Ben from Holland

Ben Jelloun defines class. A company out of Amsterdam, Interclimax is one of the largest live sex players in the online adult today. They have a huge presence in the online adult scene and at trade shows these days. Ben is an astute business man. He also takes the time to get to know everyone on a personal level and everyone I know speaks very highly of him. Let's see what wisdom Ben will impart with us.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Ben from Holland

Question #1
Why do you always dress in a suit? Are you trying to be better than everyone else around you? Eurosnob?

Wearing the suit is not to impress anyone as i love people the way they are. The beauty is inside not outside. I been in the main stream so long as a broker so i do not know any other way to dress up for business. When i get up in the morning I'm fuck up like anyone else, but by having a shower and put a suit on is like having a new brain. But this is Ben i love the good things in life and dressing up is one of them.

Question #2
What exactly is this "image" those not in online adult have of us? What was your image of adult online before you got started? How did it change?

Considering i came from an extremely conservative family and born in London, the english society gives you the idea that everyone in the porn industry are people you do not trust and its a dirty industry that been run by bunch of pimps instead of business people. You know what friends i was stupid like the rest of the world. I've been here for the last 10 years and its got to be the best industry i have been involved in. I would not change my life now for anything else especially having friends that i can party with and the next day we make money out of the ideas we spoke about. This does not happen anywhere else. So fuck the conservatives. LOVE SELLING SEX!

Question #3
Talk about the SinCity live sex stuff.

Founded in 1997, Amsterdam-based InterClimax ( specializes in live video feeds and interactive content. “Differentness” has been the company’s goal from the start. To take Amsterdam’s storied sex industry live into cyberspace. At the time, the concept alone was different enough, but the company didn’t stop there. Today InterClimax operates more than 50 studios around the world and provides powerful content to affiliates and licensees that include some of the biggest names in the business. Many of those companies could afford to establish their own Amsterdam presences, yet they choose to use InterClimax content. Why? The secret is hard work, having a loyal and smart team of workers who all understand that we have to go that extra mile to keep our customers happy. We have regular discussions in our offices about where the technologies will go and what will happen with billing in one or two years from now. InterClimax also customizes our feeds to fit our partners needs. We have made many ‘different’ decisions in the past, For example, four years ago we stopped recurring billing. This was replaced with ‘lifetime memberships. Other companies then followed us. Time and again it has been seen that ‘copycats’ are always following us with our ideas. I take that as a compliment! InterClimax is all about live content and technology. We are proud of what we have accomplished, including pushing the boundaries of the Internet. Our latest site update now gives the possibility for members to have their very own Webcam streamed online. This means that the models can now see the member during a ‘gangchat’ or a private session as well as the member seeing the model in real time. The company’s bi-directional live-feed technology recently gave rise to a new service that’s available to affiliates and licensees. Called i2i, the product “gives the user the ability to plug his Webcam into his computer and, without downloading anything, he can be viewed by the model and other site members. That makes the community even bigger, because you have people watching and interacting with each other in real time. The Internet is like a treasure hunt, You never know if you’ll find something valuable, but once you catch the gold, you treasure it like your baby. This is the way we treasure our business partners – and our models, too. The result is a business with more than 60 employees, 250 models online daily, and Webmasters who continually use our feeds. We are fully customer-serviced 24/7 for both members and our studios alike. Today the marketing aspect is the hardest part. We’ve been looking at fresh ways to advertise via different media: television, newspapers, Internet radio, Internet shows, and mainstream magazines. We’ve developed software that makes it possible to stream directly via the Internet to television offering up to 25 frames per second. We see this technology has great potential in other markets and not only within the adult market. InterClimax broadcast our own television show within the Netherlands last year. It was shown every night for two months and now can be found at This was an in-depth, fly-on-the-wall look at our models; how they live and work. The show was a great success for all concerned and brought us quite a bit of new exposure. Just advertising on the Web isn’t enough these days.” InterClimax is making more profit than ever before, and we will keep growing. In our business, you have to be strong to prove you are a real business and not just a bunch of porn farmers. The newbies keep us going, bringing fresh blood and new ideas into the industry. What does the future hold for a progressive company that continually pushes the envelope? InterClimax’s principals are tight-lipped about specifics: We will soon integrate our streaming technologies to be used by cellular phones and other compatible consumer devices. My opinion The only way you can make money in our industry now is by introducing something new and unique. If you don’t, you don’t stand a chance. The sex industry will always stay with us to the end, but to survive we have to have a good image so end-users will trust us. We have to have more imagination and ambition so we can drive the technology faster and faster. The people who drive the industry the right way will be around for a long time, and we at InterClimax are going to be one of those companies.

