Michael is one of the most helpful and friendliest guy's in the biz. He sincerely cares about our industry and is always looking to move forward. His varied professional background such as: account director for Bell Mobility and founder of a web design/ hosting company contributed to his working in adult online, and Qwebecexpo. His joy of life is evident. Read on!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Qwebecexpo

Question #1
How many times did you have to remortgage your house for the Quebecexpo show?

Wow Scott, you start it hard haha... Remortgage ? I had to sell it ! ... LOL. Nah.. Actually none, but for the first editions, with the guarantees we need to put on the table for the hotel and some other stuff, there is some sleepless nights in the last weeks before the show.

Question #2
Why do you always grab Ynot Bob's ass when you hug him?

HU!!! he told you? Damn! I asked him to not tell anyone. Ok, Why? Cause we both enjoy that special moment... Simple as that! At least he hasn't told you that I used to kiss him as well... Shit, I just did.

Question #3
Talk about your time working as for a mobile communication company as an account director?

Well, I started working for Bell Mobility's corporate store here in Quebec City as Account Director in 93. I was responsible for the sales and business development to some of Quebec city's Major Accounts. My main clients were among others : The Laval University, Bell Canada, the National Defense, The Barreau (lawyers), and some other major corporations. I think I can say this is where I learned my business/sales skills and how to make and keep your customers happy. That's also the time I started to play on the web... Few years later in 96, I started my own Website Design/Hosting company for mainstream clients here. Since I was having a very good network in the local business community here, that's have been a great help to start it up. In 1999, when they made the merge between Bell Canada and Bell Mobility, I decided to quit and dedicate myself to my internet venture... I'm not made for Big Corporation with big, heavy and impersonal structure I guess.

Question #4
What the fuck is Energie Network and what did you do for them?

Leading to the Radio world was the DJ Job I had in nightclubs here for most of my young age from 16 to almost 25. More details later on #14 ... Moving from Djing to Radio production was the logic next step and an achievement for me at that time... Energie Network is a Pop/Rock FM Radios Network. They were having about 14 stations here in the province of Quebec at that time. CKMF (94,3) Montreal is one of them. They are called Astral now and they are HUGE ... I began at this job for another company in 87/88. I was producing the spots for station clients and also producing some pre-recorded shows for the week-ends. Then in 89 I moved to "Energie", they moved me in "Trois-Rivières" for few years working at CIGB 102,1 FM, the station was just opening and the challenge was greater since that was a new format "niche" for the region. PLUS, I was now the main producer there, not the second one like in Quebec City. I learned a lot there, it was the early years of MIDI systems and computers were not used at all at that time, everything was produced on tape on Multi-Track systems (24 tracks). The only downside in TR, I've been brought there by a very nice man who was my program director. I've been very happy for few months until the company promote my actual Program Director which was my immediate superior, to General Manager. The new Program Director they sent from Montreal was the biggest scumbag you can imagine... Can I say psycho violence? Well, after few years it was me or him.... So I came back to Quebec for few months before being moved again to Montreal as Network Producer. That was a dream come true. Big Studios, latest technological equipments. I was producing 30sec promo spots for the other stations in the network... I stayed there until '93 when there was a rumor that the "scumbag" was coming back to town... Lucky guy, I got an opportunity to come back in my hometown Quebec City working for Bell (read previous answer)

Question #5
Why have you always lived in Quebec?

I've been born and raised in Quebec City. I lived in Trois-Rivières and Montreal few years while I was working at the Radio Stations there. Beside that I always lived and still living here in Quebec City. Beside the mid/end of the summer where I'm in Montreal a lot ;) I love the place here, it is quiet without being boring, we have a very nice downtown with all the action you might want when you need some. The only drawback here is our municipal management and also the Quebec government.... We are run by a bunch of old Mickey Mouses. Many infrastructure that are/were fun have been dismanteled or are about to be... it all begin when me Aubut sold our LNH Hockey Team (Nordiques) to Colorado (Avalanche)... This was the beginning of the end... I think decisions makers here in the province and our cities are too old to stay connected with what dynamic and young people want and need to be happy. They build "PARKS"... For God Sake, we have plenty of parks and green spaces here, Can we have something fun for a change? Don't get me wrong. I still think Quebec city is one of the most beautiful city in whole North America. Those who came here for our first year of QWEBEC Expo here before we move the show to Montreal will tell you, this is a charming city with a very nice European touch. A nice place to visit.... To live, not that sure anymore Actually, what's keep us here is our aging parents (Patty's and Mines) and some very close friends. They're not that young anymore (Our parents, not the friends ) and I think we owe to them to stay near for some years still. We are seriously looking to move either to Patty's Dad town in Palm Beach in Florida or maybe in California, in couple of years. Costa Rica is also very appealing to me actually (Hi Keith!)

