Nick's been in the industry for years now. Someone who could be a male model - he now defines what a right hand man for a major program should be. Nick currently lives in the Philipines where he enjoys the lifestyle and continues to work and grow with Dee Cash to astonishing levels.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on nickbaauw

Question #1
Why does a hooker named Faith want you dead?

Love the question and and I knew this one was coming up! LOL 2004 October, Asia Rookie NickBaauw arrives in the Phillipines at the age of 22.... Having absolutely NO Clue what's going on out here! Please allow me to explain that Hookers in the Phillipines don't consider themselves hookers, they will be your girlfriend for the night and you pay them to leave. Being a "hooker" rookie, I had no clue how sneaky these girls can be! This Girl Faith was one of the first girls that I had the Pleasure with "Bringing" home, being away from My family, in a new world I guess I was sensative and the girl ended up staying longer in my condo than just for the night..... After a week, I sorta fel in love with this girl.... LOL..... She had to leave for a night to come back the next day, while calling her during the night she told me she was at home watching TV, but after 2 days I found out she was bangin' a mutual friend in some Hotel in Manila.... Nicky's heart was broken......, she left to Japan and came back 6 months later to find NickBaauw in Manila....... Now.... I dont get back, I get even! I told her to come live with me, she moved in, I made her absolutely fall in love with me, than one night she went out and came back at 4 am... to find me drunk in my bed with 4 other girls.... Again, I dont get back I get even....


Question #2
Why do they call you the Dutch Cook?

Its a name created by a very good friend of mine, I guess it was at a time that I had sex with some girls with the door open so everyone could watch..... The word about the dutch cock kinda spread around as it seems to be of a good size ;) Some wonder why I was never Content......

Question #3
Just what does Pierre( mean to you?

Pierre, Dennis and Richard truly mean a lot to me! Pierre, Ive had the pleasure meeting him the first time while doing my traineeship at about 5-6 years ago, I consider pierre as a good friend of mine! Pierre helped me out in a dark time and brought me on board. I will always be really thankfull for the time  Dennis, He brought me into the industry at payserve, showed me around in the industry, teached me a lot! Him and Pierre together brought me on board. Richard, Congrats with your new born Son my friend! Thanks for the good times! Pierre, dennis and richard, Thanks for everything and I truly miss seeing all 3 of you!

Question #4
Talk about your time with Payserve.

While working at Payserve I had a great time, Ive been very fortunate working with and learning from many wonderfull people out there! All of them still very good friends of mine! Payserve is a great program, My special thanks go out: Dennis, Peter Sneeboer Dennis Koning Maria Motza Sandy Wenderhold Michel van Der Sanden While working these Ive seen people leave the company like  Dennis Koning, Michel van der Sanden, stayed strong with my dear and lovely friend Maria and we got to Hire people like: Lindsay Van Der Eng and Mike Swalbach AKA Dutch Mike! Both good friends of mine! Of which both we unfortunately we dont hear much from anymore today.... Being a marketing/sales guy I felt there was more to do in this industry... Payserve is a traditional company and stays with their traditions....unfortunately new ideas like reality sites/ niche sites coulnt be worked out, this was in 2001/2002.... I'm sure it would have worked one way or another but unfortunately they didnt want to get into that other than that A change of Management made me decide to spread my wings and leave the company. Now dont get me wrong I love the people at payserve and will always do! Everytime I'm in Holland I will make sure to visit payserve headquarters and the company and people there will always have a special place in my heart!

Question #5
Talk about your time working as a bartender.

