Irish Pimp

Long term player with Streamray and now under the wing of AFF - Sean is a friend with a colorful background. I've been told (by him) it's hard to embarrass him. Let's see what we can do!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Irish Pimp

Question #1
What's with the belly button fetish?

oh my fucking god. yuck. gross. fuck. there is just this thing that i have about it. it was a piece of a nasty ass cord that was on you, that dried up and fell off... and what was left of it is your navel. nasty. i have thought about having plastic surgery to have mine removed. cant stand to have it touched. dont like seeing other people touch theirs. getting a little nauseous thinking about it. never touch my navel. dont touch yours in front of me. there is a really long drawn out process that i have to go through just to clean mine. oddly, im totally ok with piercing them.

Question #2
What's your beef with St. Patty's Day?

fucking roman catholics from england. does anyone even know the real story about all of that? there were no snakes. stop with the snakes. patrick was a brit that was slaved by the romans, sent to ireland to watch sheep and went insane. on the other hand, he did start a movement of monks that did save most written language. they were irish monks. later in the 1800s the irish americans did use the holiday to show some rights, but the press would illustrate them later as drunks and monkeys. the irish have always been treated as inferiors and discriminated against. they were slaved all the way into the 1700s. There are records of irish sold as slaves in 1664 to the french , and english ships which made a stop in ireland in route to the americas, typically had a cargo of irish to sell on into the 18th century. few people today realize that from 1600 to 1699, far more irish were sold as slaves than africans. all the this started really with patrick bringing the catholic religion to ireland. i see concerts and stickers everywhere that say “free tibet” but i really dont see that many that say “free ireland”. the idea of having a holiday to celebrate the beginning of the downfall of an entire country, because they were convinced that christianity and being passive was the correct way... ya... not really into it. when you raise your glass and wear green, remember that ireland is still not free. never forget bobby sands. i might go back to this one again.

Question #3
How far back does your Irish heritage go?

all the way to the mother land bitches. they came over as indentured slaves to french occupied territory. where is my fucking land? i want a casino or a college fund. i think that im owed something now. (im almost kidding by the way)

Question #4
How long have you been married to Lars now?

lars and i have been close friends for years now. much longer than i have worked for him. we used to sit around at a coffee shop here and we would talk about work, and he would always joke around with me. “so when are you going to come over here and work for me” i always told him that i was loyal to the place that i was at, that i couldn’t quit, but it would still come up every now and then. it was at a time that really was just getting off the ground and really was not making that much money. he would go back and forth quite a bit if he was going to even keep doing it or go back to focusing on his free sites. a situation came up in my life, that i will talk about later, that really sort of made me look at what i was doing and where i was going. what i was really able to do. so i talked to him about moonlighting a little for him. doing something on the side and going to shows with him. we were good friends anyhow, so i thought that it would be fun to travel a little bit and also learn some new things. i started looking at adult sites really for the first time (oddly i had not really surfed that much porn) and was trying to figure out how the entire dynamic worked. lars was really terrible at training an employee. it was a lot like this: “ here are a bunch of websites. see if they want to send us traffic. here is a phone and one of my old computers” then it went a whole lot like this: sean: “hey, whats this cyberotica stuff? they look big” lars: “thats my friend ron. we have been trading traffic for years.” sean: “what about this python place? they have a lot of stuff.” lars: thats david. i have known him since the early days. we have traffic deals sean: “hey i found one, maxcash!” lars: “i think last year i was one of their biggest affiliates” sean: “ok, what about topbucks, they have some cool stuff” lars: “i will introduce you to kevin when we are in vegas, we have been buddies forever” sean: “ok ok. i have one. 4free bucks” and at that point i just gave up on all the big programs. i turned my towards lars’s own free sites and started looking at more. TGP’s. nobody was really talking to them about free webcams. we had a cobrand product in hand that we made because CE insisted on it. so i started hitting them up. free chat. cobrand. free content. and they would return your icq’s. they always seemed to be working. day in and day out. turns out that lars knew most of those guys also, but i found an area that he had not beaten that hard yet by lars. our working relationship really has not changed much since then. lars: “hey, this site is cool. lets do something like that. hit them up” sean: “what? what are you talking about? what site? geo what?” lars and i were friends before all of this and we will remain that way after it has all gone. he is the one that showed me that friends and family come first. and he also showed me how to have ethics inside of this industry. i remember when he would not even put a dialer up on a site because he didnt want anyone to lose their phone service. i did fall in love with the job. it is endless in so many ways.

