MJ_ AVN Monty

Monty works for AVN and is now considered a staple at industry events and gatherings. He's a cool cat in a position of power in this game and someone who's definitely moving up.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on MJ_AVN

Question #1
What's with the Elvis hairdo and jogging jackets - this is LA?

Uhhhhhh... I get JFK Jr. a lot, Brandon Walsh, ocassionally, but not Elvis too often. (If you're thinking Brandon Walsh? I'll give you a hint, he lived in the following zip code: 90210.) I dunno, I think since I'm eventually going to go bald and look hideous, I may as well go out in a blaze of glory and take advantage while I can. As far as I can tell, the ladies still like a nice big head of hair. As for the jogging jackets, well, I've always been a big Adidas fan and I used to have five Adidas jackets, all different colors. I even went as far to have the matching pants for my navy blue one in college - it was my pimp suit, and also damn comfortable. I can't really get away with looking like a pimp anymore so the Adidas started to go, but then I saw this Puma jacket at Macy's and just couldn't pass it up. They're just comfortable. I don't wear them to dinners or to the club or anything. And maybe I'm stuck in the past or something too...

Question #2
Discuss your love for bands like Bon Jovi and Heart.

Here's the thing - I like to rock. I like to rock hard. These bands rock hard. I hear you snickering, but I am undeterred. It all goes back to when I was a wee lad. My old man was a rocker and he instilled rocking in me at a young age. When I was 7 or 8, he turned me on to Kiss. I used to fall asleep at night listening to his 8-track of Dynasty, which is still one of my favorite albums. Anyway, I rocked hard in the 80s, which was the time of cock rock - Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant, Cinderella, etc., etc. While many of those bands have fallen apart, bands like Bon Jovi and Heart are still rocking. In the past two years, I've seen them both live. And yes, in addition to still being able to shred, Nancy Wilson still looks mighty good. While I'm not terribly keen on their recent work, I'll stand by the hard-rocking virtue of Heart songs like Barricuda, Bebe Le Strange, and Crazy on You, which quite possibly has the greatest intro ever written. Ditto for Bon Jovi gems like Runaway, In and Out of Love and You Give Love a Bad Name. While my musical tastes are eclectic to say the least - Zeppelin, A Tribe Called Quest, Johnny Cash, White Stripes, J5, etc., if anyone wants a comprehensive history of cock rock or wants to debate the best power ballad of all time, my door is always open.

Question #3
Talk about growing up on a farm in Wisconson.

I haven't really thought about this in a while, as I am certifiably all-porn, all the time these days. We used to milk cows, I wasn't terribly fond of it. I was in the barn from the time I could walk I guess. It was a lot of shitty work. In the winter it was shitty work and freezing your ass off. In the summer, it was shitty work and then more shitty work because you were tending to the crops. I was driving a tractor pretty early on. Driving a tractor is kind of cool, but not for the hours upon hours it takes you plow or disk a field. The cool thing about the farm is the open space. We had ATVs when I was a kid, which are a hell of a lot of fun. And also, I would learn from time to time, a recipie for disaster for a reckless youth like myself. We built jumps, carved pathes through the woods, went mud running through the swamps, and sometimes ended up in the hospital. We also had a lot of forested land, which meant hunting. A lot of people not from Wisconsin don't understand the allure of deer hunting. You sit in a woods freezing your ass off for hours waiting to see a deer run by. Sometimes you don't see any at all. When you do, and you raise your rifle, it's one of the biggest rushes you'll ever experience. Moreso than any substance can provide. There is also a lot of drinking cheap beer involved with deer hunting (as there is with most things in Wisconsin). So the family would get together, drink cases of Pabst, eat tons of food, cuss, play euchre and shoot shit with our rifles. Good times! Anyway, we lived in the country and I went to school in a really small town - 615 people large to be exact. It's called Suring. You'll be hard pressed to find it on a map. I graduated in a class of 37. I always hated small-town life, which is probably why I live in L.A. now - much more my speed, which I guess is balls to the walls. I do miss all that green grass everywhere though, and the lakes and forest. Of course, now I can't sleep without the hum of traffic, sirens, etc.

Question #4
Why do you go to so many gay bars in LA?

The short answer is because I hang out with Raja. Actually, NakedHolly doesn't go anywhere but The Abbey, so in order to see Holly, sometimes I have to go to The Abbey, which is one of West Hollywood's finest. Personally, I don't really care what kind of establishment it is as long as there's booze and good-looking women. Then again, one night a lady friend and I were looking for an afterhours and we stumbled into a this gay club in West Hollywood. There were only two women in the place and I had brought one of them. The rest of it was filled with shirtless gay men. We danced anyway.

