Chief Operating Officer of Sexsearch, NYRangers (Ed) commands a lot of respect and is definitely considered one of the big boys in the biz. Let's hear what he has to say.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on nyrangers (Ed)

Question #1
What's it like to work for the Prince of Darkness?

Forgive me for taking some extra time on this. Busy day with getting my girlfriend her US visa, meetings, constant staff interruptions and my learning how to post here might drag this on a bit. By prince of darkness I believe you are referring to Damian. Working for and with Damian has been a blast. As a person he is top notch. Hard to imagine the prince of darkness having a heart but this one does. Real good guy that takes care of the people around him like family. We go back many many years from the time he was a webmaster of mine promoting sites like Decadence, Webpeep and some others that I am drawing a blank on. This was back in the mid 90's and the alcohol has fogged my memory a bit. In business the guy is sharp. Always has great ideas and wants to run with them. The only problem is that he wants to run with them yesterday. So many ideas and so little time. Of course everything isn't all blue skies, puffy clouds and rainbows. We do have occasional battles. But the beauty is they never interfere with getting the job done or are taken into our personal lives. He is intimidating to some but many others will tell you the same, he is a good ally (is that singular for allies?) and a great friend.

Question #2
Why do you like to see children get injured in Germany?

It's difficult having Rinaldo's mangina flashing on a banner while trying to type a response but here goes... Contrary to what many might think is the obvious answer it has nothing to do with WWII or scheise videos. Germany has actually contributed some good things to the world. One of them being the greatest form of entertainment on earth, THE DEVIL WHEEL! I will get someone to hopefully post some pictures or video of this amazing piece of technology. Let me preface my explanation by saying the Devil Wheel doesn't discriminate between children, adults, males or females. The scene is Oktoberfest in Munich. The beers have been flowing and the feeling is good. Walking down one of the huge fairways you encounter many rides, games, food stands and places the get schnapps. But there is only Devil Wheel. Walking up to this tent the first thing you encounter is a nun ready to take your 3 Euro entrance fee. After paying the best 3 Euros you could ever spend you go in to paradise. There are wooden bleacher seats on the right and left side of the "playing field" full of future contestants. Along the back wall is a raised booth containing an announcer and the man with the greatest job in the world. The "playing field" is a rectangular area with two foot high padded walls around it. In the center is a slanted circular part of the floor that spins. Now what will happen is the announcer will call a particular group of people. Lets take girls between 8 and 14. When he makes this announcement you would think the last kid in is executed. They fight each other for position until the wheel starts spinning. As the wheel starts people start flying off into the wall. Then the wheel starts going faster throwing more people off. It gets to a point where even the speed won't throw the people off. This is where the man with the greatest job in the world comes into play. Hanging over the circle is a pendulum ball. This guy controls this ball that now starts swinging back and forth, mostly at head level. This would make a good Mastercard commercial because it really is priceless. As people are getting smacked in the head and smacking into others it's hard to keep from wetting yourself. Believe it or not it gets to a point where there are 2 or 3 people left that are able to avoid the ball and the spinning. So there are two guys with thick ropes that then try and rip the people off until one is left standing. Then there is the winner.....who gets nothing!!!! I encourage everyone to see this, it really can't be described as good as it is in person. We will be doing another trip to Oktoberfest next year. Had a blast with many people from the biz this year. Can't wait until next year.

Question #3
What happened in Curacao at the casino and after?

I wish I knew. Most of the times the only thing that happened was losing money. The last time there was apparently more that happened but my decision to skip dinner and keep cocktail hour running all night has blurred my memory. From what I have heard and pictures I have seen it wasn't very pretty. I do know I have to thank Mayor for carrying me to my room and not taking advantage of me. There was alot of pain in my body the next day but thankfully no signs of being fisted. I also believe that Mitch from Local Billing who I know was a drinking companion that evening was in some pictures trying to help but I can't believe how. As far as the 50 year old Curacao hooker that also helped I can say that there is no burning when I pee and the itching was honestly from mosquito bites.

Question #4
What's the most amount of money you've bet on one hand gambling?