Question #5
Explain the Sean-Lars-Sagi love triangle. How does Fred fit into this?

well i think that fred fit in before the sagi. fred and lars had know each other for a long time inside of the industry. i oddly met fred at florida, so i guess that we are going to be having a little reunion here soon. fred, lars, and i had a lot of things in common, and as it turns out, we had a few friends in common in our personal lives. when we went to shows, lars and i would always hang out with fred. when we did anything at all, we did it as a group most the time. lars loves to walk up at the crack of dawn where ever he might be able to watch the stock market and yell at it. he really doesnt like going to clubs or bars that much, so when he would head up to the room for the night, fred and i would keep going and try to have fun. most of my exposure to the adult industry was from lars’s point of veiw, his years behind it all and then what i started figuring out on my own. when i got to spend more time with fred, it was an opportunity to see it all through new eyes. see what his take of it all was. ways that he did business. lars and fred share some of the same history with putting in hard work and getting results. so it was good to be able to learn from fred also. so we got to all spend time with each other, and have a good time doing it. i remember once at a show everyone was getting ready to eat some big dinner. the three of us were too hungry to wait out the three hours before you get to eat at one of these dinners, and we spotted a taco stand about a block away. we went over, got tacos, and sat on a bus bench in front of the fancy restaurant that everyone was getting ready to eat at, and had some fucking tacos. its the kind of men that we independently, and it works out perfectly that we are the same men together. the only problem that fred and i have is that we hit on the same lesbians all the time. doesnt seem like we can find dykes of our own to flirt with. fred has spent a lot of time and had a lot of patience with me. he has explained and taught things to me without ever being condescending with me. lars has always been the same way also, mentoring me in every way, but with a really really short attention span unless i truly dont understand it, then he will walk me through every detail of it and make sure that i understand what he is talking about. they both treat me in a kind manor and always treat me as a peer. i am lucky to know them both and have them as my friends. after that dynamic happened... along came adult friend finder, and an entire new can of worms opened. they did business much differently than lars. there are a lot of people over there, mostly just because of the massive size of their websites. i know that there are more than 200 employees in the palo alto office alone. i understood and learned how to work inside of adult from lars which was the entire old school way of “sit down and get it done’ something like that really doesnt work with a company the size of AFF. people have their own jobs inside of their own departments. they have desks and titles on their business cards. i was at a point that i really didnt even talk to lars too much about the work that i was doing for him. i was just doing my job and if there was anything that was strange, i would ask. it really funny. one day kathleen was working at her desk and was telling me that she was waiting on a LOI to get sent to her. sean: “what the fuck is a L.O.I.?” kathleen: “ a letter of intent” sean: “oh” sean: “wait. what the fuck is a letter of intent?” kathleen: “its kind of like a pre contract” sean: “oh” sean: “wait. why did you need one of those?” kathleen: (a bunch of terms that i had never heard) sean: “what? really? wait. why do you need a contract? just call them and tell them to put a link up and so will you” kathleen: ( a bunch of legal stuff that i dont know about) sean: “do you want to see my letter of intent?” i then send a text message over my phone to someone about a traffic trade that i want to get done. they send one back saying yes. sean: “look, its my contract after my letter of intent” kathleen: “what?” i then know that i am out of my league on that sort of thing still and that i now have a bunch of new stuff to learn. i go over to sagi’s desk and ask him what he is doing. sean: “did you know about this letter of intent stuff” sagi: “yes. dont you guys do that” i look at him for a little while and just change the subject sean: “what are you doing?” sagi: “icq’ing with this tgp guy about getting some new banners up on his site” i then understand something that is being done there and just settle in. sagi and i have been friends since. kathleen and i also for that matter. sagi just kind of working in well with the entire “hey, lets do a deal and figure out something cool” way of doing things. so now our little three top has a forth. sagi.

Question #6
Discuss the wacked out body modification crap you're into.

