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Dirty Danza started one of the first extreme hardcore sites on the net and continues to walk the line on what can and cannot be shown in online porn today.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Dirty Danza

Question #1
Why do you feel the need to hurt women on film?

Well first of all I don't consider it hurting women... we are all concenting adults in this... why do I do the rough stuff? well I like it.. and love the fact that this girl calls me up and wants to do a shoot and I like to see how far I can take it...

Question #2
Do you ever think you will end up in jail for the violence you do on film?

thats a tough one... I hope not.. I really do... I think that if it's legal for 2 adults to do in their bedroom why shold it not be legal to film and adults who want to watch it.. they should be able to... so I hope not... I have had close calls but never for my content like being seen but just the filming part and girls in general.

Question #3
Does viewing violent sexual content promote and encourage the people who buy this content to do this in their own lives? Discuss.

well I think if nothing else it's more of an instructonal video know what I mean... everybody has a rough side to them... I guess it's better they see it from a pro and how it's supposed to be done (safley) so no one gets hurt... and everything I do is concenting from both parties

Question #4
How come you never made it past the 6th grade? Too stupid?

you learn everything you need to know by the 3rd grade.. (play nice with others, share, say please and thank you) and I have ADHD so sitting in school was never my deal plus I loved drugs.. I will fill in more on the next question

Question #5
How did drugs stop you from continuing school?

I was doing so many that getting up that early when you just went to bed an hour ago did not work out... my mother was 14 when she had me so she was a kid to... even now people look at her like my older sister rather than my mother... so when your on heroin and trying to study in school you think more of the Hbomb than the (H)omework

Question #6
Ever been to rehab? Do you still use drugs? Thoughts on rehab?

more hookups in there... say your in there for coke.. well you meet the heroin dealer and become friends with him... now you got a solid heroin hookup know what I mean

Question #7
How the fuck did a motorcycle accident launch your porn career? Discuss the accident.

well in 2001 I was involved in an accident that almost took my life I acutually was shocked back (defibulater) 3 times to life... I was riding my R1 down the street here doing about 90mph when a car pulled across the street in front of me and deicided to stop in the lane... so I ended up slamming into the driver side just in front of the front tire and was stuck under the car for a little over an hour because he rolled the front tire over my chest so I was pinned... the pressure on my heart stoped it... broke my colorbone (clavical) and all of my ribs at the breastplate so when I got out of the hospital I was not able to move my right arm at all for more than 5 months... so I could not use my upperbody to "pull feeders" which is the power from the gear box to the panel in a building.. but one thing I was still able to do was use a computer and FUCK like a champ... at the time I was going through a breakup with an older woman who acutually wished me a bad wreck 15 min before I got into the accident so I kind of devloped a hatred for women at that time so I started getting kind of rough with girls... and filming it... alot of my first scenes I have since done rid of because of bad paperwork ect ect... I have over 100 scenes that I have had to get rid of because of bad paperwork ect ect... bad lighting.. bad filming procedures you name all the mistakes I could have made I did... I started with a 15k settelment I got from the accident....

Question #8
How does someone without an education become an electrician?

I only worked union once I was a journeman before that I was a "rat" all non union.. and you can test out in nevada to JM once you know your shit... we did commerical and custom houses... when I had to leave I was doing prevailing wage at $47 an hour but now I am much happier.

Question #9
Talk about sincityvirgins.com

sincityvirgins.com was my first site... really shitty did not do very well but did alright... I still have plans for that domain.

Question #10
What the fuck is the beaver bong?

my mentor in this industry Tony from http://www.ghostcash.com and I invented a device called Beaver Bong http://beaverbong.com we can smoke weed out of the girls pussy or ass... and it really fills the whore up with water to because it's hollow at the bottom so it's amazing.

Question #11
Why on earth would you piss on girls?

Why Not? I mean we all have to flow when were bout to fuck or right after we fuck.. why not give it to the whore... plus it's always good to piss right afterwords because it cleans you out...

Question #12
How old are you?

23 years old; 24 in feb

Question #13
What's the most amount of money you've ever made in a month?

almost 80k not too much I know but it makes it so I survive.... we don't avg that much at all but we do alright... would do better if more people promoted and saw the amazing conversions....

Question #14
Do you ever feel guilty for the things you do on film to women?

FUCK NO... they let me do it.

Question #15
Did you ever burry any bodies on the cement jobs you used to do? Discuss this job.

Nope... I was doing concrete since I was born really... my mothers father, my mothers father father, my uncle, everyone inmy family owns a concrete company so it was in my blood and ever since I could walk I was picking up stakes on jobsites... so I was bound to do it at least once in my life... I can finish any type of concrete.. highrise is my fav cause there is 12% calcum in the mud and you only really have to float and tamp the mud and your done... easy finish on it...

Question #16
How do you get women to conscent to the things you do to them on film?

that has always been the easy part... selling it is the hard part... I can usually talk a girl into anything I want just by making it sound like it the best thing to him the market.. and every girl is doing it is all you have to say really... plus I have a likable personality so the girls trust me.... and they know at any time they could get up and leave... but the girls always want the paycheck at the end.