Unfortunately that amount is $6,000. It started as $3,000 but doubled under peer pressure from David van der Poel. Of course when it comes to David I usually lose. I have never won a bet that he was involved in. The sad part is I can't get angry about it because I love David. So here I am playing Pai Gow in Vegas and David walks by. He has never played before but decides to sit down and learn. David plays extreme. He doesn't care about the rules, he has his own. You can't argue with them because they work and when he plays he wins. So at this time I am also up pretty good so he encourages me to go extreme. One hand later I went from being up a nice large sum of money to much less. Thank God he walked away so I could win again. I love to gamble but I am not a Vegas bigshot. I tend to stick with $25, $50 and $100 bets except at the craps table which could jump pretty quickly.

Question #5
Why haven't you had a good hamburger in Canada? (except for Wendy's)

I wish I knew. Maybe growing up in New York has tainted my taste on foods (because I think White Castle is a great burger) but there is something about the meat or lack of in a burger in Toronto. Maybe it's the bison, the mad cow or the seal. It just tastes horrible. The pizza and chinese food suck here also. Every chinese dish is served with black beans in some form. You would think you were eating at Jose Wong's. I love Mexican food and chinese food but not together. And when it comes to pizza nothing compares to NY. But have no worries, I am not starving. One look at me in my second trimester is proof of that.

Question #6
Is it true you always fantasize about midget lawn jockeys with mullets?

Fantasize, no. But do I think the world would be a better place with more midgets, more lawn jockeys and more mullets? Yes!!!!!!!!! 1) Midgets - come on, tell me you didn't smile just reading the word. Midgets like mullets rock. 2) Lawn Jockeys, bathtub Mary, birdbath with some fluorescent glowing ball and gnomes make a yard complete. Just kidding. My car has all its tires, isn't on blocks and my home isn't wherever the trailer breaks down. Those things should all be abolished with the exception of lawn jockeys. They should all be gathered up and placed at your local horse track. I love the track and a lawn jockey just makes losing more easy to take when you laugh on your way out. 3) Mullets were the signature male (and in some states like New Jersey and Florida female also) hairstyle of the 80's. A great time that I sometimes can't get out of. Especially when it comes to music. Just a great time in life. I thought moving to Canada would allow me to have a mullet again but I haven't had the guts to do it.

Question #7
Why won't you throw out your old T-Shirts?

I'd like to say it's because I'd have nothing else to wear or that it really pisses off my girlfriend but that isn't the case. Actually it does piss her off and that of course gives me a sense of happiness at times (is that wrong?) The truth is a combination of a few things. First, I hate shopping. I don't care what it's for or who it's for. I detest every aspect of shopping with the exception of walking out the door and going home. I especially hate shopping for clothes. Look at the pictures and see for yourself. My GQ modelling days never got off the ground. Another reason is that some of the shirts are still cool in my mind. I love throwing on a Motorhead, hockey or a shirt stating I love midgets more then I like getting dressed up in something nice that is the fashion of the day. Jeans and a t-shirt works for me. If you want to see me dressed up come to court or my funeral.

Question #8
Is it true you still use your 8-track player and can't work an MP3 machine?

Cassette player not 8 track. But if I had any 8 tracks you bet I would still use it. I am constantly listening to music. Unfortunately for me but good for the rest of the hearing world some of the music I have was never released on CD so I have to use my cassette player. I can work an MP3 player, just have chosen not to. I still collect CDs because I like to have them. I like the artwork, the notes and the high price. I collect them. It's pretty sad actually. My collection is very weird. Mostly metal but there is plenty of regular rock, 80's Euro trash and classical music. None of you have to worry about me buying the last copy of a CD you want but I can torture you when you ride in my car.

Question #9
Why are you trying to free Abe from Canada by collecting American pennies?

Abraham Lincoln, or as you call him, Abe, is being liberated to fulfill a stupid desire I have had since I was a kid to fill a giant plastic beer bottle with nothing but pennies and then somehow pick it up and bring it to the bank to make them count it. As childish as it sounds I would still enjoy doing this to some poor schmoe working behind the counter. I will take my anger at all those stupid bank fees out on the poor person sitting behind the counter. They will have the last laugh though as I use the funds to pay for my hernia medical bills. To this day I will still pick up a US penny if I see it somewhere. Before any of you start typing cheap I want you to know I will only do it if I can replace it with another coin. I'm self conscious of actually being called cheap so I will pay 4, 9 or 24 cents to pick up the one penny. Yes I know it's stupid and probably is rooted in some deep psychological problem of not being molested as an altar boy but I don't care. I still do it. Plus I have people in the office always bringing me pennies. That got costly after a while so I stopped giving them money in return. I can be a real prick that way.

