Barry (BlackDog) is one of the nicest guys I know in this business. He runs a HUGE online cam community and is very successful. His generosity and intelligence are examples of how to conduct onself in the adult community. I'm proud to call him a friend.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!


GFY Ambush Interview thread on BlackDog

Question #1
Why does a person of your level of success feel the need to sneak into the movies?

Because $14 is too much to pay for a movie no matter who you are! Plus EVERYONE likes free stuff. Besides Hazel and I now pay for our movies but sometimes we still take in a "double feature". I mean, after I pay for one movie, why can't I check out another one before I leave? It seems like a waste to leave any empty seats in the theatre. Plus I always pay for the popcorn! Speaking of movies...

Question #2
Why won't Ellisa let you have colored liquids in her house?

I can answer this one with two words: WHITE CARPETS. I don't think I've ever actually spilled anything on Ellisa's carpets, but she has seen me wreak enough destruction on other carpets to know that I cannot be trusted with anything (liquid or solid) that may stain her floors. So it's pretty much just water or Diet Sprite for me when I visit her and Tanker. Or I can stay in the fun-ctional room since it has hardwood floors. I can't really blame her but sometimes Tanker sneaks me a Coke when she's not looking.

Question #3
What exactly did you do as a programer before getting into online adult?

Before I got into adult I worked as C++ programmer at a company called Numetrix, which sold something called "Supply Chain Management" software, which is basically software to help huge manufacturers schedule their production more efficiently. The programs cost about $100,000 a pop but could save companies like Procter & Gamble millions of dollars a year so they were lining up for it. I loved my job because I could make my own hours and pretty much do as I pleased as long as I got my work done, which I always did. I never showed up before 11am, and I took occasional afternoon naps but as I said nobody cared (or knew). But I was paying attention the whole time, and learned a lot about running a business and how to manage resources and employees. However after doing this for over 6 years I realized that even though I loved programming computers, I would never have an interest in Supply Chain Management, which would obviously have been a requirement for advancement at a company like Numetrix. At the same time, Numetrix was bought out by a much larger corporation and started to develop a serious corporate atmosphere. My project leader was even telling me to be in the office before 10AM! I could see the writing on the wall so I knew it was time to find a new job or start my own company. Fortunately around that time I saw a story on NBC Dateline about the couple that ran but I will save that for answer #4. Being a computer programmer by trade, it was natural for me to get into an Internet-based industry like ours, and I saved a lot of money by writing the original Spread4U myself... but you will have to wait for answer #5 to read more about that.

Question #4
How did inspire you to start your own company?

I can still remember 7 years ago while I was still at my old job, which I was slowly starting to hate, so I started looking for an idea for a company to start. Hazel & I were not married yet but she was also hating her job so we figured we'd start something together. It was 1999 and Internet porn was still a hot topic and Dateline NBC was doing a story about the couple that ran, a naked housewife site. I liked the idea of running my own porn site but I figured Hazel would never go for it. Amazingly she agreed instead of slapping my face. Of course my first idea was to launch another naked housewife site (featuring OTHER men's wives) because I just saw the story about Wetlands. After a little research I figured that leased feeds would be a better idea so we began to research that segment. That research led to the idea of doing live feeds, at which point I realized that people would probably pay a lot for 1-on-1 feeds, since 1-on-1 phone sex was so immensely popular, plus almost nobody was doing pay-per-view live webcams at the time. And so Spread4U was born. I heard that Jon from The Wetlands passed away last year, so I suppose I will never have a chance to thank him for setting me down this path. I'm sure most program owners have a story like mine: they saw someone else making a lot of money on the Internet and decided they wanted the same thing.

Question #5
How much of the code on spread4u did you write? How come you didn't write it all? Not smart enough?

To set the record straight I did write ALL of the first version of SpreadU. We didn't hire a programmer until 2002, and we are in the process of hiring a CTO. Let's just say that building a webcam site isn't cheap, especially back in 1999 when there was almost no such thing, so being a computer programmer really helped. I saved a lot of money by writing it myself. I wish I could still write all the software myself because programming computers was my first love and I still enjoy dabbling from time to time. We are about to get into the "good" questions. More answers coming up...