Question #5
Talk about all the girls you hooked up with in the adult industry?

That's not how I roll.

Question #6
Did you take the job at the adult book store to read porn all night? Talk about the jerkoff booths.

I worked in an adult bookstore in college. It was easy, the pay was good, I liked watching porn. Got a nice discount as well. Most of the time it wasn't too busy so I'd watch porn, do schoolwork or read. What was always busy though, were the boothes in the back. For the uninitiated, guys sit in these little boothes with a curtain and choose from several porn tapes to watch. And then you, uh... watch them. You can thank Ruben Sturman for the jerk-off booth. No, I didn't have to clean the boothes. That's always the first question everyone asks. My dealings with the boothes consisted of powering them up in the morning or off at night. The bad thing is, the boothes took tokens rather than quarters. Some people, in lieu of using the change machine in back, would constantly come up to the counter to get tokens. I grew a distaste for seeing the same people over and over, but they are the same people that are buying your products today. So as long as you don't have to look at them, I guess it's all good.

Question #7
Why was it your destiny that you work for AVN?

That's a strong word. In college, me and a couple friends organized Wednesday Night Porn Night. At first, it was just 5-10 dudes hanging out checking out the latest adult title. After a while there were people coming from all over my hall, including quite a few women. We were packing 30 or so people into a small-ass dorm room to watch a little adult, maybe cracking a few beers, maybe ordering up some chicken (for what later would come to be referred to as Wednesday Night Chicken and Porn Night). It was interesting to say the least. Then, of course, came the bookstore. While I was familiar with AVN, I had never really picked up a copy before I worked at the bookstore, so I became fairly well acquainted with it. This all added up and since I was a journalism major, one of the co-founders of Wednesday Night Porn Night always chided me with "someday you're gonna work for AVN." After a couple years in L.A. I found myself in need of a new job. I was working for a mainstream producer and missed writing. I went to my go-to site for all jobs journalism-related, JournalismJobs.com, and what do I see? AVN - Adult industry publication seeks managing editor... And so it goes... My friend is now a professor and track coach at Mankato State in Minnesota. I'm working for AVN. He's jealous. Oddly enough, as I was working here, I ran into a friend who told me he used to have the same job. I asked him why he quit and he told me one time a guy came running out of a booth up to the counter for tokens. When he got there and held out his hand, there was jizz dripping from it. My friend called the manager and told her she had 15 minutes to get to the store before he left. My strangest experience was with this big awkward dude who always used to just hang out in the back. I thought he was gay, but wasn't sure. He was awfully stupid though, that's for sure. He'd kind of just mill around waiting for guys to come out of the boothes. I never saw him say anything to anyone, which I found strange. So I'd go stroll into the back to see what the hell he was doing and he'd scurry into an empty booth. A little while later, I'd see him milling around again. Eventually, he'd just leave. Creepy. Another fun story about the porn shop is the amount of married men rolling in to check out gay porn. There were a lot of them, and this was in a town of only 60,000 people. Makes you wonder how many married guys have fantasies about hitting another dude. A lot, I suspect.

Question #8
How long have you worked for AVN? What exactly do you do for them?

OK, so back to it until something pulls me away again... It will be 2 years in September. Seems like longer. I am technically Senior Editor/Associate Publisher. What those titles mean, I'm not really sure. They sound nifty though, eh? I write news and features. I have a hand in putting the AVN Online magazine together. I promote the company and our events through various means. I go to tradeshows. I try to help people accomplish their goals. In general, I try to make things happen. Hopefully I have been successful in some of these endeavors.

Question #9
Talk about being an assistant for an out of control Greek producer and the parties he threw.

