A partner in IwantU, one of the largest adult dating sites on the net, Varius defines the rock star lifestyle in this business. Having worked in front of the camera, he has an understanding most of us do not have and some of us fantasize of having. His business sense has taken him to where he is today.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Varius

Question #1
How did you get your penis stuck in a jacuzzi and you end up in the hospital?

I swear it didn't get stuck - yet no one believes me lol. What happened is, I was seeing a stripper-turned-bargirl back in Montreal and it was Valentine's Day night. I had a hotel suite booked with nice jacuzzi and all, but after awhile of being there, she got a call that she had to get to work for a 'staff meeting'. I thought that was bullshit and that was reason enough to stop seeing her. However, I still had the room so decided to enjoy it. I was drinking and relaxing in the jacuzzi, when my cell rang. As i twisted my body to grab it, I got *NAILED* by the water jet directly into my penis. That caused a small cut. Now, my friends love to think I was trying to fuck the jacuzzi - but I'll leave them to their fantasies view.

Question #2
Why did you run away from the hospital after pissing blood in the hotel toilet?

This relates back to question #1. The following day, I thought I was fine but when I had to keep going to the washroom every few seconds to piss blood, Mike figured they should take me to the hospital. Pretending to act like I was passnig out from loss of blood, I got almost immediate attention. They even put me in a private room. That was all good, but the urologist would only be available in the morning, so I slept over. In the morning, I was pising less and less blood - and I knew what it was from anyways but didn't want to tell them my penis got cut by a jacuzzi jet - so decided to leave since I didn't want to wait all day for the specialist to come. They kept telling me I couldnt go, so I just took my clothes and wandered out through the basement

Question #3
How did you get your comic book store boss arrested for software piracy?

I have no idea who turned on him, but to this day he owes me my last pay I was the only employee working for a guy who ran a comic book store, so he could get his weekends off. The job was sweet, pretty much lying back reading comic books most of the day as it wasn't a very heavily trafficked store. He also paid me in cash weekly. One day, I came to the store as usual and noticed my key didn't work anymore. Looking into the store, it was completely empty! I asked the neighbors (it was a strip mall) if they had any ideas what happened, and one told me the place was swarming with cops the night before and they emptied it out and arrested my boss. They seemed to think it was for selling pirated software out of te back of the store - but I guess I'll never know the truth unless I happen to run into that guy again

Question #4
What happened with you and the big old 'girl in red'?

This one, I only know what Mike and Jeff have told me Apparently, on one of the thousand nights we went out and got wasted in Montreal, I went up to a rather large women dressed in red latex and started dancing with/on her. That's really all the details I know, after *enough* laughing they eventually saved me from going home with her though. That's real friends for ya.

Question #5
Lets discuss those funky pants you always wear?

Well, I started wearing these fabled Leopard pants almost exactly one year ago. I was in vegas and we were sponsoring Player's Ball, so I wanted to find a cool outfit to wear. I'm not much for the bling bling or suits. I went to a kickass store across from the Mandalay Bay, called LV Club Wear. The owner, Bob, gave me 50% off everything I bought in exchange for a few passes - so I took advantage of it. The pants seemed like something that would be extremely comfortable, so I went with those. I never imagined wearing them afterwards though. Well aside from being ultra comfy, they got a great response! Girls rubbing up on them, people taking more pics, etc...Thus they are now a normal part of my wardrobe. Some people at shows almost expect me in them now, so who am I to disappoint my fans? I'm hoping to find some red ones soon, to go better with the IwantU colors - hopefully Vegas helps me out there again this year. NOTE: This is definately FAUX FUR. I love animals (esp. wild ones) so would never buy real fur nor should you

Question #6
Were you a body builder before porn?

Nope, not in the least. I really should have gotten more exercise than I did, but pretty much my only source of exercise came in the form of sex back then I was just always too lazy to go to a gym and/or workout. I still am, though I'm trying to change that. I now have the first two pieces of gym equipment in my home and as soon as I assemble them, I'll start using them Luckily, I'm a tall guy and have large bones, so the weight I have doesn't show as badly as it could if I were smaller. Since being in Costa Rica I've dropped off around 20 lbs. though and that's one of my main goals in 2006 - to get in better shape.

Question #7
How much did you make pimping your sister out to your friend Tom?