Some of my very best times in Holland! Working at the biggest Party Centre called Bobs Party Saloon...... Starting off as a bartender when I was 16/17 years old good times began for the young NickBaauw Being single and not ugly ;) and working behind one bar with personal friends I got to develop some social skills, drinking skills and pimpin' skills I wasn't doing it for the money BUT one of the reasons was all my friends worked there and it seemed to pull a good amount of girls The bar I ran at that time was the most popular one in the building ( out of 9 bars ) because of friendly barkeepers and hot girls coming back weekly which pulls a good amount of guys. Developing my own little system and bringing in lots of $$$$ for the owner kinda made me popular with the management so they decided to pull me aside and create my own BarKeeper Team to represent them at the DUtch National Barkeeper Team Contest in ROtterdam. This event was backed up by television and the biggest party magazine in Holland. The contest was as followed: 2 bars within a club, the red and Yellow bar, doing 6 competitions with other club representatives they judge your team on: 1. Presentation 2. Presentation of the drinks 3. Quality of the drinks 4. Fastness of Service 5. Friendlyness of Service 6. Quickness of figuring out the price and giving change back 7. amount of drinks sold, total profit 8. amount of tips At all times the camera was present, only goodlooking people were allowed in the bar as they would show it on national TV. Me being a media freak and knowing how to work them, told my team to work as fast as efficient as possible, while I would pull all the girls to the bar by handing out free shooters, BUT they needed to drink it off of my body on the bar! Which made camera come to our bar time after time.... which pulled all the visitors to our bar time after time... We won the competition and won a no expensive holiday to IBIZA Hell yeah

Question #6
Why did you quit Pierre and go work for Dee?

Pierre helped me out in dark times and I will always be very very very thankfull for that! After 6 months of having the privilege working for a company that owns 3 of the biggest TGPs out there I found out that working for an affiliate program is where I would be at my best. Other than that, it was time for me to get the hell out of Holland to explore more of the world. Pierre and Me are on great terms and I truly respect him! and I will always be thankfull for what he did for me! I have always been honest to pierre about what was going on! I had several options of companies to work for.......BUT! Me and Dee got in contact Feb/March 2004 when I first noticed a gagonmycock submission to, I was like DAAAAAAYUM! that shit Must sell! So we got in contact pretty soon and I was trying to sell him advertising ;) Than April 2004 we met in Amsterdam at the Adult Online Europe Show.... meeting him person I was impressed with his business point of view While Deecash just started betatesting with gagonmycock, pierre and I decided to give it a try on worldsex.... I believe the first day we made over 60Sales on Gagonmycock.... which suprised us obviously...! Than At the Miami show 2004 Dee had me picked up at the Westin with my OWN limo to go and see him at a LIVE GAGONMYCOCK shoot (which was great) After the miami show dee and I stayed in touch, I told pierre I was talking to affiliate programs to possibly work for. Dee, the smart guy as he is explained me a small piece of his plans and before I knew I had a ticket to Asia.... within 3 days I left everything behind and moved to Manila in October 2004........GREAT TIMES WERE ABOUT TO HAPPEN! Much love and thanks to Pierre for being a smart business man, a good friend and for understanding!

Question #7
Have you ever used a fake ID to attend an industry event?

YES SIR! What a fake dutch drivers License can do Strip clubs, Normal Clubs, Restaurants, Bars...... The US system failed terribly Ive never had problems getting a badge for internext, I guess thats 18+ right? Ive always been tall, kinda speak better English than the average Dutch Person, so that gave me some advantage as well

Question #8
What was it like moving from a small village in Holland to Manila?

Well....... " Culture Shock " is absolutely the right word..... Its not just the change from small village to HUGE City ( I'm used to amsterdam big time! but even amsterdam is a small city compaired to Manila ) Not just The difference between Dutch People and Asian people, and not Just the difference between a well taken care of Holland and a 3rd world country like the Phillipines.... Those differences are Huge.... combine that with being used to leave a tight group of 20 friends and a small tight Family for longer than 2-3 weeks..... It wasn't easy to be honest! There were moments that I would break down and cry! BUT My dear friends Dee and Anthony were always there to support me and will always be there to support me! Dee hooks me up with tickets back and forth to Holland once every 3-4 months to go see my family and friends, which Makes it perfect for me! Dee moved me in to bad ass condos and takes really good care of me! Which I am really thankfull for! Making me feel at home! After being here for 17 months now, I call manila my home now, Dee and anthony my family and true Friends ( next to Dee being the Boss of course ) Going out to a show makes me Miss Manila after a couple of Days... I'm Happy really really happy both Private and Business Wise! The fillipino people I have the privilege working with are great! Showing me around town, inviting me to their parties and homes, teaching me about their culture, also making me feel at home! Many of Dee's employees I consider as real good friends! The Phillipines is BY FAR the most beautifull country I have seen in my Life! Even though I am still young I have traveled the world ( EUROPE / STATES / Canada ) Let me show everyone some pictures I made from traveling around in the Phillipines:


