Leslie's one of my favorite people. She's got a great resume in this game. Having worked for Vivid and currently doing stuff for AEBN, Wicked and Digital Playground she obviously knows her stuff. She said I couldn't embarass her. Oh well, I tried.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!


GFY Ambush Interview thread on LeslieSharp

Question #1
Talk about your love swing and how many people have you used it with? Has anyone else used it? Name them.

The Love Swing & stand was a "Happy Divorce" gift from Frank Kiretski, it was delivered to my door step. Laurel and some friends were over, so I talked the boys into putting the thing together while I cooked us all dinner. I walked into my room 30 minutes later to see this MASSIVE contraption by my fireplace, all I could think was HOLY SHIT, how do I hide this shit from my parents when they come over to visit!! Couldn't exactly hide it under a hanky, so it was taken apart and stored shortly after... The list of folks who have "been" on my love swing are: Aimee Sweet John DeJardines Brian from Danni's Aly Tina Laurel Dwayne

Question #2
What do you like to wear when you go to the gay AVN awards?

Okay, this is another inside joke... I'll do my best to explain... The night of the Gayvn Awards I was complaining to NakedSwordHolly about having nothing to wear, not a damned thing. Then I wore something simple and threw on a fur coat. So from that point on, Holly & crew has been making fun of me for complaining about having nothing to wear and showing up in a fur coat to the point of her doing a full parody about me the next day while a group of us were having breakfast together in AEBNRobert's room. You truly had to be there to get just how f*ing funny it is.

Question #3
Are you really allergic to mushrooms or do you just hate them? Fess up.

Crap! I really want to know and twist the neck of whomever gave this question to Sleazy cuz this one is bad... I don't want to let the cat out of the bag but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am not physically allergic to mushrooms... only mentally, he he he! For years I would ask restaurants if there were mushrooms in this or that dish and be told NO, only to later find the slimy little boogers in my food which would gross me out and ruin my dinner. I figured the only way to get the waiter to really give a rats ass would be to make him think I could die of an allergy attack at his table before paying or signing the check with a big fat tip... It has worked like a charm. So, does this mean I can't have a cow and send it back anymore when I find a mushroom in my plate without feeling like a baby?

Question #4
How often do you skinny dip with Laurel? Do you compare boobies?

I hate to dissapoint, but Laurel and I do not skinnydip often at all. Compare boobies? Geez, the only comparison I could make is that the ratios are definitely at least a good 2:1 (in her favor) HA AH AH AA ! However, you should know that clothing is optional at the Chateau Sharp pool. Skinnydip at your own discretion and all of the ladies in the biz who have attended my spa parties have in fact skinnydipped here. What would those trees say if they could speak!

Question #5
Do you really invite girlfriends to watch porn with you on Friday nights?

OH BOY, you guys go for the jugular, don't you? Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I am BUSTED! However, on my behalf, I must say two things: a) I have to watch the product the studios I represent are producing so I know how to best market their product. You can't effectively market a product you are not extremely familiar with! Why not make a night out of it? Shit, I remember showing up at Kimmy Kim's and making her and Aly watch lord knows how many Vivid movies so we could pick out the best scenes to screen on the tour as the movie samples! Those had to be the BEST that Vivid has to offer, so it was a very long night, he he he! Yeah, Aly is going down with me (not on me) on this thread, isn't she? b) I'm going to take Laurel down with me in flames too because I got this nasty little habit from her... who without a reason screens porn at her place ALL the time! On her Ambush, which I'm sure it's coming soon, Sleazy should ask her about the old and crusty VHS casette that is permanently stuck in her bedroom VCR, HA! My first home screening of porn which was 100% instigated by Laurel was "Bella Loves Jenna," her favorite movie of all times. It is hilarious because my husband at the time decided it would be funner to go out with his friends that night than with my posse. He later calls to see what I am doing and I was like, eeeeeer, aaaaah, hmmmm, I have like 20 people here at the house and we're watching porn. He was like, oh shit!, you guys are having a better time than I am, I'll be home in 20, ha ha ha ha!

Question #6
What or who did you do on Valentine's Day beside talking to Laurel all night long?