I worked at the D.O.J. satellite as their webmaster. I established their in-house video editing department and began producing training videos. One day the Training Department Mgr asked me if I knew how to enhance video and handed me a vhs surveillance tape. I said lemme see what I can do. I "did my thing" to it and they were impressed. They asked me if I could put together a small little powerpoint presentation and would I be interested in making it into a class at an upcoming conference - of ocurse I said yes. So I made this PPT and prepared a small class for this show. The time came and they said here's your itinerary for the Symposium. I began to wonder what I'd gotten myself into. In 2002 I flew to Washington D.C. and delivered a course to Federal, State and Local law enforcement. There were FBI and Secret Service dudes there too I couldn't believe it. I was terrified but reasoned that they didn't know me and therefore assumed that I was an expert - so I walked out on stage (in front of 300 attendees) and was an expert on Surveillance Video Enhancement! LOL The symposium evals came back and folks voted my class in the top 3 classes there so the HTCIA (HiTech Crime Investigation Assoc.) asked me to prepare more classess and start doing these symposiums regularly. I made lots of friends at FBI, SS and all kinds of law enforcement - they all knew about my adult background and didnt care. My friends at the bureau even asked me to apply but THAT offer I had to decline. Even though they were cool with my adult bg that didn't mean I was comfortable with ANOTHER background investigation - fuck that (1st B.I. was for the service: TS Clearance)! Btw, those cops party just like WE do!


Question #7
What's it like to live in a house with 5 guys?

if you really want to see what i do and how i live, you can check out my there are pics of my house, my friends, places i go, things i do and a lot of you. there was a short time that i lived by myself. i think it was about six months, from moving out of my parents house, until i ended up with housemates. since then, i have always lived in a cooperative situation. a few times a week we cook together, we clean the house once a week together, we shop for food together (for the few times that i eat at home) most of the time they have been dry, semi-straight edge houses. i use tobacco, one of the boys eats meat, things like that. most of the time, we move together as a group. its not always just guys, there is a punk rock girl or two that has been in the mix over the years, but for the most its a house full of guys. as i type this on a laptop, there is a band in my living room and i think that we are all going to eat tofu scrabble burritos. after that, one of the boys is going to help someone with his car and i have to go with the other boy to his business that he owns and help him with some contracts. ( i know about LOI now) i really like living in a cooperative. its a ideal of community in certain aspects. sometimes its a little much when you want a quite place to watch a movie alone, like when i came home to find the entire band ‘the exploited’ in my living room, i think that last week it was ‘go to hell’, and it makes me think that i really dont need to do this and i can afford to not live here. but then there are other moments that i like the fact that we can provide, as group, for each member and for others. we also have an open home to our community of friends. this is the house that everyone gets together to watch movies. we have dinner parties over here a few times a year. when there is a holiday, and there are people in town that do not have family here, they come to my place and we all cook together and have a meal. so for about nineteen years now, i have lived in a household full of people, four different towns, two different states. at one point i even moved an entire household of boys from california to texas. one day i might grow up and get my own room.


Question #8
You worked in rock and roll for years. Is that a fancy way of saying you were a groupie?

so being a drunk skater kid in the eighties, i of course fell in love with punk rock. i could not get enough. i would make up excuses to sneak out of my parents suburban home and i would go to shows all the time in downtown sacramento, ca. even though the shows were cheap at that time, it was getting a little hard for a kid to come up with beer money and enough to get into the club. what did i do? i talked to the promoter of the venue and asked if i could work out a way to get in for free. i told him that i would pass out flyers for the show at my school and to all of my friend, and that i would put posters up in my area of town. in return, i would get put on the guest list at the show with at least one of my friends. i thought that it made look like a big shot and i also could split the work with someone. it went so well, that he started paying me to help promote the shows. and that is where a lot of years started. i worked with him for a long time, oddly doing punk rock shows and dance nights in any venue that we could get. we finally found a place that would give us three nights a week. they would get all the bar, and we would get all the door. strangely enough, it was a gay bar in sacramento. a place called bo jangles. we really could not call it that on the nights that we were doing shows there, so we called it Club Me. thought that it was funny. punk started dying off quite a bit in the later eighties, and really the only thing that was selling was hard rock and metal shows. it was never really my cup of tea. so we wanted to reinvent the club again, and a few nights a month, we called it the cattle club (music that was meant to be heard). four nights a week with live music then and one night a week we were still doing dance. the cattle club really focused more on alternative music at the time, and was too hip for its own good. there was an uncanny knack of getting bands there right before they got big. so we ended up losing money on a lot of shows. google that with sacramento, and it will tell you the story better than i can. it was a little crappy sweatbox bar that could cram 200 people in it if we were lucky. there were more than a few nights that we would figure a way to put double that in there. so many great bands. remember this was a small shit box club. social distortion, pearl jam, nirvana, alice in chains, mud honey, primus, janes, lush, ride, the list goes on and on. during most of this time when i was making a living as a live music promoter, i really started digging into the largest promotion company on the west coast, bill graham presents. i used to carry a photo of the man with me in my wallet, somewhat of a joke, but i would show it to people and tell them that is what i wanted to become. so i started moonlighting a little over there also. just so we have the roll call right. i was promotion at three different address at the time, working for BGP, and i was trying to hold a little bit of a day job also. i wanted to consolidate this effort and knew that i needed to move to a bigger venue than that. i started managing and promoting a club that we renamed ‘the edge’ and worked there until i moved to texas. when i came back to california, piercing almost full time, i was still trying to do a little live music on the side also just because i loved it so much still. i ended up working quite a bit with bill graham presents again, but the story of why i left there is almost too long to tell. the short of it was that bill had been dead for a few years, and the company did not hold to the integrity and standard that he always made sure was a part of each and every event that he put on. make no bones. he was the one that put together the first lallopolooza. the first guy that understood how huge alternative music could be. when i left there, to satisfy my craving, i just started touring with bands. road managing, sound tech, and even just simple production on the road. i would only go out with guys that i knew and liked. i did not want to babysit a bunch of drunk asshole rockstars. so i ended up going out with a lot of medium sized punk bands. but my favorite tour was in 94’ with 7 seconds and the bouncing souls. youth brigade and screw 32 was a lot of fun, but 7 seconds will always be the best.