Question #10
What's the deal with this fixation on farting?

I can pretty much say in confidence that I don't have a fixation on farting. I will stand by the fact that science has proven that a certain employee gives me gas. Other then that farting doesn't play any significant role in my life other than giving me relief when nobody else is in the elevator.

Question #11
Is there a time when you have not done coke with your beer?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me make something very very clear. By coke he means Coca-Cola, not cocaine. This will disappoint some but I will say it anyway. I don't do drugs. Not even pot. Now I am not going to preach to anyone and tell them that it's wrong to do. If you want to do it you have my blessing. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy the things they like to do. Whether it's meditating, playing video games, senior citizen sexual bingo or drugs is ok in my book. Just don't screw anyone else up. My addiction always was alcohol. Much worse in the past but still gets me every once in a while. Gambling is also a bitch but I keep in control. (This public service announcement is brought to you by no government party. Talking politics sucks!) Finally, to answer your question, yes. Before coke it was candy. Another mental block or something. Having something with my beer helps me drink more and keeps my stomach settled. Some would interpret that as a cry for help. You will only hear that cry at closing time.

Question #12
What's soo scarry about Macs?

MACS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I use one. Or should I say I try to use one. I prefer my PC. Blah blah blah MAC is easier. Blah blah blah MAC rules and PC sucks. Blah blah blah I don't want to hear it. I am stubborn and hate change (ie wardrobe). It's a touchy subject. I don't want to type it on this broken MAC that I am using. (PCs are more durable. They can take a slamming fist) Hope to catch you later tonight. If not, then early tomorrow it is. If I have missed anyone's questions or comments I apologize. I will answer anything you have to say. Sometimes I just get distracted.

Question #13
Do you believe when someone says they truly hate something - like the leafs - it means they secretly LOVE them?

Yes, in grade school but only if you dip her pigtails in ink. Sometimes people say they hate something/someone and they don't really mean it. They just say it matter of factly. Sometimes the feeling is very heartfelt. It just depends on the circumstances. I hate the Toronto Maple Leafs as a team. Sick of their whining fans. I love watching them lose and seeing the anguish on the faces of 90% of the people in this city when they lose. I love going out here in the city and rooting for the other team in a packed bar. The best part is not getting my ass kicked because I am not afraid to make sure everyone knows I am rooting against the Leafs. I love going to Leaf games and wearing my Leafs Suck shirt. I actually fel enlightened after writing this. I actually love the Leafs and this city for allowing me to be an asshole New Yorker and not having to worry about getting beaten like I would if I was in Philadelphia. On a side note, if anyone ever needs an ice breaker to come talk to me about anything at a show or anywhere else just walk up to me and start talking hockey. You could also talk to me about music but I don't think anyone listens to the stuff I listen to anymore with the exception of some Europeans.

Question #14
Why wouldn't Tony's Lobster and Steak House ever let you work as a bartender?

Tony's was a place I worked at for an extremely long time. Started as a busboy and just did every other job imaginable. The place was cool. Very flexible to my needs. Allowed me to go through high school and college while making what I thought was pretty decent money to get by. I was even able to keep the job as a waiter or cook while I made it a secondary employment position. They were very flexible except for one thing. They would never let me tend the bar. They knew me better. I could drink and give away the nights profit in a heartbeat. I used to drink hard and made sure that anyone else I was giving a drink was drinking hard also. No measured drinks out of my hand. Buy 2 beers the 3rd is on me. I knew what it took to line my pockets and satisfy my liver. The bottle was my devil and they knew better then to let me near so many. Eventually I grew up so if I needed to go back to work at Tony's they could put me behind the bar now. I'd do more damage to their profits cooking now. My waist line is the prrof.

Question #15
Discuss passing on the party poker software.