Before my tenure at AVN, I worked for a film and television producer named Niko Mastorakis. He was a real douchebag. A total megalomaniac. We called him The Mastorakis, like it was some sort of deragatory term. We also used it in sentences such as, "give 'em the old Mastorakis," which simply meant tell them to go fuck themselves because that's what The Mastorakis did. He was the guy that the second something wasn't exactly to his liking, he'd tell someone to go fuck themselves. If he felt a contractor was trying to screw him - tell them to go fuck themselves! If something cost more than he thought it should - tell them to go fuck themselves! If a deal didn't work out to his liking - tell them to go fuck themselves! If someone didn't return his call - tell them to go fuck themselves! Naturally, as his assistant, I got to deliver all these messages. I learned two things - what you can get away with when you don't allow yourself to be pushed around, and that I didn't want everyone thinking I was a twat, which is pretty much what everyone thought of The Mastorakis. This guy, after dropping millions of dollars over the years as a guest, actually got banned for life a couple of years ago from the Beverly Hills Hotel because of his assinine behavior and abuse of the staff. Funny thing is, he's a little weasal in person. So this guy's MO was that he would make some really shitty movies with Hollywood B-list talent and then resell them over a period of years in various European markets. It made him rich. Of the fine films he produced and directed is stuff like Blind Date, which stars the chick that Phil Spector killed; .com for Murder, a psychological thriller starring a pre-Desperate Housewives Nicollete Sheridan and a post-Species Nastassja Kinski, who later sued The Mastorakis (around the office the rumor was that she refused to sleep with him and everything fell apart from there); and perhaps the ultimate in disgusting cult entertainment - Island of Death. He also co-wrote the Anthony Quinn film The Greek Tycoon, which is probably the only halfway decent thing he's done in his life. The beauty of this job was that The Mastorakis spent most of the year in his home in Athens while I ran the L.A. office. I actually only met him twice, if I recall. We communicated mostly via email, which made it easy for him to be a fuck. In person, he kissed my ass. However, as he was never around and we had this beautiful house just up off the Sunset Strip as an office, I took full advantage of the house. Downstairs were desks and such, but upstairs was all bedrooms, a TV room, etc. Well, other than practically living up there, I also threw some fairly nice parties in that house. Get a keg and some bottles, a little food, hook up a laptop to his Bose speakers, have 50 of my friends over, and blow it out. Around midnight we'd roll down to Red Rock for some dancing and carousing and them come back for afterhours. The house would be trashed, but that was OK because The Mastorakis had a maid, who he paid peanuts and I believe was an illegal, come in every week. She hated him as much as everyone else, so she never said anything. These were good times.

Question #10
How is it you knew nothing about computer engineering yet you worked for a computer engineering magazine?

When I graduated from college I knew all I wanted to do was move west where it was warm. I hate the cold weather. It literally depresses me, so Wisconsin and I didn't go well together. I was in Phoenix visiting my grandparents my last year of college and got hooked up with this publishing company doing some freelance stuff. I was basically just compiling columns, editing press releases and the like. When I graduated they had a full-time opening. They produced 6 computer engineering magazines. I knew nothing about the subject except what I had picked up freelancing. I cared even less then I knew, but I saw it as the exit I was looking for and packed up and got the hell out of the cold. They brought me on because I knew how to write and edit and didn't care about my lack of knowledge of the subject. All of our stuff was submitted by industry insiders, so I just edited it and put one of the magazines together. Needless to say, not having any interest in what I was doing made for a pretty shitty job. On top of it, in the beginning I shared an office with this chick who was from Kentucky but lived in Texas most of her life - talk about the worst possible fucking accent to listen to. It was like nails on a chalkboard to me. On top of that, she was 37 and single and in desperate need of a man, so all she'd talk about was how she was going out with this guy or why this other guy didn't like her. She had the mentality of a high school girl and everything came out half Kentucky/half Texas. So anyway, I was out of the cold, but had a job I really wasn't in to. After a couple years, it really started to show and I eventually let it get the best of me and I got canned. At the time I was pissed, but in hindsight, a better thing couldn't have happened. I picked up and moved to L.A. and everything has been going pretty well since then.

Question #11
Talk about all the newspapers you've worked for.

