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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Wiseman

Question #1
So, exactly why did you start the high rise furniture removal business?

Funny you should ask this question. See I learned this from a couple of my dear and personal friends who I will leave nameless for now. But it all started in the penthouse suite at the MGM Grand 4 or 5 years ago. We had thrown a huge party up there and everyone had pretty much left. And we had a box or 2 of beer left over. and Well I leaned over the side to take my chew out and BAAAAAMMMM those big ass lights from the MGM blinded me!!! It was nuts. So anyway it was one of the 2 guys with me idea to try t bust out those big lights. Weellllll needless to say we ran out of beer fast. And I think at that point we moved on to bigger and better things =)

Question #2
Is it true you grew up as the stinky hippy son of a preacher?

Well yes it is true my Dad was a preacher. And we were hippies before He became a preacher. Hell the first few years of my life I lived in the back end of a 10 ft camper with me and my sister and my parents. 2 chickens and 2 dogs. We lived there for a while before we moved into the trailer up in the woods so my folks could grow weed to help us survive. lol We lived up at the very end of a lil road in "Apple Gate" Oregon. and the road we lived on was "HUMBUG CRICK ROAD" LOL no bullshit. We raised a pig and a few goats while we lived there. I pretty much ran around naked the hole time and grew long blonde hair. Life was pretty good then. Play with the pigs. Mess with the Goats. Help my Dad in the woods. and run around peeing on bushes. AHH how some things havnt changed much.

Question #3
Are all the anticts a way to compensate for your small penis?

Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with a small penis. My penis works perfectly for me and aparently for my wife. as sher seems perfectly happy. And i dont see any of you running around with a bad ass Sexy hot wife like me =) I think some the shit just happens for fun and entertainmentnt and marketing. sometimes it works out real well for me. And others it doesnt work out so hot for me or anyone else involved. Shit happenes in life. All you can do is scoop it up and get on with life you know. I dont let a hole lotta shit bother me. If i fuck up I have no issues takeing the heat.

Question #4
Talk about being an all state wrestler and football star and how your temper fucked that all up.

HHAHAHA well this one is an olde but a goody. I was all state football full back my JR year And State Champ wrestling my JR yr. Well my Senior year I was pretty much a Shoe in for State Champ again at 178 lb. I had letter from all sorts of schools for both wrestling and football. My grades werent that good so I had to depend on my SAT test which I scored like a 1350 on or some shit. Pretty shocked. And I had to depend on scholorships! Well I had em all in the bag. Well then came the districts Wrestling match. which is like a qualifier for those of you who dont know. You go to districts, Then Regionals, then to state. Well I had a by through the first round and possibly through the second round because at districts the compatition really wasnt that heavy. alot of the wrestlers qualified at districts through smaller JV turnaments and shit. So anyway to make a long story short. My coach came up to me and asked me if I wanted to wrestle some kid who made it in as an ALTERNATE to a JV kid who won an entry into the turnament. He said listen Ryan the kid has Down syndrome and just needs someone to wrestle. will you wrestle him so he an be excited he wrestled the Champ. I was like sure man no problem. I could use the warm up anyway. Well let me tell you something. If you dont know much about Down syndrome. these kids are fucking strrong as Apes man. they have like super human strength. It was insain how strong he was. So I wrestled this Ox around for the first 2 rounds and really couldnt do shit because he would just hold me down and squeeze me and the ref didnt want to do to much to make the kid feel like an idiot so he didnt penalize him or anything for stalling. Well I was getting sick and tired of being this kids Mauling post so in the 3rd round I decide I would choose bottom and just escape real quick and rtoll him over and pin him. WEEEEEEEEEEL he had different Idea He decided he would reach down between my legs and grab my nuts and squuuuuuueeeezze as hard as he could ubntil I freaked out. LOL Well thats exactly what I did. I jumped up turned around while he was down on his knees looking up at me I decked him straight across his face and then gave him a big ole boot to the face. I was so pissed. and felt so shitty. but that rage just took over. As I turned around i saw the rev come running at me. Well that wasnt such a good idea either. because I stuck my fist so far into his face he didnt ref the rest the year. I looked over at my Coach and he just looked at me and got up and walked away. At that point i just kinda sat there looked around the entire gym at everyone stareing at me thinking what an ass hole I was for beating up the retarted kid. Wel I walked into the Locker room grabbed my shit. Walked out had one of my boys give me a ride home We got a bunch of beer and I drank for about a week watching all the letter come in telling me they decided maybe I wasnt the right athlete for there program. I never wrestled nor played football again. US MILITARY HERE I COME!!

