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Joan is often refered to as "MOM" by many in our industry. She runs the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) which does good work in helping law enforcement track down and arrest people involved in internet child pornography. The motto is : "ASACP - Protecting Your Business By Protecting Children." She has lead the battle against this online problem and has helped many adult sites shut down people who illegally deal with them. I personally believe the industry is a better place with them here. It hasn't been without controversy, but weighing the good against the bad, the ASACP, imo, represents more positive than negative. I have asked a wide range of questions for Joan. She has generously agreed to answer them all. This takes courage because Ambush Interview did not pull any punches here. She is a dynamic person with an amazing background and is a dynamic person that I believe more companies in online adult should get behind and support. Enjoy the read!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Joan

Question #1 and Question #2
What THE FUCK were you thinking initially backing .XXX? & Does the asacp have a hardon for Lightspeed? Why wouldn't you allow a legal company like Lightspeed join and yet allow other outfits with similar and more sever content to join?

I will not address the first two questions as these questions have been addressed so many times and in so much detail. All one has to do is do a search on GFY.

Question #1
What THE FUCK were you thinking initially backing XXX?

I'm sorry, I just raced out of a meeting to get back here to this Interview. I should have taken couple of minutes to chill out before starting. You're right I need to start with #1. Oh you all are so pushy !
Let's see if I can finally put this one to bed.. ASACP did NOT support .XXX. We had a meeting about their proposal to us and agreed that it was not in our mission to come out fighting on either one side or the other. We did however, say we'd support any efforts ICM made to protect children. At the time that really didn't seem like a strong show of support. Remember, at that time, ICM had not positioned .XXX as being about protecting children... it was about having a new adult business opportunity. In the current US political climate, ICM turned it into a child protection issue and we were dragged in. We weren't thrilled with that.

Question #2
Does the asacp have a hardon for Lightspeed? Why wouldn't you allow a legal company like Lightspeed join and yet allow other outfits with similar and more sever content to join?

OK, #2 .... are you waiting with bated breath???I do NOT have a hard-on for lightspeed... I am a woman after all ;-) They are welcome and invited to join ASACP. Steve was understandably upset when we initially turned down his sponsorship offer. This was due to a concern that an unusually high number of sites with unacceptable terms at the time linked to his program in order to make money off of him, unbeknownst to him. To his credit, he responded by taking productive steps in preventing that from happening. Very well done, Steve! Since the implementation of new technology and procedures to automatically review applications, ASACP can now accept membership applications from sites that previously we could not monitor. Heck, it took us two years before we could accept Adult Dating sites as members; people weren't happy about it, but they understood the need to protect the credibility of ASACP, its members and the industry. If we lose that, we lose the ability to effectively fight CP, so I've personally had to stand strong on some very unpopular decisions in order to do what we do so well. I respect Steve's fighting spirit and the proactive efforts he's made by himself. He's more than welcome to join ASACP, we'd be delighted to have him.

Question #3
Talk about how AIDS has directly effected you and your family..

My younger brother died over nine years ago from HIV-related complications. He had been positive for over eight years. He had lost the love of his life and partner of 10 years to AIDS. He had also lost over 600 friends and acquaintances.

Question #4
How come no one outside of the LA porn sceen seems to be involved in the asacp board?

Recently, this topic has been discussed at Advisory Council meetings. We were waiting until ASACP was a nonprofit which was approved in 2005. ASACP has a 501 c 4 status which is a Social Welfare Organization. This year ASACP will apply for 501 c 3 - Charity. Most non-adult companies require this second status to participate. Also, ASACP trys to inform mainstream companies of the industry's efforts. I attend the Digital Coast Roundtable ( and ITV Alliance events ( in order to interact with people who may be interested in suopprting ASACP. I have spoken with a representative of the Writer's Guild as their members are the ones who write the movies and TV scripts about the industry (and many times incorrectly)

Question #5
How many busts and/or convictions can the ASACP directly credit to themselves.