This actual story goes back before the Party Poker software and to the days when this company was involved in the audiotext (phonesex) business. The two partners at the time formed a business relationship with Ruth Parasol to do some kind of phonesex numbers. The deal didn't work out very well and it must have left a bitter taste in one of the partners mouth. A few years later when our company had put the phonesex business behind us and was focusing primarily on adult web sites, gaming and dating Ruth apparently came with a proposal about gaming software she was developing. One of the partners felt that the software was an inferior product and that we could develop something better. Whether this was out of spite or the fact that the software really wasn't very good I'll never know. I do know that we passed on the opportunity to start the relationship right there. We eventually scrapped the gaming division of our company due to some shady dealing by the person that was running it. Now does this mean we missed out on the Party Poker sweepstakes? Not at all. Who knows where the relationship would have gone. It was just one of the incidents that helped form the current structure of our company today. And I for one am pretty happy with the way things are going. From the top down for the past few years I think we finally have gotten the right team in place and the results show.

Question #16
How much did you spend on the stereo in your thunderbird? - Is the stereo worth more than the car now?

$4,000 back in 1996 when I bought the car. And yes, I am still driving it. I gave up my fascination of having multiple cool cars. Especially since I barely drive anymore. It wasn't practical in NY when I was there and it sure isn't practical in Toronto. Yes there are cars I love and have thought about buying then the head on my shoulders kicks in and I let the idea pass me by. I am actually buying a new car next year when it finally comes out. The Shelby Cobra GT500. The car is finally going back to it's glory years with the man who designed the best mustangs of all time. The car will be powerful beyond belief and I'm ready to lose my license. If I have to I will spend another $4,000 on the stereo system for that car as well. If I had my way, My garage would be full of nothing but American muscle cars from the 60's and early 70's.

Question #17
How did you lose your job with Howard Stern? Discuss your time there.

First off I have to preface this by saying I didn't work specifically for the Howard Stern Show. I was employed by what was then K-Rock in New York. My internship in college was at K-Rock/Z-Rock and they actually offered me the gig of van driver. Now I know it's a pretty cheesey jo but I knew I could use it for it's perks and I did. You'd be amazed at what you can get for a pair of Grateful Dead or Bruce Springsteen tickets. Apparently I did a very good job at just being a van driver (maybe I was knowledgable with hand signals) so they offerred me a full time promotion assistant job. I jumped at it because radio is where I wanted to be. At the time The Howard Stern Show was broadcast from our office. So I got to work with the team quite often on appearances and live broadcasts and the TV show. It became a pretty nice gig. The crew was great and it really was a blast. All the while I was doing this I still would drive the van on occassion when there was an event with one of the Stern show cast members. I would go with them wherever it was we were going. So as a result there would be some pretty late nights and I would drive the van home. One of these events was on St Patrick's Day in Manhattan. Being 25% Irish (we blame my mother) I of course had to enjoy the celebrations. Many a beer later I decided it would be wise to drive home. Yes I know it's stupid but I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed. I made it home safely and dragged myself to bed. About an hour later my girlfriend at the time calls me and asks me to pick her up. Since my car is back in the city I drag myself into the van and head over to Jersey (New) to pick her up. One DWI checkpoit later and not enough shirts to make the cops happy I find myself locked up to a chair in the Oradell NJ police station. The resulting insurance issues and missing of the next days event didn't go over very well. Next thing you know I was out of radio and working full time for the audiotext company that was to become the company that I am with today. Hard to learn a lesson when things actually work out so well. On a side note, K-Rock was the only company to pass me up for a promotion because I was white. Discrimination of any color, race, religion or anything just sucks.

Question #18
Talk about your career in the phone sex business and how that translates to you going to a gay gym today.

As glamorous as the phone sex business is to everyone I unfortunately were behind the scenes. My voice apparently isn't sultry enough to act as Brittany the sex starved 18 year old or masculine enough to be Jake the leather bound construction worker. So sadly I accepted my role behind the scenes. Power Media was the company and it was the first incarnation of what Sex Search is today. It was started by two college kids in New York (one not being myself) getting phone numbers and advertising in different countries around the world. The business sky rocketed. Grant it the phone companies were a bit uneducated on what was going on but the people in the audiotext business knew how to make money, alot of it quickly. In 1994 and 95 we saw the potential of the internet and decided to point our company in that direction. www.decadence.com was launched and so was the beginning of a long and great run. None of it has anything to do with going to the gym I am currently going to. The gym I go to, albeit gay, has many advantages. While for some it's the sauna and companionship in the locker room for me it's the location and fact that when I go in the morning this large gym is nearly empty. I could have deflected this part of the question by saying I obviously don't go to a gay gym because my gut would say I haven't been in any sort of a gym in years but people are expecting the truth. Word of advice to any straight guy that goes to a gay gym, pick your spotters carefully.

