can discuss women and money in the same sentence.

Question #25
Why do you still live in Detroit?

We have lots of family here and all my friends are mainly here. I travel about 10-12 times a year so I am able to get out and enjoy lots of other places. I am not sure how much longer I can take this weather though. Its killing me slowly.

Question #26
Talk about how your addictive personality gets you into trouble.

I have a very addictive personality. When I was 17 or so I started experimenting with drugs and quickly realized that I could have a major problem if I dont quit. So after a couple of years of that shit I just gave it all up. So on Feb 8th, 1993 I gave up all drugs. I have not touched a single drug for any reason since. I noticed then that this addictive personality would follow me to other vices such as gambling and partying in general, so I gave up serious gambling after a couple of bad trips to Vegas. I just realized I was willing to lose lots more than I wanted to win and that was crazy. So other than some Texas Holdem tournaments you wont see much gambling from me. I might play around a little if I hit a casino in Vegas, but never again will I let that rock me like it did a few times before. I drink, but thats it. I quit smoking cigarettes about 8 years ago as well. I just know that if I let something poewrful get ahold of me I will enjoy it and I dont like the feeling of not being able to control my own life. So I am drug free and very happy. Some of my friends do it and it doesnt bother me one bit. I can be around it, I can watch my friends sometimes do it, but it just doenst work for me personally. So I dont do it.

Question #27
If online adult ended today and you lost your assests what would you do for a living?

Man this is a tough question. I would have to say real estate. I have a passion for real estate and its created more millionaires than any other business. So if I had to start over, I would most likely be involved in some aspect of real estate. It would probably be building homes to start then try to grow it from there into developing properties and building larger subdivisions.

Question #28
What kind of porn turns you on? What sites other than your own do you surf to get off?

I personally like the hardcore stuff from the studios like Evil Angel and Private. I just love those hot ass Euro babes being able to take double penetrations. I have always been turned on by the big natural tits. I love em big and real!!! I surf DeluxePass and Adultbouncer. Lots of good content there for that stuff! BTW, thats the closest thing to an upsell you will ever see from me.

Question #29
Who do you look up to in online adult today? Down on?

What a perfect day for this question. First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL! As for who I look upto. There are several people I look upto and for different reasons. However the first person Jeff and I both look upto the most is Kim Neilsen from ATK. When we first started out Kim emailed us and asked us about advertising on our site. Well to be honest, we didn't really know what to charge and Jeff was very familiar with his sites and was like well how about you give us advice from time to time and we just give you that advertising space in return. Well it turns out he did that anyway and offered key advice and helped us tremendously. Kim was a very influential person in both Jeff and I's life. He will always be respected and thought of in the highest regards. His staff is a great crew as well. Tony Morgan: I look up to Tony Morgan and the entire NatNet crew. 1st class organization and a 1st class guy. It is because of Tony that I have met such great people in this business. I only recently started going to shows and its becuase of Tony that I go. He knows how to show his clients a great time and his friends an even better time. Through him I have had the chance to make good friends with some others that I look upto in this business and that would have never happened if not for Tony. And for those who maybe wondering, YES their hosting is top notch. We have been with them for over 3 years and are extremly happy. Chris Mallick: What a gentleman. I have only recently gotten to know Chris, but he has grown to be a close and dear friend. He has always treated me with the utmost respect and goes out of his way to make sure I am taken care of. Chris sold a company before entering the adult market for millions and still made more when he entered this industry. The guy is just a brilliant businessman. I'm a very honored to have him as a friend. Ron Cadwell: Now this guy is one of the most powerful people in our industry, but yet one of the most approachable. Friendly, funny and one of the nicest people I have ever met in or out of this industry. No matter who you are, if you approach him, he will make time for you and will help you if he can. Classy guy and again Im proud to call him my friend! Shap: We go back forever. Hardworking guy who is as honest as they come in my book. Things are going great for him and I hope they get better! Roger V: Biggest pimp I know. Left PornKings to do his own thing and is blowing up all over again. We have different views on the business, but are very good friends and always learn from each other. David Uwate: Here is a guy who Jeff and I have known forever, but do not get to see him as much as we would like. David is such a reputable guy and knows how to take care of business without you even noticing. For those who do not know who David is he runs Score magazine and is Scoreman on this board. I look upto anyone who has created something that is honest and makes money. If they are living how they want to live and are happy, then I am happy for them! I look down on people who scam others. I hate when a members area wont let someone cancel or keeps billing their cards anyway or upsells them without the member even knowing it. There are several others I look up to, but I need to wrap this up and get back to my turkey. HAPPY THANKSGIVING AGAIN!!!!