Question #4
Did you ever get caught stealing money from the clients at the bank you worked for?

Trust me when i say I'm no angel, but one thing i never steal other peoples money. In my opinion trust is very important to have in you and if you do not trust yourself the others will not trust you.

Question #5
How much money did you control for your clients in your portfolio as a stock broker?

I was lucky to be involved in selling stocks at the NASDAQ market for the scandinavian countries. So i had clients buying blocks of shares from $5000.00 up to thousands. But for me it was all money in my pocket. Every recommendation that comes from me earns me a clear 10% from the top. ( Now you can do you calculation ) One time I was speaking to a client from Greece and it took over 4 hours to convince him this is the best shares for him right now to build a portfolio. His reply was i need you fly to my office. So i asked him? What kind of investment are we talking about. His replied was 1 MILLION. Anyway for 1 million i will even fly to Timbuktu, I took an other person with me to that meeting. When we got to his office, he had so many body guards in the meeting room and they all carried guns. To make the story short, He wanted me to guarantee his return on investment with my safety. ( Leave the rest to your imagination ) Anyway we never done the deal.

Question #6
Why did you hate living in Fort Lauderdale so much?

I got a job offer from Cyber Entertainment after i been in the sex for 1 year to run they sales department. I loved Ft lauderdale but unfortunately after 2 weeks i got home one night after work and find my wife packing the suite cases. When i asked what are you doing, her reply was I'm going home with you or without you. As a good husband ** LOL ** I followed her back to Amsterdam.

Question #7
How did you get started in the industry?

My first job was with Dollarmachine to build they database. 3 months down the line they offer me a sales job. I did not know anything about this industry from banners to traffic. But having the right people around you Like Fabian ( Fabian Buys ) and Toine i had a good start. I had to work hard including the late night at home in-front the computer. It got to a stage where my wife started getting jealous of my PC. LOL Women, You either love them or hate them. ( Pick your choice )

Question #8
What exactly do you do for Interclimax?

I been in the industry for a long time most of it with InterClimax. With my hard work and having the backup of one of the most successful company out there. I was always at the right place at the right time. My duties same as every president of the company, involved in all the aspects of running a successful team and moving the company to more success. As my expertise in sales and my networking with people like yourself from both sides of Atlantic in different fields like Mobile, Billing and TV, 80 percent of my time is spend on selling live products to variety of different companies in different markets. In my opinion Sex is a Commodity, with the right business ideas, right Team and the most, how you package it to the end users it can be rewarding business.

Question #9
How exactly does a math and economy background help you with wacking off alone at home to porn?

Trust me it does come handy now and then to calculate the mood of the wife ( just incase headache night ) and the time you have left before the kids gets up.

Question #10
Is it true all antique dealers are gay?

Funny mentioning that. My father use to be a lawyer and he gave up his job to be an antique dealer. Married to Mum for 50 years with 4 children's. So this one is guaranteed not to be a gay antique dealer. Been based in Amsterdam for over 7 years, we do have a lot of beautiful small antique shops in the centre and truly most of them run by a gay Antique dealer. Keep in mind most of the real gentlemen in the world ( European Aristocratic ) they all come a cross like gays but is the way they act ( very feminine)

Question #11
How exactly did you break the news that you're a slimy pornographer to your 80 year old parents? Your wife?

I have a clear understanding with my wife. She knows I'm involve in the industry from the money side. But i keep her away from my circle. She does understand this is my world and someone has to pay the rent as long i keep everything clean. My parents is another story all together. it took me 5 years to explain to but during that period the question is always open. ( What do you exactly do Ben ) Anyway one day i told my self if you are proud with what i do i have to let people know especially to the 80 years old parents. So i was clean with my Dad. Even explained about having over 80 girls naked walking around the building. His reply was: "Do you have a job for me son."

Question #12
What does your wife think of you going to all the strip clubs and brothels at adult conventions?

This is the only time i feel like a hypocrite in my life. I'm 3/4 thousand miles away from my wife and any woman who is not involved in the industry; it must be hard to believe her partner is in a strip club behaving them selves. ** Bullshit **. Imagine if the shoes was on the other side. My wife is too smart for that. So, for all the years we came to a understanding, We do not ask the question that will result in lies after the show. This does not mean we have an open relationship. ** BUT WE ONLY HUMAN **

Question #13
Is the rumor Claudia started true?

WOW. Let me tell you a secret. I did not know. But like you mentioned is only a rumor.

Question #14
Where do you live now? Where have you lived in the past?