This one is pretty simple. I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me, so at the time she must have been 18. Her and her friends came to a bar where I was with a friend Tom, Jeff and some other people. Tom said he found my sister cute, so I told him he could hook up with her if he bought me some drinks. He did, then i told him to buy her and her friends some drinks which he did, to get them drunk. Unluckily for Tom, some guys my sis and her friends knew came in and left with them instead. Tom got left with no girls and I gained some free drinks I'm a pretty inexpensive pimp

Question #8
I hear trannies are cheap in Costa Rica. Talk about your first tranny experience.

Can't say I have had much experience with any......only one thing comes to mind: Some of us were down in Jaco (where the CR Bash will be coincidentally!) at an afterhour club called La Centrale. We had been drinking and partying all day and night, and not surprisingly, were drunk. I got grabbed by what turned out to be a tranny and kissed "it" - but that's as far as it went. Another girl came by and pulled me away, saving me though. However, I am not the only one from our team this has happened to in Jaco lol - I'll let you guess who the other one was

Question #9
Why did the bouncers think you were stealing purses when you couldn't afford shoes?

Ha this one didn't exactly happen TO me, but I played my role in it. We were three guys going to a club, and they had a dress code where running shoes couldnt get in. That was fine for me and Mike, but our other friend had running shoes. We hatched a plan. Mike and I went outside, then I sat near the door and took my shoes off. Mike went outside to bring them to our friend, so he could get in. Well, hiding shoes under your shirt as you walk out does kind of look like you are trying to hide something The bouncer thought a purse was being stolen, but pretty much laughed when he found out the whole story and that i was sitting near the door shoeless. No bad ending here, no bouncer beatdown

Question #10
Why is windex perferable to soap when cleaning an escort?

A former co-worker of mine back in Montreal, Billy, was kind of a shy guy. He really liked to order escorts though, since then he didn't have to try and go pickup in person. One day he was complaining he wanted to get one, but only wanted to pay half so I told him get one and we'll both fuck her. He got one, but he was too shy to do anything in front of me. I had no such qualms. Anyhow, when I was ready to cum, she was blowing him so I pulled out and came all over her back. She asked if I could clean it up, so I looked around and saw a roll of paper towels and a bottle of windex - we were in the office after all. I started spraying her with Windex and cleaned it off. You had to be there, but it was hilarious. The girl even found it funny, only poor ol' Billy was left in disbelief

Question #11
How much did you pay Sleazy to ambush you? We all know he's biased to AFF.

I bribed him with what we bribe anyone we do business with: Costa Rican whores...err, I mean beautiful women.

Question #12
How many times have you bought boxes of rocks thinking they were laptops?

Ha! I think it's only happened twice, but they never actually contained rocks Once there was a guy supposedly selling "hot" laptops from a parking lot, so I went with him to try it out but we couldnt find an outlet. In the end, his story sounded pretty good (friend works at FutureShop, stole some off the shipment) so the allure of a $200 laptop (he wanted 400-500 but I offered 200) was too good to pass up. When I got upstairs and unwrapped the layers of ceran wrap form th ebox, it was stuffed with ripped newspaper - heavy like a laptop though I couldn't find that guy anywhere around after that. The second time, a guy actually had us drive to (supposedly) his apartment complex. I went in with him, and he said he'd go up and get it. He came back down and said his uncle won't let him take it without seeing cash first; now he wanted the full amount but I refused, so he went back up empty-handed. He came back down saying how about $100, I countered with $40. He went back up and vanished. I stormed the halls of that building but never found him

Question #13
Is it true you'll fuck anyone or anything so long as they buy you drinks?

Well, I have no interest in having sexual relations with any men. Contrary to some of the stories you might find out in this thread, I am purely Heterosexual. No matter HOW much alcohol they're offering Now I can think of one incident that's a great example for this question. There was a bar we usually hugn out at on Wednesdays and one night, really drunk, a less-than-attractive women wantedto go home with me but I wasn't going for it. She offered to pay my bar tab if we left right away, so I gave in and said hell yeah! She was ok sexually, but still not very attractive. The following week, at the same bar, she spotted me again and wanted to leave with me that night again. I told her I wasn't really interested, so she offered to pay my bar tab again (not even started at this point) as long as at the end of the night I left with her. Well as Jeff can attest, my bar tabs can get quite large LOL. She happily paid it though, so I held up my end of the bargain. Saw her occasionally there after that but didn't repeat the process. Note: It was clear to her from the start it was only for some sex, no relationship type things. So don't go calling me a prick for "leading on women" - I never lead them anywhere.

Question #14
How often do you drink all night and not have enough money to pay your bar tab?

Hasn't really happened anytime in recent years that I can remember....although I suppose if it did I would just have to wait for some girl to pay it for me like in question #13

Question #15
Were you involved in the planet 411 venture capital stock scandal?

