Spannow is living the dream. He works for GFY / / Playboy as a Casting Director. Basically, he gets paid to pick the hot women. Does it get any better than that? As interesting as this is, so is his pre-adult industry life.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Spannow

Question #1
How many men have you had a shower with? Who has the photos?

There are no photos. There was a gathering in the Bay Area and I shared a hotel room with 2 other folks. We were in a hurry to meet up for dinner, someone was already in the shower, so I stepped in anyway - I'm shameless like that.

Question #2
You once got rear-ended by a police car. Was this an accident or a high speed crash intended to stop you?

True. I was stopped at a red light in traffic and heard a screech of tires. I looked up at my rearview mirror and saw a black and white coming up fast behind me. The cop was reaching down to his radio and apparently didn't notice how fast he was going until he got up on me. He broke hard but it was too late. He slammed into my bumper and when the light went green we pulled over. He came over and apologized and everything and wouldn't you just know - my car suffered NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE. Of all the times to suffer major damage and physical injury THAT would've been the perfect time. But it was was it was and couldn't lie about it - gotta love driving a boat!

Question #3
What has your Associate of Science Multimedia Design degree done for you?

That single degree program changed my whole life - no kidding! Before that I was a mechanical illustrator/designer (meaning everything was done by hand - illustration, layout and pasteup). I wanted to learn more about computers but had no idea where to begin. When I found that school (in San Diego near La Mesa) I took a tour and asked an instructor if they could "teach me to shoot, capture, edit, apply special effects and output video?" The instructor replied, "Teach you? Watch this!" He then proceeded to trick out some video he already had on his machine and rendered it out. I enrolled the following day. That's where I was introduced to Photoshop among many other programs. Immediately as I learned all this new cool stuff I began applying it out in the world on many eager clients. I've never looked back since then.

Question #4
Talk about the big Hollywood break you passed on.

When I got out of the service in '94 I didn't know what to do. I hadn't gone to college yet so I didn't know computers. I always loved movies though and dreamt of doing special effects in film. So, I sat down with a pile of VHS tapes and ffwd to the end credits to read the special effects companies. I compiled a list of companies and the cities they were in then I called information and got their phone numbers. I called several companies and fished around for information. A guy by the name of John Rosengrant (if I remember correctly) from Stan Winston Studios called me back at home. I was floored cause I KNEW who this guy was! FYI: Stan Winston Studios is the effects company that designed and built the ALIEN, PREDATOR, TERMINATOR, J.P. T-REX, BATMAN, etc... you get the picture. So he asked me to drive up to Van Nuys for an interview (and bring my portfolio). Of course I did! Well I got there I had to sign a non-disclosure form cause they were working on shit that hadn't come out yet and then he gave me a tour of the studio which rocked! After that we went back to his office and he reviewed my portfolio. He said he was impressed and offered me an apprenticeship on the spot. That was a high point of my life! When I came out (I was married at the time) I told my wife what happened and she said,"oh that's too bad." I fired back, "What the fuck are you talking about this is a once in a lifetime opportunity?!?!?" She replied,"well it's an apprenticeship - that doesnt pay and you need to go out and make money!" So I called him back and sadly declined his offer. I frequently wonder where I'd be today if I'd have gone for it anyway despite her. I have regretted that moment ever since then. Hindesight really IS 20/20...

Question #5
Ever fucked a midget?

No and no. I did, however, seriously think about hitting a midget once. It was '92 and we had just pulled into Dubai (in the United Arab Emiretes). We'd been out for many months and hadn't seen a real-live female in what felt like YEARS! So we pulled in and disembarked, heading to the nearest bar. As is too often the case there were hundreds of us in 1 bar (a true sausage fest) and up at the bar, among the sea of guys, was 1 single, solitary blonde girl. Naturally all of us were inching our way up there to get a look at her (it's like that when you've had no action for a long time). I finally got up there and there she was... All 3 feet of her. She was female = that's GREAT!, blonde = that's cool, cute = anything is cute after that long, but she was a true midget. So I looked at her and thought about it. Then I looked around a little bit (at the competition in the hundreds). Looked at ther again. Then I said no. I left and got smashed. That experience did teach me one vaulable lesson - if I ever come back as a female midget, go overseas and hang out at bars on base - you'd have your pick of the litter!