Question #9
What is tower records?

when i came back to california from texas, i was still piercing but i never considered it a real job, even something that i would want to do as a career. i still had money from the guitar gig and i didnt want to sit on my ass too long, so i went out to find a meanless job to pay taxes on. something that would fill the hours in the day and make me feel like i was doing something while i was reinventing myself. i was working for bill grahman presents on and off, making jewelry and piercing out of my house at the time, but none of it really felt solid. because of too many weird books and college courses that would never go towards a degree or job of any sort ( i was spelling woman with a Y at the time to make sure that i was not using male dominated language and was vegan), i felt like i needed to go back to some sort of artist type existence. sacramento is the corporate home of my favorite record store chain, and they keep all the main warehouses there. in its time, it was a great store and the catalog that they kept for a chain store was awesome. still at the top, family owned and run, it was something that i could sign up for. i didnt want to work in the music department, i was too much of a snob at the time, so i went to work in the movie department. i worked in the foreign and independent department of the video. basicly what my job entailed was to review movies and decided how many of them we were going to stock at which stores. i had a job sitting around all day and watching movies. some might think a dream come true. i would watch almost nothing but abstract indy films and things with subtitles. some of them amazing films, and got into to it so much that i was talking movies home with me and watching them there also. i was up to about five films a day, sometimes six. black and whites. french. things that were three hours long and had no speaking parts in them. director’s cuts of films that were abstract to start with. i started going to critic showings of new foreign films. going to showing where the director whould be there for a question and answer after the film. not calling them movies anymore, just calling it film. i had become a movie art fag. i left that job and went full bore into piercing afterwards, and still to the day, i have a hard time going to an independent film. i will look at it and think ‘this is going to be a movie about two gay Pakistani men living in london. one of their grandmothers dies, and they have to walk across europe to get her rocking chair. there will be long black and white shots of them staring at each other not saying a word, just smoking filterless cigarettes. after the movie is over, there will be a bunch of people out front talking about how it touched them and how mainstream media can never really be art’ after that, i will go home and watch adam sandler or bill murry movie and eat ice cream just to shake off the thought of even seeing something like that again. it almost makes me want to eat meat and watch porn.

Question #10
What the fuck do Texans want with vintage guitars?