I only wish I were - those guys made a KILLING. Unfortunately at the time, that was my first internet job and I was only data entry. By the time I started advancing to programming, the company went bankrupt due to the "scam". In brief, there were about 12 owners, who ran a company with 40 or so employees, never actually launching a real finished product. However they had huge hype and investment behind the project; they even had billboards for their "canadian portal" website on buses and in the metro. Well once the IPO completed and stocks flew up to about $8, they all sold out - all became rich. Every employee had numerous stock options as well, which would have been worth quite a bit, but there was on catch: they could only be exercised after a certain date. By that date, they had fallen completely off the charts and the shares weren't even worth a fraction of a cent.

Question #16
Talk about your 'patch'.

Well, the patch is actually no more - may it R.I.P It was simply a patch of hair on my lower back, that gained itself an obvious nickname at the Wisol office Not much more ot say on this one I don't think....

Question #17

Well this could be a very long story, as it did span a good 3+ years of my life I'll try and sum it up briefly though. I originally got hired by (Worldwide Internet Solutions) as a Junior PHP programmer. At the time, the company was focusing on hosting, IwantU, CashRing, numerous other projects as well as offering design/programming services to clients. Things went very well, and I learnt a LOT and gained a LOT of experience there especially in the first year and a half. I have to thank Michael for that. I moved my way up through different positions like programmer, tech-support and sysadmin (usually doing all three at once). I also touched on probably every other position there at one time or another, excluding graphic design. Eventually, the decision was made to put some focus on only IwantU/CashRing and the hosting side of things and drop the other projects and services for clients. I think this was an extremely good idea. Further down the road, we got to a point where a huge decision was made: to split IwantU/CashRing away from the Hosting side of the business and move its management/development to Costa Rica. I was one of the four "Pioneers" who came, along with Rosalia Lara, Michael and his wife. Over two years now here, and in hindsight it was a great move. Wisol still hosts us and supports us technically, but IwantU is advancing much quicker than if we had stayed in Montreal. On a comical note, I once lived in the Wisol office for close to a year and a half. Another co-worker and I got screwed in renting an apartment, so what turned into a joke "why not stay in the office so you're not late" turned into something real. We even kicked Michael out of his office to make a lounge, and had a shower in the closet.

Question #18
Discuss the time you were at a porn party and had 'technical difficulties'. I understand there are pics.....

For some pics, you'd better ask Dugmor - he'd be the one to find any Having "technical difficulties" in my case was only ever due to too much alcohol. I haven't ever tried any chemical methods that may have helped when drunk though. When I'm not wasted, my equipment functions just fine - hell, better than fine - Now the above reminds me of two situations, but I'll save the better story for one of the questions coming up stay tuned. It's a lot more interesting than this answer The other time that comes to mind was an after-party shoot/gangbang type party, with Dugmor and some of his crew and some other peoples from Montreal. I was wrecked, and just wasn't getting it hard no matter how I tried: classic liquour dick.

Question #19
How did you fail out of computer science in college?

The first semester, I breezed through learning QBasic and Logic, etc...and that was fine. By the time my second semester came around, they started teaching languages like COBOL and VB, which I had absolutely ZERO interest in learning. I pretty much never bothered showing up to those classes anymore, and onyl went to the ones like Gym and Psychology. I completely skipped my final exams. Thus, not surpringly, they kicked me out. I wrote the Dean of the dept. a letter saying I was working too much (not true) and had issues that's why I couldn't make classes, so they let me back in for a third semester. Again, I only attended the "fun" classes or classes filled with girls. It was a good school for picking up women I do remember one key sentence a teacher said though, that made me instantly decide to drop out. When they were teacing languages 50 years old, I asked him what he wanted us to become with this knowledge. He said "you can work for big banks or people using old systems". I knew then and ther it wasn't for me - and looks like my choice paid off pretty well.

Question #20
Why did you move from Montreal to Costa Rica?

Montreal was starting to get a bit stale for me, so I figured why not change scenes and give Costa Rica a shot. Not having to pay taxes helped in the decision too However, I can see myself at sometime in the future being ready to try another place to live. I can't stay in one place for too long, it gets boring. Scotland, Japan and Australia are on tops of list for places to visit / potentially live in.

Question #21
How did IwantU start?