Question #6
Discuss your FBI training.

I worked at the D.O.J. satellite as their webmaster. I established their in-house video editing department and began producing training videos. One day the Training Department Mgr asked me if I knew how to enhance video and handed me a vhs surveillance tape. I said lemme see what I can do. I "did my thing" to it and they were impressed. They asked me if I could put together a small little powerpoint presentation and would I be interested in making it into a class at an upcoming conference - of ocurse I said yes. So I made this PPT and prepared a small class for this show. The time came and they said here's your itinerary for the Symposium. I began to wonder what I'd gotten myself into. In 2002 I flew to Washington D.C. and delivered a course to Federal, State and Local law enforcement. There were FBI and Secret Service dudes there too I couldn't believe it. I was terrified but reasoned that they didn't know me and therefore assumed that I was an expert - so I walked out on stage (in front of 300 attendees) and was an expert on Surveillance Video Enhancement! LOL The symposium evals came back and folks voted my class in the top 3 classes there so the HTCIA (HiTech Crime Investigation Assoc.) asked me to prepare more classess and start doing these symposiums regularly. I made lots of friends at FBI, SS and all kinds of law enforcement - they all knew about my adult background and didnt care. My friends at the bureau even asked me to apply but THAT offer I had to decline. Even though they were cool with my adult bg that didn't mean I was comfortable with ANOTHER background investigation - fuck that (1st B.I. was for the service: TS Clearance)! Btw, those cops party just like WE do!

Question #7
How the fuck does one get expelled from catholic school in the second grade?

You have to really fuck up! As the "shape of things to come" I really liked looking at naked girls even then. So I snaked a page from my dads PLAYBOY calendar and decided that my friends at school MUST share in this beauty. I took it to school and, at recess, I called my friends over to a private corner and showed them the wonder of nude women. One kid started crying (freaking out) and ran away. The rest of the fellas were like "wooooooooow...." in unison. It turned out that one kid ran away and grabbed a nun. She came over to where we were at and dragged me to the office. They called my folks and told them I was the devil and could not attend the school anymore. So I left that private school (angry, repressed nuns) and never looked back.

Question #8
Talk about you when you first started making money as an illustrator.

I started marking money as an illustrator in 2nd grade as well. The guys in my Catholic School would come to me at lunch and whisper," hey can you draw me a picture of a nekked lady?" Well of course I could, and did, but it was gonna cost 'em - Bwahaha! I started drawing naked ladies for a quarter a picture and we made the exchanges at lunch behind the school like some kind of drug deal. Again, this further "illustrated" the shape of things to come. Later when I was in my teens illustration was how I bought my first motorcycles, parties and stuff. I thought for a time that I would do that for the rest of my life - I love art. But as I got older I realized that until you're dead nobody is gonna pay top-dollar for your shit. So, sadly I left art for a more lucrative career field. * See question # 3

Question #9
Discuss arms dealing with Guido in San Diego.

True. Around '93 in San Diego I was stationed at Coranado Island. Those of you who are familiar with Coranado prolly know the Hotel Del Coranado. Well they have a bar there and its a good one too. Well one night my friends and I went and hung out there. At some point I found myself sitting at a table alone. So this old guy (looked to be in his 50's) comes over and sits down. He's noticeably drunk and picks up a conversation he must've been having with someone else (I guess he got confused). So he starts telling me what he's in the market for regarding weapons. I laughed at first not taking him seriously - just another drunk fool - but I played along with him for kicks. I told him "what do you need? You know that base over there, I have access to it and can get you whatever you need man? Exocets, harpoons, stingers, etc. It's really no big deal - a piece of cake." He leaned over and stuffed something in my shirt pocket,"I like you man, you're my kinda guy." Anyhow we kept talking and through the course of the night I must've promised him half an army (all the while he kept stuffing shit in my pocket) and he told me his people would contact me soon. With that he got up and left. After he was gone we left that bar and on the taxi ride back to the base I decided to check my pocket.... It was full of hundred dollar bills (HOLY SHIT)!!!!