Question #9
Is it true you didn't goto a real university?

It s a private Marketing Management study which is being supported by many huge international Dutch Companies ( or companies that used to be dutch but have been bought ) based out in Amsterdam. Teachers are succesfull business people, classes were given in English, student presentations needed to be done in front of business people which individually would rate you. I got spotted there at the end of the study By The amsterdam ING bank, they offered me a great job, but I decided to get into porn at PAYSERVE

Question #10
Do you have any stalkers?

Well.......................... The stalkers out here in Manila are really easy to deal with! 1. change SimCard 1$ 2. tell guard to tell her youre not living here anymore 2$ 3. having your friends tell her youre back to holland 12 beers 5$ 4. watching them come to your condo 2/3times a week on Camera = Priceless If another stalker shows up, repeat Had some yeah! Easy to deal with

Question #11
What martial art do you know? Isn't that considered the gayiest of all styles?

My parents send me to JUDO when I was 5 years old till I was 9 or 10 I believe, When I was 10 Years old I started Jiu Jitsu till I was 17, Being 16 I started Thaiboxing at the same time... and continued to do so for a long time Tai Chi I believe would be the softest and slowest martial sort of art, I'm a very impatient fighter........ Wanna Get those wrists up? You'll be forced down fast... nowadays I'd rather have people keeping those wrists down..... Being still young and all over the place I run into incidents once in a while, I do not step aside......

Question #12
Just how fast were you driving when you took Virtumike to the airport? discuss

LOL look at my pants.... trust me they were clean I believe this was from Payserve headquarters to amsterdam Airport, I was driving my Red Honda Coupe, which was just pretty powered up... and Mike was pretty late for an international flight..... 2 big guys in a honda coupe, no traffic , full power.... I guess Mikey got scared a little bit.

Question #13
Talk about cannel diving in Amsterdam. pics

-- ROFLOL! By Far My favourite Story Of All Shows with a good friend of mine called Paul Dinin.... Step by to their site if you have the time..... I think Paul is back on the editorial page right now.... Absolutely by far the funniest guy Ive met! Paul is the first person I have met from the states in Our industry actually! being a virgin in this Industry at the age of 18..... Paul and XXjay were the first persons Ive met..... great meeting both of them as many many parties in 3 different continents would follow...... To make it not too long of a story.... Not sure what year it was but it was an ADULT ONLINE EUROPE in Amsterdam...... after a good day of business we stepped away from the Show Hotel and decided to go around on the Red Light District.... With about 25-30 people we ended up drinking at the Old Sailor a famous bar and absolutely one of my favourite bars in Amsterdam... Paul challenged me for a JagerMeister Match up.... Not sure howmany he lined up BUT without any doubt enough to kill both of us..... I have to admit I was cheating at the time and Paul finished his huge amount of jager shots without any problem..... Now... about 30 minutes later I see him running all over the place and I was about to fall down as well.... Time to go home..... NOW if anyone who reads this been there, they know the cannels on the redlightdistrict are easy to fall into, so I decided to grab paul to make sure he's safe.... I funny shadow fight started between me and paul, out of the blue he started running away.... unfortunately being really drunk running straight ahead was not an option.... and before I knew I Hear SPLASH..... I'm like HELL NO!!!!!!!! HE ended up either falling or jumping into the Cannel on the red light district which absolutely is the nastiest and worst thing that could happen to a human being.... cops and ambulances showed up, we ( me and VIP on of thehun's boys )finally managed to pull him out.... Ruining my Armani Suit.... big time NOW!!!! Paul sees the Police and Screams.... FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!! and jumps back in backwards...... I Managed to keep him out of the hands of the police and hospital..... I heard the CJ CREW In Atlanta has some great pics and even made Tshirts from those pics..... I love paul and I miss hanging out with him!