Way back in 1996, Michael came up with the idea of launching a dating site that specifically caters to the adult audience. Fascinated by the idea, Michael started programming from within the four walls of his apartment not expecting such an overwhelming success. Once the demand grew greater than his ability, he hired 2 of his long time friends to help him out with the programming and customer support. (Mo and Anya, both having parted ways a few years back) He then created Wisol to host and run IwantU and also get into the hosting market. Very shortly around the time he started IwantU, was when I met and became friends with Michael. I never expected (nor did he) that we would ever work together, nor that we would still be working together and where we are today.

Question #22
Why did you abandon your friends after 350 shots?

Au contraire, some abandoned me This story goes as follows: Peel Pub in Montreal has $1 shot night on Thursdays, which was a few blocks from our office. We had just sold a used pc to someone for a few hundred bucks cash and decided to go there to blow the money. Five of us went, and with our $400 ended up ordering about 350 shots (and $50 tip). They would only bring 100 at a time though, we did take a pic of our table full of those shots on it. If I'm not mistaken, we arranged them into shapes too like a "69" and I think our logo. Well some got given aaway to girls, but we drank the majority of them. There were 30 different types available for $1 so we had a huge mix of colors. I think Michael, Jeff and myself had close to 70 each, with the others having maybe 50-60. By far the hardest one was the Bad Habits (vodka/peach schnapps) as they are only alcohol. Two of the other guys who drank the least took off, while we continued I think with some Long Island pitchers.

Question #23
Kid Cock? Discuss.

his was my comical "Porn Name" This one all goes back to Jeff and I working at Planet411. Now at the time, he did web design on soem adult sites and found out that Carol Cox (WRP) was having an open gangbang party, I believe it was named "Seductive Shell's Cum Bath vol.1". He told me let's go check it out, so I said sure why not! Well I got to their studio the following day, and Jeff was nowhere to be found. I called him and he was laughing, in a way to say "hahaha I was joking, you actually WENT!?" Well, it was a lot different than I imagined. There was no lineup of guys against a wall waiting for their turn to go cum on the girl. Everyone was extremely friendly and down to earth. I was a bit shy back then, so did drink a lot there. Can't say it was my best performance, but I did manage to perform. It was a blast, and I had gone back several times since (one on one shows, and other big gangbang type evnts/parties). I needed a porn name though, and since one fo the shows the only cd they had playing over and over was Kid Rock, someone jokingly suggested Kid Cock (also cuz of my young age). It stuck That is where I met some people like Easton, Dugmor, Carol and Danny Cox, Seska/James, Eve and many many others! Good times, good times.

Question #24
What was it like to be held up at gunpoint? Discuss.

Angry. That's what I felt above all else. It was in my first week that I moved here to Costa Rica, and I was walking home from the office to my apt (like a 3-5 min walk). As I was almost at my house, a car screeched up and out jumped two guys with guns to either side of my head. They wanted the laptop. These guys were scrawny colombians I would have loved to beat the hell out of them both, but I couldn't risk it since Colombians don't usually give a fuck about killing people and probably weren't bluffing. I gave up my laptop and was angry for awhile, but then I cooled off. I can't help but think though, that they might not have even had bullets, as lots of people here seem to mug others with empty guns. Can't take the chance though I guess.

Question #25
Do you usually pass out in the parking lot after office parties?

Really depends how good the party was! I think the time you are referring to though, was after one fo our Wisol office parties. As usual (sense a pattern yet folks?), we all got pretty wasted. I think Mike and I were going out someplace afterwards, so his car was parked in the lot a block or so away. While waiting for him to pull out of the parking lot, I apparently just lied down in the middle of the path out of the lot. Well, there's never a bad time for a nap I guess This year, I didn't get very drunk at all at our office party - cuz I can still remember the night clearly.

Question #26
Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years? Where do you see the industry?

Hrmm, tough question. I'm not one to think too much ahead, I prefer to think and act in the here and now. In 5 years, I'll be 29 so I'll probably be starting to settle down more and perhaps even be married, who knows. I expect to be at the point where I am financially comfortable, owning my current home (my goal is to fully own it in 3 years actually). In 10 years, I'll be 34 and who knows where I'll be. Another country, another continent, another planet? I'll still try to live my life young and have fun as I always have. Business-wise, I hope by then to be a lot more flexible, and truly "relax and work from the beach". Working only a few hours a day would be my goal then. I think the industry will continue to grow and adapt quicker than almost any other. Sex is the oldest profession and product on earth and I don't see anything that will challenge that history. No matter what difficulties may arise (processing, no more rebills, US legislature, etc...) I'm confident if anyone would find ways around them, it would be us. I can't wait until more of "Sci-Fi" fantasy stuff starts becoming reality and not fiction; usually, 80% of what's though to be science fiction comes true over the next 50 years or so. I just hope the world starts changing and becoming more exciting before I get too old to notice.

