One of the original hardcore amateur couple sites, Sammy4u continues to grow and retain its members. Sammy and her husband have their act together and really take care of their affiliates and members in what can only be described as an X-rated family business. Hopefully Sammy will post a series picture set on this ambush to keep you all interested!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Sammy4U

Question #1
Just how many men other than your husband have you fucked while being married? Does he know about the other guys?

Of course he knows about the other guys, he is usually the one standing back holding the video camera. Lol I would guess I have fucked about 15 guys since I have been married. That is not bad for a ďpornĒ couple, huh? As far as shooting content with other guys we donít shoot with just anyone. We try to keep it to guys that we know. Brett is pretty protective in who he will let fuck me. When we arenít shooting content we actually have a couple of close guy friends that we hang out with that arenít in the business and we are pretty tight about letting new guys in to the group. Of course as many girls can join in as possible.

Question #2
What made you change from being a full out lesbian to a bi-girl?

I wouldnít say I was a strict lesbian. I did have a tight relationship with a girl for about a year. At the time she was the one that my heart was with but I did have guys that I would fuck around with every now and again. She was the first girl I ever had been with and we just really clicked. We had a great relationship but I do enjoy the cock. When I left Ohio 11 years ago I lost contact with her. I just started talking to her again this past July. A lot has changed in our lives but our friendship picked up right where it left off. We will not ever be together again but we will be the best of friends for life. So really, I have always been a bi girlÖ I just went through a period where my heart was given to another girlie.

Question #3
Talk about going to a boarding school for 2 years in the Dominican Republic. Why did you go?

It sucked! It wasnít a nice boarding school where rich parents send their teens to learn culture and all that. It was a reform school, their main goal was to turn you in to a Christian their second goal was to break you down to supposedly build you back up later. It was tough. I did my junior and senior year of high school down there. When you first arrive you are on first level which means you are not allowed to speak or move freely around the house. We had to ask to go from room to room and be with in 10 feet of a supervisor 24/7, even in the bathroom. My mom sent me their cause I got in a bit of trouble with drugs and was about to get kicked out of school permanently. She didnít really feel like bothering with me and this was a great place to stick me till I hit 18 ands was no longer her problem. Their has been one book that I know of already written about this program and another one on the way. I have been asked to participate in the second book and give my account of what happened to me while I was their but I have declined. I would rather just let the past be the past and move on. One good thing that came out of it was that I got to see another part of the world. That was really cool and I still love going to the DR and meeting the people who live their. I have a bit of a connection to the place.

Question #4
Is there any location where you will not flash your boobs?

Are their places I am not suppose to flash my boobies?

Question #5
Are your boobs real?

Of course my boobies are real! Did you really think I was born with out them? Lol Ok, so that is not really what you meant is it? I did get implants when I was 24. I went from a large B to a DD, a bit too big for my size but I was a dancer so they worked for me. A little over a year ago I went back under the knife and had silicon put in and went down to a big C small D size. These one are much better as far as size and they feel much more real. Right JMan? Hehe

Question #6
How old are you? How tall are you? What height is the cut off for being labelled a midget or a dwarf?

Geesh, all these questions and the only one I donít really want to answer is ďHow old are you?Ē But since it is for GFYÖ. 32! I am 4í10Ē a real giant, huh? I do not know the cut off for what qualifies to be a dwarf or a midget but I have been accused of being under the limit before. I am too scared to look in to it.

Question #7
How does a guy apply to have sex with you? What are your standards on who you will and won't fuck?

There are no applications. I really just fuck guys that are my friends, people we hang out with. I like guys that are funny, out going and have wild personalities. Cute is a big plus but personality makes up for a lot. Of course a bad personality can also ruin it for a hot guy.

Question #8
Talk about condoms, STDs and safe sex and your thoughts and personal practices.

Nope, no stds. We practice safe sex and when Brett gets with his hookers he makes sure to double bag it.

Question #9
How long have you been running your website? How did you start?

My site has been up since 1999, I believe. We started it with no knowledge in this business at all. It was a lot of trial and error, mostly error at the beginning. We thought just having a site would make us money. We didnít realize that a site alone wasnít going to cut it. Eventually we caught on and things have picked up a lot. We learned from our mistakes and are doing great now.

Question #10
Do you solely do the content or do you run the site with your husband?

I am not just content. I do the day to day operations of the site, edit the pics, updates, site design, take care of the billing and cancels, customer service and make sure my members are happy and satisfied.

Question #11
Why did you destroy the house where Brett slept with his ex-wife 10 years ago?

Um well, I guess I went a bit off the wall. I thought we had something and when he slept with his wife I knew we really didnít have anything after all. A bad temper mixed with too much alcohol that afternoon and I went a little psycho. I do have to say though the bright orange spray paint was a really nice touch. ;)

Question #12
Talk about what it's like to live in a house with 24/7 live cams everywhere. Talk about building the house.