When I lived in Wisconsin I worked for two dailies - first, the Oshkosh Northwestern, where I worked for a year covering various things, getting my feet wet, meeting people, etc., etc. The big deal in Oshkosh every summer is the EAA Airventure, which is the biggest airshow in the world next to the Paris air show. For a week every summer a town of 60,000 turns into a town of 200,000. The tiny-ass airport in Oshkosh is the busiest in the world after I think O'Hare and George Bush. Planes fly in from all over the world and they park them in acres and acres of fields. Quite a spectacle. Covering EAA that summer was a hell of a lot of work, but it was also an experience I'll never forget. Among other things, including a WWII fighter bursting into flames moments after takeoff and crashing, the owner of SC Johnson built an exact replica of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose and flew it into Oshkosh that summer. I interviewed him. Pretty cool shit. So then I worked for the Appleton Post Crescent. Unlike Oshkosh, Appleton is a pretty cool town. Heart of the Fox River Valley and all. This is actually one of the bigger and more respected papers in Wisconsin, at least until Gannett took it over. Anyway, this was 2000. I was an avid political buff back then (six years of Bush has made me a jaded prick) and that summer, of course, was the height of the Bush/Gore race for the presidency. Somehow I kissed the right ass and got myself assigned to covering much of the campaign. Wisconsin was a swing state, so one or both of those fools was stopping in every other week. I covered most of their stops and slyly inserted my liberal bias in most of the stories I wrote. Just kidding. it was pretty cool, I got access I really never dreamed of and my byline on the front page quite a bit. And despite the amount of post-work celebrating I did that summer, it's one I'll never forget. Finally, in college I was the managing editor of our school newspaper, the real go-getter that I was. Well, my senior year after working my way up through the ranks I figured it was my turn to make some changes. I started with our logo. Wanting to make a splash and catch a lot of eyeballs I decided to abandon the standby black, block font and use my Photoshop skills to make the color scheme a rainbow and turn the block letters into something akin to a marquee scroll. I succeeded in making an eye-catching logo. Everyone noticed. Of course, they all thought we were a LGBT pub. In hindsight, I should have stayed with black.

Question #12
Where does the line "and remember, take your time" come from?

This is a beauty... After I graduated from college I had my real job lined up, but it didn't start until August, so in the meantime I decided to find a job with as little actual responsibility as possible and party my ass off in my remaining months in Wisconsin. I took a job in the custodial services department at the University. In other words, I was pretty much a janitor. If I recall, I made about $6.50 an hour. Well, employing a bunch of university kids every summer, the custodial services department didn't expect much. You didn't show up for work - not really a big deal. Anyway, that's not the way I work, so I always showed up for work and they loved me for it. Other people would go missing for 3 or 4 days at a stretch. Thing is, we didn't really do anything when we were there. The students were assigned to a full-time custodial employee everyday, who gave them tasks to do and this one dude kept choosing me. I was majorly hungover most days and he could usually tell, but I still did whatever job he gave me. We took a lot of cigarette breaks. Sometimes, he'd just let me take a nap on the clock. Other times we'd drive around in one of the University trucks. After a while when he figured out I was competant and not going to make him look bad, he'd assign something to me and just leave for pretty much the entire day. Before he would take off, he'd always leave me with the reminder - "Remember, take your time." In other words, if you work hard it's going to make us all look bad. I was all for that, but just had to laugh everytime he said it to me. I remember one particular morning where I had tied a beast on the night before. Pretty sure I was still drunk when I came in to work. This dude sets me up to mop the handball courts, of which there were four. Before he rolls out he imparts the department motto on me - "Remember, take your time." He left, my buddy's house was across the street, I went over and slept off my drunk for two hours, came back and mopped and all was good. On a side note, this one morning, I saw this janitor that somehow looked familiar to me. He said hi, I said hi, and that was pretty much it. I couldn't figure out where I had seen him before. Then it dawned on me - two years earlier when I worked at the bookstore, he was the dude who came in on Saturdays to clean the jizz boothes. He was a really great guy, but obviously did too many hits of acid in his day. I don't think the other janitors new what he did on the weekends, so it was never mentioned.

Question #13
How many people gave you shit for the AVN Vegas Internext being at the same time as CES? How many praised you? Why are you changing it?

To put it simply, most of them. At the same time, a lot of people saw the value in being able to do business at the AEE show. CES was one of the big wrenches in the gears though. To be honest, we made some major missteps with that show. It wasn't because we were trying to screw anybody or ram anything down anyone's throat though. Obviously, there is value to facilitating business between the video and online industries and I would humbly suggest that no one is in a better position to do that than AVN. There were a lot of problems that occurred that we simply didn't forsee. I've heard a lot of complaints. A lot of those complaints were from people who didn't even go to the show or were pre-disposed to think, this sucks. I've seen other outlets write that no one got any business done. I'd be happy to line up a number of people from our industry who made major deals in Vegas. Obviously, those other outlets have reason to write what they do. If I can ask anyone to do anything at this point, I'd say make sure you're thinking for yourself and asking questions. Don't believe everything you hear or read. Anyway, I could go on and on about Internext, but the fact is this - we tried something and it didn't work. As it is one of our goals to try and help this industry grow we're going to try new things from time to time. They may not work. People may hate them. People may get on the wagon to bash us for it because that's the popular thing to do. But instead of sitting on our hands and giving you the same thing over and over and over, we're trying to be proactive. Why are we moving it? We've solicited a lot of feedback and the majority of people have echoed the same words. We're trying to give the industry what it wants. So if next year's Vegas show sucks, you have no one to blame but your peers Just kidding. Next year's Internext will be much different than this year's event. Hopefully, you'll give us another chance and stop in. In the meantime, the best show of the summer is coming up - Internext Miami. It's not at the same time as CES or any video show and it's not in Vegas. Hope to see you there.