ASACP only sends validated suspect CP site reports to law enforcement. We are not involved beyond is point unless we are contacted by law enforcement which has occurred a few times. However, at times we can determine when our informaton has been used. For example, in its January 17th article "Dangerous Mix: Internet Transforms Child Porn Into Lucrative Criminal Trade,hahaha8221; The Wall Street Journal reported on an international investigation into a company called Regpay, based in the former Soviet republic of Belarus. According to the article: hahaha8220;The company is at the center of what U.S. law-enforcement officials call the largest Internet child-pornography investigation to date and the first to follow the international financial trail of child-porn sales. The probe has discovered the names of some 40,000 Americans who downloaded child porn and led to more than 1,400 arrests world-wide including about 330 in the U.S.hahaha8221; Please note... a story in AVNOnline on 1-16-04 EWARK, N.J. - A Belorus-based payment processor whose child porn site Adult Sites Against Child Pornography began reporting to authorities almost a year ago is the root of a case in which the FBI has arrested at least 44, with four of its own plus a Florida executive with a partnering company pleading guilty. -advertisement- CNN reported January 15 that federal officials made arrests in the U.S., France, Spain, and Belarus, in a case that stemmed from Minsk-based Regpay Co., Ltd, collecting fees for child porn sites that federal officials believe ran to the millions. ""When we followed the money, we ended up getting both the operators of this outfit... and meanwhile back here at home we were doing search warrants on people's computers who had subscribed via credit card to these child pornographic Websites," U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Michael Drewniak told CNN. The case began with a Website known as pedoworld, which ASACP began reporting to the FBI in 2000, catching on to Regpay, which owned pedoworld and was once known as, and sending the FBI reports on since February 2003, according to ASACP executive director Joan Irvine. "In fact," she told, "we alerted the FBI (in Los Angeles) to how pedoworld was using a Hotmail address to obtain customers and direct them to payment methods." ASACP's Tim Henning sent the FBI in Los Angeles a report late last May on which included their American telephone number for customer service, the URL for its contact page, and the precise billing link, Irvine said. "It feels good knowing that ASACP and the adult site industry have contributed to these arrests," she said. Two-dozen people in New Jersey and about 20 more around the U.S. were arrested for downloading child porn in this case, CNN reported, including a doctor, a teacher, and a minister, while Regpay and a Fort Lauderdale-based company, Connections USA, were indicted in a money-laundering scheme that involved paid memberships to at least 50 child porn Websites. Four Regpay leaders have been indicted, with three others having been arrested last summer, authorities said, while one executive with Connections USA has reportedly pleaded guilty over his involvement in the case. Regpay ran at least four child porn sites from Minsk, including pedoworld, while carrying ads for other adult sites, Attorney General John Ashcroft told CNN, processing an estimated $3 million from subscription fees for Websites, many of which were child porn sites. "Today's indictment strikes at the heart of the commercial trade of child pornography by attacking the commercial profits derived from such a deplorable venture," Ashcroft said, adding the Regpay-based ring was hit through combined efforts of the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, immigrations and customs enforcement, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and law enforcement in Belarus, France, and Spain. Irvine said ASACP hahaha8211; which has added staff, technology, and upgraded reviewing processes in the past year hahaha8211; was never apprised of the progress of the investigation. "They never let us know until or unless they make a bust," she said. "This is an FBI, a law enforcement investigation. And, remember, we are not a law enforcement agency. But they now have proof that the adult site industry has been contributing information to the FBI relevant to legitimate child pornography investigations."

Question #6
Talk about quitting smoking.
see question #7

Question #7
What exactly do you have a PHD in? discuss in detail.

But first I need say how honored I am to be in pictiures with Sonny... she is a beautiful woman who is a great job about being a professional woman!