Question #6
Talk about your education in Graphic Arts, Printing technologies, and Photo-lithography.

Well, I was a very bad student at school, lack of motivation and interest I guess, school was so boring at that time and I hated it until the very last years of my High School which were way better while I was studying in Graphic Arts, then I was in my world and I loved it... That was a special 4 years long program which was focusing on the Printing technologies. The Graphic Arts part was on Graphic Design, needless to say that in 78, there was no Personal Computers, so forget about Photoshop LOL, (PS began in 1990). So everything was made by hand, Lettraset sheets, and China ink by hand... Printing was about off-set presses, ink etc. I should have learn how to print money at that time, we were having some good Gestetner presses at our disposal... hehe Photo-lithography (Photo = Light, Lithography = Etching) is about the processes between the drawing and ready to Print Material and the Off-Set Press process. It is all about black room work, films, films mounting, metal plates burning and preparation... All these processes are now almost dead with the coming of Computers and new Technologies.. Damn Job Stealing Computers... LOL But, I'm glad I got this formation, now many years later, things I learned are helping me a lot as Graphic Designer... Can I call it a "Coming Back to my Root" ? I think I can say that I'm a self made person. My French (in writing) was not that good when I finished school and now I like to think that my French is near excellent... I learned a lot by myself after school only by reading everything I could put my hands on, Same for my English (Yeah Yeah I know it still sucks Big Time. ) but imagine how it was when I was 16/17 coming out of school. I think the schools system is not really helping young people by asking them too early what they want to do in life. Like we know that when we are 13-14 years old and we have to make lifetime decisions..

Question #7
What do you think about Western Canada's prejudice against Quebec and the French language?

Hein, Je ne comprend pas de quoi tu parles, pourrais-tu répeter ta question s'il te plait ??? J'aimerais bien élaborer sur le sujet mais bon enfin je ne veux surtout pas froisser nos cousins canadiens à l'autre bout du continent... Wow that's a deep one... Is there really prejudice aginst us?. From my part I love Western Canada. I used to be a "separatist" long ago, but what West people need to understand is that Quebecers don't want to separate from them, but from the federal Governement.. The sponsorship scandal is just another reason among many others... Now I'm much more a "Idontgiveafuckist". I just can't wait to get the heck out of here and move either in US or Costa Rica... Can the last to exit shut the light please... To answer the 2nd one : I wonder how the fact that people speak french here can bother someone who lives about 3000 miles away. Even if they were only speaking Mandarin in Vancouver, HTF does it change something in my life, as long I don't get there ? But it doesn't bother me at all! Au contraire mon cher! What bother me big time though, is when I hear some bunch of losers here saying that speaking English is not that important.... WHAT??!?!? C'mon we are surrounded by English speaking people! How can you grow personally and professionally while cutting yourself from 90% of the rest of America. Just for the pleasure to watch a movie or CSI or 24 in original English version, take a week-end off in New-York, being able to communicate with people about anywhere on the planet, it worth the time to learn it...

Question #8
Have you ever watched anyone fuck your wife? Why or why not?

Well, I must say that ... (Beep Beep) Oups, Sorry Scott I have another line.... "Hello? Hi Patty, Can I answer this one Hon???" "Han han... What? No Honey, I can't tell that on GFY!... " "han han... " "I hear you ... " "han han... " "Hum... Well, Ok then... " "Love you too..." (huuuuuuuuu..) Ok sorry Scott, What ? No it wasn't Howard.... Well... I have to say that We'll cross that bridge when or if we get there...

Question #9
Talk about the time you almost died from drowning?

Well I was very young, something like 7 or 8, but I still remember each and every details... My parents took me to a resort where there was a pool, I got out of sight for few seconds while they were talking with some friends there and got on the big slide. First thing I knew, I was in 8 feet of water and not able to swim... When you hear that drowning is one of the most "pleasant" way to die, THAT'S TRUE! I remember I haven't suffered at all, I just panicked for few seconds, I was seeing the sun above the water and everything came very blur and faded to black... I was gone... If they wouldn't see and rescued me then, I wouldn't be here answering Scott's questions today... Even if I was very young, I then learned that no matter how old you are, life can be short and end or change in a New-York minute... I also later understood from that experience that we don't need to bother too much with the Future with a capital F and that we must enjoy every present moments we have now.... Beside that, I never had HUGE Life-changing-experiences though, but A LOT of small lessons along the way ...