Question #5
Why did you get banned from GFY? How did you get back on?

Well its plain and simple.. LENSMAN IS A FAG! JUST BLOW ME!! OK Next question! ok well, I hope lens has a sense of humor or this interview will be over. But that is the basic reason I got banned was because Lens was locking threads which he felt didnt need to be on the board. So me and my partner as funny guys decided to pull a funny and Change all of our sigs to say that and it clicked through to the other guys. Well we had ALOT of Sig WHores at the time so it made a bit of an impact =/ we thaught it was funny for a few seconds. And for the next couple years I dont think we thaught it was so funny. LOL HOW did we get back on. Well due to lots of sweet talking and Eric we got back on. I had to promise not to start any shit with lensman. And anytime I see him I have to buy him a beer. So dont try to get me in trouble I am a GOOD BOY!

Question #6
How did you get away with selling drugs to your superior officers in the army?

I should probably leave this one alone as I dont want the US government comeing after me. Lets just say I had it made while I was in the military. I never really had to work. Or wear Army clothes. Or salute anyone to often as they all new me. I was also promoted pretty fast as well.

Question #7
What exactly did you do in the army and where did you live?

I was stationed in Germany from 92-96. what a fun time that was over there. Man I loved Europe. I was a 19 delta which is called a Calvary Scout. but in Reality I was a Kernel's driver and check question # 6 My Military career was not that of a normal soldier but that of an Entrapanure waiting to break out =)

Question #8
Where do you live now and why?

I live in a small town called Wenatchee Washington. My parents moved me here when I was a kid and my Dad found god and started a church here. I left and joined the Army shortly after highschool. After I got out i came back for a SHORT time. I then got sucked into the tipical female trapping. "oops ryan I am pregnant" so I then got married and popped out 2 PERFECT kids. Shortly after the 2nd perfect kid we decided we werent so perfect together and got divorced. And so now I cant leave here because i got 2 bad ass kids I got to raise =)

Question #9
Why did you cut your balls off? Does that mean you are no longer technically a man?

HAHAHAHA I never cut my balls off. i had a vasectomy after the first wife. As I had my 2 beutiful kids and figured I wouldnt want anymore. Well little did i know that I would EVERE want to get remarried again. But then along came my little Queen of my Life Jamie. SO since I got married she AND MY KIDS wanted to have some more kids. SO COMEING SOON more little Wisemen!!! But let me tell you getting your balls clipped isnt that bad. But getting em UNCLIPPED causes you about 3 months of pain and suffering. AND BIG PURPLE BALLS!!!

Question #10
Discuss your career selling cell phones at the begining of this marketplace.

this is kinda boring so I am going to skip it

Question #11
Why do you always seem to wanna fight when you get drunk?

You know i dont know the answer to this. Other then it seems everytime I get waisted that fucking sick fuck Max Hardcore walks by and no one else seems to want to put him in his place. So i will. I will probably always talk shit or slap his Gay fucking white hat off his fat old head everytime I see that Fuck. He is a waiste of oxygen in my opinion. I am a big lover. But if its time to get down I will if i have to. Drunk Or sober. If you got an ass woopin comein I may be the one to do it. And if I got one comein feel free to bring it. =)

Question #12
Who did you work with online before Hooper and why did the guy disappear?