Question #6
What exactly do Derek and Gunner do? Are they gay?

Something is wrong if you don't know what Derek and Gunner do! Gunner is our Director of Affiliate Relations, which means he is in charge of all things affiliate-related. Derek is my #1 salesman (and not just because he's my only salesman). Together, they are responsible for keeping affiliates happy, AT ALL COSTS. But that doesn't make them gay! Derek is not a twink no matter what you've heard, and as for Gunner why don't you ask him to his face next time you meet him?

Question #7
Talk about how you got arrested in London.

My lawyer has asked me to make one thing clear: just because I was detained and questioned by London police for attempting for break into Buckingham Palace does not mean I was arrested! I am uploading the pics right now... story to follow... stay tuned...Ok, it all happened at Buckingham Palace. Last summer I took Hazel on a European tour for our 5 year anniversary. Our first stop was London, where we stayed for about 4 days. On the last day, we did a bus tour of the city. Our hotel was just across the park from Buckingham Palace so we got off there to see the palace and walk back to our hotel to get our bags and catch a train to Paris. At the palace gate I asked Hazel to take a picture of me. Then Hazel got it into her head that it would be funny to take a picture of me pretending to climb the palace gate. I thought it was funny too and it seemed harmless enough. Unfortunately this man did not agree. If you think the Palace Guards never speak or move YOU ARE WRONG! Suddenly I heard a scream of "OI!" coming from inside the gate and turned to see the guard above charging at me, bayonet poised for the kill. I leaped from the gate and we started walking away as innocently as possible. Every tourist was taking pictures of the charging guard but somehow none of them noticed it was me that set him off. Then the guard did a about-face and returned to his post. We thought we got away with it so we continued walking around Buckingham Palace and took a few more pictures before we started to head towards the park to get back to our hotel. As we approached the Canadian Gate (coincidentally enough) I noticed a London policeman heading directly towards us. I told Hazel to keep walking but pretty soon this copper caught up with us and ordered us to stop. A few seconds later even more coppers showed up in a squad car and separated me and Hazel for questioning. This was just a few weeks after the London subway bombings so London was still on high alert. We thought it was pretty funny but the cops didn't and we didn't want to piss them off and miss our train to Paris. They figured out pretty quickly that I was just a tourist pulling a stupid stunt and not an international terrorist, but they told me they had to file a report anyway because (in their words) "they'd never seen a palace guard charge at someone before." One of the less-impressed coppers asked me what would happen if I had tried to climb the Parliament buildings in Canada to which Hazel replied "probably nothing." By the end of it all even they thought the whole incident was quite funny. Anyway looooong story short we made it to the train station on time and I got this awesome souvenir of our trip to London. I am sure that I have a record with British Intelligence. Next time I return to England I will probably be searched at the border and lucky to get into the country. And worst of all they wrote on the ticket that I have "untidy" hair!


Question #8
Does your wife Hazel know about the hooker?

Well, NOW she does!!! I don't know how to answer this one. Anything I say will get me in trouble one way or another.

Question #9
Where do you live? Where have you lived? Why?

I've never lived anywhere but Toronto, Canada. It is the greatest city in the world IMO (not including winter). If you visit here even once you will know what I'm talking about. Not only does it have the greatest people, and great nightlife and culture, but it is also home to some of the biggest companies in our industry including Python, Sex Search and Platinum Bucks. Not to mention WebcamCash! (I've left out a lot of other great companies... there are too many to mention) I'm sure I will always live here but a second home in Florida would sure be nice. I'm still working on that. Not just because for the sunshine but also because we have a close friends there. More things I love about Toronto: 1. The Maple Leafs! 2. Summertime 3. Living downtown 4. Uncle D 5. Porn Alley 6. Rush-hour traffic (wait, cancel that one) 7. Sugar Mountain 8. Sushi Time 9. The Raptors

Question #10
Talk about your condo. Do you have any other real estate?