All right... there was a femme fest at my house on Valentines Day. Laurel did come over with Ellie & Amira and brought chocolates, flowers, gifts, champagne... You can clearly see who the man is in this relationship, he he he! I didn't EXACTLY make the girls watch porn, the girls WANTED to watch porn, specially Ellie, she was begging to watch more and more and more. I am privy to a preview copy of the Vivid/Steve Hirsch's reality show called Porn Valley which should air in the states sometime this year and that is the porn that what we were watching. There is an episode where during a girl on girl oral girl scene, Jessica James and this other girl tell Danni W. that her pussy stank, that she has to go wipe, asked if she douched, and the director made her go douche again... Ellie really really really wanted to see that chapter and we watched half the season before I could find "The One." Laurel was HATING on us. She wanted to go back to watching her family home videos from the 50's or at least Bella Loves Jenna. I voted for Pirates, but the Danni thing dominated the evening. Sleazy, didn't you call and talk to us that evening? I think you booked our tickets to come see you that night!!! Great Valentines gift for both of us. We had an amazing time with you and are now a big happy dysfunctional family, aren't we, he he he! I hope this answers that question!!

Question #7
What is "Sisterhood" all about?

I can tell you sometimes it feels more like MOTHERHOOD! LOL OH BOY, I feel so stripped of all privacy, OY! In my world, you know you've truly made my sisterhood if one or more of the following (but not limited to) transpires between us: 1) If we've had gross "time of the month" talks. 2) If I've searched the internet for home solutions to removing tampons lost inside of you and smashed flush against your cervix because you were sick enough to have sex with that foreign object in there... Can I just say how f*ing glad I was the instructions helped? I did NOT want to have to go in there and fetch it. Your butt would've gone back to emergency the next morning. Remember I got pulled over when I tried to take you to emergency before deciding I could find the answer on the internet? You KNOW who you ARE! 3) If I've asked you if "my nose is clean" while in public. 4) If you have masturbated within a 10 foot radio of where I am standing or sleeping. Just so you know, "SLEAZY MADE THE SISTERHOOD!" So you ask, how could this be possible? Well, while I was visiting, I slept in the backroom which is back to back with his room, divided by a thin wall. He claims to have furiously sodomized himself several times throughout the night, every night, so he met requirement number 4!!!! I wonder where he learned to be so quiet because I didn't hear a thing. Sleazy, did you ever do time in the pen and they showed you how to be as quiet as a mouse there? 5) If you know the answer to question 11. 6) If I've loved, adviced, and nurtured you to the point you call me "mamma" you are somehow one of my children as well as a sister. I did say we are dysfunctional around here! 7) If you know any of my personal escapades and didn't give it to Sleazy to splash on this board. 8) OOOOH! Almost forgot!!! If I've adviced, helped, or assisted you with a hemorrhoidal problem! HA HA H HA A! You KNOW who you ARE! 9) If you know what my lower hairstyle is... What Billygoat and Kojak means. That in a nutshell explains Sisterhood. OOOOOOOH, almost forgot there is a 10th! 10) If you've climed your unshowered, crusty shitty ass, ball smelling, semen breathed ass in my bed and started yapping with me after having crazy style sex! HA HA!

Question #8
What happened to Raja in Az?

Gotta love the trick questions, he he he! Well, I hear that even though a lot of crazy indian men successfully drive cabs throughout New York City, our own little Raja was not able to master the art of driving. Would anyone be so kind as to post that clip of Raja flipping the golf cart into the lake at the golf course in AZ? THAT is TALENT my dear. Oh, so does that make Raja Talent?

Question #9
What exactly did you do for Vivid?

I'll try to keep it simple and not bore you to death. Cliffnotes version since there were too many things to list... As General Manager for Vividcash/Vivid's online division, I put together a team of techie experts and marketing staff, and built Vividcash from the url, up, out, and successfully marketed it out to webmasters. I have to say that was a very satisfying job experience because I got to build it from the ground up. Some emotional attachment comes from that and you can't help but to view it as 'your baby.' Ken and Bruce over at Webquest had enough trust and faith in me to allow me to run with it. Bruce was always available and very supportive whenever I needed help or had any questions. I miss his silly ass... Steve Hirsch, Gayle, Tracy, and the in-house staff over at Vivid could not have been nicer and supportive of our efforts. Much love and respect for those folks... The situation was conducive for me to be able to seize opportunities to learn and run with projects or the lazy alternative... I chose to work hard and learn as much as I could during my tenure there and I am so glad that I did hence what I am doing today. I would give it an overall experience an A++, two thumbs up, a snap, and a twist, with a kiss. I hope this acurately answers question #9.