Question #30
Explain the expression "what happens at fight club stays at fight club"?

okay I should be able to finish these up tonight. Flight club is the best strip club in the states. Trust me on this! As for the saying, its kinda like an unspoken rule. Flight club has great girls, its clean, and the girls know what its all about. MONEY. You take care of them, they take care of you. Plain and simple. I love to just go an chill there so I take lots of my friends and associates there. As for the saying, there really isn't one, but if some stories from there were told it could cause some damage to a few people you may know.

Question #31
What exactly do you and your brother do for the business on a daily basis?

Jeff and Charles handle the affiliates. Jeff screens every single signup that comes in and I mean EVERY SALE. We have a merchant account, so we must be careful with fraud. Jeff has implemented and mastered our own set of fraud parameters that could get our merchant account shut down if not for his vigorous screening methods. This reduces chargebacks, fraud, and credits .He also is very involved in all design work. He must approve every design related thing as he is a perfectionist and as much as it drives the rest of the office crazy, we are all glad he is this way in the end, because its a good thing in the long run. I handle picking every model we use on the sites so I am dealing with dozens of photographers everyday. I personally do all of the members area updates and keep 2257 in perfect shape. I also am very involved in day to day operations. I will go to Charles (who has lots of control here) and check with him. We have gotten very good and what to expect from each other so I can just sit with him and he can give me a run down of all good, bad, and nuetral things going on in the office and the business in general. We also just purchased 2 very large TGP's and I am currently getting a crash course on those and just making sure Dave who is running those is doing the best job he can. He fills me in and I give him my ideas. I like to learn so I ask him lots of questions. He already has demonstrated some excellent trades and productive sales swaps! So he has done a very good job on this so far Hit him up and see if we can work something out.

Question #32
How many adult conventions do you attend a year? Which ones are your favorites? Least Favorites? Disucss

Well I used to only attend the Vegas show. Then I started hanging out with Tony Morgan and well I do almost every show now LOL. I would say I attend 4-5 a year now. I think I did Vegas, CanCun, Phoenix Forum, Miami, and LA this year. My favorite is the Phoenix Forum. I have only been to it once and it was this year, but its a great show IMO. You can get lots of business done there and still have a great time thanks to the CCBILL crew. As much as I swear off the shows when I return, I will most likely hit that show. As for least favorites, dont really have one. They are pretty much the same to me. I have fun, hang out with some good people then go home. I like them all, but will probably not do as many this coming year.

Question #33
What's more important - new sales or recurring revenue?

This one is very easy for me. RENEWALS ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN NEW SALES. New sales are very important and we do our very best to maximize those, but you must do everything you can to keep the customers you already have. Think about it. A paysite offers 25+ bucks to an affiliate to send him a sale. Well I am telling you that the site owner can spend far less to keep that customer than the 25+bucks he paid for that member in the first place. And think about how long you can maybe keep that customer. We have some members that have been with us for 7 years. A guy emailed me just yesterday requesting more of a certain model that joined our site in 1998! Of course this only works when you have a small database of members built up. It works even more amazingly when you have a large base of members built up. Bottom line here is keep building that member base up if you really want to see your bottom line increase. The way you do that is to keep the customers renewing. More and more people are starting to do this and its created tougher competiton no doubt. I am sure lots of you have noticed that better content has been surfacing in the last couple of years. RENEWALS maximize your return with the least amount of investment IMO.



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