Question #14
Why did you drop out of film school? Too stupid?

Yeah, more or less. Just think, if I would have finished, I could be directing porn now, instead of writing about it! No, I just made a decision and that was that my being a filmmaker wasn't a practical career choice. I was minoring in journalism and I found I was both good at it and I enjoyed it. The job market was a little more defined as well. I didn't particularly want to be a struggling filmmaker. I was three credits shy, one class, of finishing my film degree, but I didn't want to go to school anymore to get that piece of paper. It's essentially useless. If I want to work in that industry, I could go PA for somone and work my way up, which is how everyone starts unless you go to USC Film School. I went to UWO Film School, not quite the same.

Question #15
Why do you love LA so much?

It's the place to be. The weather, the beaches, the culture, the nightlife... It's the first place I've lived in my life that felt like home. Growing up in a small town just didn't fit me. My step-mother is from Milwaukee, which was always much more my style than Suring. I'm not a small town person. The country is nice to visit, but give me the city to live in. When I was a kid we had to drive 30 miles to find a department store. That always bothered me for some reason. Guess I felt isolated. So complain about the traffic and the smog all you want, but I think L.A. is the best city on earth.

Question #16
Why is north Scottsdale the most pretentious place on earth?

Edwards has been waiting for the answer for this one, so let me be succinct - because Jason Edwards lives there. Kidding. I lived there for two years and while I dug the weather for the most part and lived in a great area (McDowell Mountain Ranch over by West World if you're in Phoenix) I found that there was something missing from Scottsdale. Namely, a soul. When I think of North Scottsdale and I think of the places I would go when I lived there like Barcelona, the Fox Sports Grill, Goldies, etc., I would always run into the kind of person who thought they were better than everyone else. A lot of plastic surgery, a lot of dye-jobs, a lot of "what do you do for a living," a lot of pretention. I didn't dig it. Especially Barcelona, that fucking place makes me shudder in disgust to this day. If you ever go there, don't bother being yourself, just lie a lot and pretend to be a doctor. Not to say that that area is all bad. Tempe is alright and I know some good people who live in Scottsdale. All of them moved there from somewhere else though, they have families and big homes. And a word for Goldies - they have some fantastic calzones and mugs of beer as big as your skull.

Question #17
How close did you come to becoming a junkie in Arizona? What changed that?

Not sure I'll ever know the answer to that. Not sure I want to. I hit what you could call a rough patch for a while. I fell in with a group that I soon discovered were junkies. Meth was their choice - no sleep for days at a time, scabs on their skin, using dull needles to get a fix, one dude I knew slept in this other dude's closet. It was all pretty fucked. I saw some stuff I never want to be a part of again. The dude who slept in the closet, his girlfriend left him, took all his possessions, and disappeared. She was pregnant with his kid. I saw two supposed best friends get in a fight and resort to swiping razor blades at each other. One of them got cut pretty bad. Their dealer would have his glock sitting on the table pointed at you while he sat and counted his money. Anyway, I was going through the country music song - lost my girl, lost my job, got a DUI, became depressed. Self medication seemed like the right answer as this was all going down, but then at some point you a hit a point lower than you've ever been and put on the brakes. It was kind of like a bolt of lightning hit. I asked myself what the hell I was doing, stopped feeling sorry for myself, gave up the medicine and decided I better get my shit together before I didn't have any shit to get together anymore. With nothing to lose, I packed up and moved to L.A. It hasn't been all smooth, but I've been able to get back where I belong and headed in the right direction. I'm also much less of a moron these days. Live and learn. It was one hell of a lesson, but it's stuff like this that makes you stronger. I'm glad I have it. It's motivation to kick ass everyday.

Question #18
Discuss this statement "I could have been a king in Wisconsin, on the fast track to doing whatever I wanted, but I would have been miserable. Out here, I'm nothing, but perfectly content." That sounds kind of arrogant. What kind of tool would make a statement like that?