Let me tell you about my condo, originally known as WebcamCash World Headquarters. When Hazel and I were married 6 years ago, we moved into a condo in downtown Toronto, at Bay & Dundas (near the Eaton Center). We had lived in the suburbs our whole lives and really wanted to try downtown living. I have to admit we are hooked! I can't imagine living anywhere else. However Hazel has other plans for when we have kids. When we moved in over 5 years ago, we were still working at home, so for about a year or two our home was the World Headquarters for WebcamCash. Fortunately we've been able to expand into an office since then, because it was getting really crowded in there. It is not the biggest condo -- big condos are hard to come by in downtown Toronto -- but you can't beat the location. We are walking distance to the office, which is also downtown, not to mention we are just steps from nearly any kind of restaurant, shopping or entertainment. Plus every once in a while there is a shooting on Yonge Street and we can hear the gunfire from our window. How can you beat that? It's AWESOME! Because of our location, our condo is often the unofficial after-hours hangout for webmaster events in Toronto. And it didn't hurt that we lived just two blocks from the show hotel at the last Webmaster Access. I love it when I can attend a show and still sleep in my own bed.

Question #11
How many adult internet shows do you attend a year? What events have you sponsored?

The shows that I consider "must-attend" for WebcamCash are Internext, Phoenix Forum and Cybernet Expo. Me, Hazel, Gunner and Derek try to attend every single one. Webmaster Access may soon make that list too. Aside from that Derek attends a few other shows, like YP Mexico and the upcoming XBiz show. I love sponsoring events! Most recently we sponsored a tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier at Cybernet Expo: We did the same tour last year at the last minute and it was such as success that we did it again. We also held a last-minute suite party at the recent Webmaster Access here in Toronto. If the definition of a party's success is how fast it gets shut down by security then we had the most popular party at the show! Here is Sunny Leone and Eric Red Eyes enjoying a drink in the suite: We used to sponsor more parties but haven't lately because we feel we can get more bang for our buck with sponsorships like keycards, FUBAR... etc. Our first party ever is still my favorite: when the Webmaster Summit was in Toronto back in 2003 we wanted to be good hosts so we held a DOUBLE party, starting at the Hard Rock Cafe where Brent Stewart's band Brass Knuckle Therapy blew everyone away, then we limoed everyone to the Brass Rail Strip club for free drinks and lap dances (not free ). Brent's band has a huge biker following and to this day ours is the only industry party I know of where half the attendees were genuine Hell's Angels. Here is my favorite pic: What sponsorships are coming up for WebcamCash? You'll just have to wait and see!


Question #12
Where did you go to school? Ever cheat on any exams?

Wow your research is good! I have always been a computer nerd. Back in high school I attended Sir Sandford Fleming Secondary School where I was a computer room monitor. I learned to program there and have been loving it ever since. I also met my first girlfriend there. I graduated from the University of Toronto in 1994 (I think) with an Honours Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. And it only took me 6 years to finish my 4-year degree! Basically it took me a year to choose a major, then I took another half year off to "find myself" and finally I returned to school as a Computer Science major. As for cheating on exams, I swear it wasn't me! Well, at least that's what I told my professor. Let's just say that Computer Science majors should not be expected to study Psychology. Sometimes there just isn't enough time to study and if the guy sitting next to me during the exam knows the correct answers, why shouldn't I be allowed to take advantage of his superior knowledge? I thought we students were SUPPOSED to help each other out but my prof didn't see it that way. Kids, stay in school!!!

Question #13
Talk about your religious family. Do they know what you do? Do they approve?

I come from a orthodox Jewish background but my family is not as religious as they used to be. My mother knows what I do, and tolerates it, even if she doesn't approve of it. The rest of my family has no problem with it, and in fact my sister-in-law is the talent manager for WebcamCash.

Question #14
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

At 6'0" I don't look up to many people, but I admire and prefer to do business with people that operate above board and are in for the long haul. We work in an industry where there is still plenty of opportunity for those who work hard and do their research. As for the people I don't like in this industry they already know who they are, so there is no point in mentioning them here.

Question #15
What is your illicit drug of choice? Have you ever been high at a webmaster event?

