Ynot Bob

Ynot Bob, is an industry legend. This guy doesn't even really need an introduction. Let the ambush speak for itself.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on YnotBob

Question #1
We've all seen pics of you balls. Just why are they so swelled?

Swelled? My balls are big? Maybe just everyone else's are just substandard... Before I was born, God looked upon me and said, "Son, you are a special child. The world needs leaders and men with courage and fire to take the world on and leave a positive mark. There are many evils in this world, so I give you the balls of a bull...now you go out there and use them."

Question #2
Talk about skinny dipping in Mexico with Yankcash Todd.

Todd and I are both born on the same day, September 8th. We both are Virgos, and we both feel that Aquaman is THE most important of all the Super Heroes...I think I can speak for both of us that we both have this weird non sexual attraction for each other like that not unfamiliar to Wally Cleaver and Eddie Haskell... its just natural that after about two bottles of tequila down in Mex we found ourselves in our birthday suits, each trying to be their own special version of Aquaman... I think Todd had bigger gills... But I know the ladies enjoyed the show...

Question #3
Where do you guide chicks to that ask to use the restroom in your bar?

Ahhhhahahah, I used to have a bar down at the beach packed with hot girls...I would hang out over on the side bar...talking with friends, having a good time. A girl would walk up and ask me where MY bathroom was, and I would point them in the direction of MY bathroom...which was the men's. They would go in and nervously come out asking me "Why did you send me into the men's bathroom?".... my reply was "You asked me where MY bathroom was, not the ladies"...

Question #4
Is LAJay your sidekick or is there some man loving going on there?

I would have to say a bit of both... I have tremendous respect for the work Jay has done in this Industry and for YNOT. He has been a very important member of our community as well as a steadfast employee at YNOT. He is definitely one of the top sales people around, and has been organizing the CyberNet Expo for the last few years. He not only has this going on, but he still has time to organize the YP event to a flawlesss and successful conclusion... It sure isnt easy bringing over a hundred webmasters to a third world country and having each of them leave the YP happy...but Jay does it... He has also been a fantastic co-host of the Humpday Lunch show for the last 5+ years... You see internet radio shows come and go, but Jay has been a huge factor in the Humpday being as successful as it is...I couldnt do it without him. So as you can see there is much to love about Jay...not to mention is Penis tricks, kick ass tattoos, and unrivaled knowledge of trivial facts

Question #5
You once spent a night in a Mexican Jail. Why? Were your cellmates scared by the size of your balls?

Once? I used to go to jail in Mexico so often they had a wing named after me... It was usually for something stupid...I remember one time I was guilty by association...the guy I went surfing with down there had a bag of weed stuffed in his crotch. When we got pulled over...the Federale somehow knew that bulge was not his dick, so he stuck his hand down my buddy's pants and much to my surprise, pulled out a fairly large bag of weed...much more than 50 people could smoke in a weekend...I still dont know why he had that much on him... So we got thrown in a small, piss soaked cell in somewhere Baja...I was gearing up for a long stay when somehow I came up with a story that was so sad they ended up giving ME money and telling me to leave...something about my parents both working packing salmon in a cannery in Alaska or ??

Question #6
Have you ever pissed in anyone's mouth?

huh? not that I know of...

Question #7
Have you ever offered anyone cash to piss in their mouth?

never knowingly? whats all this talk about pissing?

Question #8
Talk about growing up - where you lived and what schools you went to and experiences therein.

I spent most of my childhood in Southern California, in a town called Fallbrook... I loved living there and growing up...I started Kindergarten there and moved when I was a Junior in High School...that was tough... My parents bought some land in a small sheep town in Oregon, called Umpqua..so I had to move with them. talk about culture shock...I went from a school of about 3K students to a small school of about 300 students...they were primarily all sheep farmers. I swear I would be the only male in school two days of the year...when the sheep all had babies, and the opening day of the hunting season. it was weird being a SoCal surfer dude and then moving into the land of cowboys...I had long hair, an earring, and then whammo...Oregon hits... they never saw a surfer dude before...so naturally the cowboys all thought I was gay, and the cowgirls all loved the fresh meat... I would get my ass kicked on a weekly basis by someone named Bucky or ??...but that weekend I can guarantee you I was banging their girlfriends... needless to say as soon as I could get out of the house, i came back to SoCal... After I moved back to SoCal, I got a job working at a 7-11 and then in a restaurant and put myself through University of California, San Diego... that was tough...working 80 hour weeks and going to school fulltime was a bit hard on the social life...good thing there werent any hot girls at UCSD or I would have probably not graduated.

