If you ask ten people who work in online adult today to name 3 content producers, all will put AaronM on that list. A high profile, amazing, photographer with a unique personality, AaronM has made a permanent mark on this industry.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on the AaronM

Question #1
Admit it, you shave your head because you are loosing your hair.

Yeah, that's true. My hairline started to recede when I was about 22. I've decided that if/when I ever have a child, I am going to tattoo "HAHAHA Love Dad" on his head. He should start to see it in his early 20's. Personally, I prefer the bald look on me anyway and considering the various hair styles I used to come up with...This is much easier to manage. I'm still with the model but I will bounce back and for while finishing up with her. Shot these about a hour ago....Fill your time with them for now.

Question #2
How does an African-American turn out so white?

Why wouldn't they be white? I thought there where white people in pretty much every country these days.

Question #3
Why did you wear pink to the players ball? gay?

Gay? I think not. You and I have shared enough hotel rooms over the years to know that if I were into men...I would have gotten into you. As for why pink? Why not? I like pink.

Question #4
How many times have you been banned from GFY? Who have you gotten banned from GFY? How many fake nicks do you have?

Uh....I'm not sure. I think 6 or 7 maybe? Who got me banned? I did, of course. Paul Markham and I got into it pretty bad a few years back and of all the bannings, that's the only one i really deserved. IMHO. How many fake nicks? Not sure but if I had to guess I would say maybe 15 to 20.

Question #5
How did you end up in a Mexican Jail? Why weren't you able to get back into Canada or get back into USA?

It was the black dudes fault. As for the Canadian Customs bullshit....They found a box of Joesho's 420 calendars in my car and would not allow me in because of it. They also would not allow me to leave them there. They sent me back to US Customs who thought that StuartD was gay and trying to get smuggled into the US. They also did not want to let me in because I had Playboy Cash shirts with me so I was "importing textiles." In the end, the callender's were thrown away and US Customs turned their back on the shirts and Stuart's sexual preferences.

Question #6
Talk about the wardrobe and the pimp suits and how Sleazy puked into your luggage.

My wardrobe huh? Jesus, where should I start? Most people would kill to have the selection of clothing that I have. My styles change all the time but I pretty much stick to the same stores for shopping. I think I have more shoes than KimmyKim. Sleazy got so plastered at Gotham Hall in Santa Monica by consuming multiple colored drinks that when he got back to the room, he started puking all over the place....Including in my suitcase. It looked like rainbow bright had spent the night vomiting in that hotel room.

Question #7
How many women have asked you to be their Baby Daddy?

Including trannys?

Question #8
What was the BIGGEST surprise you ever received from myspace?

Can't think of any off hand. Sorry.

Question #9
Does your model ever ask for another hot tub session in Vegas with RocHard?

Actually....Yes. But she was more interested in Bunny.

Question #10
Why is it you enjoy cuddling with hairy men?

They keep me warmer than non-hairy men.

Question #11
Why did you leave porncity and then return?

I never really felt at home on PC and after several attempts at posting there, I just left out of frustration but mostly because GFY is where the act is. I also love Netpond and Meat but it's a slower board and the topics do not usually keep my interest. I returned to PornCity for a couple of reasons. One, I am sick of the surfers and post whores on certain boards. I am very busy these days and when I have time to post, I'd rather do it on a board that has fewer trolls. Also, while in Amsterdam last September, Mayor approached me and we started talking a little business. By posting on PC it allowed me to learn more about him and his company...As you know, I like to know who I am doing business with.

Question #12
What is with your obsession with nachos?

Fuck you, baddog.

Question #13
Talk about working at a bank and car rental agency.

Yuck. A few of the positive things I got from those jobs was in depth knowledge of credit card systems and how banks handle charge backs and various things like that. It's been helpful in this biz from time to time. As for the rental car or any other retail type job, it gave me training on how to deal with ignorant people and that was my foundation for my success on GFY.

Question #14
What kind of car do you drive? Talk about your home. Post pics.

Whenever I talk about anything I have, people accuse me of bragging, lying, whatever. So...I drive a Pinto but I have to have people help me push start it and I return cans for gas money. I live in a trailer house with my mother.

Question #15
Where did you go to school? What kind of education do you have?

I went to School in Portland, OR. I am a high school drop out who got his GED and was taking Photojournalism classes before I would have graduated high school.

Question #16
Talk about the taxi cab drivers in Montreal. How did we end up smack dab in the middle of buttfuck nowhere?