Well before partnering up with him I worked with a company I will leave nameless. Selling joins. back in the glory days. I didnt know how to turn on a computer or definatley how to work em. But some kid asked me if i wanted a job selling joins on the internet. And thats about all I knew about what I was doing. I knew I could sell 400-500 joins a day and needed homes for em. Thats all I needed to know. I had em sold with in 3 days of getting a job. With him. lol was intresting to say the least. God damnit. I cant answer these the way they should be answered Sleazy this sucks! But anyway we had alot of traffic and did all right for a while untill the kid I worked for decided to shut down shop and run off and forget about everything. So that left me hangin. Then I met Hooper in a gay bar/club he kept haveing a dj yell out all these domain namesof his sites. We were so fucked up we started talking, and we have been drunk butt buddies ever since.

Question #13
What exactly do you do with Hooper?

I am a partner in the company with him and a cpl others. I run all the sales and marketing for quickbuck. I handle all the ingoing and outgoing traffic. I am pretty much our only sales rep. I never understood why some of these company's have 10 sales people. Well I actually direct where I need shit sent. I cant do any of it by myself. Eric and Hoop have to do it all. I am not allowed to touch any of our stuff. I will break it. LOL

Question #14
Why have you worked so much with installs and spam?

top secret information or doesn't have the guts to answer

Question #15
What happened when you said "I'm not a hahahahahaha but I pull the trigger" in a rap contest at senior frogs in Cancun?

HAHHA Yes this didnt exactly start out my rapping career to well. Nothing realy happened I mean I silenced Sr frog's durring spring break in about 3.7 seconds. I dont think anyone in the world could make a place go more quite then I did. It was funny. Sorry if you dont like what comes outa my mouth sometimes. I Tend to say what I want. and i dont give a lot of credit to claiming one word or another means something awful. If I am waisted up doing a rap contests with a bunch of HUMANS and they are all busyting out lyrics with "hahahahahaha this hahahahahaha that. fuck thes white punks yaddi yaddi yaddi I will do the same thing. I can say "hahahahahaha this as much as i want to. Everyone else does. I have some of my best friends are black and I say hahahahahaha around them just like I would anywhere else. Its just a word.

Question #16
How did a levitra get you kicked out of Cancun?

HAHAHAHAHAH Well you know I was bringing some home for the wife. And I took it all outa the package and had it in a baggy. one the polce thsaught they were drugs or some shit. Needless to say I had some more in my bag so my wife still got the loveing she so deserved!

Question #17
How the fuck did you end up with a $300 a day meth problem?

HMMMM Now is when we get into the fun ones huh. Well first off shit happenes to anyone. the worst can happen to the best of peole. It was a fun tuff ride that I wouldnt recomend to anyone. I also can tell you I wouldnt chang it for the world either. I learned some valuable lessons through those times. some of you may remember when I was down to 170 lbs and had a shaved bald head! That was good shit lol. But with thre help of my wife and a few friends her at home I came home from one lat binge and went to sleep for about 5 days. I woke up and decided it was time to get to work. no reason to look back and reminess for shit! So if anyone out there reading this is all fucked up and need someone to talk to I am always open for a chit chat.

Question #18
How does a man of God cheat on the mother of his children and leave her?

WOW man this one is a doosy. My dads a good man. And he is exactly that a good man! Shit happen's hmmmmm you know outa respect to my family I think I better leave these ones alone man. sorry.

Question #19
Why won't your sister talk to you anymore?


Question #20
What kind of car do you drive?

I like this one. I baught myself a new Nissan titan at the end of last year and actually was going to buy my wife a bmw earlier this year but decided on a new maxima for her. She test drove em all and liked the Maxima more then any of em all. I dont have any pics of either of those of my own. But my tuck looks like this one. I got a few options on it though. My wife got the new maxima let me see if I can find a pic of it. Ah well take to long i am slammed today! but its a white one. I also got a harley which is my pride and joy. My wife decided to get it painted for my for Christmas. It was so sweet of her. She painted it Pink. She will never touch my harley again i am sure. LOL


Question #21
Post pics of and talk about your house.

top secret information

Question #22
Tell us how you got into the biz. What were you hired to do and how much experience did you have with computers? Who were the first companies you worked with in the industry?