Anybody who knows me knows that my vice of choice comes from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and I'm not talking about the coffee. But I've mostly outgrown my old habits. (and replaced them with new habits ) Being high at a webmaster event is plain dumb. I'm glad we get to work at parties, but we are there to get work done. Which is not to say I've never done it.

Question #16
Discuss your sweating problem and deodorant of choice.

What sweating problem?

Question #17
What did you do for your wife to commemorate the day you got engaged? The replacement ring?

Before I tell you about the replacement ring, I will tell you about the original ring, which is a better story anyway. In 1999 Hazel and I had been dating for about 7 years so it was about time we finally got married since we knew we would be together forever. Hazel knew my proposal was coming but she had no idea exactly when. I had a friend in the diamond business in New York and I had promised I would buy my engagement ring from him but I had no way to get to New York without Hazel finding out. I was still at my old job so I made up a story that I was needed for a consulting gig for a few days in Mexico City. I chose Mexico City because the company really had a major project going on there at the time, and I get got my boss to "casually" mention to Hazel one day how badly they needed me there. I felt so guilty about it at the time because I never lie to Hazel but I figured it was for a good cause and she would find out the truth in the end anyway. I still remember calling her from Central Park and telling her how hot it was in "Mexico City." I can't believe I pulled it off because I am such a bad liar. When I got home I chose the following Sunday as the day I would propose. I told Hazel we were going to spend the day at Paramount Canada's Wonderland and then go out for dinner. Little did she know that before I had left my apartment I had covered every surface in tealight candles. I had arranged for my friend and his wife to slip in just before we got home and light every one. Hazel was wondering why I kept sneaking off during dinner but never figured out that I was calling my friend to coordinate the timing perfectly. When we got home she opened the door to a hundreds and hundreds of tiny lights flickering in the darkness. On the table was sitting a ring box wrapped in a bow. I led Hazel to the table, sat down next to her, opened the box and asked her to marry me. She said "yes."

Question #18
How come you fell and twisted your knee at the Phoenix Forum 3 years ago?

It's the curse of the Phoenix Forum! Just ask Kimmy Kim and Jeff Neis. Ok I wish I could say I was doing something cool when I wiped out and busted my kneed at the Phoenix Forum 2004, but the truth is I was just stepping down and put my foot down the wrong way and wound up on my ass a second later. Gunner and Kurosh came to my aid and rushed me to the emergency room where I received over $2,000 worth of care. That was the only show I ever went to without Hazel and I learned my lesson: never again!

Question #19
Talk about the bucket. There is a video; will you post it?

Actually, it is spelled "Bukket" and you can get a get a complete description here: Let's just say it is a smoking device that can be used to smoke a wide variety of herbal substances. I can't remember who introduced me to the Bukket but I bought my own very quickly after that and have bought several for friends of mine, including people who post on this board (and maybe even this thread). As for the video, I decided one night to shoot an instructional video on how to use the Bukket. Hazel shot it in one take but unfortunately we can only share it with other Bukket owners at this time.

Question #20
Is it true you let Hazel give it to you in the ass with a strap-on? Or was that someone else?

Um, next question, please.

Question #21
What kind of car(s) do you have? Post pics

My current car is not worth posting a picture of. I have been driving the same thing forever. However, I recently acquired this license plate:

Question #22
What is it about waiters that get your order wrong on your birthday?

Don't blame the waiter. The problem is my friends that think they're funny. At my last birthday (last January) Hazel took me for dinner at a very nice steakhouse near where we live. My friends Brandy (muffin of and Ellisa (Princess Ellisa of Made In Porn) thought it would be really funny to call the restaurant and convince the waiter to fuck up my order. Basically the gag was that he would bring the wrong soup and cook my steak extra-rare. Ha-de-har-har. But the funny part is that I really didn't even notice the mistakes and couldn't figure out why the waiter kept apologizing so much. Finally he brought me a big piece of cheesecake for dessert (which I did not order) that read "Happy Birthday Brandy & Ellisa". They called me later that night to wish me a happy birthday and tell me how funny they thought they were and that's when I'd realized I'd been punked. Sort of. But I got them both back after that when I convinced each one that her name had been left off my birthday cake by the other. I always get the last punk.

