Martina Warren

Penthouse pet of the year- drop dead georgous Martina Warren and a smart business woman, runs her own site and affiliate program with her husband. They are fantastic people to spend time with, approachable, intelligent and fun. If you have the chance to get to know them, do it. You won't be disappointed.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Martina Warren

Question #1
Ever used a strap on? Who on? On your husband?

LOL. I have used a strap on only once. I went to an industry sushi dinner ( ) and brought one of our new girls Sierra Skyy. Anyways we had a great time with way to many Saki Bombers. After a few of us when back to my place, and Sierra started giving me lapdances. It really turned me on, one thing led to another and we started making out. Things got pretty intense, so my husband Warren got out the video camera and brought down a strap on that i had in my collection of toys. I put on the strap on and started using it on Sierra in the living room, right in front of a couple of people. It was a fun night to say the least. And it was an even funnier the morning after watching the video!!! That video is now stashed in my personal collection I have never used a strap on, on my husband. I think most people here know my husband well enough to know he wont take a strap on, no matter how many drinks i give him.

Question #2
Why did you take your husband's first name as your last?

Well my real first name is Martina and i wanted to keep that as i didnt know any other Martina's in the industry. So i tried to think of a last name that would go with Martina, as i didnt want to use my real last name for obvious reasons. When i thought of the name Martina Warren i thought it sounded pretty cool. And it made sense too, as my husband Warren manages by career and has always been behind the scenes in everything i have done. So Martina Warren basically symbolized the both of us working together. Heres a pic of me taken by my husband Warren

Question #3
Girls or boys, which do you like better?

I prefer guys. But don't get me wrong though. I love girls, and everything about them. I love making out with girls, and everything about the female body. The way they kiss, touch.... getting horny i better stop.

Question #4
Did you rely on your looks to get better tips as a waitress?

I was pretty young when i got my part-time job as a waitress. None of the uniforms would fit as they only had larger sizes available. So i was told to just wear a black skirt and a white shirt. All the skirts i had were like micro mini skirts. So thats what i wore. I was a waitress at a pub, that served food. It was the type of place where you order your food at the bar and you give them the table number your sitting at. I worked evenings. And i did well on tips getting an avergae of 10 to 20 pounds per table. Which is alot for a waitress in a pub in the UK. Plus i was 14 so it seemed alot of money to me at the time too. I wouldnt say i ever relied on my looks, never really thought about it. Was just happy to be making so much in tips.

Question #5
At what age did you start modeling? Nude modeling?

I started modeling when i was 3 years old, doing everything from kid's board games to magazines to tv commericals I stopped modeling at the age of 12 to concentrate on my education, but in 1998 I was spotted by a photographer while working part-time as a waitress, and as a result my modeling career took off again. When I turned 16 I signed up with top London model agency, "Samantha Bond". I did my first topless photoshoot a day after my 16th birthday. At the time in the UK it was legal to do so. Being topless or naked never bothered me. It never seemed like a big deal. Between the ages of 16 and 18, I have been used in a number of ad campaigns, magazines, editorial features, hair and fashion shows, including FHM, Loaded and Marie Claire At the age of 18 i moved to Los Angeles, California to further my modeling career. I became the January 2003's Penthouse pet and cover model. Then moving on to get the 2005 Penthouse Pet of the Year award.

Question #6
What beauty tricks did you learn working as a hairdresser?

Well it was a part time summer job when i was 13. I didnt really learn anything as i was the shampoo girl/ cleaning girl LOL Actually one thing i did learn is that you should never go to a hairdressers with greasy hair, as it isnt too much fun on the shampoo girl.

Question #7
What was it like working as a telemarketer?

It was horrible. I worked for a company called BAC part time while i was still in school, they sold windows and doors etc. I was meant to try and talk the people into getting a free quote. I was no good at it, plus i had to take abuse on the phone all of the time. Not that i blame them i wouldnt want to be called by a telemarketer either I worked for them 8 years ago and i was there for no longer then 4 months but still know my script off my heart. "I'm Martina calling from BAC Windows, we will be in your area during the next few days leaving a few of your neighbours with free quotes. Now there is no obligation to buy............blah blah blah...........

Question #8
Where did you go to school?

I went to an all girls high school just outside of London, in a place called Romford. We had to wear a uniform which consists of a green skirt, white shirt, green blazer, and white knee high socks. During the winter we also had to wear a tie. I was never very keen on school and would try to get out of going as much as i could. Even though i didnt go very often i still managed to get good grades and i graduated a month before my 16th birthday.

Question #9
Why did you move from London to America? Where have you lived?