Here's what I was getting at. I was already working for one of the best newspapers in the state. They offered me a job when I graduated, but I told them straight out, I'm moving west. Thanks, but no thanks. I was fairly well connected in the journalism industry in Wisconsin, especially considering I was only 24. I knew some fairly powerful people, at least on a state level. Had I stayed there, I suspect I'd be editing a newspaper by now. The problem was, I'd wake up in January, it would still be dark outside, the wind would be blowing and it was 20-below. That depressed me. Made me want to sit in my warm house all day. I didn't want to feel like it was a chore to go outside and go to work. So when you come to L.A., you realize something real quick - you're nobody. Everyone has a story. Everyone is striving to succeed. It's a cutthroat environment at times. There are 20 people fighting for the same piece of pie you're trying to get. Needless to say, life and work is much, much easier in Wisconsin. It's also much less challenging. So give me the weather, give me the challenge and give me the rat race. I don't need to be well known. I only need to feel like I want to get out of bed in the morning, and that I do.

Question #19
Why is Led Zeplin like a religion to you?

You mean Led Zeppelin? Well, religion has let me down, friends have let me down, women have let me down, even my family has let me down from time to time, but Bobby, Jimmy, John and John have never let me down. Seriously... Greatest. Band. Ever. Their combination of the blues with hard rock, Jimmy's shredding, Bobby's wailing, Johnny's pounding, is just gorgeous. I'm still unable to comprehend what people were thinking when the Zep dropped Led Zeppelin I in 1969. Put yourself in 1969 and listen to that album start to finish - you either wouldn't be able to comprehend what you just heard, or you'd be sitting there with your mouth agape and crap running down your drawers because you'd never envisioned anything like it before. That album changed the face of music forever. Anyway, I could go on and on, but simply, for anytime and any mood, there's a Zeppelin song that goes with it. I think I'm feeling a little "Livin' Lovin' Maid" right now. Rock!

Question #20
Talk about the Green Bay Packers and your obsession.

Every Wisconsinite is born with two duties: 1. Consume mass quantities of Wisconsin-made beer to support the local economy. 2. Live and die with the Green Bay Packers. Fortunately, these two duties go very well together. I love football. I love the Packers. If you know any Boston Red Sox fans, Packers fans are quite similar - just as adamant in their support, but not as foolish in their beliefs. For instance, while every year is going to be a World Series year for the Red Sox, we're a little more realistic. Right now, we're down. I don't like it one bit, particularly when we lose to the Queens and those scabs from Chicago. This isn't how things are supposed to be. However, I'll still show up every Sunday and stand behind my boys even if we're, say, 4-12. Along the way I'll probably hurl a few choice epithets at the television. For instance, "Favre you fucking dick, if you throw another pick I'm going to kill you!" Packers fans stick together as well. Here I am in L.A. and I can go to just about any bar on Sunday and sit with 20 Packers fans. We travel well, as they say. I went to a game in San Diego a few years ago. I was in the fifth row, turned around and looked at the stands and I only saw two people sporting Chargers shirts. The rest was all green and gold. I was a little dumbfounded. Cameraderie is a big part of it. So let me break down the 2006 version of the team as it stands right now: Our offensive line has holes at the guard positions, which doesn't bode well for our running game. We haven't replaced Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera yet. Javon Walker wants to hold out again for more money. If we end up trading that pussy, then we don't have a #1 receiver anymore, unless we get one in return. Our defense improved immediately the moment we signed Ryan Pickett, but we still need another playmaker at linebacker other than Nick Barnett. If we could sign Charles Woodson, Lavar Arrington and somehow draft D'Brickshaw Ferguson, and Favre decided to play another year, I like our chances in the NFC North. That's a lot of ifs. But we have a saying - Win or lose, we'll still booze! Go Pack Go!

Question #21
Why do you think you have a squeaky clean image? You do work for one of the larger porn companies in the world.....

Maybe that was a joke in the general sense. As far as this industry goes though, I like to have a good time as much as the next guy, but being respectful towards others and keeping my main focus on this business are at the top of my priority list. I hope that translates.

Question #22
What kind of car do you drive? pics

A Jeep Cherokee. It's forest green. I call it tank, mostly because it drives like one. I don't have any pics because it's 1. not terribly impressive and 2. I don't need my car to say anything about me. You know what they say about guys who drive Mustangs, don't you ladies? Where do you live? Discuss your home. Hollywood. I have a swell apartment in the La Brea/Melrose area. Mostly families live in my neighborhood. They probably don't like us much. I have a roommate who I've known since college. When I first moved out here, we were both pretty poor and we shared a studio apartment in the dumpy part of Hollywood. Those are non-affectionately referred to as "The Dark Days." The only problem I have with living in Hollywood is commuting everyday to Chatsworth. Although, it gives me time to listen to music and smoke cigarettes.

