A personal and close friend, Brent works for Python, of the the largest and most respected online companies in the world. That being said - we must be as brutal as possible with him in this interview. The more respected someone is, the harsher we must be. Release the hounds!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Elvis_Manson

Question #1
What the fuck's with all the tattoos? Did you have a bad relationship with your father or something? Pics.

How many people do you know that have a good relationship with their father?....lol besides you I mean. I got my first tattoo 21 years ago. It was a dagger about 3 inches long, on my left forearm. I was in jail at the time (we’ll cover that next) and it was done with a sharpened paper clip with thread wrapped around it using bible paper ashes and water mixed together for ink. I’ve discovered there are better ways to get tattoo’d now. ;) Tattoos are like Art to me and I get to take my collection with me everywhere I go. I’ve had tons of people ask me about the meaning of my tattoos, why I get them but the question I get the most is “Aren’t those going to look like shit when you get old?”. My answer is a simple one. Old wrinkled skin looks shitty no matter what…at least mine will have some color. Tattoos are an addiction. I don’t know of many people that have just one tattoo. It always starts with one but then you start looking at other parts of your body, you have more life experience, and it becomes easy to find reasons for more ink. Eventually I will be covered from just below my neck down to my ankles and to my wrists. I am about 1/3 of the way right now. I am getting tattoo’d on Thursday, I’ll post some pics or video of what I get done. In the mean time here are a couple pics to tide you over.


Question #2
Ever been in Jail? Discuss? Have you ever stolen anything?

Yes. Over 20 years ago I made serious error in judgment and continue to pay for it to this day. Back in the early 80’s there was a beer strike in Ontario. (Our beer stores are government owned) My normal weekend was to pick up some beer and hang with my friends at a local pool hall. Instead I got fucked up on 6 or so hits of acid and a bottle of whiskey and when one of the people I was with suggested we break into some industrial units looking for cash etc… I was enough of a sheeple to agree. Got caught coming out of the back door one of the units we had broken into and had a nervous cop point his gun at me and tell me to freeze. Needless to say I got a good shit kicking and carted off to jail. After spending the weekend in the holding center I was brought down to the pens to await transport to court for bail. I am sitting on a bench in a cramped holding pen with two guys on either side of me that are both in for serious armed robbery and a guy is standing in front of me talking about how he killed a cop in NYC, scalped some girl and wore her hair to disguise himself to get across the border into Canada. He looked like a cross between Charles Manson and John Belushi and being anywhere near him cared the shit out of me. He ended being deported and was killed while “resisting arrest” I ended up being sentenced to 6 months in jail and when I got out I decided that I needed to do something else with my life. It’s not something that I would recommend that anyone else try, but spending that time in jail taught me some very important life lessons. I’ve never stolen anything and got away with it….lol I make a lousy thief. I’ve found it’s better for people to want to give you things than to take it from them without permission.

Question #3
Just many women have you broken the arms of during rough sex? discuss

Only one. And it was during foreplay…not sex. My ex gf Renee and I had spent the early evening at a Sponsored Boat cruise on Lake Mead. I seem to recall that Sleazy Dream, CyberCat and a few others had sponsored it. ;) The Internext show was starting the next day and I had to be on the show floor early so we went to my room around midnight to get some sleep. As anyone who has been to Internext knows sleep is a rare commodity. Renee decided that she wanted to wrestle in bed. After rolling around in bed for a while she pinned me down. I threw her off me with a little too much force and she fell off the side of the bed and pulled me on top of her. This is not normally a bad thing but her forearm got trapped between the floor and the side of a wing-back chair that was beside the bed. When I fell on top of her I landed on her arm and there was a loud crack and that was the start of a long 3 days. The first thing security did when they arrived was to separate us and start questioning her about how it happened. It took some serious convincing by her to make them believe that it wasn’t intentional. The EMT’s did the same thing. As did the doctors and nurses at the hospital. After spending 3 days at the hospital we flew down to Mayors house in Ft Lauderdale and began her rehabilitation by going offshore boating….lol My friends that don’t work online think I am fucked in the head for having the x-ray online…but it serves as a good reminder to me not to mix wrestling and sex.

Question #4
How long have you been in the online adult industry?