I grew up in a place called Romford, Essex in the UK, then after leaving school i moved to London. I then met Warren and at the time he was a real estate developer, and had to move to Newcastle to be closer to a project he was working on, so i decided to go with him and we spent about 6 months there. When i turned 18 i had a portfolio website online that was built by a friend of mine. I felt bad about keep asking him to update it, so i started doing it myself, and learned html through trial and error. Anyways i started getting emails from photographers all over the world to work with me. It got to a point where i was getting more job offers from people in Los Angeles then i was in London. Then i was contacted by a penthouse photographer. So Warren and I sorted all our stuff out and moved over to LA. We spent 18 months in LA but i wasnt too keen on it, so we decided to move over to Scottsdale, AZ. It was beautiful there but after another 18 months we decided it would be better to move back to the LA area again. This time we moved to the valley and we love it here.

Question #10
Talk about working at a fish and chips shop.

One of my many part time jobs while at school I worked behind the counter in a Fish and Chip shop. It was pretty cool at first, especially as i could bring all the left over food home at night. But after eating that stuff everynight for a week, i was soon tired of it. I also hated finishing work smelling like greasy fish and chips, and my hair was constantly greasy from it. I quit after just over a month.

Question #11
How exactly were you able to work at a pub at age 14? Why did they fire you?

The place i worked at was a chain of pubs called the Brewers Fayre, which specializes in pub food in the UK. I was a waitress there, i didnt serve drinks and i wasnt behind the bar so i was perfectly legal to work there. I did tell them i was 16 though, because at my age i wasnt legally allowed to work so many hours. While working there one evening i was approached by a photographer. And thats how i got back into modelling. I got fired from the waitress job as i was taking off to much time for photoshoots.

Question #12
Why didn't you go into law?

Well like most parents, mine wanted me to go to college. I had no idea what i wanted to do, and my father suggested i go and learn to become a legal secretary as i could always move up from there later. I didnt really want to do it, as i really didnt want to spend anymore time sitting in a classroom but i signed up to the course anyway. At the time, I still hadnt recieved my exam results from high school but i didnt think they would be good enough to get me into the course. When i got my exam results back, i had done pretty well and was offered a place on the course starting in the fall. Then i spent the summer modeling and when it came for my college course to start, i was doing so well in modeling i figured i would take a year off. But i never ended up going back to school.

Question #13
What's a page 3 girl and how did they inspire you?

In a couple of the normal daily newspapers in the UK, there is a topless girl on page 3. I've been seeing them in the newspapers since a kid. And for some reason i have always wanted to be one. The pictures were always so beautiful, fun and classy. Especially in the older days the girls were treated like celebrities. One of the first things i did when i got into the glamour modeling industry was to shoot to become a page 3 girl. Unfortunately that was during the time, where people no longer thought it was right for girls at age 16 to be doing glamour style modeling so the photos were never published.

Question #14
How did you get into penthouse? How did you become pet of the year? Did you have to fuck anyone to do it?

LOL No i didnt have to fuck anyone. My pictures were pre approved for Penthouse, from the pictures in my online portfolio. Then i shot my Penthouse Pet of the Month layout with Penthouse Photographer, Carl Wachter. I then had to compete with 11 other girls in my year for POY. Penthouse has fans voting, and thats taken into consideration. But at the end of the day its the owners desicion and he listens to what the staff in the Penthouse offices have to say. As they are the ones that know us best. They know who they can rely on, and who will flake out on them. I was lucky in that way, as all the promotions i dd, i was always there on time.

Question #15
What kind of car(s) do you own? Home? Post pics.

We have just one car which is a white BMX X5. Even though i have a licence, im too scared to drive here. Its just to weird for me to be on the other side of the road and car. So Warren does all the driving ;-). We have just moved into a new house a couple of weeks ago. And we are still getting settled. Heres a few snap shots of the backyard.


Question #16
Who do you look up to in the industry? Down on?

I would say i look up to pretty much everyone in this industry. There is always more i can learn from other people.

Question #17
Discuss drugs and booze, usage of...

Well with me being half English /half Dutch with an Irish husband, i do like my booze ;-) When im out at party, im quite a big drinker. But if we are just staying at home watching a movie i enjoy to relax with a glass of wine. I don't do drugs other then smoking weed. In my opinion smoking a conservative amount of weed is much better then drinking, i dont even consider weed as a drug. My family are from Holland and it never did them any harm Heres a pic from my Hightimes layout

Question #18
Have any photographers ever tried to have sex with you? What did you do?

