Kenny B!

Kenny B, is a regular at the shows. He may appear unassuming but he has been in the biz since 1999. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident as a teen and he continues to demonstrate this today with IA Cash. A great guy who loves to make peeps laugh often at his expense, is someone to watch out for in this biz. His staying power and diversification within adult online is proof of his determination and business savy.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on KennyB!

Question #1
How do you feel about having the smallest dick in the stunt cock business?

Out of all possible questions to start with, thanks Sleazy! From reading past interviews I thought you really did your homework, apparently I was wrong. So let me set things straight, Iíve never been in the stunt cock business! Sheesh get it right lol! As for the small dick, you know when they call big fat guys ďtinyĒ or bald guys ďcurlyĒ? Well, Iím not fat or bald, but people joke about my size because their jealous that itís had the chance to please some of the hottest women in the adult industry.

Question #2
Describe how ones smuggles "hookers" past the authorities.

Hookers? Do you mean Hookahs? As it turns out I have some great friends, you might know the lovely couple Iím referring to, Vanilla and Stewie. On one of my visits to Phoenix they thought it would be a good idea to surprise me with a new Hookah as they know I enjoy taking the occasional puff of, um, flavoured tobacco. The gesture was really nice, but bringing a christened Hookah through customs is a great way to get some unwanted attention. Because itís a very fragile item I made sure to take it with me on my carryon. I sure as hell didnít want my hookah to break. Sure enough the security agent at Phoenix International had me pull it out, they looked at it, smelled it, rubbed some paper thing on it and after a little hassle and a not so quick lecture on ďtransporting narcotics and narcotic paraphernaliaĒ through customs they finally let me through with my precious bong! - Thanks Vanilla and Stewie, I never came so close to being accused of being a drug mule and having someone looking in my bum for narcotics!

Question #3
Why do American girls laugh at your leather pants?

Oh fuck, did everyone get a good laugh at my expense! I had this pair of PVC pants (which in hind sight made me look like a flaming homo in plastic pants), but if you wear them to a fetish club, after hours club or swingers party in Montreal you might not look too out of place. Well I was on my way to a swingers party at some hotel in the middle of buttfuck nowhere Kansas! I walked into Bruce and Annaís hotel room where most of the women had gathered to put on their make up and make themselves look extra delicious, and as soon as they seem me, the whole room started pointing and laughing. I quickly went to change. I really hope no one has a picture of me in those pants, I looked like such a tool!

Question #4
Why did you toss all your ex's stuff out on the lawn?

Well this never happened, I have had my ex throw my stuff out on the lawn but I think the time youíre talking about was when I tossed my Exís stuff out of the window onto St. Catherine street (one of the busiest streets downtown). Itís a long story but worth the read:-) Ok so howís this for psycho ex-girlfriendsÖ I meet this great chick, sheís originally from a town about 2 hours north of Montreal but works in Montreal during the week and stays at her girlfriends apartment when sheís in the city. Weíre dating for about a month, great girl so far, Iím leaving for a week to visit friends in Phoenix and she suggest that she could stay at my loft while Iím gone to feed my cat, and watch over the place, I had a shitload of computer and camera equipment there so I was happy to know someone would be there. I return hope after a killer week (with a new hookah and a funny story about how I almost got ass raped by a customs officer) and walk into my loft to be greeted by this sweet girl. I look around and notice the place is really clean, and that there are plants, and some new pictures, I keep looking around and notice a few other new things but donít make much of it at the moment. Then I see a new chair and Iím like what the fuck is all this stuff? She took it upon herself to move in while I was on vacation! Skip ahead two months (hey she was a really good cook and loved the cock) I notice some money missing, and the only person who could have possible known where it was hidden was my new roommate! I called her at work to let he know she should borrow her dadís pick-up truck because the locks have been changed and her stuff was being tossed out the window onto St. Catherineís street. Problem Solved!

Question #5
Discuss your real estate experiences.

After renting some nice places around Montreal I recently bought a condo/townhouse in Old Montreal. As luck would have it, I moved a couch in the basement that was against an outside wall and found a shitload of mold earlier this week. Thereís probably some leak in the foundation which the builder is coming to fix next week. Luckily with new homes in Quebec we have a 5 year warranty, so itís just a hassle. The condo market is levelling off and I plan to buy up a couple smaller units in the downtown core to rent out over the next little while. I plan to take the the real estate course in the next few months as well so I can educate myself as much as possible (and save 3% on any purchases I make:-). The price of the course will be paid off with the first purchase I make so thatís a no brainer, and I think itíll be fun to go back to school.