Question #10
Talk about your job as Production Manager for Playboy.

As the Production Manager I oversee all aspects of production. Shooters send me talent - I give 'em the green light on a girl and tell them what to shoot her for. They shoot it and send it to me for review. I serve as the Executive Producer for all of our DVDs. When the DVDs are authored they're sent to me for review then legal review, replication and distribution. At our PB shoots I direct the videos we produce of the lovely ladies we found at the Casting Calls (hilarious video of me "directing" has already been posted in this thread). Lately my job entails A LOT of travel so you gotta maintain a flexible schedule. Now and then Lensman still calls on me to design stuff when Rilose gets slammed. And of course I put out any fires as required - wherever they are.

Question #11
Did you work for sex or money on Dee's site?

Strictly money, and at that time ('96/'97), good money! More important than the money though were the contacts. She knew everybody in the biz or knew someone who knew someone. Through Dee I met The Edgewater West folks and became their webmaster as well as West Coast Productions and Vince Vouyer. She was truly a springboard for me into the industry. Funny thing was that I quietly worked for years from home and never ventured out at all. So I had no idea that there were even adult-oriented conventions (let alone message boards). In '97 I went to the CES show in Vegas for the first time with Dee and was blown away by the scale of the business. By then I was working for all those companies and many more and it was amazing to hang out with all of them in one place at the same time. That's when I realized this industry was huge! Nice thing is that I'm still cool with every client I've ever worked with and, conisdering the drama we see all the time, that's refreshing...

Question #12
What exactly did you do for Homegrown?

I started doing work for Homegrown in '98 I think. They have (or had) an office in San Diego and I walked in one day and said I want work. I met with Far-L and Moffit and we talked about it. I eventually provided the design for their Mons Veneris (sp) web site and worked on some banners and such. Far-L wanted the banners to have animation AND music in them and I dont know if flash existed back then or not but I sure didnt have it or know it. So I made all that shit in shockwave - it was crazy but fun as hell. I learned a lot about a lot from them - they were good to me and good people in my book. I moved to Nor-Cal the following year and lost touch with them completely until I discovered GFY in '04 and we bumped into each other in a thread - ironic.

Question #13
What the fuck is High Technology Crime Investigation Association?

(taken from their web site) "The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) is designed to encourage, promote, aid and effect the voluntary interchange of data, information, experience, ideas and knowledge about methods, processes, and techniques relating to investigations and security in advanced technologies among its membership." In Engrish: it's a lot of badges and guns who party together at conferences and trade business ideas and information (sound familiar?).

Question #14
How did having a son change your life?

It changed everything. For those of you who have kids you already know this but for everyone else: kids are a trip. They make you see things from a (pure) place most of us forgot about a long time ago. As hard as it can be at times let me say this, there is no better feeling in life than to have your child fall asleep in your arms. The sense of trust and absolute love is unmistakeable and without description. It's such that you won't get up or move for anything because you want to savor every second of that time. It's precious and fleeting (sadly). My boy is growing up fast and doesn't want to nap in my arms anymore. Im happy that he's moving on to new and exciting things but at the same time for the rest of my life I will feel that I could've used just one more nap or one more minute. (blowing nose!) My family has a long and proud history of military service. So recently my boy and I were sitting at home on a quiet Saturday afternoon and he gently asked me,"dad, will I be a soldier one day?" I told him,"well son, that's entirely up to you." He thinks about it for a minute,"will I have to fight?" I told him,"you might." He got a sad look on his face,"will I be all alone?" I choked up and looked at him,"no son, you'll never be alone cause I'll always be with you."