Question #23
Where do you live? Discuss your home.

Hollywood. I have a swell apartment in the La Brea/Melrose area. Mostly families live in my neighborhood. They probably don't like us much. I have a roommate who I've known since college. When I first moved out here, we were both pretty poor and we shared a studio apartment in the dumpy part of Hollywood. Those are non-affectionately referred to as "The Dark Days." The only problem I have with living in Hollywood is commuting everyday to Chatsworth. Although, it gives me time to listen to music and smoke cigarettes.

Question #24
Why didn't you want to become an electrical contractor and follow in you father's footsteps?

Hahahahahahaha! Because that's really hard work. I did it for five years during high school and college. Manual labor isn't any fun. It's one reason why guys go directly to the bar after they punch out. It beats you down physically and isn't very stimulating mentally. Props to my dad for stepping up and running his own business - his parents were farmers - but I much prefer an office and a desk. Although I wasn't too fond of working construction, it taught me two things. First, that I really needed to go to college so I could get a job using my head rather than my hands. Second, how to wield the tools. Need someone to rewire your house, let's talk.

Question #25
Other than AVN - what are you favorite shows and which do you attend?

This was my first year in Phoenix, which was pretty dope. However, my favorite show to date, other than Miami, which is my favorite show overall, is Webmaster Access LA. Last year's event was hot, in a great location, a lot of fun and had good business opps. There's something to be said for having a show in your own backyard. I didn't have to stay in a hotel, which was nice, since I'm staying a hotel somewhere every month right now. Granted, there was a lot of chauffering and entertaining involved, but I don't mind those things. Big ups to Eric and Joe for putting on great shows. I'm already looking forward to this year's LA event.

Question #26
Who do you look up to in this industry? Down on?

Loaded question. Who I look up to is easy, but it's a long list. First, Paul Fishbein. A lot of people don't want to give him credit for what he's done for the adult industry. The guy's been busting his ass for over 20 years. He's always professional and frankly, has one of the smartest business minds I know of. Plus, he lets me do what I do. Nothing but respect. Steven Hirsch is brilliant and can seemingly see years down the road. I think that's amazing. Steve Lightspeed - when I came into this industry, he wasn't too fond of AVN. Thankfully, that's changed, but he was always nothing but gracious and helpful. I owe a lot to Steve for his insight, his advice and especially for giving me a chance when he had no reason to. Oh, and for letting me hang out with Taylor Joe and Eric. They've set the business standard in the online world. The Playboy deal confirms that. Platinum Dave, what can I say? He does it right. Again, one of most gracious people I know. Success hasn't spoiled him, other than perhaps his wine snobbishness Lori Z and Leslie Sharp. Not to lump these two together, but they've both given me a lot of knowledge and help along the way. I wouldn't be where I am without them. Two brilliant women. They've both gone through some ups and downs, but always rise to the top. Mike Hawk, who despite his crazy board posts, is a gentleman and, more impressively, a survivor. I appreciate his support. The guys who will never let me take them to lunch because they're always working - Arthur at Meatcash and Jax at SugarDVD. There's something to be said for working as hard as these guys do. The entire team at Epoch - I don't know if there's a better run operation out there. Greg Clayman who is an innovator and a great businessman. He was also the first big company owner to talk to me when I came to AVN. I think that says something about him as a person. Lars, who I could say the same things as I say about Greg. Just a great guy, and there's something to be said for individuality. As for who I look down on, that's not really something I dwell upon, but any individual or business that tries to build their name by taking shots at another, well, I can't say I have much respect for that.

Question #27
Would you have sex with a porn star without a condom? Have you? Do porn stars offer sex in exchange for favors from AVN?

No. No. No. Certain people, not necessarily performers, do pretend to be your friend because of what you can do for them. Luckily, I can smell bullshit from a mile away.

Question #28
What kind of woman turns you on? Describe your perfect man or woman in detail. What kind of sex turns you on?

Well, I love a challenge That would explain a lot of the women I date. As far as looks go, I like something a little different. Sexy is more important than beautiful or hot. Sex appeal goes a long way in my book. I don't like cookie-cutter women. If you shop at Abercrombie, you probably shouldn't bother applying. Intelligence is sexy. Individuality is sexy. Style is sexy. Strength is sexy. And for the record, I am a leg man. As for the rest, I'll leave that to speculation.