Question #10
Are you single?

Yes, I am single. Discuss? Geez, that is one open ended question... I have been dating a few men on and off since my separation/divorce but I make it a point to keep it "light" in efforts of avoiding the complications which "could" come along with relationships. Digital Playground projects, aebn's webmaster marketing, Wicked Pictures, trade shows, raising my Little Maaaaan, my bitches, sleep, and tending to basic human needs leaves me with very little time to play.

Question #11
What is that great smelling stuff you put in your hair?

Seriously speaking, it is a hair conditioner called Mermaid.

Question #12
Who is your domestic partner?

My lovely domestic partner is Ms. Tina Ballina Fiori, a.k.a. around the house as "da bitch under the stairs." ha ha ha! No, Tina does not snuggle with me every night, that is Remington's job.

Question #13
How did you get so good at repairing televisions?

Hmmmm, my guess would be that my love for fixing/working on electronics and mechanical things is genetic... my brother is an engineer/rocket scientist for NASA and my dad was a jet mechanic while in the Air Force, so yeah... most likely genetic... The only other 'logical' explanation would be that the angle I was leaning forward to access the components, pressed my g-string onto my sphincter, which could've stimulated a rush of blood to go directly to my head which made me spontaneously know what to do to fix Sleazy's TV... Picture posted below per Sleazy's request and for demo purposes... You be the judge!

Question #14
Talk about Kourish and the cookie incident.

This is a sordid tale of passion, road rage, and chocolate chip cookies... Picked up Kourosh at his place, he hands me a chocolate chip cookie, I take bite, I look over, crazy bitch not paying attention almost hit my car. I managed to avoid collission by pulling steering acrobatics and when I looked at her enraged, she LAUGHED and egged her car onto mine ONCE AGAIN! Bad move on her part... Since she was almost ON my car at a side angle, I opened my door so she couldn't drive away, put my car in park, walked over and went off on her. Told her to get out of her car so that I can wipe that smile off her stupid face. She would not get out of her car, but she looked like she was trying not to laugh which was pissing me off even more! I get back in the car and start bitching at Kourosh for just sitting in the car like a princess while I was about to throw down on Canoga Avenue! At this point he tells me it looked like I had it "quite handled" and that the reason she was laughing is because while I was going off, I was spitting cookie crumbs out all over the place and had a few morsels stuck on my teeth. I was so angry I forgot to chew and swallow the bite I'd taken and must've looked like a crazy toothless Hillbilly!!!

Question #15
Are you into S&M? Are you really a dominatrix? Discuss what turns you on sexually in detail.

I am into anything which is fun, a lil' rough, and out of the ordinary. I'm very open minded and adventurous, will try anything once. Porn, if I can easily do it myself at home, it isn't likely to be of much interest to me, let alone turn me on. After all it IS supposed to be fantasy, right? he he he! Being introduced to Ken Marcus' work, the fetish scene started to peek my interest. It so happens that when there are beautiful people around can be fun and visually stimulating. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case! Going to keep it short, lots of questions left but if interested, ask me about my visit to the "Lair," a private dungeon in North Hollywood, you'll get a funny earful out of that, he he he! S & M - Sado-masochism? nah. So not my shag. So far, I have not derived pleasure from extreme pain or humiliation, mine or of others. Okay, maybe a time or two when they pissed me off, but that was NOT a sexual thing B & D - I have toyed on the lighter side of Contrary to popular belief, I am not a dominatrix, I just play one on the job. What turns me on sexually? I like extremely confident men. Alpha males, type-A's, borderline control freaks, ha ha ha! People tell me I'm such a handful that I intimidate men. So what? So I'm an acquired taste, not for the weak at heart, it takes that type of guy to be able to deal with me and a man that can handle me without breaking a sweat, IS THE BIGGEST TURN ON!

Question #16
Talk about the time you almost got shot on the freeway.