Question #10
I understand you used to race motorcross. Post pics

Yeah. My dad bought me a mini-trail for my 9th birthday, you know the 50cc ones with the big fat "baloon" tires, there was a lot of space to play with it here in my early years. Few year later, when I was 14, the bike was too small for me, then I got a Trail/Road Kawasaki 100cc bike. The very first day, I removed the head light, side signal lights and "transformed" it in "Motocross" bike. Needless to say that the Dad was pretty Mad about it. It was looking awesome but the performance was still, well, not that good. There was a practice track not far from home, so I ride the bike for few years until I got bored with it... My interest was now more on the music, Djing and turntables stuff... SEE #14... Few years later in 85, the "bite" Came back.. I bought a new Honda CR125 and reconnected with some old riding friends who were now racing at the provincial level. So I started riding and practicing with hem... The same year, there was an amateur race coming to a town not far from here, I got there and it was "Instant Love". I raced Amateur 125 for 2 years and in 87 I bought a CR250, from now I was racing both 125 and 250 classes. That was way more worthy to drive couple of hours to get to races and ride 2 classes instead of one. In 87 I finished 2nd Overall in 125cc Championship, because of thatthe CMA moved me up one notch to Intermediate Level for 88 season. The competition was way tougher there, you had the guys like me coming form the Amateur class, and the other one who were about to turning Pro... I can say that these were some of the best days of my life. Even with so many visit to the hospital, that experience was worth every broken wirst and legs... Like any highly competitive sport, you need to work hard to achieve your objectives and stay in the top 10s... I think that's where came my strong discipline and determination... Wow I had to work hard to find back some... Digital Cams were only in Sci-Fi movies by then, I had to scan them.


Question #11
How did you meet your wife? Talk about her and your relationship.

Believe it or Not, we met on the Internet! I've been chatting on one of those local "Dating Site" here. I was a bit tired of the nightclub crowd, I was always meeting the same people around the same networks and I was "looking" for something else. I knew that there was some special people there that I wouldn't have met any other way. There was a "bug" in the script that was allowing you to put some basic html coding in the text box, so I was sending girls "flowers" and stuff like that, just for the fun of it... Then came Patty, we started chatting once in a while in a very casual way, we were not "looking" for someone that hard by this time... Then one day, I convinced her to come to my place for a dinner and taste my canelonis, yes Cannelloni with an "S"... We were supposed to go to Theatre to see "The Green Mile"... We never got there ... Yeah Yeah I know! This post is worthless without a pic. Now, every morning, when I open my eyes, I know I'm one of the luckiest man in the world. Patty have a Heart of Gold and is the best life companion one could get... Joining that Dating Site was the best thing I did in my life.

Question #12
Why did you take courses in becoming an electronics technician?

Well, I was about 18 years old, I was still being a DJ and I always loved electronic stuff. One of my friends at that time was already a good one (electronics), then I started to "play" with microchips and making Light Chasers for nigtclubs lighting systems. Knowing that I couldn't be a DJ for the rest of my life I wanted to learn more and maybe start a "real" career. So I went to that specialized school for a dedicated 1 year program. There were the last days of lamps TVs... Microships and integrated circuits were at their very begining and they were SO NOT teachning how to work with that. I rememebr school friends laughing at me cause I was always talking about Chasers and fun stuff possible with microchips.... That year ended up to be worthless after that... Wrong timing I guess.. So beside beign a DJ at night, I wanted to put what I learned to work so I was runing by day a tinny tinny company where I was designing Lighting System in Nightclubs. Remember those 80's Big Spot Spinning Balls with Flashing neons in it ? That's what I was installing among some other stuff like chasing lights, Ropelights in Glass Floors, etc....

Question #13
You call yourself an artist? What exactly do you create?