Question #9
Tell us who uncle willy is and what's your relationship with him?

Uncle Willy was a very special friend of mine down in La Salina...he was an older man with a sweet soul, and the heart of gold... Even though he was sick with diabetes and liver failure, he never complained, he never passed up a good time, and he always treated me as though he was my father.. He was about as gay as they get, and one of the last things he ever said to me as I took him out to breakfast at the Loncheria La Mission, was, "Its been so long since I've sucked a dick, I forgot what they taste like." As for special relationships, maybe you should ask Lightspeed Steve about him and their special fun they had, or didnt have, depending on who you talked to.

Question #10
Just how many crinkles do you actually have? Pics

Great question! I have never checked my own...but I'm willing to have some help in counting them... I would imagine I have about 17-18...far from the perfect crinkle count of 26. As for pics...Im sure some of my friends out there have plenty of pics they could post...

Question #11
You own a house in LaSallina Mexico, yet only a small handful have been invited there. Why is that? Is there a full sixed dungen in your house or is this where you stash your gay lover?

La Salina, Mexico...www.lasalina.com has been my personal haven for years...it was such a great place for me to unwind, that I started bringing more and more Webmaster friends down there until the www.wYPd.com was born. Its one of the only places I know, where I can sit at the bar, drink an ice cold Sol cerveza, and feel the stress just leave my body...its a magical place. As for the sex dungeon, that is in my house in San Diego...no reason to waste a good time on a place I can rarely find time to make it to anymore...as for gay boyfriend...what happens in Mex...stays in Mex... convicted? never!

Question #12
Talk about the chain of beach bars called Hennessey's Taverns.

Hennesseys Taverns are probably the best known, and busiest chain of beach bars in Southern California. They range from Laguna Beach, down here to Pacific Beach. I started off as just a bartender, which put me through school, and when I came back from my South Pacific year long surf trip, they were cool enough to hire me back. Then I became the bar manager, then assistant manager, then General Manager. Pretty soon I was being sent up and down the beach to open one or another, or to fix one up which had low sales. He would put me in the store with the lowest sales and highest costs, and somehow I would manage to make that the #1 store within a few months. It was great, because they were all beach taverns..so the lifestyle, locations, and people were all very cool. I got to live in some of the best beaches in Southern California, and hang out as a big shot in the hottest bars... I would hire the HOTTEST waitresses, the coolest bartenders, and work the kitchen into a frenzy and have that place pumping in no time..all good times! If it wasnt for a strange turn of events back in 1995, I may still be working for Paul Hennessey...the owner, and an amazing man. He just opened up a new one in Vegas I believe, on the strip...so good for him!

Question #13
Who is Uncle Willy? Is it true Uncle Willy likes to get straight men drunk and then molest them? Who has this happened to in the industry?

Well, I think I already explained who he was...and you can see a picture of him here, and on the www.wYPd.com website... he is in a cheerleader costume...trying to impress Steve Lightspeed... As for getting straight men drunk and molesting them? Well I do know he did get one guy a bit wasted down south and then tucked him into bed....I dont know if that guy is truly straight, bi, or just gay... As for names? Hmmm..I have got this far in this Industry keeping some great secrets, so you will just have to go to a third world country where I can legallly talk about it again...right Steve?

Question #14
Have you ever gotten anyone in the industry shit faced leading them to believe they were drinking one thing when in fact they were consuming another?

well HELL YEAH! one of my pet peeves is seeing a MALE person drinking a Pina Colada, or Baileys rocks or Daquiri...if you were a guy, and you came into my bar, and ordered one of these drinks, I would first ask if it was for you, or your girlfriend...if it was for you, I would then poor you a jack and coke and tell you "Thats how we make those here"....probably saved a few men a solid ass whooping from some of the local Mission beach boys as for serving up one thing and saying its another...yep...that would probably have to be when the KING of all Vagina drinkers, Rochard, was busy trying to get drunk on Baileys, so I mixed the Baileys half and half with a fine, fine tequila... getting him a good solid buzz and educating him on the finer points to having a cock and drinking a cocktail... btw, I do believe he still owes me a thank you for that night....