Question #19
Discuss your educational background and schools you went to, courses taken, etc.

This should be obvious to everyone. It's the typical educational background that leads someone into the porn business. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart grade school for the formulative gardes 1 - 8. During that stretch I had 3 or 4 years of untouched altar boy experience. I'm sure I can dig up the garments somewhere in my parents basement and be available for any weddings, baptisms or bat mitvahs. Albertus Magnus High School. Believe it or not I made this choice myself. I knew even in 8th grade that if I went to Tappan Zee high school I would have turned out a screw up (?) So I went to Albertus and paid the tuition myself. $200 a month. Fordham University, Bronx New York. Now 99.9% of you will have no idea who or what Fordham is in the rand scheme of things but it's funny to see the reaction of some people who went there. It's like they lowered their standards for me. Maybe they did but they still never threw me out when the head of the radio station tried to get me expelled. He did manage to get me thrown off the air for playing my evil music, partying too much during my shift and having sex in the news room studio. I can go with the first two but damnit I never had sex in the news room studio. To this day I am not allowed back on the Fordham campus. 3 years after I graduated I went back there for some party. I managed to get into the radio station and that apparentlt ruffled some feathers. I am now in the habit of returning their donation requests with a note saying, "Once I am permitted to come o campus and hand deliver the check might be te day you see any money from me." Go Rams!

Question #20
Why do you have places in Toronto, New York and Budapest?

Toronto because this is where I now call home most of the time. Cool city but a bit too passive for me. But I'm a simple guy and this town works for me. New York is where I am from and where I intend to die bitterly. New York is where my accidentally produced children will not visit me when they put me in a home. New York is the place I love and someday I will return so it's good to have a place. Budapest is where my girlfriend is from. She still lives there on and off through the year. Plus I love the city. I also have a shop there so it gives me an excuse to go there...beside my girlfriend of course. Los Angeles is next. I have to spend more time in LA so that is my next logical place to make a purchase. I have been putting it off but I can't anymore. I have work that needs to be done in LA so I have to be there more. I'm not a fan of LA but as long as The Rainbow is still serving I'll be able to cope. Guys let Uncle Ed give you a word of advice. A girlfriend from another country is amazing. Just do yourself a favor and don't teach her English.

Question #21
Why did you get so many DWI's?

Stupidity is the only obvious answer. The first I described earlier being in the K-Rock van. I was already in for the night yet I got up and went out again. The second was on my way home from a wedding. Half a mile from my place and instead of getting off the highway exit I decided to take a shortcut that is known to have cops sitting there waiting for speeders. Surprise! The underlying reason beside getting caught is nothing but stupidity. Two court battles, community service, AA (which is a great place to meet girls) and counseling to see if I was ready to get my license back finally made me see the light.

Question #22
Talk about the millions you lost from companies like Babenet, IBill, DMR and any others.

This interview stuff is pretty good. All of the questions I am getting are coming via ICQ, this is easier then I expected. Ah, Babenet. According to our records we're looking at over half a million in revenue that was never paid to us. That fiasco cost alot of people and I think was the end to many fly by night programs. Yes it had a major impact on us, half a million has an impact on anyone. But it just turned out to be another speed bump. We paid every single webmaster for every single signup they generated. That alone helped us in the long run. People knew we weren't going anywhere. They knew they were going to get their money and they did. We would eat the loss before even thinking about not paying the webmaster. That is something I am extremely proud of with each project we have done. We have been able to run our program on honesty. Every webmaster knows this. If you think otherwise I challenge you to prove me wrong. IBill, do I need to say more? Another 6 figure impact. Not as great as Babenet but close enough. The negotiations have been a joke. Trying to extort business from us in return for the money that they owe us. That's not going to work and I am confident we will have the last word in this issue. DMR, the first internet glory years. Back in the days of wild cross sells, upsells and any other way to make a buck DMR was willing to be the processor. It was just a matter of time when Visa and Mastercard was going to catch up with the industry and when it did everyone freaked out. Billing companies closed and funds were lost. DMR is the one that always stands out in my mind but there were others. I can't even remember the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were lost. There has been money lost here and there in various deals but nothing as significant as those beauties. Again, I take pride in the fact that none of these incidents ever put us in jeopardy. We are here to stay folks. Wait until you see what the future holds.