In another life, I was known as Dr. Joan... I am an ex-smoker. I smoked for 22 years and up to three packs a day. I stopped smoking through hypnosis and behavior modification. It changed my life. I became a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and developed a program that combines hypnotherapy with behavior modification, relaxation techniques and visualization to help others to stop smoking. The desire and commitment to stop smoking is essential for success in any non-smoking program, and success is guaranteed for those who make the commitment to become a non-smoker. Do not believe that stopping smoking is just about how strong your will power is; IThahaha8217;S NOT. The people who are least successful in stopping smoking are the ones who think that they will prove their abundance of will power by doing it on their own. Why make it difficult? Use the many tools that are available now to help you be successful. Research shows that the people who are most successful are the ones who combine behavior modification and visualization techniques with the use of some form of nicotine replacement. Why Hypnosis Works For Stop Smoking Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. You are in control at all times. Behavior is controlled by the conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is unable to discriminate; it accepts as fact any information. The conscious mind evaluates and compares information, blocking the information that it has decided the subconscious mind does not want or need. Hypnosis temporarily bypasses the conscious mind allowing access to the subconscious mind. Behavioral changes are then experienced through suggestions. Just like a computer when you update or replace the software. The American Medical Association in 1958 approved the use of Hypnosis for habit control. Hypnosis is the most effective method of changing unwanted behaviors, such as smoking. Dr. Joan Following a successful 20-year career with Fortune 500 companies, hahaha8220;Dr. Joanhahaha8221; Irvine now brings her expertise to individuals, enabling them to become more satisfied with their personal lives. A graduate of the University of Kansas with a degree in Human Development and Psychology, she returned to school to earn a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH). She was trained by "Quit for Life". She takes continuing education on stop smoking and she is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at American Pacific University. She specializes in stop smoking, self-esteem, menopause transition, and relationship enhancement. Dr. Joan has appeared as a guest on many television and radio programs including The View where she was interviewed by Barbara Walters. She has also appeared on Good Day hahaha8211; NY and Good Day - LA. She appeared on NBChahaha8217;s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Dick Clark's The Other Half. I brought all this to ASACP as I wanted to work for a caused-based company where I could continue to make a difference....which I get to do at ASACP. Life is about making a difference and helping other!

Question #8
Steve wants to know if you are you really a man wearing an ugly wig and if you think he's cute.

So, even I have a few bad hair days and perhaps clothes days, but at least I am usually color coordinate... most of the time!!

Question #9
Who voted the acacp to speak for the industry?

We do not vote for the industry - only for our Members and Sponsors!

Question #10
Talk about the books you have written? How much money did you make from them?

I've written two books. Actually, one was a workbook for an infomercial; only one was published and was the reason for my media appearances. Did I make money from my second book, Recipes for Hot Sex which was initially funded by Sandra Bullick (I have the check to verify this!!) --- NO! it was too adult for mainstream and too mild for adult as it was about personal relationships.

Question #11
Discuss the public access cable show you did? Are you still doing it?

It was LA nd now not important as I believe that ASACP is much more relevant! Plus, network is more visible than cable!

Question #12
What do you say to the charges that you're just Helmy's puppet?

Once again, this is just a misconception and industry gossip (can you believe that people in this industry gossip?!). Plus, try to say this to the people on the Advisory Council which includes some very competent people with strong personalities; Aly for one. Alec Helmy did establish ASACP in 1996 and he personally funded it until 2002. At that point there was such an increase in cp reports that ASACP needed FT management. Because of my background (more on my qualifications later) and my desire to work for a cause-based organization, I was hired to take ASACP to the next level. Since November 2002, the ASACP Advisory Council members contribute to and approve the ASACP goals and direction, just as with any other non-profit. Also, since that time, Sponsors have funded the organization. In 2005, ASACP officially became a non-profit; this was a long haul and you wouldn’t believe the amount of paperwork. I believe that part of the hassle was that companies in the adult entertainment industry fund ASACP. Most small non-profits have a donated office at one of their sponsors. This is true for the FSC and Digital Coast Roundtable. Alec Helmy gave ASACP an office to use. It’s great because there's equipment, technical help, etc. that a non-profit could not otherwise afford. This has allowed me to focus on ASACP business, not DSL and copiers.. and so on. Since Alec is in the same office and has been in the industry for over 10 years, I do ask his advice; I’d be crazy not to! But I also call and ICQ other Advisory Council members; and for major issues, I've also asked for feedback and advice from our sponsors. In fact, for the last two years I've held a Sponsor meeting during Internext-Hollywood where I present the prior year accomplishments and the goals for the next year. Weve changed goals based on their feedback I could not do my job and ASACP would not have grown as it has without all this support - thank you to all!py.