Question #15
What is the 'dome of Bob"?

The Dome of Bob is a very special place...its scary at first, but then once you get in there, you realize you are protected for life, and will probably end up being a bazzillionaire. This dome is VERY exclusive, and the people who live under this are some of our Industry's most successful and honest people... you get there, and you call me, anytime, and Im there, complete with a solution and my *Dome*...

Question #16
Talk about your cigar fixation? Could this be a subsitute for cock?

Cigars are like a fine bottle of wine...each one has its own story on how it came to be... nothing like sitting on a warm, secluded beach...looking at the waves coming in after a long day of surfing...sipping on an ice cold cerveza...taking shots of a good tequila, watching the sun start to drop on the horizon, and then lighting up a kick ass cigar...my personal favorites used to be MC #2 until my good friend Doug Wicks sent me a box of Padron Imperiales...NOW THOSE KICKED SOME SERIOUS ASS.... as for the substitute for cock, when you can suck your own dick, you don't need anyone else's...

Question #17
Why do you like Mexico so much? Is it the cheap booze or cheap hookers?

I pretty much grew up my young teen years, and early adult years down there...and I just can't seem to stop going... when we were in High School, we would sneak away and head south to catch the surf...just like in the movie Big Wednesday...then feast our hungry selves on all you can eat lobsters for $10... Take away Tijuana and Mexico is an amazing country...beautiful people, great food and places to visit.. I remember heading to Rosarito Beach when I was 18 years old, and driving down a dirt road, then cobble stone road to the hotel there...then it was $15 a night rooms, PLUS a free pitcher of margaritas...now its more like $100/night...same room haha I also have a lot of friends down south. One of my best friends owns a resort and condo development in La Paz....the times down there are some of the best.

Question #18
Explain the dolphin tattoo on you ass.

ITS A FUCKING SHARK! my nickname back in the days was *tiburon* which is spanish for shark...due to all the time I spent in the water eating up the surf... i got it because I actually lost a bet when I was 20 years old. only KING OF VAGINA DRINKERS still call it dolphin

Question #19
What did they call you in highschool? How did you become homecoming king and prom King?

Well, I was not too popular with the cowboys in High School, after my family moved to Oregon, so I stuck to my sports and books...ended up being chosen as the State of Oregon Athlete/Scholar of the Year...not that did any good...the cowboys still just called me "That Fag from Caleeefornia"... good thing there were more females than males in school, thus me being voted Prom and Homecoming King.... One of the guys who hated me, his girlfriend was Homecoming Queen....needless to say I banged her during the dance in an unlocked classroom.

Question #20
What's with the mullet? Why do you look like someone out of a 1989 yearbook?

Mullet? damn and all these years I just thought my head grew funny...as for looking like someone in a 1989 yearbook...thanks for the compliment...that was a great year and 17 years ago...I guess I just age well.

Question #21
What kind of car do you have? Is it a Transam?

I actually drive the car from NightRider...given to me by my old buddy David Hasselhof...of course this was before he started beating his wife...

Question #22
Ever plan to go back to work at 7-11?

Shoot, if you ever get hard up for getting laid, I suggest you get a job working at a 7-11. Pulling tail out of a 7-11 at last call was easier than you could imagine... that and I had the key to the Hot Tub place next door, and if that always failed there was always the billboard above 7-11...once you get a babe up there, its all gravy time.

Question #23
How did you conquer your fear of flying? How did you get it?

I used to be fine flying...and I have been around the world at least once...but then a few years back I was on one of those flights you always fear. I was sitting in the window seat, with an elderly lady sitting in the middle seat...I knew she was semi-freak because she already came on the plane wearing a mask over her mouth. After about an hour of flying the plane hit some major turbulence and was being tossed around like the inside of a washing machine...the lady next to me was screaming at the top of her lungs and digging her fingernails into my arm...I still have a scar on my arm from one of her nails. She freaked out the whole flight and everyone on the plane was sure they were gonna die... That pretty much did it for me and flying until my good friend Steve Lightspeed talked me into getting into a stunt jet for his Lightspeed Webmaster Weekend. Being a larger guy, I was packed into that plane like sardine...the stunt jet then proceeded to do loop de loops, 360 spins, flying straight down to the ground then barely missing the ground and flying up again...all these rad stunts... I figure if I could live through that...the rest of flying is gravy. I havent freaked on a plane since...