Cliffnotes... Xterra cuts me off 10 times, I get fed up, cut him off. He cuts me off and this time just sits there without moving forward for at least "30 missisipis." I cut him off again and when we got to 1 lane on-ramp, I stopped and wouldn't move forward like he did to me. He got so mad he got out of the car, I waited till he was really close to my car and started moving slowly. He goes back to his car, then I stop again. Did this twice, then he tried to 4x4 past me, got out of the car 2 more times, then I decided he had suffered enough (a little S & M, eh?). When we got onto the freeway, he got next to my car and pointed a shot gun at me. I soiled my panties forsure but I just smiled and waved my cell phone at him, stepped on my brakes, got behind him and dialed 911. Gave them year, make, model, color & license plate, driver description and that he had pointed a weapon at me. I saw him being pulled over as I was exiting the freeway. Lesson learned! Good times!

Question #17
Discuss how Holly Moss and you attended the school of culinary arts together.

Holly Moss wanted to impress a "pappa bear" she was dating who was very old fashioned by honing in on her culinary skills and talked me into going with her. I think Alan Weeks put on like 50 pounds during that time period because we kept bringing "the single guy" all of the dishes we'd cook the night before. The only juicy thing that came out of that class are the MOIST and JUICY Garlic Infused Turkeys I roast once or twice a year.

Question #18
Talk about what you are doing now for AEBN, Digital playground and Wicked now.

WORK WORK WORK! For Digital Playground, building and managing a new back end, members sections, tours, affiliate programs, and all other aspects of a prominent online pressence. For Wicked Pictures, building and managing a new back end, members sections, tours, affiliate programs, and all other aspects of a prominent online pressence. For AEBN, handling all webmaster marketing and advertisement. When do I sleep? I don't much these days but it'll all pay off!!!

Question #19
Talk about almost being eaten by a shark during a dive in Hawaii.

Makena, Maui, Hawaii, beach dive, (all boat dives in the island had been canceled,) 4 crazy people on a scooter cave/shark diving during summer swells. I sliced my finger to the bone on some sharp coral en route to the last cave. 2 smaller sharks already there when we went in, 2 huge ones arrived shortly. We were stuck in the cave for so long, everyone knew who lunch was. The guys placed me closest to wall to protect me, Sean had been fucking around enjoying his dive (regs free flows when you do that) so he ran out of air and had to buddy breathe off the 3 of us. It was really scary knowing those big sharks were there for me, I WAS LUNCH... but I somehow knew it wasn't my time to go. When they finally go we bolted out of there but had gnarly narcosis from being underwater for sooooooooooo long. Sean and I were like Beavis and Butthead for almost 2 days as a result, interesting high I must say!!! Yes, I have gone diving since.

Question #20
Talk about the live radio broadcast you did every Sunday night at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

Every Sunday night at the Hollywood Athletic Club, I directed, marketed, and pomoted an event called "Latin Groove" which included a live broadcast from 9 to midnight and a live show at midnight. This was in 98 during the world cup so the Brazilian soccer team was in town, heard the broadcast and wanted to be a part of the event. Their manager contacted me at the station and offered to bring their band "Kahuna" along with their brazilian dancers in exchange for a private victory (if they won the game that day, which they did) party in the VIP rooms upstairs. It was a blast, amazing show, beautiful girls in little tangas, and I got to Salsa with Romario, who was the best soccer player in the world at that time. Good times!

Question #21
Ever been chased by Persians and mistaken for an Israeli singer?

Yes, these men thought I was this Israeli singer, Alabina (Ishtar) so they chased me until they cornered me and saw my panic. Curious as hell I asked a co-worker to show me who this Alabina chick was, so she bought me a copy of her latest album. I listened to it and loved it soooo much that I gave it to one of the guys who ended up mixing it into his afternoon show. Once again, the band heard they got on air play time on a english/mainstream radio station, called the station, found out I was responsible so they invited me to their next show and I got to meet them backstage. We became friends and to thank me they did a free show at midnight at the "Latin Groove" show at the Hollywood Athletic Club. That night over 2000 people showed up to watch the show, we maxed out in capacity and there was a line around the corner from the building, it was the biggest night ever. For years after I would get a call from Rani, their manager with show tix and backstage passes everytime they were in town. More Good Times!