Hu ? Websites ! Web Designer/Developer is my main job since 1999. I did it part time from 1996 until I left Bell and got in it full time in 1999. I started doing Mainstream websites, and a bit later, I discovered the Adult while I was in Vegas for the CES show in 1996... See # 20 I herited that creative side from my Mom who I always saw doing something with her hands : Sewing (Pimp Suits!), Knitting, Painting, Potteries, whatever you can think of... She's 67 now and she's doing furniture and some other stuff out of wood. I'm sure I'm the only one guy who is buying Table Saws, Press Drills and tools for his Mom as Xmas gift, and NO it's not for me.. Maybe that was the thing I was missing the most while I was working for Bell, I was selling a shitload of cellphones and service contracts, but I wasn't creating nothing... Moving form Jeans/T-Shirt Radio producer to Suit/Tie Bell Account D is a huge change when you're only 30... Then came the first "Personal Computers" and I discovered Photoshop.. It was love at first sight if i can tell.. So I started to play with scans form Magazines. ha hem... Image manipulation and stuff like that, then came the web... And the very first BBS... I fell in it. Few years later I Started 3xwebdesign.com .. Details coming up later Adult mix what I love the most in life, Beautiful Girls, Technologies and computers, and to top it of some of the most amazing people I had the privilege to meet and do business with during those year in "our" industry... Now I have the best of both worlds.. hehe

Question #14
Discuss your time working as a DJ.

Some of the Best Days of my young life.. Hey how can you ask for more? You get in any nightclub you want cause you know most of the staff in the local industry along with most of the doorman. Girls are coming to you to ask their prefered tunes... I went into a nightclub for the first time when I was 16, my friends were looking at the girls dancing, me, I was looking at the DJ who was spinning and mixing those plates and I found it was so cool... WOW That's what I wanted to do! So I began like any other DJ, spending all my Mac Job money on getting Turntables, Mixer & vinyls, practicing in Mom&Dads home basement, then start organising some parties for friends and friends families. I then learned how to mix until I got good enough to be DJ in a roller Skating center (Some will remember those ones who existed in late 70's and Early 80's) cause I wasn't old neither that good enough to spin in clubs yet... When I turned 18, I was still spinning at the Roller Skating place, but I was already hanging out with some of the Nightclub guys. Then I got lucky enough to get a job in a small bar for about a year, then I moved to one of the major one for about a year. It all started to get serious by then. I had the privilege to move from a big to even bigger clubs from years to years until I met some guy who was already one of the top (and he still is) radio producer here in Quebec (the friend who was with me at Nina's Part in New York on PIC 1 and 2, that's the guy). I was already doing some "montages" (splicing and taping magnetic tape pieces) for the club and sometimes for the radio station were my friend was working as Chief Producer, he's the one who got me in the company... See #4/font>

Question #15
How many houses do you own? Post pics.

I have only one for now. A small one but all mine I build it about 11 years ago. I made my plan, then I hired some guys to build the outside walls, to the roofing (I hate going there), install windows and doors. They delivered the house empty with only thye plastic wrap on the inside... That's where I strate dto play in it. Inside wall, the wiring and plumbing, Sheetrock and Painting, Ceramic and wood floors etc... The only thing I haven't touch is what they call the shell.... It took about a year to finish building it. I entered (first night sleep) in it after my first trip in Vegas in Jan 96...

Question #16
What kind of car(s) do you have? Pics.

Well. I drive a Dodge Grand Caravan... That's not very pimpin, but I love it. Very practical especially since I'm always working on some stuff in or around the house... Moving a 4X8 plywood sheet is not very practical in a "normal" car... It is very helpfull fort he tradeshow as well. We can carry lots of stuff in it...

Question #17
Who do you look up to in online adult? down on?

Look up to ? All the Big guys who are not looking down on smaller ones. Down on? The other Big guys who are There are many for which I have the biggest respect, but I won't give names, I'm way too scared to forget some.. They already know who they are.

Question #18
Have you ever been drunk or high at a webmaster event?

Drunk ??? well never enough to get attacked by a lipstick, but yes I've been... well.. pretty happy at some WM parties... I remember that partry when I was keeping droping my plastic beer cup.. The guys who were talking with me got splashed on their shoes. I was feeling terrible... Anyone, if I ever drop my glass and splashed you, I truly appologize Another Time I remember, I was with Boneprone and some friends on the second floor of the Red Rooster in Vegas for Intx GFY's Warmup and I was so wasted that fell from my chair right on my butt, that was quite funny then, but I felt terrible the next morning... My toughts on booze. well... There are some guys we know that drink a lot at parties and some get really wasted, but as long it is not a "Booze problem" and they are not turning into "Mike Tyson" I have nothing against it... Those who are having "problems" should get help... In defense of some other guys, there are some who are simpy falling asleep without anoying anyone... They just get attacked by eiter lipsticks or ketchup bottles.. LMAO High ? Never in my life... My toughts on drugs. well... I have nothing against those who smoke pot once in a while but I just don't get it, Not my thing... The other stuff, like Coca*ne... Well, I just can feel sorry for them... Simple as that!