Question #24
Discuss Busty Amateurs and how it began.

Back in the day, when I had my bar...rocking and rolling with hot babes pretty much open to close...I had several friends who were getting into adult...D$ and KB were two of them... they introduced me to Jeff...I remember the first time I met him...I was sitting at the bar doing some paperwork before the lunch rush...in walks this unassuming young guy, who introduced himself to me and told me he needed girls to shoot to be on his website....just so happened a hottie walked in and sat down at the bar for lunch...so I said to Jeff..."Lets find out"... I introduced myself to her as the owner of the bar and asked if she would be interested in posing nude for the Internet...without hesitation she said "Sure"...much to Jeff's surprise and appreciation. Pretty soon we were closing down the bar, covering up the windows, and doing porn shoots in our off hours... I even think one time we had to substitute some salad oil for lube on a lesbo scene with a monster double headed purple dildo... ahhh those were the days.

Question #25
How many kinds of tequila do you have in your bar? What's the best tequila? discuss

One thing I was proud of at my bar, was the number of tequilas I was carrying...back then nobody was really into tequila, and Cuervo Gold (ack what shit this is), was the main tequila people drank... Most bars were stocking designer vodkas or single barrel bourbons...but man, i had a big love affair with tequila. I was lucky enough to also be a guest at Jose Cuervo's estate down in Mexico... I loved the way true tequila is made like a fine bourbon, yet with more natural ingredients... I would say at its peak, and remember, his was before the big tequila boom of late 90's, I had about 130 different flavors...from your typical "shooter" tequila, all the way up to "sipping" tequila which tasted more like a cognac. I would have to say Casta Anejo was my favorite back then...it was in true short supply (not a marketing short supply such as what Patron and Porfidio did) it was aged two years in an oak barrel, 100% blue agave, and had several different flavors of pepper....a bottle of this rarely made it past the delivery man...I would just crack it open right there and myself and whoever happened to be at the bar at the time would all enjoy it.

Question #26
Talk about your time in university. Where did you go? What did you study?

I went to, and graduated from University of California, San Diego...which is known as the *real* University down here, as opposed to the party school of SDSU (opening the door here for some SDSU alumni ) I studied Economics, and took Russian for two years...it was a very tough school, especially since I was also working two full time jobs to get me through...I was competing on the curve for grades with students who seem to be living in the library all day and had nothing else to do rather than just study. Needless to say, within a month of graduation, I was on a plane with a backpack, and my surfboard, to the South Pacific, and I didnt come back for a year...you really learn alot about life when you travel for more than a month...

Question #27
How tall were you when you gratuated from high school? How tall are you now?

Believe it or not, I was about 5'6" when I graduated High School....and about 155lbs Now I am 6'4" and 240lbs... I wish I had my size in High School, but I guess I was a late bloomer.

Question #28
Talk about the skinny dipping incident in Florida and the shower incident.

Oh man, you dug deep for these... It was the Miami show about 6 years ago, and I was hanging with Colin from Wasteland, and Dragon King...it was about 11PM or later? Well, Colin comes up to me and says, "Bob, lets go swimming..."...and then he dropped his pants to show off a sporty pair of brief underwear....I said to Colin, "Man, I dont have any underwear on..." And Colin, as profound as he always is says "So?" So I got into my birthday suit and jumped in the pool. Then DK shows up and says "Bob, Ill give you $100 for every girl you get naked in the pool." I said "Keep the money DK, but lets see what I can do" next thing you know I am swimming naked with about a dozen hot amateur girls...it was a load of fun. That began the night of stories where many a good Webmaster friend of mine got laid either in the pool or by the pool. It was a fun night. As for the shower story...wow...That was the Vegas show about ??? years ago (I cant keep track of them anymore)... I was taking a shower when there was a knock on my door...I was taking a shower, it was at the Venetian, which has those nice big glass showers. I put a towel on and answer the door and its three amateur girls looking for a place to get ready until their room is ready... I said sure, comon in...within minutes we were all taking a shower together and then moving over to the bed for the rest of the fun. They left after a couple hours, and I jumped back in the shower to clean the women off me, when again, there was a knock on the door...this time it was two girls from the show and they were there looking for me...back in the shower, back on the bed with these two... they left, and finally I started the shower again...about five minutes later, another knock at the door...two more amateur girls...same routine...but then I just stayed in the rest of that night...