Question #13
Why does the asacp seem to take companies against it's own rules?

ASACP has a Code of Ethics (required) and also Best Practices (suggested) for its Sponsors and Approved Members. We try very hard to be consistent. I depend on the Membership Coordinator who reviews and approves sites. I only review when there is a question. We are continually developing system to help in this process. Are we perfect - no! If there is a segment of the industry such as Adult Dating Sites that want to join, we need to develop Best Practices for that segment. This is expected from a profssional association. Since there were companies that were either non-adult, were smaller webmasters or did not fit with the Approved Member requirement, we added a supporter level. However, these sites are not listed on the Member page at As I said,we are not perfect. If you see a member that you think does not adhere to the Code of Ethics, please send an email to Tim Henning, the Compliance Director at He investigates such situations.

Question #14
Who are the people/companies you respect in the industry? disrespect?

The list of the people I respect would take too long to input as I have been lucky to have met many professional and concerned people! Many of whom have helped me in the last 3 1/2 yrs. Disrespect - I wouldn't touch this question with a 10-foot, make it a 100-fot pole! Do you think I'm crazy!!!!

Question #15
Discuss and talk about your background with hypnotherapy.

As I mentioned before, my BA is in Psychology; behavior modification to be exact. When I stopped smoking over 20 years ago, the program/therapist I went to used hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) - way too hard to explain this technique in a few words. After 3 sessions in 4 days, I stopped a 22-year habit where I was smoking 3 packs/day. To say the least, I was impressed and amazed at how easy it was. So when I wanted to make a career change, it was just a natural fit as hypnosis. Can be similar to behavior modification. I wanted to help other people as they were making changes in their lives.

Question #16
With your extensive background, why did you decide to work for the asacp? Did they pay more than your last job?

More money than my last job you must be kidding! It was less money and a lot more work. But it was a caused-base association which was one of my requirements. Even though I have to support myself, at this point in my life - money is not everything. I don't want to sound like too much of a bleeding heart here. Money is important! If I am going to work as much as I normally do, I have to believe in the cause and know that I am making a difference in the world - this contributes to my personal satisfaction with life. Plus, I didn't need to wear a SUIT to work. Many of the association jobs are in DC where you need to wearsuits and I had no desire to leave LA. The job prior to ASACP was as VP-Membership for the Virtual International Community (VIC) - an association for professionals in new media (now this is digital entertainment). As many of you know, the height of the days were lucrative for many companies including th supporting associations. (I also add my background: I am am Association Executive with over 30 years of business/technology experience; I belong to the American Society of Assocation Executives. In addition over the years I have been active as a member in many associations, more recently: Women in Technology International, Digital Coast Roundtable, Industry Relations Council, National Speakers Association, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce. In addition, I am on the board of FSC and was a consultant to Women In Adult. I worked for large companies such as L'Oreal, a company that was bought by Unisys, ADP (Automatic Data Processing), and then a few smaller companies. My clients included Fortune 1000 companies, medical insurance providers and major banks, including First Interstate and Bank of America. And yes, there is oversight. No one has any job without oversight. I develop goals and plans each year and report on the progress. These and my performance are reviewed by the Advisory Council.)

Question #17
What online adult conventions do you attend a year? Which are your favorites? Least Favorites?

ASACP only goes to a few conventions a year once again: a combination of money and staff limitations. We usually attend: Internext-LV; The Phoenix Forum; Cybernet, Internext-Hollywood, and Webmaster Access- LA. This year because we have a staff member in Canada, we hope to attend 1-2 shows there, and will be at the XBiz Summer Forum. In addition, as we are trying to get the word out about the industry's effort to protect children and that it is not involved in CP, it is important for me to attend a few maintream conferenes. Last year I attend the Virtual Global Taskforce Conference in Belfast ( and in prior years International Association of Internet Hotlines ( meeting in order to learn how other hotline are doing plus to inform them about ASACP. Each show serves a different purpose for ASACP. Internext last month was good for ASACP. On a personal basis, everyone knows that I'm not usually a major partier and I'm asleep by midnight. So I enjoy the smaller shows.