Question #19
How and why did you start the QuebecExpo?

I see it as my long term retirement plan, this is someting I can see mysel doing until I get very very old... I don't want to still design websites at 65, Do I? Starting a program? Nah, too much money required... I always loved organising things, rememebr about the parties for friend when I started DJing... Runing a show with my organisations skills, I see a good fit for me there, and it is very motivating.... In July 2003, right after Faye announced that they were not coming back to Montreal but going to San Diego, I had that crazy idea to start our own home based industry show. We wanted to do something different, since Quebec city was the Prime Touristic Destination at that time, doing QWEBEC Expo in Quebec City was making lots of sense, that were came the name, Quenbec but with the word "WEB" in it... We have nothing but good raves about our first edition, but some friends like SleazyDreams, Julius and some others, suggested then to move the Event to Montreal which have a better airlines situation and more Industry Businesses there. So we did move the Event to Montreal for 2005 and are now staying there. The new change we made this year, once again by listenening to some people, was changing the date to get out of the Labor-Day-Long-Week-End to move it on the Week end Before. AUGUST 25-27 2006 in MONTREAL, not QUEBEC CITY... Fortunatelly, Montreal is not in Ontario, se we could kept the name QWEBEC Expo ;) Can I take few seconds to thanks all of our Sponsoprs who supported/helped us along the way?... Well Txs. TOO Much Media - Nats Naugty Bank Interclimax TopBuck Gamma Cash Brain Cash Join Right Now 2Much Internet FUBAR - FUBAR Times YNOT - YNOT PAYMENT AVN Klixxx XBiz Adult Chamber The Adult Broker Submit Passes Paymonde formelly MVC

Question #20
How did you start in online adult?

Ok the long or the short version ? the long one!... Sure ? C'Mon... Ok, Go for the Long one... In January 1996, while I was working for Bell, they brought me to Las Vegas to attend the CES (Consuner Electronic Show) we were invited by both Nokia and Motorola. So we got there visiting mainly the Mobile Pavillon were all the companies were showing there new upcoming stuff. There was also some other were there was Home Theatre, Car Audio, shit like that... On the second day, one of the guy brought us to the Sahara Hotel were they were having a WAY smaller version of the AVN show we know today. I remember that I got astounded to meet Paula Price in Flesh and Legs, Ginger Lynn and some other big names Pornstars. The Online Adult wasn't really there at that time, it was early 1996, but, CD-ROMS... Adult CD Roms I mean... So I got few business cards and the next day, Fuck the Cellphones, batteries and leather cases... I got back to the Sahara Hotel They were giving away some Samples of Actual brand-new-in-the-box Adult CD-ROMs, Glowing Icon among others were having very good ones. So back here I contacted them and I started to sell some Adult CD Roms thru the classified. I sold some, but I wanted to move that a bit further, then I did a small webpage showing the titles and some images. Along the way I was already doing websites for mainstream clients here.. One day trhu the CD-Rom Website, a LA lawyers firm specialized in the Adul contacted me to redo their website. Flash was just coming out and it was the big craze at that time, they wanted their site redid in Flash,so I did it... Couple of weeks later, some other companies wich were clients of these guys started to contact me to redo their website, then another and so on... I was now started in Porn Business... Small time but started at least... hehe From that time, I also started to send traffic to some Cash program.. I remember X-Pics which was paying 0.08$ a Click, then 10, 12, 18 and finally 25 cents until Visa pulled the plug, then they have to shut down the program. Spam was easy in these years and Newsgroups were bringing some good traffic. it was the Far-West if I can say... Haa the good Ol' Days I got my Big break when a night in 2000, I got a call from a guy called Carl Wachter, he told me that he was working as Staff Photographer for Penthouse Magazine and he wanted me to redo his site, "Little Ole Me?..Yeah Right" I thought.... Since then, Carl is one on my best friends and one of the man for which I have the greatest respect in the industry, he introduced and refered me to lots of Penthouse people and Pets for their website. Maybe thats why my heart always have been with Penthouse, Indirectly I got my big break from them. I was more than happy to see their Big Booth at this year AVN, seeing the company back were it belongs, At the Top. I can see only good thing for them in the upcoming years... BTW : They have a very Nice program that converts like mad

Question #21
How do you select your judges for Best Adult Awards? bribes?