Question #17
What kind of car(s) do you have? pics

I drive a piece of shit... a corolla, and 91GMC s15 jimmy which has alot done to it it's basicly a sleeper car... looks like shit on the outside but will stomp BMW's in the twisties... I was doing autocross with the scca on weekends since I was 16 and I also have a 67stang in my garage that needs a starter other than that it's in perfect shape.

Question #18
Post pics of your home(s).

Sorry no pics of the house... thats kind of like fueling the flame... I know alot of people hate me so I don't wanna post where my family (son) lays his head I hope you all understand.

Question #19
Why do you come to GFY?

I come for the few buisness threads, the affiliates I get, and the networking... plus GFY is better than CNN on getting news first...

Question #20
Do you vote? Who for?

yeah, I vote... I voted against legal weed belive it or not and I also voted for bush.... can;t beat em join em right? now I know this will cause alot of heat but I will also say you need the best of both worlds in office... I do not belive in bush's tatcits aginst porn or anything like that but there are things I do belive in about him.... all and all I am not happy with the job he is doing now though.. but was much better choice than kerry.. kerry should be in jail if you ask me... hannoi John.

Question #21
Why the fuck have you not left Las Vegas and lived somewhere else?

I love it here.. shit is open at 4 am or anytime for that matter... and home is where the heart is and to me it's Las Vegas... I love it here.

Question #22
What were Tailand, Mexico, Europe, Jamaica like? Discuss your travels. Why these places?

Thailand was the most amazing place I have been to... heaven on earth those who have been there know... if not I don't want to go to much into detail because we don't want every tom dick and harry over there... Jamica was the place I got the smokiest weed in the world... this fucking join would not go out no matter how hard we tried it was amazing... Robatolla will have to jump in here later and vouch for that one...

Question #23
Do you have any family? What do they think of what you do for a living? What you do to women?

yeah I have a family.... Married with a son, wife hates it, Robatolla is my uncle he post on here and runs http://robatolla.com.. my mother is my number 1 fan she thinks what I do is great... not the act of it but her son does run a succsesful* business so she is proud.

Question #24
How did you get the name Dirty Danza?

cause I am the fucking boss of the bitches and I am dirty as a mutherfucker

Question #25
Do you want children? Do you have a girlfriend? Do (would) you abuse her? Would you want your female children to be a model on your sites or sites like yours?

I have a son he is 17 months old and amazing... I love him alot and I am also married.. worst thing I ever did.. now I have to fuck all these girls in my truck oh well... she still stands by me and it would be tough to find someone to do that... do I abuse her? when she gives me pussy I do... she was a gangbang whore so she has had her share of cock and black cock fuck it what can you do... you can see me degrade her at http://heatherheels.com

Question #26
Have you ever been arrested? Investigated?

no never.. these kind of thoughts I keep to myself I figure don't start nothing won;t be nothing.. howard got sued everyday cause he bashed them I don't.

Question #27
Ever had an STD? How often do you get tested?

every 28 days and yeah we have all got something a few times.. gon for me and usually with gon comes clym so fuck it... if you notice I do all condom only fuck scenes now... sales are just as good and it promotes safe sex so thats a good argue point... plus I am a firm beliver in safe sex (on camera that is).

Question #28
If a psycho killed 10 women and quoted your site as the reason for why he did what he did, would you continue?

I would post his favorite scene and sell it as "look what the danza killer watched before he butcherd bitches" fuck yeah I would keep that shit up and capitolize on that shit in a heartbeat... I would do interviews on every news station in the counrty... the fucking pope would know my fucking name.

Question #29
Any regrets?

none. well one... I wish I would have split and doubled down on how well this shit converts...

Question #30
Thoughts on legislation and your business.

I keep this to myself you will never hear me publicly bash the gov at all.

Question #31
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? this business?

hopefully healthy and playing baseball with my son or riding bikes with him somewhere.. yeah I will still be in this buisness as far as I can see so long as it's still around.

Question #32
Ever been in love? Ever been hurt/dumped/ignored? Discuss.

of course... and hurt why do you think I feel the way towards women that I do? in my eyes there all fucking whores and get whats comming to them... does your girlfriend suck a good dick? that comes from practice... you think you were the first? fuck that treat everywoman like the fucking trash she is... you have any idea on how many girls I have met and within a few min I am drilling her fucking throat? it's unreal.. even my mother look at her preggy at 14? what the fuck is that all about? see why I am who I am now?

Question #33
What did you get for x-mas?

The wife got me everything I wanted which was only one thing... I mean what do you get someone who has everything.. she got me the boombox for my sirius sportster which I love.... other than that I was santa...

I want to take a moment and thank SleazyDream on this ambushinterview I appreciate it and I will take the time and answer all questions any of you want to post at this time.. and if anyone wants to meet up in vegas and hang out I am all for it.. if your a keyboard warrier or somtehing don't even bother I generaly get along with everybody and if you hate me and want to have a debate on things I am all about it but I will never sit there and talk shit then wanna "fight" so feel free to ask anything you guys want now.



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