Question #23
What exactly happened with Date.com?

Date.com was one division of our company until Damian pretty much got fed up with all of the BS that was going on with the development and costs. He decided it was time to take the adult division of the company and break free. He had been trying but was getting no cooperation. So a team of trusted people were put together to set up the groundwork for the split and shortly thereafter it happened. How it happened was inspiring. We spoke to the entire staff and told them that we were going to break off and establish our own independent company. We explained the situation to the staff and told them that anyone that wanted to come with us was welcome to do so. We decided on the following Tuesday that everyone would come to the office and at 10 in the morning, we would all pick up our stuff and move to a space in the building that another company had lent us to use until we built out the basement where we are now. At 10 the office was full. Nobody was sick and everyone was in attendance. We came out of our office and made the announcement that we were going to now leave and go downstairs. The entire staff (except for some people that worked specifically on date.com) got up and came down with us. I would have paid a good price to see the expressions on the face of the guys that were running date.com when they finally arrived at the office and saw all of the people that had left. Eventually a deal was made and we've all lived happily ever after. Date has had their success and we have had ours.

Question #24
Ok, discuss spam, installs, trogans, viruses, popups, etc... and how they relate to your business and business in the past.

Spam will always exist (how profound). Whether it's via email, cell phone text messaging or those annoying advertisements that show up in your regular mailbox everyday. However, we want no part of it. We have no reason to put our business in jeopardy and deal with all of the headaches associated with spam. As for the past, our adult sites dealt with mail traffic. But feel free to ask any of the spammers that we terminated. Mail was accepted, spam complaints were not. Trojans and viruses. Not sure what the implication is there. Trojans and viruses suck. They are created by sexless drones sitting at a desk with action figures and junk food all around hoping to be the next underground hero. I'd rather spend my time trying to get laid personally. Popups are popups. Great advertising in some places, worthless in others. I don't get the logic behind 6 million popups and taking over a browser. Then again I don't have to worry about misleading a customer to buy our product.

Question #25
Have you ever fucked a hooker? If so, most you ever fucked in one day. Non-hookers, most you ever fucked in one day.

My apologies for the few that I know were waiting for me to continue where I left off. I can assure you that I did not go run and hide because of the next question. Contrary to what some might believe I do not fuck hookers. Don't worry, I am not going on some holier then thou kick. Hookers are great. I think prostitution should be legalized and taxed just like drugs. The governments could make a killing while allowing me to keep some of my hard earned money in my own pocket. But I will tell you the number one reason why I don't FUCK hookers. I'm lazy. If I am paying for someone to do something I want it to be all about me. All about me means a nice relaxing massage. How the massage ends is anybody’s guess. But I would not put any effort into a woman that I had to pay for. I have that enough with my girlfriend. The most non hookers I have ever fucked in one day was only two. That has happened a few times but the most memorable one happened on a ferry from Poland to Sweden. Me and the first girl never said a word because none of us understood each other. We just ended up doing it on the box that was holding life jackets. When I was done I just walked inside and met up with my friend and a few hours later I ended up with someone else. European women just kick ass. (I didn't mean anything by that last sentence, I don't like getting beaten when I'm getting laid.)

Question #26
Has anyone at the gay gym ever asked to have sex with you? How did you react?

I don't know if this answer is as depressing as the fact I mentioned earlier about being an unmolested altar boy. I have never been propositioned for sex at my gym. People at the gym pretty much know I am straight. I am pretty sure I don't set off any gaydars. I have never been invited into the highly trafficked sauna nor have I been asked if I needed any help. I have had a couple of guys strike up conversations in the locker room but I don't give off any signals. Never has sex been involved in any of those conversations. Maybe I should feel scorned but I am not losing any sleep over it. I do know a good story about one of our "straight" designers working out at the Y one time and getting a nice surprise from the guy that was spotting him but that's a funny story over some beers in Vegas.