Question #27
Who do you look up to in the online adult industry? Down on?

UP: Anyone who is innovative, creative and/or gets the job done. People who are direct, honest and know what they are doing. People who do what they say they are going to do. DOWN: People who think only short-term in a business sense, people who try and cover up their lack of abilities with "marketing spiel", people who try to live on past successes or a past reputation while doing nothing of note in recent times, board/sig whores, people trying to stop change and progression.

Question #28
What happens when an elevator door closes on your head? Discuss your experience with this.

I think this may have been the same night as the parking lot story, or an office party, I'm not sure. The way our office was at that time (where I lived!) was on the 2nd floor. However when the elevator opened, it opened right into the office, no hallways or such. So I lied down to go to sleep half in and half out fo the elevator - and according to Michael, he left me like that with the elevator door opening and closing on my head for the entire night. I didn't even notice - I'm a deep sleeper with a hard head.

Question #29
Have you ever thought about going to an AA meeting? Discuss.

Nope, never even thought about going at all. - I don't drink alone at home. - I don't go to bars alone to drink. - My mood doesn't change if I don't have a drink for a few days or weeks. - I don't drink to "escape" from the reality of things I am fully able to not drink for long periods of time if I so choose. Fo example, when I wanted to drop some weight a few months back, I didn't drink for almost a month because it would be counter-productive. I drink when I choose to. I like drinking, and feel it does add to my fun and enhances my partying. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to drink though when going out so I don't drink. However, when I do something, I like to do it all the way - work, party, drink, sex. I prefer to get wasted 1-2 nights of the week and not drink the rest, than only have a few drinks every night.

Question #30
Ever had an STD? Ever been tested?

Nope, to this day have never had one. I have been tested before, like that time I was in the hospital from the Jacuzzi in #2 I've also been tested for HIV down here, once when I did my laser eye surgery (it was required) and another time. So far so good. However, I'm EXTREMELY lucky to never have caught anything the way I had so many one night stands with girls from bars, the majority being unprotected sex. Now that I know I am clean I intend to stay that way for good. My advice to anyone who was like me in my 17-21 years old days: Protect yourself Even if condoms really, really suck.

Question #31
Do your parents know you work in porn? discuss

Both my parents know exactly what I do for a living and have no problems with it. My mom doesn't know I've been IN porn though, but I sarcastically dropped hints in the past she just dismisses. Neither one owns a computer or are very computer-savvy though.

Question #32
Which do you like better: selling smut or selling shoes?

Ha well technically I've never sold either I worked for Hush Puppies in the warehouse when I was 14, and again at 16 (summertime jobs). Boxes containing 12-24 pairs of shoes can get HEAVY. The pro fo that job was it kept me in better shape than sitting down on a computer all ay does. IwantU is definately the more exciting job and by far more rewarding. I also get to interact with a lot more people, instead of couting shoes and climbing them up to the top of giant racks

Question #33
Talk about your masturbation record.

While I'm sure its not record, I am known to masturbate a lot. Usually when bored more than when horny, I for sure masturbate atleast twice a day if not more. When I wake up, and when I goto sleep. This stands on days I have sex too. I think the most I've just jerked off, without having sex, was probably a good 7 times in one day.

Question #34
Where does the name "Varius" come from?

Way back when I was maybe 13 years old, I got my first modem (a 300 bps one!) and started discovering the world of BBSes. I think I got the name from some medieval knight type character probably on a Nintendo RPG game. That became my BBS name and eventually IRC name as well. I've stuck with it to this day, although I did have a few different IRC ones back in the day like Val_Venis. Here's a wicked portrait done by Bluewire:

Question #35
Why did you fuck a girl in the river in front of families and children?

This was in my first few weeks in Costa Rica, down at the beach. A bargirl I picked up and I were fucking for 2 days or so, and she wanted to show me this river. We went to it and started getting it on in there, up against a rock. It was about 2-3pm. Apparently there must have been people around, because the cops pulled up and told us to get ou of the water. I didn't have my passport with me or any form of ID so I knew I could be fucked big time. They said some women called the cops because her kids were playing in the river (hey, it was a big river I didn't see them) and she thought we were disgusting. Luckily, the cops offered to let us off for $100. I answered them in Spanish, shocking them, telling them "let me just call my lawyer to see if thats a good price". They freaked, an after talking to each other, let me and the girl off with only a warning.



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