Question #29
What is happy? What is the meaning of life?

Hahahahahaha! I think that one is for the Dalai Lama's Ambush Interview. For me, happiness is a combination of piece of mind, constantly being able to learn and push my own boundaries, exploration, and the support of family and friends. As for the meaning of life, I don't turn into a philosopher until after I've downed a few glasses of whiskey. Call me later tonight if you really want to know.

Question #30
Boxers or briefs?

Boxers. Briefs are too restricting.

Question #31
What were your thoughts on the Red Light district in Amsterdam? How does it compare to the steet hookers in Hollywood?

Actually, I felt kind of like a tourist there. I hate feeling like a tourist, even when I am one. I was excited to go there, but when I got there I didn't even indulge. Maybe it was because someone kept rambling on about how the girls in Prague were so much better than these girls, that I lost the excitement factor. You know who you are! Actually, I was in a relationship and the idea of paying for sex halfway around the world didn't sit quite right with me. Honestly, I haven't seen too many hookers in Hollywood. I'm told that all the trannys hang out by the Shakey's up the street from our neighborhood though. So if that's your thing, I can point you in the right direction.

Question #32
Discuss your radio show on the Ynot network.

You know, I was a little hesitant to do it at first because after all, what the hell do I know about doing radio? Well, the first show was a bit rough, but since then it's been a hell of a lot of fun. I'm blessed to have a crutch like Aimee Sweet to lean on. You know, it's really her show, they just jam my fat head on all the promos. Basically, the premise is something like this: we talk about all the big porn news of the week and then we interview a selected mover and shaker in the industry. It's a lot of work to put together a solid show each week and promote it, but I enjoy it. We've been getting a lot of good feedback, so that helps as well. If you want to sample you can either join us each Thursday at 1 p.m. PT on www.ynotradio.com and/or you can download podcasts of each show, also available on the site.

Question #33
Don't you know you are not supposed to smuggle wine into a bar? Talk about how you got kicked out.

Actually, I do know that, but sometimes you just don't care. A while back some friends and I had a suite at a Clippers game. A suite comes packed with free booze. Well, when the game was over, we had taken care of most of it and not wanting to be wasteful we thought it best to load the remainder into our pockets. I got the bottle of wine. We took the train back to Hollywood and went into the Power House where, interestingly enough, they didn't take kindly to us drinking a bottle of wine in their establishment. I offered the manager a corking fee, but he declined and instead removed the table we were sitting at and told us to leave and never come back. If you've ever been in the Power House, you'd understand why I didn't feel a great sense of loss.

Question #34
Why do you get angry that your roomate doesn't get laid enough? How did this get you kicked out of a bar?

lol... he's pissed that you used all of the details in this question. You know, I just care about the guy's well being. I know when you go a while without the company of a woman things can get a little frustrating, you get wound a little tight, you maybe get down on yourself. That's no good. I felt he was maybe giving up a little to easily in certain situations or not seeing others for what they were, so I got a little animated after a few cocktails one night. He thought it was funny. In hindsight, he was right.

Question #35
What are all the creative and endless ways to use the word 'douche"?

Well, here's the thing about that word, the definition is something nasty. In fact, I can't think of many more disgusting things, so to use it in a deragatory sense just makes a lot of sense, like, "you're a real douche." Additionally, when you put a little emphasis on it, it just sounds like a powerful insult. Say it like this, "Douche!" with a heavy emphasis on the D. Nice, huh? So my roommate and I have this saying when we've had a bad day. I'll know when he's had a bad day and vice versa when one of us walks in the door and the first words are, "Everyone's a douche." Had a bad day or nothing's going right = Everyone is a douche. Saying that just makes you feel better. And then there are times when he's talking to me and I'm laying the sarcasm on thick or just being short with him. Instead of calling me a douche or some other deragatory term he'll say, "Been drinking douche again?" You know, you are what you drink or there's simply a lot of douchey attitude coming out of your mouth or something. Someone is copping attitude = "Been drinking douche again?" And kind of like the term fuck has multiple uses, so does douche. You can say it in jest - "You douche, hahahahaha..." In anger - "You fuckin' douchebag!" In disgust - "Douche!" As an insult - "You're a real douche, you know that?" To signify stupidity - "Way to go, you douche" The list goes on from there, but I'll let you figure out new and creative ways to use the term. I'm gonna go get on the freeway and sit in some traffic, which is really my favorite place to use the term. As we all know, there are a lot of douchebags on the LA freeways.



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