Question #6
How come swinger parties that don't allow single guys allow you in? Do the girls feel sorry for 'cause you have a small dick?

Funny how thatís worked out for me over the years:-) Iím not sure how or why but my friends really have no issues with letting me have sex with their wives, I have some pretty great friends. And they have some pretty hot wives for me to have sex withÖAll this time I thought it was my charm, strapping good looks, and great sense of humour. It never occurred to me that the reason I get laid so much is because all these hot women were just giving me pity sex. But if that is the reality of the situation, then I can deal with that.

Question #7
Why do you continue to live in Montreal? Where else have you lived?

I love Montreal, itís home for me. There is so much culture and cultural diversity itís fantastic, a real melting pot. I find the people are much more liberal here then most other cities Iíve visited, people here seem a lot more tolerant unless the language debate is brought up. The food here is great, if youíve never had a Montreal smoked meat sandwich, let me know the next time your in town and Iíll take you out for one. I lived in a city called Longueuil for a little over a year which is on the South Shore, itís like the armpit of Montreal. A hairy smelly armpit. I was the only English guy in the whole area, I speak French but they could tell I wasnít from around there by my Anglophone accent and the fact that I had a job. When people say Montreal is a dirty city full of rude French people who smoke and drink way too much, they are really talking about La Ville de Longueuil! Hey the French term for a mullet is a Coup Longueuil (Longueuil cut), that says it all! Montreal has a lot of historical buildings and the architecture of all the old churches are really something to see. Oh and I just love the French women!

Question #8
How come you cleaned trays in the food court for so many years?

My first job was as maintenance personal at a small shopping centre, I started cleaning trays in the food court at 13 years old. At 16 I got promoted to sweeping floors, and got a pay raise to $12/ hour, I was livin large! I loved that job, I basically walked around a shopping mall, hit on all the girls working at the stores and got paid because I did it with a broom in my hand

Question #9
Why do you think you should have paid more attention on school work and less on money and chicks?

I started working at a very young age, my folks brought me up with a strong work ethic. My focus growing up was on two things, money and girls, I didn't take school too seriously at all. I am a firm believe that knowledge is power, I'm aware that you don't need a formal education to become successful, but having the education never hurts. I truly respect anyone who's done the time to finish their degree, and even more so those who go back to school to better themselves.

Question #10
What's with the toilet seat fetish?

Chicks dig toilet seats! Whenever I walk into a room with a toilet seat the women flock to the seat. The seat can make people do some crazy things. Not only do they want a picture with the seat, many of them tear off their tops they get so hot. Now do you understand why I take my seat with me wherever I go?


Question #11
How come Bruce forced you to have sex with his wife?

First off, I have to say once again, I have the best friends a guy could have! So hereís the deal; I was in New Orleans for Internext and I had just finished shooting a threesome with Bruce, Anna and AngieÖ.After the shoot, Bruce couldnít accept the fact that I would always take the pictures and not jump into the fun. He told me I wasnít leaving the room until I fucked his wife. Being a good friend I couldnít let him down!

Question #12
Why will Kansas girls only fuck you in a garage?

That's a no brainer, the garage is where I park my Ferrari!

Question #13
Have you ever sucked on a dildo for the pure enjoyment of it?

Oh fuck, not for enjoyment, but to act like a clown and get a laugh it may have happened. That's the story I'm sticking to and hope to hell that no pictures surface. If they do, please refer to the picture of me and the 5 chicks around the pool and ignore the dildo one, thanks for your understanding!

Question #14
Discuss how your Dad pushed you into the adult industry and why he did that.

Before I was in Adult I owned a Rogers Agency, I used to sell cell phones, pagers, etc under their Cantel brand back in the day. I used to attend the CES show each year in Vegas to source new products/gadgets I could import into Canada. I was walking the show floor with my father when we discovered the AVN section of the show. We walked in and all of a sudden we felt the trip had purpose. My father looked at me and said "Now this is the business you should be in". After walking the show floor I knew I had to find a way to change the direction of my career. As I think back the only online company I recall exhibiting at that show was IEG, my how times have changed.

Question #15
How did running an escort agency turn into an adult webmaster business for you?