The office is based in Amsterdam, and i live with my family just over 30 miles away. Where my both children where born. ( Sara 6 & Adam 5 ). Also London where i was born and bought up, Paris, Barcelona, Manila, Casablanca, Jakarta and a short period in USA.

Question #15
As a man with a family and children - has your family experienced any prejudice because of what you do?

I'm a very lucky man to be based in one i believe is the most liberal country in the world. because the community and the standard of people around where i live specially knowing what i do, did not change anything between the families and the kids especially is a small community. If I wanted to be based in England with the same community. We would had a lot of hard time and the neighbor hood will try to push us out. Who needs the Conservatives. LOL.

Question #16
What kind of car(s) do you have? Pics.

I'm not into working hard to put six cars or more out side my house. Yes i do have a luxury car ( Mercedes Compressor ) and an extra car for the family. I'm into different investment. ** Buying houses ** London Tangiers Paris Holland Spain. Also I invest a lot in life. The good quality side of it, while I'm a live.

Question #17
What exactly is a meat and potatoes man? Is this a new kinky sexual fetish?

It means I'm more into the relax way towards sex. not into any extreme or fetish. A straight Meat and Potatoes person nothing to fancy.

Question #18
What was so great about San Diego?

Definitely not the weather or the hotel but it was worth the 15 hours flight to be with friends.

Question #19
Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Right now I'm really happy where we are. I don't know what the future will bring, also with 2 young kids it is important to give them a stable home.

Question #20
Do you prefer American women or European women?

I love women full stop. It all depends on the person. Where they come from does not matter to me. As long as they are not cheap and have a good head over they shoulders plus the looks.

Question #21
Discuss Red Light District office rules. Is pot smoking allowed in your office?

Pot smoking is not allowed in the office. This use to happen during the party night. When we had the parties at the Voyeur house every 2 weeks for the models to let they hair down. So the office now is main stream. BTW The parties are still on but not in Amsterdam, and MAN every time i remind myself of those Amsterdam parties, it brings me good memories.

Question #22
When are you going to tell your kids that you're a dirty pornographer?

I have a long way to go for that as they still young. But for now they know i use a computer to work. When time comes I'll be very open with them.

Question #23
Are you going to open a US office?

We do have plans to open a sales office in future but we dont have a confirm dates yet.

Question #24
Do you fly coach, business class or first class?

Because of the long distance I do fly Business Class. I dont like giving money away but the airlines hold the winning hands.

Question #25
How many adult tradeshows shows a year do you attend? What do you get out of them? Which are your favorites? Least favorites?

I've done a lot of shows from both sides USA & Europe. If you do not want to be disappointed you need to do your home work. What are you going to target ? What results you expect from this show ? and who's attending ? For me is important to be at the shows but unfortunately i cannot keep up as we have to many shows in one year. LOL Especially with responsibilities I have back in the office.

Question #26
What are the differences if any between North American peeps in the industry and European ones?

I did not see the difference before. Maybe, someone can tell me different. I thought we all deal in, Traffic Money Deals Selling Sex Drinking Stripe clubs and so on. Shows parties In that case I dont see any different my friend.

Question #27
What does level A mean? Why 6 them Mr. Smarty Pants?

Its a high diploma for each subject you take in your exams. With this degree or degrees you can get a high job or gets you into a University. I chosen polytechnic.

Question #28
Who do you look up to in the adult industry? Down on?

This is my opinion. I see the networking in this industry is like one big massive office. It takes everyone one of us is to put our hands in one pot to make money. From Hosting com, Content Com, Webmasters, Billing, Affiliate PG, Show Organizers and so on. to make our industry. So where do I start. LOL.

Question #29
What is the worst thing about the online adult industry in your opinion? Best?

Oh man. Copy Cats. For me competition is what keeps us going and it pushes the right people to produce something new to to gain more new members into the industry. Lets look at TV, they have same situation as us to keep the viewers motivated. They answer to this problem, More enjoyable content with with new technology, new interface with more interactive buttons for the viewers to interact. We all have same problem to keep the members motivated for a along time. The beauty of this market is so big we do not need to try to grab the existing members, we need to expand our network. That's not hard if you look outside the circle to see where you can branch up your product.

Question #30
Discuss your participating in live sex to get the business going in the company's initial phase.

What makes InterClimax unique is by focusing on the technology. We where the first people to introduce live chat to the industry. Also we introduced the Mpeg streaming instead of Jpeg 4 years ago. Is like switching from Analog to Digital. Finally, we introduced the i2i system. By plugging your cam you allowing the model to see you. Also to the other members who are in the chat room.



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