Question #22
Who are some of the celebrities you've met and or know?

Of the top of my head, I was most impressed by Cuba Gooding Jr., Lindsey Buckinham, Mr. Hanna (as in Hanna/Barbera), Meryl Streep, Gloria Estefan, Tony Danza, Selma Hayek, Michael Hutchins. Jimmy Smitts, Dan Akroyd, & Eva Longoria (& she was my friend's assistant at the time!) were among the snotty cockasaurouses.

Question #23
Why wouldn't you go on a date with Oliver?

I was sooooo square and soooooo old fashioned prior to being in this industry, I refused to go out with a strip club owner, even a very very hot one! Life is funny, eh?

Question #24
Talk about your little man. Post pics. Ever set up a sex date for him?

Remi has a live-in pussy cat named Bella but just like all men, big or little, he likes to have a little something something on the side. Ellie came over and brought Roxi with her. Roxy is Ellie's and Tony Testa's little girl. Inspired by the show "Porn Valley" which we were watching at the time, Remi bust a move on Roxy, did her doggie style, ATM'd, and gave her a facial. When Bella found out, she was really upset and is planning to confront him on Jerry Springer and fight for her man. I wonder if Roxy will show...


Question #25
Where did you go to school? Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, moved to San Antonio, Texas when I was 13. After almost a year in San Antonio, dad decided we should move to California. I worked full time while going to school so I hopped around from RCC, to SBCC, and UCR whatever was closest to whatever job I had during that time period. I was very lucky with my jobs and started making respectable money early on so I would say the formal education which got me to where I am today came from the mentors who over the years took me under their wing and taught me the skills to make it in Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Cox Broadcasting, Clearchannel, BellSouth and in the real world. I hope to someday inspire some young people like these folks did me.

Question #26
What kind of car do you drive? What's your office look like? What's your home worth? Got any rental properties? Post pics.

Geez, why not get personal, eh? I own two houses and 1 duplex, 1 house and 1 duplex are rental properties. My home was last appraised last September at 1.7 million, not sure what the current market value is almost a year later. Office is being put together as we are speaking, but this was Remi helping me out with some work today! I'll swap out the office pic once it is ready a week from Monday.


Question #27
Who do you look up to in this industry? Down on?

There are very many people in this industry that I look up to and respect! I have to start with Larry Flynt for fighting for the right to be in this lucrative business by standing up and enforcing the First Amendment of the United States and then some... Next would be those folks who did the hard footwork of making it happen on the Internet back in the day such as Ron Levy, Ed Bonn, Greg Dumas, David Vanderpool, Toine Rodenburg, Scott Coffman, Jack Gallagher, Jordan Levinson, Ken Lawson, Mike Price, Lensman, Roger Vadoch... You may love them, you may hate them, but the bottom line is that these folks, in one way or another have taught not just ME, but also YOU... some valuable do's and don'ts, as well as much about business and the real world. On the video side, I look up to folks such as Paul Fishbein, Steven Hirsch, Steve Orenstein, Joone, David Joseph, John Staggliano, Chichi LaRue for creating the adult entertainment powerhouses they have and setting a higher standard for producing adult content. Please bear with me as it is 2:45 in the morning, I'm exhausted so I must apologize in advanced to the folks, whom I will kick myself in the butt for not having included 3.01 minutes after I having submitted this post. I know a lot of people out there are judgemental and write off talent as "just whores" but the cold hard truth is that if those folks didn't put on a happy face to give the performances they do, none of us would be in this lucrative business. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell would not have the balls to do what these folks do on camera! ------------------ On the look down to side? The careless cowboys whom without thought of the repercussions to the entire industry continue to do things that bring negative light and press to our industry which includes, but isn't limited to fraud, shave, and child pornography.

Question #28
What adult industry shows do you attend? Favorites? Least favorites?