It is pretty cool. I donít mind having them and my members love them. It also is a good way to prevent any friends from bringing their kids over. Lol

Question #13
How is it your husband has never proposed to you?

What do you mean? Donít you think, ďHey babe, how would you like to have some health insurance?Ē is a pretty romantic way to propose?

Question #14
Just what exactly will you or won't you do for 100 pesos?

Does the t-shirt come with that?

Question #15
Talk about your relationship with booze, drinking and partying. Talk about illegal drugs. Do you use them?

My relationship with booze, huh? That is funny. I do like to party, canít deny that. Iíve been doing it for a long time and am actually pretty good at it. ;) I have tried a lot of different drugs but I donít do any hardcore drugs anymore.

Question #16
What do you think of your members? What exactly happens at a members' party? Who gets laid at one of these?

I love my members, they have been great to me. Members partys are just a way for my members to come out and party with me and my friends. I used to do a couple of them a year but I have been slack on doing them this year. Just got so busy traveling and doing conventions that I havenít had the time to plan one recently. Depending on where we hold the party any one can get laid. I have had members come to my parties and get laidÖ just not by me.

Question #17
Why do you still sleep with a stuffed animal named Samantha?

I am going to have to kick Bretts ass for telling you about my stuffed dog. I have had it since I was two and I just never got rid of him. He is pretty ragged so I have retired him from traveling with me. He sets on my bed behind my pillows. Iíll probably have him forever.

Question #18
How many years does it take to get a college degree? Talk about this time.

I wouldnít know! I went for 8 years and still never got one. Got close a few times but ended up changing my major before I could graduate. After 8 years and no degree I pretty much gave up the idea of getting a higher education and turned to porn. Lol

Question #19
Is Brett bi or gay?

Now why would you think that?

Question #20
Talk about your father and your time growing up with him. Talk about your Mom.

My dad was great. I moved in with him when I was 12, my sisters stayed with my mom, so it was just me and my dad. I was daddy's little girl, well more like little tom boy. He was fun and we got a long really good. We didnít have much money or a TV so we played a lot of cards and chatted. He was a lady's man and was always bring home different women. Which was cool cause we had a really small apartment so if he had a girl over I got to stay out until she left. He did like to drink a lot so we hung out at the bars, we even lived above one. He loved me but just really didnít know how to raise a kid. He treated me more like a friend and let me drink and stay out till I felt like coming home. My friends loved coming over cause he was funny and of course he let them drink to. He was super protective over me when we went out but still I got used to old men hitting on me pretty early in life. He did the best he knew how. We had great times together and we had some really hard times. He got cancer and that really devastated him mentally and physically. He didnít take care of himself the way he should. Didnít take any meds and just continued to drink and waste away. He ended up drinking himself right in to the grave at 36. He died 4 days after I turned 16 and my life was turned upside down. I had to move in to my moms house which really didnít work out. I stayed there for about 6 months before she sent me off to rehab in Indiana and from there on to the reform school in the DR. I just couldnít get along with her or her new husband. I donít think she had the patience to put up with me and didnít know where else to turn to. I was pretty fucked up after my dad died so I can see where she thought I needed some help. We have had an on again off again relationship ever since I left her to move in with my dad. She never forgave me for making her feel like a bad mom. She couldnít and probably still doesnít understand why I left her nice comfy home to live with my dad in a one room apartment over a bar with out heat or food half the time. We had given up on our relationship and didnít speak for 5 years. We just started talking again about a year ago. Now we have a decent relationship but it feels kind of superficial a lot of the times. We are both trying though and so far things have gone smoothly between us. I do hope that our relationship gets stronger but if it stays like it is I can live with that to.

Question #21
What type of hair dye do you use to make yourself blonde?

Well, I am naturally blonde anyways but last year I did start getting high lights and low lights put in to make my hair brighter. I donít know what kind it is cause I go to the salon to get it done. Only Emily, my hairdresser, knows.

Question #22
How much candy do you consume? Talk about your diet.

None. I eat a pretty clean diet and donít eat sugar or white flour. I stick to low glycemic carbs, high protein and fiber dense foods. I donít crave candy or sweets so I donít break my diet for them my weakness is NACHOS and SUSHI! Yum. My usual food day is oatmeal and egg whites with tomatoes, chicken breast, veggies, salad, sweet potatoes, lots of water, green apples, wraps, beef jerky and hot sauce. I can just about make anything you want healthy by just changing a few ingredients. I have a delicious recipe for low carb/ low fat lasagna.

Question #23
Post pics proving you were a gymnist.

Sorry, donít have any pics. I was a gymnast for 12 years though and competed for about 9 of those years. My favorite event was the uneven parallel bars but I competed in all around, which is bars, floor, vault and beam. I remember my first meet I was like 5 and my first event was floor. I was so nervous I did my whole 3 minute routine in about a minute and then had to stand in salute until the music finished. The whole gymnasium was laughing at me and I thought I was just going to die. Good thing Samantha was their to comfort me. Afterwards my dad said they were all laughing cause I looked so cute out there just standing in a salute position for so long but that really didnít make me feel any better. After that I learned to pay real close attention to my music speed.