Question #27
What's the big attraction to Hungary?

The people. Especially those with functional breasts and genitals different from mine. I mean let's face it. There are beautiful women around the world but for some reason Hungary and the Czech Republic churn them out faster then websites can portray them. I can sit outside at a cafe in Budapest or Prague and just be entertained by the number of beautiful women that walk by. The fact that they are so easy to talk to is an added bonus. I don't care about the Caribbean or Asia for vacations. Get me on a plane to Eastern Europe and I'm set. Besides, where else in the world can a guy like me get a beautiful woman that isn't visually impaired to have fun. Oh, the architecture and feel of the lifestyle of people living there is pretty cool also. Plus my favorite bar in the world is there. Beautiful women, great music (my heavy music standards) and Dreher (beer) make my trips to Hungary great times.

Question #28
Have you ever been kicked out of a place for taking off your clothes? Where, when and why.

Does an ex girlfriend's bedroom count? There was one time an ex kicked me out in the morning after we hooked up one night after we broke up years ago. I know I was naked then. But other then that, no. I know I was asked to leave some bar in Montreal after mooning the place but I think that was because I ended up blinding the dj. If there are others that I am leaving out it is because I have deposited them to the dark recesses of my mind or was just too drunk to remember. I'm sure I'll get my memory nudged by some people if I am missing out on any. I'm a sympathetic person. The world is in bad enough shape. I don't need to inflict the pain and suffering of looking at my naked body to the rest of the world.

Question #29
Where do you hide the bodies?

Where do all New Yorkers hide the bodies? Check the bottom of the East River. Yet some people will wonder how the tomatoes in my garden got so ripe this year... But if anyone has any good suggestions as to where I could dispose of a few more I'd appreciate it. I have a few more on my list to take care of.

Question #30
If online adult ended today - what would you do for a living?

Right now my answer would be to pick up my things and settle myself over in Europe. I've got a shop there I could run for a short while until it either bores me or the challenge in expanding the business isn't there. But I am sure I'd change to something more stressful because that is just my nature. Or maybe just learn to play the guitar and start my own bad heavy metal band. Is saying bad heavy metal redundant? You know, like drunken Irishman. Astronaut is out because I am tired of flying. Policeman is out because I'm getting too fat to run. Fireman would have been cool but the big red trucks aren't as cool as they were when I was younger. Modeling is out for the obvious reasons. The first being this face was made for radio. Cowboy was never an option, never found the hat appealing. Thank God because with my going to the gay gym and this new gay cowboy movie coming out I'd never hear the end of it. Anyone want to offer me a job?

Question #31
Who do you look up to in the online adult industry? Down on?

I don't hold anyone in this business on a pedestal. There are alot of good people that have done some great things in this business and they all have my admiration. It's the people that are in this business, whether already established or working their way forward, that conduct themselves in a way that doesn't look down on others are the one's I look up to. I was around in the day when there was an "elite" group that thought their shit didn't stink and talking to them was supposed to be an honor. Most of them are gone and nobody likes that more than myself. Who am I to think I am any better then anyone else in this business. Yes I may be successful but it doesn't make me better then the webmaster who does 10% of the business I do. People with that attitude are the one's I look down upon. That my friend(s) isn't a pile of shit. Feel free to come up and talk to me to see for yourself.

Question #32
Discuss your worst hangover ever and the night before or what you can remember of it.