I stared working for Python in Sept of 2000 and have been here ever since.

Question #5
How did you get into online adult? Plans for the future?

I’ve been around computers all my adult life. My father was a nuclear scientist and we had computers in our house since Apple started making them. I got involved in a failed mainstream web project back in the early to middle 90’s. When it died I lost interest in computers and the internet for a long time but eventually alcohol brought me back to it. High def video is the future for me. I just built 2 editing suites in my house (1 PC and 1 Mac) and am pouring all my energy into that. Along with some friends here in Toronto I am pushing the envelope with how High Def video can be encoded, delivered and displayed. check out http://banners.highdefmoviepass.com/...te/?2050095420 to see some short clips of our high def content.

Question #6
What the fuck are "Barbie" and "Hotwheels" branded computers?

Before I stared working for Python I spent 2 years selling computers for a local manufacturer. The twin brothers that owned the company were born again Baptists and more than a little strange. The brother in charge of the sales dept had a plaque on his office door that said “director of big ideas”…lol One of their better ideas was to pitch Mattel on Barbie and Hotwheels branded computers. Silver and pink cases, monitors and keyboards with flowers for the Barbie computers and blue cases, monitors and keyboards with flames for the Hotwheels computers. Concept was absolutely brilliant, but did they ever fuck up the fulfillment. The guts were low end “everything onboard” motherboards and the power supplies had a failure rate that was beyond brutal. The base model without upgrades didn’t even have enough RAM to run windows. The last straw for me was when they promised delivery on about 20,000 units for xmas and didn’t come through. It was a cluster fuck of giant proportions and eventually forced them in bankruptcy.

Question #7
Did you start in gay accounts due cause you liked the twinks or cause the twinks liked you?

I was hired as the “Gay” account rep because “bears” like me….lol I was actively looking to leave my current job (see last question) and wanted to get back into the internet. The dotcom bubble had yet to burst and my original plan was to work in internet porn for a year and take what I had learned into the mainstream internet world. Over 5 years later I am still here.

Question #8
Talk about playing guitar for 31 years, and being a serious musician for about 10.

Talk about playing guitar for 31 years, and being a serious musician for about 10. I don’t play guitar because I want to. I play guitar because I have to. I tried quitting once and it was probably the worst experience of my life. I think everyone needs some sort of creative outlet in their life…and playing guitar does it for me. I started playing guitar when I was 6. A friend of the family gave me a beat up old acoustic to fuck around on and that turned into lessons. If I remember correctly Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” was the first song I learned to play. About 10 years ago I started to take playing guitar seriously. Took more lessons, bought more guitars, amps cabinets etc… and got “out of my basement” and into a band. I’ll never forget the fear that was in the pit of my stomach the first time I played live on stage. Now I can’t live without it. The adrenalin rush is insane and highly addictive .


Question #9
What exactly do you do for dollar machine?

As little as possible?.lol I provide support for webmasters, troubleshoot technical issues, edit video but my main focus is bringing in the joins. Go sign up for the new python.com High Def sites and send me joins.

Question #10
Why did Elvis Manson change it's name to Brass Knuckle Therapy?

After 10 years playing under the name ElvisManson it fell apart. This was before I played in the band. During the 5 year break one of the founding members died of a brain aneurysm. When the rest of the band reformed I replaced him. We started out using the name Elvis Manson again as there was still a decent local following for the band but by this time Marilyn Manson had broken and the word association was becoming a huge negative. You can get some more history on the band at the link below. It's from a recent issue of "Gasoline Magazine" http://brassknuckletherapymusic.com/...le_article.jpg

Question #11
What kind of car do you drive? Is it true only homosexuals drive dodge?

2003 Durango R/T Black of course. I know a couple of straight people that drive Dodge, but not many. ;)

Question #12
Why can't you sell your basement in Toronto?

Fuck.. I wish I knew. I finally got sick of people wandering through my place and pulled it off the market.

Question #13
Why Toronto? Where else have you lived in your life?

I moved to Toronto when I was 17 and absolutely love the city. It is one of the most beautiful city’s in the world in the summer and the restaurants’ are amazing. Within a 5 block radius of my condo I can find any type of food I want. I can get booze delivered anytime of the day or night and I have a huge network of friends and acquaintances I can network with for music and video production. I have lived in Montreal QC, Ottawa ON, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon SK, Calgary AB, Vancouver and Kelwona BC but I always end up coming back to Toronto.