I am pretty sure I answered this one up above.

Question #23
Who do you look up to in the online adult industry? Down on?

top secret information or does not have the guts to answer

Question #24
Do you still do drugs? Booze?

I dont still do drugs any longer. Drink yes I still drink. I got things to handle and get taken care of and drugs dont really fit in there to much. I still drink but not as much as I used to. I do still love to go to some shows and let loose a little though. I would say I have had my fill of hittin the hard stuff in my years =)

Question #25
What adult conventions do you attend? Favorites? Least favorites? Any you won't be attending anymore?

Well I wont be attending Miami internext any longer. I never liked it to begin with, but now I got good reason not to go. THEY WONT LET ME IN!!

Question #26
Do you have a criminal record?

Nope no criminal record. the only time I ever got arrested was when I was in Miami and I got a lawyer and handled that shit. And i can definatley tell you that I DONT WANT TO GO BACK to jail again. =)

Question #27
Why did you punch out a cabbie in Vancouver? Why did you give a 7 foot tall bouncer a lap dance?

HAHAHA mainly because he didnt have a sense of humor. I asked him a simple question and he got real upset. his name was habib jiberish jiberish and I was waisted with everyone else and he was being a dick to everyone in the car. So I asked him if he was related to sudam husain. And he got real pissed off. and when i tried to grab my camera to take a picture at him he took a swing at me. Yes ask everyone in the car he swung first! So then I was like DUDE what are you doing! And everyone else was getting outa the car and as the last person barely got out he said CMON AMERICAN!! I AM TAKEING YOU TO SEE MY FRIENDS!! So all I could really think in my head was "Yes he was related to Bin Laden, And her was going to cut my head off or something along those lines. so I kept telling him to slow down and let me out! SLow down and let me out!!! We;; he never did. So I had to save my life and giove him a right cross and gently pull the car over for him once he was no longer in control of the car. LUCKY FOR ME!! I coulda been DEAD!!!

Question #28
Do you golf? How many golf carts have you driven into ponds or wrecked in one way or another? What's your favorite golf club and how did you obtain it?

Yes I golf but not very good. I usually golf between a 76 and a 126. I have driven only 9 golf carts into random shit. Sand Traps Ponds or in front of a semi truck one time. ALL on ACCIDENT of course. I remember one time me and CJ paul decided to jump our golf cart over this sand trap. Well with 2 fat men in a golf cart they dont jump anywhere. Let alone OVER a deep sand trap. I will say my favorite club in my bag is my REALLY old Honey Comb sand wedge. It was my grandpa's. And it was pretty much the only thing i got of his when he passed away several year's ago. It is old and wore out but still does the job =)

Question #29
What kind of porn turns you on?

HAHA Porn doesnt really turn me on. I am not a huge fan of porn honestly. Untill I am waisted laying in a hotel room by myself. i always seem to wake up in the morning with Nigra Porn a kickin. got to keep some culture you know!!

Question #30
Have you ever shot porn? Discuss the experience.

Never done porn just sell it. I am sure me and my wife video tape each other once in a while. But that wont be released untill I make the Sureal life =)

Question #31
How much money do you make? How much do you hide?

I make about $8.50 an hour. I hide most of it in coffee cans all over my city where I live. I have a gps watch which everytime I drop a can in the ground I hit a button and it saves the location. about 75 more years I should be able to retire!

Question #32
Admit it, it was you that pulled the fire alarm at the hotel in Vancouver. Why did security follow you around?


Question #33
Why did you make Arlo wear a pink shirt at your wedding?

Well let me tell you why. Me and Arlo have had an on going Gay relation ship going on for some years now. Ever since the first time we passed out in each other's Arm's. Well my wife Doesnt like him to much becasue she is afraid she may lose me to Him. so when it came down to who was in my wedding and i said i wanted Arlo as my groomsman, Aperently she decided he would look better as a maid of Honor. But god Damned did he look sexy!! HAIL HAIL TO THE POWER OF PINK!!!!



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