Question #14
Is it true the first night you fuck a girl you tell them you love them? Do you mean it?

Done that Once Correct..... See Question Number1 and I learned my lesson! Let me change that question.... Is it true the first night a girl fucks you she tells you she loves you? Does she mean it? Hmmmmm....... Most of the times yes.... They Seem to Call it "Bulla Bulla" which means lying/bullshit

Question #15
Talk about the mafia girl you dated and the senator's daughter you dated.

I'll have to split this question in 2 Parts I guess Part One: Mafia Girl........................................ How am I supposed to know that when a hot girl with 100-200$ bottles on her table would be a wife of a Jacuzza? HUH? Whats Up with That? Especially when she takes ME out shopping for clothes.... Especially when she takes me out for 400$+ Diners with just the 2 of us?!........ It happens all day any day that a girl would arrange Presidental Suites once/twice a week just to have a good night with me.....???????? If I only knew....... Was I blind? I didnt wanna see it??? Or was it a night after going out waking up in the sort of White House? with pictures of a family??????????? Good times till I woke up that morning............. Truth............One of those things that might be important for a persons life.............

Question #16
Tina wants to know why you talk to her on the phone while haveing sex with philippino women?

I love tina! Adore her! And yes I would share anything with her...... to answer your question it was one of those requests...... Maybe Tina can share with us what she heard

Question #17
Talk about the time you brought a shemale home thinking he was a girl you wanted to have sex with and what happened.

This is something that got thrown out in the open by friends.... BUT! It wasnt me bringing her/him home nor into a room... It was a friend of mine called Chris ( NO NOT IBANKER from Jasonandalex ) a half swedish/fillipino guy... He brought it in..... found out it was a tranny.... started yelling, I ran into the room and Grabbed it to throw it out........ Tranny slapped me, tranny was giving me an attitude, Tranny got choked and smacked around a lil' Tranny got what it deserved. Now dont get me wrong Both Trannies and all gay people here get my full respect, BUT Tricking someone into shit.... WRONG, slapping nick and giving him an attitude.... WRONG

Question #18
Discuss the Miami incident where a granny slapped you.

Miami show, Diner with some great people from our industry....... some Cuban/Mexican Place, We're dancing with mother and daughter, grandma is looking at us.... While they were leaving towards the end of the night granny shows up in my face and gave me a bitch slap mike tyson can be jalous off... Quote: If my husband would be still alive he would have killed you in a heart beat, god bless him he fought many wars and would have slized your thoat... Later I found out someone gave her granddaughter a model recruitment business card.... happens to be she's 16/17 years old. Granny thought it was me...

Question #19
Were you ever Poppy's bodyguard?

Hmmmm... What too Say..... Phoenix Forum last Year some JackAss was picking a fight with Poppy.... The dude looked like a huge mexican... Of course I wasnt gonna walk away....Poppy being outsized probably 4 times.... After stepping right in his face, homeboy fortunately walked away, dont get me wrong he would have been knocked out..... Let me get this straight.... this guy had a badge claiming being in the Industry which he was clearly not..

Question #20
Why when drunk do you ask every single girl to marry you?

Hahahhahahahah! Thats true.... I have no idea why, BUT 2006 is a year where I will clearly drink 60-70% Less than 2005 so that wont happen again

Question #21
How many girls have you got preggo? and if not - why are you shooting blanks?

None! being to young to have kids.... Shooting blanks???? LOL.... Not really!