Question #14
Who brought you into the industry? Discuss

It is all Aly Drummonds fault….lol Aly and I used to live in the same ‘hood here in Toronto. I was new to the area and woke up one Saturday afternoon to find that there was a street party going on. The good news was that the beer garden was literally 5 steps outside my front door. Considering the state of my hangover (which was brutal) I assumed this was a sign from doG and proceeded to get stinky drunk…again. For reasons I won’t mention here, Aly was well on her way to an equal state of inebriation and we started buying each other rounds. At some point in our drunken stupor she mentioned that she worked in online porn. Being of the male persuasion I found this completely fascinating and grilled her about it to the point where she offered to let me sleep with her Girlfriend if I’d just shut up about it. I countered with asking if they were hiring (her GF didn’t really do much for me) and she realized she could pass the buck to someone else by saying they were. Aly being true to her drunken word arranged an interview at Python for me and for reasons still unbeknownst to me….they hired me. As their Gay sales rep. I’ve done a lot of different things at Python and plan on being here for as long as there is room for me to grow. A few months ago I started editing high def video for our newly re-branded www.python.com affiliate program.

Question #15
What on earth is a live sound reinforcement company?

I used to own a company that provided live audio for bands. A club, promoter or band would hire us to bring in a PA ( public address) system to reinforce their stage sound. We’d mic the drums guitar bass etc… and run all of the sound through the FOH (front of house) speakers. This increases the volume of whatever instruments or people that are mic’d. we would also run monitors back to the stage to give the musicians an idea of what they sound like to the people watching them. Any concert you go to has this. I got to work with some really cool bands and meet a lot of great people.

Question #16
What kind of formal education do you have? Where did you go to school?

Very little. I never finished high school in fact. I learned early on that I didn’t have the attention span to sit in classes all day.

Question #17
What shows do you attend in the online adult industry? Which are you favorites? Which did you get refused entry into the USA trying to attend?

These days none. I used to go to All of the Internext shows, Cybernet Expo, the AWE shows when they were around, the Phoenix Forum, Webmaster Access and some smaller shows that escape my memory right now. The phoenix Forum has always been my favorite though Dokk’s Jamaica shows were a close second. In August of last year I was flying from Winnipeg to FL for the Internext show and was denied entry into the US. The Dept of Homeland Insecurity decided I was a menace to sobriety and after grilling me for a couple of hours let me go. I am in the process of jumping through all of the government hoops to get my waivers but it takes a mighty long time to get it all done.

Question #18
How exactly did you bust up your arm in a gravel pit?

This question is just an excuse to get me to post the video you shot of me rolling the quad in your gravel pit you bastard…..lol http://www.brassknuckletherapymusic....es/quading.avi

Question #19
Talk about your thoughts on drugs and booze and your use therein. Do you spend more time sober or drunk?

I have had issues in the past with all sorts of drugs and refuse to touch almost all of them now. Moderating the consumption of an illegal or controlled substances is a sucker bet from the get go… and moderation is the key for me to having a healthy and productive lifestyle. I am not opposed to smoking a joint now and then and having a few drinks but my days and nights of constant partying are long over. This is one aspect of conventions I don’t miss. There is an almost tangible pressure to party like a rockstar at the shows and I think it has a negative impact on those of us that have issues with controlled substances. I’ve spent more than my share of days on the convention floor feeling like I was going to die, only to start partying again as soon as the show floor ended.

Question #20
Discuss high definition video and what you know about it and what you can do with it personally.

High def video is where our industry is going. Portability of content from computer to TV to your car or portable media device is where mainstream media is going. I am working on encoding high def video in a way that facilitates this portability. There are not any portable devices that can play true high def content yet but I expect that will change in the next couple of years and I plan to be ready for them when they hit the consumer market.

Question #21
What kind of porn gets you off?

Not much. I have seen to much porn to really enjoy it anymore. If I am going to watch sex I prefer to do it live…in hotels in Montreal.

Question #22
What's better for breakfast, Corona or Oxycotin or both?