A girl I went to school with wanted 10 pagers from me, she told me it was for an escort agency she wanted to start. That sounded pretty exciting for a sheltered Jewish boy from the suburbs! I became an investor and thought it would be a great way to make some extra coin and have fun with some French chicks. It turns out Iím a lousy pimp! But I did meet a girl who wanted her own website, I had a friend who worked as a graphic artist, so I hired them both and it started! Around the same time Rogers was pushing me to open a retail location, and I had no interest in that, so I sold them back my agent code and started my career in adult webmastering! Did the bikers and police ever scare you? Thankfully it was the police that knocked on my door before the bikers. It was 2 officers that worked with the Morality Squad of the Montreal police looking for an escort that may have worked for the agency I was involved with. I wasnít arrested, they just wanted to know if I knew where she was, and to let me know that they keep an eye on all agencies. Although running an escort agency is technically illegal, they tolerate it, and that my biggest issue is not them but the bikers coming to shake me down they continues to tell me. That was just about all I needed to say Iím Out!

Question #16
Talk about your introduction to the swinger scene.

See question 11 lol. Honestly my first swinging experience was Bruce not letting me leave his hotel room until I had sex with his wife. Now that I think of it, I was practically raped. This business has really opened my mind to the different types of relationships people have. I can see how people can separate love and sex, ithahaha8217;s pretty cool to see people with such confidence in them selves and their relationships.

Question #17
Talk about IA Cash and other programs you own and work with.

Although IA Cash has been around for many years we only started really promoting it last year when we launched V2 using the Nats back end. IA Cash started with mainly personality based websites, which have been my bread and butter since starting in late 1999. The landscape has changed tremendously since 1999 and although our single girl sites still do extremely well for us, I saw the need to branch out into sites that arenít the norm. Since the launch of (pregnant and lactation site) and ďHome of the SwirlyĒ a couple months ago our numbers are better then they ever have been. There is some big stuff in the works so expect some great stuff from IA Cash in 2006! Iím also partners in SexCamCentral, a shared webcam network that amateurs use to broadcast live shows to their members. It started by Bruce & Anna from back in 2001, since then it has become one of the largest webcam networks available for webgirls to use for doing shows for their members. Itís a fantastic tool to expose themselves and their website to thousands of other paying members. We are always welcoming new webgirls to the SCC family, if you have a personality based site and arenít doing live shows with us, hit me up and lets get you some kick ass exposure! When originally launched SexCamCentral was only available for those who performed on the network. We have since opened it up for anyone who has a members section and would like to offer their members shows from some of the hottest girls on the web. SexCamCentral does NOT offer upsells to ďsee the pinkĒ each webgirl does full hardcore hour long shows with sound for your members. We all know live interaction with members is one of the best ways to boost retention. If anyone would like to add SCC to their website Iíll hook you up for a 30 day trial so you can see what a difference live feeds can make to your members area.

Question #18
How does someone who always lived in or around Montreal have an english accent?

Because Iím English, not everyone here is French.

Question #19
Talk about how you got fined $ 8000 for throwing a party.

A few years back I leased a 3000sq. ft loft downtown, montreal that I used as my residence, studio and a place to throw parties for friends and on occasion members parties. A colleague of mine had recently closed down a night club and stored the whole audio system at my loft, how could I not throw parties every chance I had. Check out the invite to my new years party that year... There was always someone flashing or dancing half naked on the coffee table. Luckily this was also where I lived, so during the parties my bed and shower got quite a bit of use tooÖ


Question #20
Discuss your marriage and divorce to

Want to talk about a gamble while in Vegas? Back when it was ia2000 (the former Internext) I got the bright idea of getting hitched with Angie after knowing her for a whopping 58 days. There are 2 lessons to be learned here people, the first is never get married to a chick youíve only known for 58 days no matter how good the sex is or how many of her friends you get to bang. She is a really sweet girl and I really have nothing bad to say about her. I got off easy, we were together for close to 2 years and when we split she could have taken half of everything I had including my business. She asked for nothing, I should be so lucky the next time but with a Jewish girlfriend I doubt thatíll be the case. So lesson 2, when getting married, think to yourself ďhow will this woman act if we should ever get divorcedĒ.

Question #21
Is it true you had an office on top of a giant orange?

No I had an office right behind the giant Orange. The Orange Julep is a restaurant and landmark in Montreal where they have hotties on rollerblades that come serve you at your car. In the summer they have HotRod night every Wednesday, itís pretty cool to see some of the rides that people show up with.

Question #22
Why is it your parents thought it was funny and great when you started with adult sites, but really wish you did something else.