Question #22
Did you steal the sunglasses look from Dee? discuss

I have had a sunglass fetish for many years and Dee I believe shares that same fetish, I passed on that fetish on raybans I believe. My christmass present for dee......RAYBANS

Question #23
Tell us about your first real cialis experience? What color pants were you wearing that night? What color were they at the end of the night?

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ONE"s Gonna hurt LOL Never used Cialis nor Viagra.... Young Nicky had this horrible Idea of trying it......... And so I did....... Not knowing about any side effects I'm standing at an ATM machine pulling out some cash Thought I'd let one go......(fart)...... While walking out and talking to the people waiting for me I feel somethings wrong down there in my white Linnen Pants..... I turn around and see my white linnen pants just turned brown at the ass area.......

Question #24
Why don't you like to be called Nicky? discuss

It is my real name.... BUT! Being 6,5 tall and over 220lbs. I believe "Nicky" Is not the right name In my book Nicky would be a girls name and would be a name for a small person Nicky was a great name till I went to highschool Hell even teachers were making fun of my name.........

Question #25
Who do you look up to in the industry? Down on?

I never look up nor down on people, never had never will.... You can be worth 100 million dollars, I would still treat you the same as I would with someone that has 100,000$ in depts.....You own one of the biggest programs? or you working for a small program? You will be treated the same good way This is something some people in the industry can take as an advice....ESPECIALLY when you are working for a company... meaning you are respresenting someone! I do respect a lot of people in our industry, I met great people during the years and I always learn from their best parts. I am very thankfull and proud to be in this industry. Both business and private wise I am the exact same person

Question #26
Just how big is your dick? Post pics

Hmmmmm..... Let me say I have nothing to complain I'll have to keep those pics private sorry about that, ladies can ask for the at

Question #27
What do you do to keep yourself busy when waiting for Dee to show up when he's late? (which is all the time)

I would have to disagree on the "all the time" part of your question. Well, first of all I am a very patient person at many points, I have no problems waiting at all, the shang has wireless internet connection, at the office I'll work, The only times I had to wait for dee was at the same time with you. We have a good deal! When Dee has time I'll be right there!

Question #28
What do you like about Deecash? What don't you like? What would you change if you could?

- What I like about DeeCash? Deecash is a 100% honest program No Upsells, No cross sells, No exits with traffic leaks, No popups, 3 year cookies, affiliates even get credit for join back and type-in joins..... What other program can say that? Niche specialized paysites of which I am a personal fan of... Like Gagonmycock is and always will be my favourite! It's really easy for everyone to work with us..... Fresh hosted galleries to your email with thumbs, with descriptions, special templates??? Daily submissions matching your requirements with your linkcodes threw your partner accounts? Webmasters will make more money doing this than to sell that partneraccount Anything you need We will get it done! Dee runs a very tight ship having 60+ excellent people working on Deecash around the clock! If I need anything BANG it will get done asap! If I have questions to Dee BANG even at the strangest hours I will get a reply right away - What I dont like about Deecash? What is there not to like? I have no answer to this question.... sorry

Question #29
Why do soo many women in the industry have a crush on you?

I dont know about the crush thing, but I know a lot of females in our industry like me, and that feeling is absolutely mutual I guess the reasons for this came up in answers in other questions during this interview I treat everyone the same, are you a million dollar female program Owner, webmistress? or are you a model in one of our gagonmycock scenes..... ??? You will be treated the same good way

Question #30
Have you ever been mistaken for a gay guy?

Never been mistaken for a gay guy..... some people told me I look gay in certain clothes..... All good no problem.... I would say Its just in indirect way of saying Hey you look good Of course gay guys hit on me, I dont blame them for it! Everyone is always Free to try! and I would see it as a compliment as well Grabbing... thats a different story

Question #31
What industry events do you attend? Which are your favorites? Least favorties?

Any show I can go to I will go! Loving it! Favourites? Amsterdam, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, Montreal Least favourite? Las Vegas, I dont like the city BUT great for business! I would love to attend the webmasteraccess in Canada in May I believe I've been wanting to go there for a long time!



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