Fuck that cab driver. He should have been shot. The guy was so stupid he didn't even notice that I had reset his meter about 3 times during the ride. NEVER take a cab in Montreal. If the road has 3 lanes then there are 5 cars side by side. The Montreal City Planners should also be shot.

Question #17
How much money and time have you spent in the LA garnment district?

None. I'm too broke to shop in LA.

Question #18
What was the wildest thing you ever did in Tahoe?

This question is BAD news right here...... Let's just say that I sat in the corner and watched one hell of a show in a hotel room. Afterwards...I think I needed a cigarette.

Question #19
Talk about your relationship with your parents. Do they know what you do?

Well, my dad called me tonight to ask why I had not responded to this thread yet. Yes, my parents both know what I do. They have also been to industry parties a couple of times. I even made baddog join us in Disneyland for my Mother's birthday and had him tell them why he was 86ed from there 30 years ago. And J$tyle$ has a thing for hitting on my mother every time he sees her.

Question #20
How the fuck did you put a snowmobile in a tree in Kelowna?

I thought that was fake drama? I'll tell you how...By being stupid and driving the damn thing too fast.

Question #21
When and how did you learn about photography?

Sophomore year of high school. Even with all the photography classes I have taken...I don't use much of what I learned. I have learned far more hands on then I did in school.

Question #22
What was your favorite show ever and why? Talk about the adult conventions you have gone to and plan on going to.

That's a tough one. There have been a lot of great shows over the years. Cancun was awesome because of the big ass fish I caught, partying with SweetT, and Scuba Diving but it was more of a fuck off trip than an actual show. The Montreal Cybernet shows were among my favorites but these days, The Phoenix Forum has them all beat. Running a very close second would have to be the LA Webmaster Access shows. Not sure where all I will be this year. Amsterdam, LA, & Phoenix for sure. Other than that, it's up in the air.

Question #23
Where do you live? Where have you lived? Why?

Portland, OR....NOT SEATTLE! God know why so many people think I live in Seattle. Portland has always been home but I've pent some time in Palm Springs back in the early 90's and I pretty much lived with Donny and Belinda for half of this past summer since my trailer home had been repossessed.

Question #24
What was the best practical joke you ever played on anyone?

I have no clue. One of my favorites was when Lensman banned me on April Fools day a couple years back. I had shitload of people hotlink a button from my sig asking for me to be unbanned. Lens unbanned me within a few hours but I continued to get people hotlinking the button, including Lensman. Then I swapped the button for a full blown banner advertising an affiliate program.

Question #25
How long have you been in the business and how did you get into porn?

Long enough to be ashamed that I am not further on than I am now. I was shooting before the Internet was around. Ran a BBS with access to my work and tried the AVS game when the Internet came around.

Question #26
Who are your most trusted friends in the industry?

No particular order: baddog Loryn Raven (no longer a friend but I trust her implicatly) Donny EscortBiz AMP (no longer in the biz) StuartD Mike D Paul Markham Warren sonofsam Wizzo Charles (Karups) JFK Jim Henley Ross

Question #27
Talk about your marriage and divorce.


Question #28
Where do you find your models?

Local ads but the best recruiting I do is in person. I'm always on the lookout for potential models and I will approach them wherever I find them.

Question #29
Talk about your travels and all the places you've been.

Seriously...Way too many places to discuss and list. Let's stick with the best. Europe was a real eye opener the first time I went there. I love Holland and can't wait to check out other parts of Europe. I do more traveling every year than most people will have the pleasure of doing in their lifetime. I have this business and my clients to thank for that.

Question #30
Why do you have and carry guns?

A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Question #31
Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes. Sorry, my personal life is just that.

Question #32
Discuss the early BBS days and your role therein.

I really had no "role" there. I was a beta tester for MSI (Mustang Software, Inc.) I knew the Wildcat systems inside and out and also dominated every game of L.O.R.D that I ever played. Nothing much to really discuss about it.

Question #33
How does a bald, fat man get soo many women interested in him?

Bitches love my hog. Confidence & humor. That's really all there is to it. Take Juicy for example. He was relatively unknown on GFY until he started in with his "I'm so damn good looking" stuff. It caught peoples attention and I know many industry ladies who were interested in him because he combined his confidence with humor. Well, that and of course, as you know....All the porn guys bang all of our models before we shoot them.

Question #34
Talk about your closest homosexual experience.

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