Question #23
Talk about your job as a fire marshall.

ROFL! You're research really is good! I completely forgot about that until I read the question. When I was working at Numetrix the office was located in an large building (that coincidentally is across the street from where I now live). Fire regulations required that each floor assign a "Fire Warden" who is responsible for making sure everyone gets out safely in a fire. I took the job because I got to wear a cool fire hat and carry a flashlight. Fortunately the building never caught fire but I did help hundreds of people evacuate safely for fire drills, so I am quite proud of my job. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of me in my fire hat to post here. My only regret is that didn't take the hat and flashlight with me when I quit.

Question #24
What's the story on the homeless baglady Ruby at Tanker's Bachelor party?

LOL! I love this one. JMan and I were responsible for organizing Tanker's bachelor party, which took place almost exactly one year ago. Now Tanker is not the kind of guy that would want a stripper or any shenanigans at his bachelor party, and he made it clear himself that he didn't want anything like that at his party. However aside from dinner and drinks, there was no real entertainment planned for the evening, and I didn't want to disappoint Tanker or his guests. So I had to come up with something that would be fun without breaking the rules. After a few phone calls I found the perfect person for the job. After dinner, we all went back to the hotel room to hang out and have some drinks before we hit the town. I had arranged for the entertainment to arrive while we were there. There was a knock on the door and I told Tanker "your stripper is here!" He didn't know what to expect and neither did anyone else. I opened the door and in walked: Ruby the Bag Lady Stripper!

Question #25
Why were you called "Anchor" in your fraternity?

Damn I wish I had pictures to post for this one but I don't. Probably just as well. In my second last year at the University of Toronto I decided to join the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity as a way to meet new people and have some fun. One of the things my chapter was trying to improve was it's standing in the annual "Boat Races." If you've ever been to university then you probably know that Boat Racing has nothing to do with boats. It is, in fact, a drinking game. Every year a local student drinking hole called The Brunswick House held a boat-racing competition for all the fraternities and clubs. Basically boat racing works like this: each team has 5 players who line up side-by-side, with two beers in front of each player. The first player drinks a beer, then the 2nd, etc., until the end of the line, then back again in reverse as each player drinks his second beer. The player at the end of the line has to drink two beers in a row, and so he is called the "anchor". Only the best beer drinkers can be in the "anchor" position. For some reason beer goes down like water for me so chugging two beers in a row is no problem. I'm pretty sure the main reason I was accepted into my fraternity was for that ability. However the rest of the guys in my chapter can't drink for shit, so we still only made the 2nd round that year.

Question #26
Talk about your brush with death in Jamaica.

Let me start by saying the renting jetskis in Negril is dangerous enough even when you ski safely, and Hazel and I were doing anything but. Fortunately repairing broken jetskis is also much cheaper there. I will make a long story short by saying that Hazel and I were tooling about in the Caribbean Sea when I zigged when I should have zagged and we wound up in a near-head-on collision. Hazel's jetski must have been a little higher than mine because the bow of her craft went over mine like a jump-ramp and she did a rather neat jump that got about 3 feet of air. Unfortunately this all happened about 6 inches from my face. If I had been just inches ahead she would have crashed directly into my body at about 25 MPH. In that case I would probably be better off dead than in a Jamaican emergency room. But fortunately I survived to tell the tale. Probably not the closest brush with death you've ever heard but definitely the closest I've ever come. I walked away with no scratches, and a $300 bill for broken fiberglass.

Question #27
Does Gunner moonlight as your personal bodyguard?

No he doesn't. It is his full time job. Just kidding. Gunner has been the Director of Affiliate Relations at WebcamCash for nearly 5 years, which is a far cry from bouncer. However it never hurts to have him around when we throw a party.

Question #28
Discuss some of the parties and events you've thrown, like the aircraft carrier tour.

No he doesn't. It is his full time job. Just kidding. Gunner has been the Director of Affiliate Relations at WebcamCash for nearly 5 years, which is a far cry from bouncer. However it never hurts to have him around when we throw a party.

Question #29
Do your feet smell?




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