Question #15
Rumor has it that you showed up for your job interview with Lensman and announced that you were from the Department of Justice, causing employees to hide. Can you explain this?

TRUE (sort of). I was working for D.O.J. and browsing Craigslist. I came across one of Lensman's notorious job ads and was hooked - "that's my job!" were my exact words. I was stunned that they were located just 15 minutes from my house too - who would've thought?! I emailed him but was so anxious to seize the moment that (I won't say exactly how) but I got their office address, grabbed my portfolio, jumped in the car and hauled ass! I flew into the parking lot and someone happened to be coming out as I walked up so I walked in and this dude stopped me (I don't remember who it was exactly - maybe Toby) and asked where I worked and I told him D.O.J. He turned white as a ghost,"Wait here!" he said and split quick! Next thing I know these 2 big dudes came lumbering out and confronted me,"what do you want?! Why are you here?!" etc. After a few minutes of talking to them they realized it wasn't a raid (LOL) and told me if you're looking for work go to (I though I was being insulted ROTF!). I left, completely bummed. A year later my cell phone rang and it was Lensman (of course I didnt know it at the time). I just thought it was some random dude feeling me out for a position. So we talked for about an hour, he offered me a job over the phone and I started the following week. Happy ending!

Question #16
Explain your obsession for trannies and french kissing them.

FALSE. The origins of this fallacy are good. We did a party at a night club a couple months back. Our whole crew was there. So Lens asked me to go forth and draw in girls and fill the stage, no problem. Then (we'll call him Bunni-1) grins,"Look, there's girls over there wearing bunny ears!" I replied,"Bunni-1, would you like me to go get them for you?" He snapped back enthusiastically,"YES!" So I brought 'em back,"here are your bunnys Bunni-1." One of these girls looked very much like a guy so Bunni-1, to deflect attention away from his error in judgement, began telling folks that I brought trannys etc... My lips have never touched another mans - can you say the same Bunni-1? Not that there's anything wrong with that...And there you have it. I don't have anything against homosexuals but for some strange reason they seem to really like me...

Question #17
Could you explain why someone would ask you if you "needed a pillow"?

It must've been out of common courtesy - who knows? Perhaps I looked uncomfortable at the time...

Question #18
Is it true that you attend actual Playboy Casting calls?

They are offical PLAYBOY events "flying the bunny" and I'm at every one of them, once a month in a different city. I won't saything more than that except that we are working tirelessly on some great things, and have been for some time now, that will blow you away so stay tuned! This also explains my crazy travel schedule as of late...

Question #19
How did you get the nickname "needybitch"?

I'd prefer it if everyone got along but the reality of it is that some people are just unhappy, unpleasant to be around, and nothings gonna change that. Therefore it USED to really bother me when someone was unfriendly. Recently, a trusted friend told me something that shocked me,"it's OK for YOU to not like someone back." It was amazing, I had never actually thought about conciously NOT liking someone. After that I began to evaluate the people around me and realized that I don't like some of them. So I stopped making effort to build inroads to them or establish friendship where it was unwelcome. It was at that point that it didn't matter to me anymore how they felt about me. Drag it has to be like that but such is life. What a relief!

Question #20
Why can't you handle it when people don't like you?

see answer #19

Question #21
Why don't you like girls that claw?

Because clawing leaves marks and I'm not down with scarring. Rough = sometimes, permanent scars = never. RAWR!

Question #22
Is it true 'the prince of tides' is your favorite movie?

Question #23
Why do you feel it's necessary to take pics of yourself with all the girls at the castings calls when they don't wana take them with you.

FALSE. Taking pics with girls is hardly ever something that is planned - it just sometimes happens, but NEVER at a casting call. We're wrapping on a set or doing a wrap party afterwords, you've got happy models, happy shooters, spirits are flowing, pictures tend to get taken - who would've thought. And from the looks of them nobody looks unhappy in the pics I've seen. Somebody's always gotta hate though...