Corona. I hate oxy. Seen it ruin enough lives that I wouldn’t ever take it.

Question #23
Post pics of and talk about you cat.

I don’t have any pics of my Lokii. I don’t own a digital camera and have never been a big fan of taking pictures. I have always had cats and over the last 15 years started naming them after gods. She is a spoiled bitch that demands constant attention and affection, but I love her to death. Any cat owner will tell you that you are always the slave in every relationship with a cat.

Question #24
We've heard rumor of a headhunter friend of yours named Billy - discuss in detail this person in your life.

One of my neighbors’ is an Art dealer. He specializes in native, African, Egyptian and tribal art. He has any interesting collection of shrunken heads from Borneo amongst other unusual artifacts. A number of years ago he bought the Niagara falls museum http://www.niagaramuseum.com/ . One of the mummies in the collection turned out to be the Pharaoh Ramses I. PBS just aired a special about it called “The Mummy Who Would Be King” If anyone is into collecting rare or hard to find antiquities or unusual artifacts lmk. Through Billy I can find just about anything, for the right price. hahaha61514;

Question #25
Approx how many women have you had sex with in your life? Roughly how many times a month do you get laid? How many different women? Best month ever? How many women from the biz have you slept with? How many men?

In my life?....shit…I lost count many years ago. In the triple digits though. These days not so much. I’m not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to date so I get laid once every week or two at the most right now. No idea how many different woman. I ran out of fingers and toes to count on…lol Every month is the best month. Every sexual experience is amazing and unique. I’ve slept with a few women from the industry (they will remain nameless) and no men.

Question #26
Why is it a bad idea to live within walking distance of a strip club?

I am not sure if it is a bad idea…..I like to push the boundaries of what I girl will let me do while dancing for me. And then take them home. ;)

Question #27
Is it legal to hunt pelicans with a speedboat?

Once again this question is just an excuse to play more video of us fucking around in your boat….lol I'll get Jman to post the video in a few.

Question #28
Did your marriage collapse because you guys were swingers? Discuss

No. My ex-wife and I were never swingers. The idea of that lifestyle did not appeal to her or I. Our marriage collapsed because of a lack of trust. The fact that I am a self serving and ego-centric asshole at times didn’t help either.

Question #29
What happened with your motorcycle accident?

About 7 years ago I t-boned a beemer doing about 45 miles an hour. I managed to swerve enough to catch her truck instead of the driver door, which probably saved my life. I caught the handlebars about mid thigh and was propelled end over end for about 30 feet. I landed on my left side and skidded for a few feet before coming to a stop. I didn’t break anything but I lost my taste for riding bikes after that. I’ll stick to fast cars now.

Question #30
Why Macs?

I have 2 Macs and 2 PC’s. I stared using Apple computers when they came out with the AppleII and then got into PC’s when the first 286’s came out. It’s only since OSX came out that I have started using Macs again. I find them vastly more using friendly than PC’s and I spend way more time using my mac. I spend too much time trying to get my PC’s to work properly and have never had that issue with Macs. For example I just fried the drives that make up the internal RAID0 array in my PC….with Macs shit like that just doesn’t seem to happen.

Question #31
Do you have a membership at pizza hut?

No…but I should. I am not a particularly social person and tend to order in a lot of pizza simply to avoid leaving my house.

Question #32
What were you doing before you got into the adult industry?

Selling Barbie and Hotwheels branded computers for born-again Baptists.

Question #33
What makes more money - spam, installs or TGP? discuss

Mailing used to be an easy way to make money with very little investment of time or money. I have never spent much time with install traffic but what little I have didn’t seem to be worth the ROI. I don’t know much about TGP’s…that why I am always asking you questions about them. ;)

Question #34
Have you sold any cd's or was Ed the only person to ever buy one?

I think Ed was the only person I ever told to buy a CD from me….but he would have bought it anyway. As of right now you can buy my bands CD anywhere on the web that sells music. Amazon.com, iTunes, Napster etc… all carry them. We have a full distribution deal in the works with Navarre but need to be able to tour the US for them to close the deal. As I can’t get into the US right now the tour is on hold. Thanks for letting me expose myself in public without getting arrested.



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