No, no photographers have ever tried to have sex with me. My husband use to come to all photoshoots with me and hang out somewhere where he wouldnt be in the way, incase of any problems. I once spoke to a so called mainstream movie director on the phone, who told me i'd have to be willing to do anything for the job. I knew exactly what he meant, and told him i wasnt interested, and hung up.

Question #19
How old are you? How old is your husband? How do you deal with sexuality in your marriage? Do you swing?

I'm 22, ill be 23 mext month. My husband is 36. Ive never really thought about how we deal with sexuality in our marriage. I suppose we just try to keep things interesting, by trying new things etc We do not swing though, thats one thing neither of us would be interested in doing.

Question #20
What does your husband do other than stare at you all day you as you run your online business?

Warren does a huge number of things, including shooting and editing all the content for our single girl sites. We have alot of new single girl websites coming soon through the affiliate program we run together,

Question #21
Are bus stops a good place to meet hot women?

Hahahhahaha, maybe you need to ask Warren that one. And yes we did meet at a bus stop. I was at a bus stop outside a London train station as i was meeting a photographer friend there. I got there about half an hour early though. So i figured id just sit at the bus stop and make a few calls. At the same time Warren drove past me at the bus stop on the way to visiting a friend. When he got to his friends place, he said he couldnt stop thinking about me. And decided to drive back to the bus stop, just to see if i was still there. When he got back to the bus stop i was still there waiting so he stopped his car and called me over. I figured he needed directions or something. He started telling me about a bar he was opening in this hotel he had just refurbished, and how he needed promotional models etc and would i be interested. So I gave him my phone number as i thought he was sweet. The funny thing was that he called me straight away to check i gave him the right number. Anyways we were friends for about a month before we got together.

Question #22
Are cooking skills required to be a Penthouse Pet?

I can't cook to save my life. I have so many burns on my arms and hands from cooking simple stuff in the oven. A few months back i decided to cook for my husband and a couple of friends. It turned out OK, but everything did come out of a box or packet.

Question #23
How exactly did you lose your wedding ring in a bar?

Oops.....It actually wasnt my wedding ring i lost. It was my engagement ring, which i had designed, i had picked the diamond for and i also watched them make it We was at a bar with friends in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a pretty wild night and i was pretty drunk. I had been saying to Warren for a while that i needed to get my ring resized as it was getting loose, but we hadnt got around to doing that yet. Anyways i must of lost my ring some time that night, maybe while washing my hands. All i know is that i woke up the next morning and it was no longer on my finger.

Question #24
Why does everyone say you sleep all day? Are you a vampire? Is that why your skin is so white?

Maybe i am a vampire, i am also allergic to garlic Seriously though i always think of a million ideas at night of things i want or need to do. So i dont normally get to bed till early in the morning. Plus i generally like to get 12 hours sleep So I dont see the sun very often But actually the last couple of weeks i have been getting up pretty early most days.

Question #25
I heard you kick ass in pool. Where did you learn?

When i was a kid my brother had a pool table in his bedroom. So he use to make me play pool with him when he had none of his friends over. Thats how i learned. I wouldnt say im that great anymore at it. Though i always seem to play better when im drunk.

Question #26
What's it like to pose nude for millions of people? Ever experience any discrimination because of it?

I love posing nude. I find it very flattering that people look at my photos. I have never really experienced any discrimination from it. Maybe just everynow and again when some very religious person sends me an email, saying that i will go to hell.

Question #27
How did you meet your husband - talk about your relationship.

I met Warren at a bus stop, see question 2. Warren and i have a great relationship. We have been married for 5 years, together for 6 years. We spend 24 hours a day together. He knows everything about me, and i know everything about him. We just seem to click. I think it also helps that we are so different and have many different interests. Plus we have totally different skills so if there is something i cant do, he can and vica versa. It just works out great.

Question #28
Do you tell the truth about your age? How old are you? How old were you last year?

I always tell the truth about my age these days. Obviously when i was under the age of 21 i use to lie about my age often. Im 22, i will be 23 on August 12th. Half the year last year i was 22, and the other half i was 21.

Question #29
How many men have you had sex with? Women? What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done sexually?

I've never counted how many men or women i have had sex with. But its not that many, no more then 2 hands . Whats kinky to you may not be kinky to me. I have done alot of different stuff, from having sex in a hotel hot tub with all the rooms overlooking it. To having sex on a beach. To having sex in a car without knowing we were illegally parked outside a police station etc.

Question #30
What online adult conventions do you attend? Which are your favorites?

We try to attend as many shows as possible. We go to the Internext in Florida and Vegas, the Cybernet Expo in San Diego, the Webmaster Access, and the Phoenix Forum. I''d say the Phoenix Forum was my favorite show.



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