One of the early power players, Wizzo was there at the very start of GFY and other major programs. He's a bright guy with a colorful background who currently works for Mayor's Money. If you want to move forward in this game, get to know Wizzo.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Wizzo

Question #1
Is it true you got kicked out of the navy for homosexual behaviour?

This one half true, I was kicked out of the Navy but it was for drinking, fightning, and getting into to trouble on regular basis, not the gayness!

Question #2
Talk about your oil family ties.

Not sure how much there is to talk about, but my family has and is in the oil industry. My great grandfather had a part in the discovery and building of the West Texas oil boom of the early 1900s in Odessa/Midland area. So given that, I guess its safe to say I am the blacksheep of the family for deciding not to go the oil route but to peddle porn..

Question #3
Just how many women and men have you fucked from Adult Friend Finder?

Men=none! Women= Wayyyyy more than my share I'm sure! In fact, probley should write a "how-to" book on the subject...

Question #4
Did Marina ever get in your way?

Marina who?

Question #5
Talk about the clown prank pulled on Rinaldo.

Rinaldo has a extremely unrealistic fear of clowns, which in a office like ours where we like to have some fun and enjoy ourselves, a fear like that can only lead to one thing... A great prank!!!!!! For those that missed it, Click here for the Video!

Question #6
How did you start in Adult?

I was designer and had just started dabbling in learning html around early 97, and had a friend named Dakota Kelly who was fairly famous Big Boob Model, and she wanted a website mainly to sell her book she had written. So I agreed to help but stumbled across the Porncity BBS when looking for info on adult websites and started reading and learned a bit about TGPs and decided to try my hand at creating a gallery. My 1st gallery was 10 stolen pics and a maxcash banner on a Porncity freesite. I submitted it everywhere I could find and in like a week made around $600 off that gallery and the rest is history... I did build Dakota's site, but it didn't last because she didn't want to "play" with others in the biz...

Question #7
Is it true you were one of the first posters ever to GFY?

It is true, Lensman had the 1st post, I had the 1st reply just slipped it in before Tanker or Mike69 could reply...

Question #8
Talk about your time as a professional card player/gambler.

When I was in the Navy I learned how to play cards and when I got kicked out I made my living in the illegal poker rooms found all over Houston. Then when I decided to go back to school, it served as a great way to make my own schedule and bring in the cash I needed to live and go to school. Sometimes I would make trips to Vegas for some gambling action as well!

Question #9
Did you career as a commercial photographer have any influence on your adult career?

Strangely enough it didn't, I went to school to learn Photography and worked as a non-adult commercial photographer, shooting everything from City skylines to visa ads. I then took a job as a contractor for the Air Force to help convert their traditional photo labs to digital. Which this was just at the beginnings of digital photography and so the govt. was about the only one that could afford the equipment.. It was a kinda fun job, got the chance to photograph alot of Senators, Congressmen, the President, and more generals than I care to count.. Also got to get a up close look alot of cool planes and such. However, since I had not told them about getting kicked out of the Navy, I always kinda felt like I was doing something wrong by working there and having the access I had...

Question #10
How did you become a graphic designer?

Once I left the AirForce gig, my computer skills were alot better than many at that time, just because of the massive backroll the military had, so I took a offer from a design firm looking to move to a more mordern team and so put down the camera for a computer and doing design work.

Question #11
Discuss how you had a part in amateurpages/adult.com at the start.

I know Lensman likes to credit me with all his success! However, I was part a great team that Lens had put together in order for us to go from being AmateurPages to being Adult.com, GFY, CashTour, adding Asian and Black Amateurpages, and EraserCash.

Question #12
Why did you leave epiccash? Why ON EARTH did you go to work there? Is Trey really as fucked up as he looks on GFY?

A. I left because I was making quite a bit of money on my own stuff and really just didn't want to work for someone at the time. B. Trey had offered me a really good deal that I couldn't turn down. C. Trey is far from fucked up in the real world, he's a smart business man and also treats people very fair and is quite stand up!

Question #13
Did Mayor hire you to steal other companies corporate secrets?

Absolutely!!!!! Among other things like being the office eye candy!

Question #14
Why did you become a licensed realtor? What happened with the Realtor you loved and lost?

I became a realtor because it seemed like everyone I knew at the time was either buying or selling a house and figured I could bank on it. Did OK, but being a Realtor, even part time is too much like real work...lol As for the one I loved, I didn't lose her as much as left... She lived in Ca. and so when I moved back to Texas it fizzled out like any long distance relationship does over time...

Question #15
Discuss this chocolate cookie fetish of yours.

Like many fetishes, not sure where it came from, but homemade chocolate chip cookies are just shizzit in my book!

Question #16
Did you get hard seeing Rinaldo naked in the office?