Question #29
How did you break your dick in New Orleans?

oh man...I was *testing* a new sex toy which was a vibrating cock ring..... It was around my dick while I was banging away at this hottie...then I noticed the blood was going into my dick, but not coming out....it started to get bigger and purpler and bigger and purpler...then the veins starting popping like fireworks and I had to jimmy the thing off my dick before it exploded... put me out of commission for a couple weeks...

Question #30
Who do you look up to in the industry? Down on?

Over the years our Industry has become tougher and tougher to get involved with successfully...while I have tremendous respect for guys like Mike Price, Kevin Ho, Becky and Marc De...etc, there are a crop of new Webmasters out there popping up and making a mark... I think what Steve Lightspeed did a few years back, create an entire new language "the Lightspeed Girl" out of a name that I would have banked would never have worked "WtF is a lightspeed" I think what the Yanks team is doing is unreal...they have come so far, and all because of their brains, integrity, and intense amount of work...they really have my respect. Smaller webmasters who are working hard every day to get a living impress the hell out of me... Roy and Madame at Blue Toon...just for one example... In the past it was impressive to see people try to impress, nowadays it is impressive to see people actually work their asses off... There are too many to name, but they know who they are...I tell them every time I talk with them. Who I look down on? The cheaters, scammers, and basic liars of our Industry...I know who you are...you know I know who you are....and maybe I should start talking? Backstabbing is a def turn off too....many people I have considered close friends turned out to be nothing more than opportunistic fucks...again, they know who they are.

Question #31
Why porn?

When I got out of the bar business, porn was the only other Industry where you can work hard, play hard, and have a ton of sexy babes around. It was a natural fit...I have been to both bar tradeshows, and our tradeshows, and the only difference is...you get laid more at the bar tradeshows.

Question #32
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? the industry?

Ithe ol' Where you see yourself question... Have you ever seen the movie Shawshank Redemption? I loved the ending where Tim Robbins is down in Baja, working on his boat on the Sea of Cortez...and then he sees his buddy, Morgan Freeman walk up... I would hope to see myself like that...I have been there, done that...would love to see myself chilling on a beautiful secluded beach somewhere waiting for my friends to show up and keep me company...that would kick ass. whether it takes 5 years, or 10 years, thats how I want this incredible ride to end.... As for Adult...the US has become a scary, unpredictable beast...who knows what is in store for Adult in the US...I just hope everyone realizes it can all END here in the US if Bush or whoever the Republican candidate who cheats their way into our Presidency again, chooses to turn their efforts against the adult market...the signs are there...the facts are there... while Adult will always kick ass, cause people need porn more than they need booze...Adult in the US is a scary scary thing.... I hope the smart ones come join me on Suenos Mojados....if you dont know what it is, talk to RogerV, IncredibleScott, Chris Mallick, or Doug Wicks... or myself.

Question #33
What the fuck is Ynot? Talk about your radio show.

YNOT is the BEST adult resource site on the planet...simple...its not a *chat board*, its not an affiliate program, its a resource site...it has been there since the beginning, and has helped thousands of SMART webmasters get to where they are today.... and yeah, I can say that cause I own it... the YNOTBob Humpday Lunch show is simply the largest adult webmaster radio show on the NET...and has been for over 5 years. My co-host, LAJ, and myself laid out a plan years ago, to give those 20 hour workday Webmasters a breath of fresh air every Wednesday with some great guests, breaking news, and fun pranks... Im convinced Ashton Kutcher used to listen to get his Punk'd show... We have had on Don King, Seigfried, William Hung, Ahhhnold, and many more mainstream guests We have had on Seka, Jenna, Ron, Tera, and many more adult guests We have had on the Nigerian Email Scammer, the guy who shipped himself FEDEX, and the guy who went over Niagra Falls and lived... We have pranked Webmasters, their wives, their mothers, and their family, we have *hump'd* lawyers and even convinced a girl to pretend to be pregnant.... We broke the story on the new VISA fees, the Mike Jones case, Rob Black, and the Superbowl Stripper... If you take 60 minutes, and mix in some Saturday Night Live...you have the Humpday show... check it out....



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