Question #18
How many people does the ASACP employ? What do they all do?

I'm try to upload a PDF file as we now have an OrgChart. I will email it to Sleazy to see if he can do this for me.

Question #19
Are you married? Discuss your private life.

I was married for 18 years and have been divorced for at least that long. I choose not to have children since most of my jobs included travel and I felt I could best contribute to the world by working. A Desperate Housewife I was not! I knew I couldn't do both and do both as well as I would want.

Question #20
What kind of things turn you on? What's your favorite sexual position? Do you like anal?


Question #21
Where have you lived thoughout your life? Where do you live now? Discuss why you lived in these places.

I was born in Detroit, raised in Roslyn, Long Island, NY. I went to 13 years of parochial school; the last four at an all girls school. Obviously, the nuns would consider me a failure! I went to the U of Kansas because I refused to go to a 'good Catholic Girls College" on the East Coast; to say the least, my mother was not happy about this. But I think she was more disappointed when I refused to be a Debutante (sp?) plus I was accepted at Kansas. One of my few regrets in life is that I did not go to college in California. The summer after college I hitchiked around Europe for 3 mths. Met my ex south of Munich. Moved to Kent, Ohio as he got an early out from the Army to return to school - Kent State. A few years later we moved to Denver; lived there for 13 years. I moved to San Francisco because ADP promoted me to there. Lived in SF for a few years. After my divorce I took five months off to travel, SCUBA and sail. Returned to Denver for about 9 months and then moved to LA. Why LA? It is warm, NO SNOW, liberal and by the ocean (I missed the ocean and hated being landlocked) plus don't you know that California is the land of opportunity. I live near Marina del Rey.

Question #22
What do you do for fun and recreation other than group sex?

I used to run 10K at a sub-8 mile pace, but injuries stopped my running. Now I am excited that I can just jog again; gee, I'm up to 2 miles and down to a 16 minute mile. I also bike ride (not a motorcycle, still SCUBA if I'm in a good place for diving which means warm and clear water!

Question #23
Talk about the first three jobs you ever had in your life.

I babysat for neighbors. I worked in a factory where I packed 'index tabs" one summer during college; it was a great experience and was a imputus for me finish college (plus my parents would have killed me if I didn't get a degree) I was a checker at a supermarket.

Question #24
Why did you get your PhD?

already answered

Question #25
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

will answer in more detail later

Question #26
What kind of car do you drive? pics

Until last summer I was driving a 10 year old Geo Prism (can you tell I'm not into cars!) plus I had no car payment. But my sister was so embarrassed that she forced me to buy a new car. So now I am driving a silver Chrysler Sebring convertable; it's my first convertable. I have to admit I like it much better than my old car and my sister will be seen with me again.

Question #27
Talk about your home/apartment/condo. post pics

live in an apartment near Marina del Rey, CA. I don't have any pictures plus it is nothing compared to many of the pictures of people's home that I'v seen GFY. However, I do live 1 1/2 miles from the ocean, it has 30 foot ceiling in the living room area and two LA 'fake' fireplaces (you push a button and the gas turns on).

Question #28
Discuss "The View" where you were interviewed by Barbara Walters. NBC's "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and Dick Clark's "The Other Half".

Actually, The View was the scariest. I had never done live TV before. But some background first: the networks only pay for one's airfare if u are a celebrity or famous, but they did pay for a hotel for one night and a limo to and from the hotel. Or at least that's what they told me. I was supposed to be on for two segments, but when I arrived at the studio, I was told it would only be one because they added Connie Chung. You never know if you will get cut even at the last minute. I didn't get cut, but you sit in your own private green room waiting and hoping. The worst of me was when I finally was going onto the set, I was told to forget everything we worked on (for the last three weeks) and to only answer Barbara's questions. It was an amazing feeling (fear) - being interviewed by the most powerful female TV journalist in the country.

Question #29
How many infomercials have you been involved in? Discuss


Question #30
How many magazines/newspapers have you been quoted in? What for?


Question #31
How old were you when you first had sex? Did you use a condom?

top secret information



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