Growing up we always had playboy in the bathrooms, my dad had his harder magazines put away but I found them at a young age:-) I come from a long line of perverts so when I started in this business my folks though it was funny Iíd go to shows and come back with pictures of me grabbing pornstars big racks, and tell my silly stories. They are proud of me that I have made a success out of my business and are happy that I love what I do, but would prefer to say ďMy son the doctorĒ not ďMy son films people playing doctorĒ

Question #23
Word is you keep a very tidy apartment, watch HGTV, are into interior design and decorating and have a cat - are you living the metrosexual dream?

Thereís nothing wrong with being metro-sexual, Iím not quite as metro as Weg-Cory or some of the other styling webmasters but I try. I like to keep a nice home, nothing wrong with that. Iíve always been into all different kinds of architecture, interior design/decorating and that type of stuff. I really enjoy watching HGTV, a station with all kinds of renovation and home dťcor shows. Iím an animal lover, I donít think itís fair to have a dog downtown. They need space to run around and have fun. So I have a cat, heís a cute little guy.

Question #24
Talk about your charity work and the $ 3000 you raised for breast cancer last year.

I feel itís important to give back and do for others. Last year I did a 60km walk to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment, it was a fantastic experience! There were many webmasters who came through with nice donations and I was able to raise $3000 for the cause. Boobs are very important, we must do what we can to keep them healthy!

Question #25
What kind of car(s) do you own?

At the moment I own a 2001 Honda Prelude, I love it! I will be putting it up for sale in the next few weeks though, I just had the engine rebuilt and figure it still has a year on the warranty so itís a good time to sell and get top dollar. Iím looking into getting a couple year old SLK or Boxter, itís time to enjoy a convertible before baby making time! I donít have many pics of my car and itís too filthy now to take some but you can see it, right behind TaliaÖ

Question #26
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

There are many people who I look up to in the industry, some I consider friends and some I havenít had the chance to meet but I have a deep respect for what they have accomplished. This is an industry where so many young people built some very successful businesses. My partner Bruce who Iíve had business dealing with for over 5 years and not 1 disagreement, that tells a lot about a persons character. Heís always learning something new and working hard to grow his business. People like Marc De who have accomplished so much at such a young age, I find them very inspirational. Iíve had the chance to become quite good friend with Easton over the years and see him go from a wild guy to a very serious and successful webmaster, I have a lot of respect for him and Sheri who has an incredible work ethic herself (and a nice rack, but thatís a whole different thing). Seska is a great person and I have the utmost respect for the way she sticks to her beliefs and the way she and her husband live their lives. There are many other people who I look up to that it would take me a long time to list them all. I try not to look down on people, there are many that I donít respect because of the way they treat models or other people, I just try and avoid having any business dealing with them.

Question #27
Why do you give bums money?

I have a home office, so in the evenings I like to take walks downtown just to get out and see all kinds of people. Since Iíve started doing that Iíve become even more thankful for all the opportunities and good fortune life has brought my way. Life and business has been getting better and better for me so before I go for my walks I take a few bucks in quarters and give them out to many of the homeless or destitute people begging that I pass during my walks. When someone, especially a woman has to fend for themselves on the streets and really has nothing itís important to give and help. I like to joke itís like feeding the animals at the zoo:-)

Question #28
How many adult convention shows do you attend each year? Which are your favorites? Least favorites?

I try to attend 4-6 shows a year. I do the local circuit, fortunately there are various smaller shows in Montreal and Toronto. The Phoenix Forum is probably one of my favourite shows, ithahaha8217;s well run and has the most networking opportunities. I much prefer the smaller more intimate shows and from the people I talk to most feel the same way. The model of the January Internext show doesnhahaha8217;t seem to be working anymore, I think for it to succeed in the future major changes need to be made.

Question #29
Ever had an STD? What happened? How often do you get tested?

When you get engaged you buy your future partner a diamond ring, because diamonds are forever, thatís bullshit giving your partner herpes now thatís forever! Seriously, I am and always have been disease free, no STDís here! Iíve been in a monogamous relationship for the last 2 years, so I havenít been tested for a long time but i was before we started having unprotected sex. I never fucked around with unprotected sex, itís just not worth the risk. Besides I last longer when I wear a condom so thatís reason enough to wrap it with a new partner:-)

Question #30
Has your Jewish background helped or hindered your career in online adult?

Hah, I donít think being Jewish has helped or hindered my career in online adult what so ever, now if you asked has my career in online adult helped or hindered finding a nice Jewish girl to settle down with, thatís a different story.



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