It was actually at Mayor's house when I saw him naked and what guy wouldn't get hard looking at this:

Question #17
Why do people in Florida have insect screens and how did you learn this the hard way?

top secret information

Question #18
Does Lensman owe you any money? What happened?

I guess its a matter of perspective, water under the bridge now. We were partners in Drunkslut.com and then we had another deal with some other people that went south based on what they did and took the drunkslut deal with it.

Question #19
Talk about shaving and Adult.com, epic cash and Mayor's Money.

The 1 thing I can say about the 3 companies I've worked for is they've always been top notch when it comes to dealing with webmasters, so wish I could bust out with some major shaving exposure, but no news with any of these guys.

Question #20
Why did you start drinking again after 15 years of being sober.

To understand the reason I started again, I need to tell you the reason I stopped. I used to drink like a lot of people to escape problems, reality, etc. which tended to cause more problems and got me into ALOT of trouble. So I stopped because it was a vice and hurt my life. After 13 years sober, I dealt with any demons I had and also learned to face problems head on, so I could return to drinking as a social thing and not as a escape. Its been about 3 years and other than a few hangovers, its caused no problems in my life...

Question #21
Why did you cut your hair?

Woke up one day and decided it was time to cut it off and get a new look, so went and had 24in. cut off... it was that simple. The fun was when I would run into people that I knew, who didn't recognize me without it...

Question #22
How was Lensman to work for - really?

The truth is Lensman was tough to work for but was well worth every minute! I learned more about this business and business in general from him and will use the stuff I learned from working with him the rest of my life. The reason is his expectation of his employees is the same as his expectation for himself, VERY high and doesn't accept anything less. Multi-Million dollar buyouts from Playboy don't happen by luck...

Question #23
Did your degree in photography help your adult career at all. Where did you go? Discuss this time in your life.

It did in the respect of knowing the difference between good photography and bad. Also, in the respect of design and composition of what is appealing to the eye. It was a fairly busy time in my life, because I was in my early 20s and so Mom and Dad weren't taking care of me anymore, so I had to juggle school and work, which as I said earlier was playing poker for a living which can be quite time consuming.

Question #24
How did you become a single Dad?

My Ex went down a road that I wasn't willing for my kids or me to go down, so I became a single dad about 5years ago to my 2 daughters who are 8 and 10. I think its important to give kids a decent shot at life by giving them a safe and happy childhood. I could do that better than my Ex could or can, so even though some days it sucks, I know that once they are grown it will be worth it!

Question #25
Where have you lived? Where do you live now? Why?

I grew up in Houston, California for a few years when I worked for Lensman, then back to Houston to raise my girls. Then to Florida when Mayor offered me to work with him and plan to be here a longtime, I love S. Florida!

Question #26
What adult conventions do you attend? Which are your favorites? Least favorites?

I've attended a bunch of 'em and have a love/hate feeling for most all of them, just because they take a lot out of me, but also its where a lot deals happen. My favorite is Phoenix Forum and least is probably Vegas Internext.

Question #27
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on? Discuss.

Lots of people I look up to, but for sure on that list would be: Mayor- He's one guy that has been straight up for the 9 years I've known him and the only person at this point in my career that I would even think about working for or with. Lensman- See my post about him. Juicy- For making a art of posting and still able to send more joins than most in this biz. JFK- For making his place in this biz, from seemingly out of nowhere and cataloging the industry the way he does. Lars- Cause he's just a all around pimp and lives true! As for looking down anyone, I don't have enough time to worry about any of those people, so don't remember any...lol

Question #28
What kind of car do you own? post pics. Post pics of you house(s).

Never spent much on cars, so I have '03 Tahoe and a old beater Camero for reserve... I have a great house on lake here in S. Florida... I will try to hunt so more pics, but here's a few from my back yard and the guys with their best catches out of the lake....


Question #29
If you had to do your online adult career over again - what would you do differently?

Back in '97 I would have bought a shitload more domains and wouldn't have taken a 1 year sabbatical in '03.

Question #30
How did you get the name Wizzo?

After I built Dakota Kelly's site she was always saying I was wizard at building sites and a bunch of us were at the Excalibur in Vegas and on the their $100 chips is wizard named Wizzo and everyone started calling me that and it just stuck...

Question #31
What's the most illegal thing you've ever done? Did you get caught?

I'll start with the 2nd part, no I wasn't caught... So I can't post it on the board till the statue of limitations runs out...

Question #32
Discuss drugs and your use of them.

Drugs like everything have their time and place, and should never get in the way of your life.

Question #33
Do your kids know what you do? Discuss.

They know I do internet marketing. But they are still too young to understand what I do in relation to porn, but I have no doubt that one day they will know. I think its important to "raise kids in the sunlight" so to speak, but also its my job as a parent to understand what they can understand and can't.



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