Question #24
What places have you lived in?

I grew up in Ohio and lived their till I was 16 and went off to the DR for a year. Once I got out of reform school I went back to Ohio. When I was 20 I moved to San Diego, California for a couple of month but it didnít work out cause my girlfriend that I moved out their to live with turned out to be a call girl. I wasnít really upset about that but she kept trying to talk me in to doing it and I wasnít cool with that. I ended up going back to Ohio until I packed my car and just drove south when I was 21. I didnít have a place to go and I only had $40 and my boyfriends stolen credit card so I didnít have very many options either. I ended up in Wilmington, North Carolina where I got a job dancing. I was able to make enough money to get an apartment in about a day so I was happy. I stayed in NC until I moved to Florida 2 years ago. I like Florida but we are debating moving some place else, possibly out of the country. Not sure yet though.

Question #25
Discuss your TV show private parties.

I donít remember how we ever ended up getting the opportunity to be in the Private Parties collection. We were contacted by them some how and thought it would be fun so we agreed to do it. We had a film crew come down out of Canada and film us for 3 or 4 days. While they were here we had a members invite party and a bunch of webgirls over to our house. They got some great footage of us partying with members and fucking each other. They interviewed Brett and I about our life style and swinging and discussed how we started swinging. It was fun and a painful at the same time. The crew was great but you go over the same subjects and same questions so many times it gets tiring. And after partying for a few days I wasnít really feeling 100%. The end result was fucking hilarious though. We were living in North Carolina at the time so they added a hicky music back ground to it. They portrayed us as fun loving, party animals with unsatiable appetites for sex with multiple people. Not really too far off from the truth. Lol I think they show has only aired in Canada. I have a copy of it though that we break out every once in a while to watch with friends. It is like a sex filled b rated comedy. It will definetly be cool to pop it in the player 40 years from now.

Question #26
How exactly did you appear on the front page of the money section of USA Today?

Eric from the virtual sex machine came to us with this opportunity. After we agreed to do it the newspaper sent over a photographer to work with us. He spent an hour or so snapping pictures of Brett and I. The whole point of us being there was to portray us as a hard working couple producing porn right from our home office. The pictures turned out great, my sister even framed one of them she cut from the paper and has it hanging on her wall. The best part for me was being on the front page of the money section right next to Martha StewartÖ and my picture was bigger. hehe

Question #27
Talk about quiting smoking.

I quite smoking in Feb 2000 after having smoked about a half a pack to a pack a day for about 15 years. Yeah I started smoking young.

Question #28
What kind of car do you drive? Post pics.

A bright yellow MR2 Spyder! I love it.

Question #29
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Where do you see the business?

I will still be on the net but we will have more sites in our program. We are currently working on expanding SammySmack to include a variety of sites for our affiliates to promote.

Question #30
Who do you look up to in this business? Down upon?

I look up to Mitch and Sarah from NetBilling. They are awesome people and have took risks early on that have really paid off for them. They worked hard and created a trusted business that is at the top of its game. No matter how big or small you are they go out of their way to treat everyone with respect. My kudos go out to them. I look down on those scum bag affiliates that use stolen credit card to generate sales and actually think they are going to get paid. And content thieves.

Question #31
Why do you come to GFY? How many webmaster events do you attend a year? What's this poker deal?

I come here to find out who Scott is picking on this week. Actually, I come here to find out what is going on with Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie and who has the newest ďWould you hit it threadĒ. This board is a staple in the industry right now so it is a good place to come and find out what is going on in the adult world. I have some friends here and I like being able to chat with everyone at once. It is fun here even though it can be intimidating at times. In the past year Iíve went to Vegas, San Diego, Amsterdam, Mexico, Phoenix, Jamaica, Hollywood, Dominican Republic and Tampa. I have also traveled to do photo shoots in Colorado, Ohio, Kansas and Georgia. So it is about once a month I travel for a show or to get content. I got a bit burnt out this year so Brett did do a couple of additional show on his own. The Porn Poker Tour (PPT) is a webmaster event that takes place at a majority of the Shows. We have been organizing sponsors since the start of the PPT. So far we have done the event at 5 shows and it has gone over great each time. The PPT is a sponsored event with no buy-in Texas hold Ďem poker tournament lasting between 1 and 3 days with prizes topping out at $15K in cash. The next PPT event will be at the Phoenix Forum. We look forward to expanding the PPT because of all the buzz and good response it has received at the shows we have brought it to so far.

Question #32
If you had to start your business over again today what one thing would change?

I would do a lot more research before jumping in blind with my own site. I would probably start out as an affiliate to see what traffic and site designs work better. My site has been through a lot of trial and error over the last 7 years but we finally got it down pretty good. It was a great learning tool doing it the way we did it.



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