They have to send home a Keg of 1996 Cristal Champagne ... Nah.. Seriously, Any reputable person in the biz can be a judge, I just need to say that this is not such an easy job, it takes about 6 to 8 hours to review all the sites. It takes a lot of their time and we really appreciate that help. We try to get people from different groups in the biz, from different type of companies, not just Account reps, or Traffic guys, or Hosting Guys.. All the judges have to make their judging on their very personal tastes and point of view. Needless to say the Judges CAN NOT Vote on categories were they or their company have a site nominated in... Any person who would like to be considered as judge can fill the form on the website.

Question #22
How often do you wack off to your own content?

My Own? Never... I do prefer other people stuff for that. More exotic...

Question #23
How hard is it to get webmasters to go to Quebec for a show?

Quebec the City. Very hard. That's why we were very happy for the 200 some attendees we got! Especially for our first year in Quebec City... Quebec the province, still hard. There are so many shows now, the competitoin is very hard. When we started our project, there was only few shows out there... That's what keeping us working so hard to make sure everyone get the best ROI, good time and make tons of business... Anyway I think it is hard to get attendess to go anywhere now. There is no "Easy Show".. If you compare the first years on the Veags show, we were about 3000 on the floor, I remember the Sand Hall A packed with webmasters. Last January we were way less than 3000... That's why I believe the future is goin toward smaller and more personal events, but I might be biased

Question #24
What the hell is 3xWebDesign?

3xWebDesign is my Main Job in the biz, for now... Since I didn't wanted to mix my Mainstream business with my Adult one, I needed to create another site for my Adult Design Company, the only, good, quick available domain I found at that time was 3xWebDesign.Com then I said Ok that will be my name in that biz... Since couple of years I did some Penthouse Pets and some other Solo Girls websites. The first years of the Vegas show I was going, before it was called IA2000 then Internext, that's what I was promoting/selling there. Now I have the chance and the privilege to get a steady flow of work coming in along the year, that's why I put more energy promoting QWEBEC Expo at trade shows now. Now, I stop taking desgin contract from June to September to give me planty of time to work on the last details of the show...

Question #25
How did your wife find out what you do for a living?

HA! That was pretty funny! Me and Patty were together for only a couple of weeks, she knew I was doing websites for mainstream corporations here but not Adult Ones.. One day by the end of the afternoon, she was at my place (My studios/Offices are in my basement) sitting there in my chair when the phone rang. That was a guy inquiring for a pay site, so I had to ask him some details about his project... Was he leasing, buying or shooting his content? Was I doing the members section? Well, all those questions that were pretty obvious that it wasn't a Mainstream site ... When I hung up, I looked at her and said "Now you know what I do for a living"... She said " No problems, I'm ok with that" then I knew she was the one... " LOL Now Patty helps me a lot with QWEBEC Expo, she started to come to some shows (Her first was Vegas 2002) and she now get tons of friends in the Biz... Patty is a real people magnet and she can work a Suite Party like no one else

Question #26
Ever been in jail? Ever been arrested? Ever broken the law?

My probation agent told me to ask my lawyer before answering to that question ... Nah..... Never been in jail or arrested, the only thing I had against me was when I didn't declare a TAG watch I bought in St-Marteen back in 99, My name have been in file for 5 years with Canada Customs Services, so each time I was entering the country back from shows, they were having a yellow flag about me and sometimes they were checking my luggage.... I've been raised very strictly, my Dad was very stiff on that matter, I can't imagine what would happen if I've benn caught stealing, doing drugs or something like that. I'd been grounded for life! He doesn't seam to have bugs seeing me work in the Biz though

Question #27
Does your wife know about the easy/sleazy women given to you because you run quebecexpo?

Hu... No ! Actually she thinks I pay for them, so pease don't tell her that they're free !

Question #28
What's with the mullet? Why do you look like someone out of a 1985 yearbook?

Why the question? I don't have a Mullet !!! What's wrong with Long hair BTW? You don't like my Austin Powers Look ? Yeah Baby ! Nah, Patty likes my hair long, I suspect her to have a little crush on Evan.




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