Question #24
Sacramento gatherings? What happened to your VIP status at the most recent one?

Entirely my fault. I waited till the last minute to leave and when I got there a huge line had formed. I'm not going to cut in front of everyone who'd been waiting there ahead of me - that would be weak. So I waited in line like everybody else until I got in, no worries. It took a long time to get in and, although excessvie, it was the least I could do since folks had shown up and were already inside. As for a V.I.P. status, that's something I have never claimed and it's laughable when others do.

Question #25
Is it true you were tempted to sabotage a webmaster access event? Anything to do with the fact that you weren't allowed to go?

FALSE and FALSE. Somebody did talk about that once before but it definitely wasn't me. I've been to plenty shows and skipping a few is fine by me - now I do all the PLAYBOY events.

Question #26
Do you still relay info to people outside the company about people inside the office? How pissed was Lensman when he caught you making your secret phone call?

FALSE. This question derives from one incident where I was informed that someone under me fucked up big time. Since I'm ultimately responsible for their actions I immediately confronted them about it (over the phone) since they're not local. Lensman disagreed with that decision and that was that. There was no drama or secret calls, LOL = some people..

Question #27
How many girls from the industry have you fucked?

Every single goddamned one of them BONEPRONE-style! ...And twice on Tuesdays! As if!

Question #28
What exactly did you do and where did you serve in the military?

Supply: Management Specialist. While in the U.S. Military I did 3 (6 month) deployments overseas in 4 years to many different countries. In normal operations I managed the supply inventories (lotsa good bartering happening there lemme tell ya!). In the middle of nowhere deployed for months at a time dudes will trade anything for a case of Captain Crunch cereal! LOL Consequently I always had new boots and gear and free access to the MARS Radio Room (where we could call home whenever/wherever). During Battlestations (on my first boat I manned a .50 cal providing cover for advancing Marines) and the next two boats I worked with the Hospital Corpsmen putting "damaged" soldiers back together. '89 - '94 - Desert Storm - Somalia So one day I'm walking through a water-tight (half-ton) door on the ship and this dude in front of me slams the door behind him. I jumped back and felt a tug on my left hand. Apparently I didn't jump back fast enough as my thumb got caught in the hinge of the steel door and popped off. In disbelief I looked at my thumbless hand and figure,"wow, that really hurts..." I calmly opened the door, picked up my thumb and walked to medical (calm because I was prolly in shock). So they looked at my injury and shouted,"OH SHIT! Dude, you've gotta get to Balboa (hospital in San Diego)!" There was no duty driver available atm so I had to drive myself (stick shift). Got there at 9am, they didn't call me till around 1pm and the doctor told me,"well it severed just after the last knuckle there so I don't have any skin to sew it on with - I'll have to sew it through the finger nail." Well shit, what could I say - don't sew it back on?! So he did the best he could - sewed it on - its been like 15 years since and today my thumb works fine. Folks don't even know that anything happened to it - unless I tell them.

Question #29
Do only gay guys collect Star Wars stuff?

FALSE. Clarification: I'm a movie memorabilia junky. I love science fiction, action/adventure films and collect anything cool I can find. So although the notion is that I love only Star Wars it's not true. I love any good science fiction movie out there. Go Aquaman!

Question #30
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

I look up to anyone who did it on their own (earned it). I gotta give props to Toolguy - the guy is brilliant and were it not for him I would have left a long time ago. Countless times I went to that guy for advice and he never let me down - I've got mad respect for him. Our crew is also amazing - the things they do and the time they do it in are beyond belief sometimes. Hats-off to a great team!

I look down on lazy people who do just enough to get by and rely on others to save their ass and their their job. With respect to Answer #20: I may not push you off the cliff myself, but I damn sure don't have to save you...



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