Favorites: Internext AOE Venus I have a gripe about how many damned webmaster shows have surfaced in the last two years. We can only attend so many shows per year and still have time to get any work done. I feel that having sooooooooooo many shows dilute the results and return on the investment because it is too hit & miss who will be attending. With so many gatherings, these, and those going on, when you do attend anything other than the listed above, you are exposed to 1/20 of the amount of people you would have by going to the shows in the old days. I love to kibitz and party as much as the next guy but let's get real folks, we could be a lot more effective by consolidating these!!! Let's stop trying to outdo one another. Create partnerships, join forces and consolidate it down to a few good shows a year!!! Just my two cents!

Question #29
Discuss drugs and alcohol and your addictions. Ever been to AA?

Since I haven't gotten around to most of these questions and most likely it'll take me a month, I'm just going to skip over to this one just in case perception is that I don't get drunk because I am AA or have a history of addiction. I make it a point to keep my composure at industry events and my only addiction is smoking, which I'm planning to kick within the next few months.

Question #30
What the fuck is that restaurant website with the wacked out cat all about?

Oy vey! CacaDelGato is the result of a group effort between Sleazy, Jman, Laurel, and myself. Laurel made a low-carb dessert which looked like cat shit. Jman loved it and said he wanted the recipe for when he opened his restaurant in Costa Rica, he said he would call it "Cat Shit" since that is what it looks like. At that point I had to chime in and correct him that in Costa Rica it would have to be called "Caca Del Gato." We all loved it so Jman bought the domain and somehow I ended up being volunteered into creating a logo for it, please visit the site to view the logo. At some point we decided Jman's restaurant needed a menu, so we came up with funny dish names dedicated to folks we love. All dishes are self explanatory, he he he! Example, Appetizers/Soups Sleazy's Snails with Booger Crudites Arkansa Dave's Liverwurst Party Ball YnotBob's Party Meatballs AEBN Robert's Flaming Hot Chicken Wings Sweet T's Sum Dum Chick Entrees Mike's Virtually Kosher Pork Rump Roast Kourosh's Wild Roadkill Kabobs D$ Sky-High Brunch Bake Marc's Rocky Mountain Oysters Desserts House specialty, CacaDelGato Leslie's Luscious Cream Puff Mounds Laurel's Yungboi Goo Shake You get the drift. It is unfortunate the file with the entire menu was lost and those were the only dishes I remember of the top! Click here to see the poorly produced clip of the birth of CacaDelGato The image below shows what we did with the CacaDelGato left overs:

Question #31
Are you still mad at Poppy for breaking your glasses?

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah, I was never even MAD at Poppy. How can anyone really be mad at Poppy? He always has the biggest smile and a great disposition. My crystal has sentimental value to me, I'll be stoked if he really comes through and finds replacements for those champagne flutes. That was such a great New Years Eve, thanks to those who came over to share it with moi like Laurel, John, Catie, Cardone, Crawford, Cuz Mike, JMK, Poppy... Love you all!

Question #32
Don't you feel bad wearing dead animals?

I have the strangest conflict over fur because I am such an animal lover. However, I am also one of these people who are always extremely cold and at some temperatures, I have found the only thing that'll keep me warm enough is fur. I bought my first fur coat so I could survive a blizzard that struck while I was in Vail for several days. The locals said it was the coldest it had been there in over 20 years, at that point it was a survival issue and it was already dead.

Question #33
What happened when you were born? Why did you have a big bruise on your forehead?

Oh Boy, let's just say I know who told you to ask this question and KOUROSH, you're FIRED! My birthday, a few years back, my parents came out to celebrate it, my potent appletinis went to my mom's head. Kourosh said something about my being impatient which triggered a funky memory for my mom. She was so hammered, she kept repeating the story over and over and over to Kourosh and it went something like this... OH MY GOD Kourosh, you THINK Leslie is impatient now? You should have seen just how impatient she was BEFORE she was born. You only THINK you have SUFFERED her impatience but until you have been pregnant, carrying her, and think that child is going to crawl out everytime you go to the bathroom, you really don't know the meaning of impatient. Allegedly, I also used to bang my head against her hip bone in hopes of expediting the exit process which caused me to be born with a gnarly bruise on my forehead. Who would've thought that Sleazy was even more impatient than I? Also, I have to add, I am really NOT that impatient, only about a few things in particular like exiting the womb and things I really really really want and very patient about some others, ask Laurel! She has given me grief over how mellow and patient I am about certain things which would drive any other human being nuts.



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