I have experienced many a bad hangover throughout the years but there is one that stands out as being the worst. It was the summer of my 16th birthday and a bunch of friends from high school got together and rented a house at the Jersey Shore for a week. There was going to be about 12 of us but on the first day/night only 8 showed up. So there were 24 cases of Coors (not light, that stuff sucks), 8 high school students, one house and a boardwalk full of girls that would hopefully be willing to party. Too this day I am a pretty shy person, especially when talking to women so I used to use the booze to build my confidence. On this day I wanted to make sure I was very confident. We started early in the afternoon and partied through the night. The house in front of ours was occupied by some students from Rutgers so we partied with them also (my first college girl!) I have no idea what time I finally passed out but I remember being awakened by a police officer on the kitchen counter of the house across from ours. I was escorted back to my house where I passed out again. When I awoke the next day I was laying on the floor in The living room behind a stacked wall of beer cans. I was shaking uncontrollably and was constantly running to the bathroom to throw up. It got to the point where I was throwing up blood because there was just nothing left inside of me. It was then I decided to quit drinking for the first time. 3 days later I quit for the second time. And so closes the interview. For anyone who suffered through it all I thank you for listening to my extended blabbering. Scott it has been entertaining. Plus a huge thank you for all of the messages and great words that came in over the week of getting this completed. I hope to see you all in Vegas or anywhere during 2006. Let's have a drink or three over some words and make some good memories. I'm going to put on some Black Sabbath and catch up on some emails.

Question #33
Why did Canada customs not want you to come in?

Which time? I was initially denied access into Canada when I was 16 because I wasn't with a parent or guardian. I was driving up to Montreal to get some beer and the border guard had me turn around. I was actually told that I could have a note from a parent or guardian I could get in. Mind you this was 1985. Another time was because I was arrested for DUI in New Jersey. Since nobody drinks, let alone drinks and drive in Canada this is considered the equivalent of first degree murder. (Please sense sarcasm) As a result I had to apply for entry and earn a certificate of rehabilitation. I did, received clearance and was back visiting the country that I now call home. I have also been threatened to be put back on a plane and sent back to the US because of a shirt I was wearing. The shirt was found on a website and given to me as a gift. I wish I could tell you the site but I honestly don't recall. The shirt read, "For every animal you don't eat I'm going to eat 3." The picture had a big boiling pot with 3 endangered animals on it. Some kind of monkey, an exotic bird and a whale if I remember correctly. The border guard apparently was a vegetarian. A bitter one at that. But I know this question is pointed toward my most recent adventure of being denied access back to the country and my home this year. For three months I lived out of a hotel in Vegas, an apartment in LA and a combination of hotels and a place I have in NY. The reason given was as ridiculous as I could imagine. The customs agent accused me of obtaining my work permit and all I had in Canada illegally. He went so far as accusing me of using someone else's fingerprints that I had to submit to the RCMP, FBI and NY State Police. Why? I wish I could tell you. I can be an asshole at times but while this entire episode was going down at the border I was on my best behavior. My theory, I encountered a customs agent that was having a bad time and decided that misery loves company. Since this happened 2 days after Christmas my feeling is that his wife's boyfriend got her a nicer Christmas present then he did.

Question #34
What do you do about employees that wreck golf carts? Do new employees have to take a driving test?

This incident still amazes me. And to think I had a false sense of safety when I would ride in a car Raja was driving. Somehow I believed driving was natural to him. Like skating to Canadians or invading is to Germans. I would be all for giving employees an IQ test but I think I'd be afraid to see some of the results.

Question #35
How much would it cost to get an AFF tattoo put on your body?

What's AFF?

Question #36
Do you use canadian health care?

I hadn't up to this point put I am seriously contemplating it. Considering all of the BS I got trying to get back in I figured I should make it worth my while to spend other people's tax dollars here. I know plastic surgery, on any part, could only be an improvement. Plus I wouldn't be as scared getting probed in the back end up here. Many of the doctors are Asian and small fingers only go so far. There is also the big immigration debate going on in the US and Canada so now would be a good time to say I'm an immigrant so of course I'm going to use the free (HA!) healthcare. But that joke might rub people the wrong way. But honestly, I do. I have an appointment with Dr. Ho (could I pass that up) tomorrow. Dr. Ho is a dentist.

Question #37
Do you tell your family about what you do for a living and about the porn conventions..

I have never come right out and told them what I do. My parents have an idea but we keep the exact job unmentioned. My parents are probably two of the coolest people you'd meet but they are a bit on the extreme conservative side. But they have supported everything I have ever done even if they have turned a blind eye to it. As long as everything is legal of course. I was the accident that came many years after my brother and sister so they were pretty much broken in by the time I was being a major pain in the ass. Besides, they never gave me the "sex talk" so why should I give one to them?



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