after working in live music and the clubs for a good amount of my life at that moment, and still living in my home town, not really adventuring out of it, a close friend of mine since childhood got stationed in El Paso, Texas and was going to be there for the rest of his gig in the army. he was bummed about some of the decisions that he made, and was really homesick, so i decieded to load of some of the boys that i lived with and move all of us to Texas. rent was dirt cheap, it was right on the border of mexico, and i was ready for a change. leave the faster paced life that i was living and slow down a bit. i was in the middle of a really big swing in a different direction. i had been on the wagon for about a year, totally dry from drinking, i had stopped eating meat, and i was taking a hand full of political science classes mostly emphasizing in feminism and socialism. it was a strange chance to try coop living in a different place. very early nineties now, we had just got done trying to put together some outdoor dance parties on the west coast, nothing anyone had been doing really (raves) and i thought that texas might be a fun place to try something like that also. we loaded up a huge white can that we bought, took almost nothing but clothes and a few chairs since there were only two in the van, and after driving for thirty hours, ended up in the middle of the desert in a town that i really was not ready for. after sleeping off the drive, we ate a little food across from the hotel that we were staying at and i met a girl there that night that told me about the ‘hip’ club in town and said the next night was the night to go. about two months after that night i started dating that same girl and went out with her for almost three years. we went off to the club and it was a shock. we had been on the edge of the dance thing in cali, and texas was easily nine months behind everything that we had been doing. started talking to the dj there about music and such, he was all excited about the fact that someone there knew some of the bands that he was into, and asked me what i was going to do for a job in town. i told him that i had no idea and no plans, that i had not even been there a week yet. he gave me his card and told me to visit him at work the next day. turns out that he owned a vintage guitar shop and had been dealing guitars for years on end. he offered me and job and i told him that i knew nothing about old guitars, i just knew about music. he offered to teach me anything that i needed to know and told me that i would pick it up as we went along. that started something that i did for almost three years. it was a blast. we would go around the entire southwest to old pawn shops and estate sales. finding something hocked, or an old fender that someone played in his high school band. if the year was right, the finish was good, and the parts still original, we would buy a $500 guitar that we would flip the next week for $7500. he had a list of old rock and rollers that would collect, there would be places like the Hard Rock Cafe or high end music shops that would just buy guitars from us unseen just because of our reputation at the time. we made cash every week. traveled all the time. got to meet great guys that used to play in bands that would listen to on the radio, and we got to hang out with whatever big rock band at the time was in town playing and most of the time sell them something on top of it. the best out of that was when we got to spend time with U2 on the zoo tv tour. the sugar cubes and public enemy were on the bill also. it was nice to be able to meet the guys in U2, but i had always had a thing for bjork and got to spend a few nights with her. eventually i got burned on living in the desert. no trees, everything was brown, the summers were too hot, i missed northern califonia. but i did get to take few great stories with me and i did get to deal a few awesome pieces of music history. john lennon’s first vox ac30, one of elvis’s acoustic guitars, a few gretches that i wished that i had not sold, and more than one of the guitars from the rolling stones. there are still times that i look at the wall when i walk by a pawn shop just to see what they have, or stop and drive by a yard sale because i knew that was a neck from a 67’ tele.

Question #11
Did you work for sex or money on Dee's site?

Strictly money, and at that time ('96/'97), good money! More important than the money though were the contacts. She knew everybody in the biz or knew someone who knew someone. Through Dee I met The Edgewater West folks and became their webmaster as well as West Coast Productions and Vince Vouyer. She was truly a springboard for me into the industry. Funny thing was that I quietly worked for years from home and never ventured out at all. So I had no idea that there were even adult-oriented conventions (let alone message boards). In '97 I went to the CES show in Vegas for the first time with Dee and was blown away by the scale of the business. By then I was working for all those companies and many more and it was amazing to hang out with all of them in one place at the same time. That's when I realized this industry was huge! Nice thing is that I'm still cool with every client I've ever worked with and, conisdering the drama we see all the time, that's refreshing...

Question #12
What did you get a scholorship for? Why didn't you take it?

when i was in high school, i was a drunken punk rock skater piece of shit pile. i mean i spent a lot of time vomiting during lunch breaks when i was not getting into fights on campus with jocks. i picked fights with teachers, counselors, couches. i spent time almost every week in an office getting suspended or in detention. oddly, though the whole process, i was in honor classes and got straight grades. when i found out that public school systems had to let all students try out for sports, i thought it would be the most fucked up thing to make the football team just to be an asshole to all the jocks that we were giving a hard time to. just to ruin their little club. turns out that i was good at the sport and ended up playing varsity for two years and a little more. so there i was, major disciple problem, but an honor roll athlete. the school didnt really know how to deal with me, so they let me graduate early with a diploma instead of just expelling me. this is the same time that i had been promoting shows and working at a live music bar putting stuff together. every night i got to drink at the bar after the front door closed, and every morning i was going to first period history. almost from nowhere, and i really didnt know, but i was offered a scholorship for a private school. full ticket ride. so here is the choice that i had in front of me. i had been going to school for thirteen years straight, im not even eighteen yet, and i was looking at moving out of my town and doing another six years. rock and roll, or school? get to drink in a bar every night and flirt with girls that were four or five years older than me? move to a dorm room and start taking even more classes? i turned it down flat and stayed in town. other than a few classes here and there, i never went to school.

Question #13
Talk about your drinking days and why you quit?

oh... nights through all the teenage years, drunk most the time, fighting, fucking, or a combination of them all. drinking before a show, drinking at the park or down by the beach. waiting until the front door of the bar closed, or back at someone’s house, high school keggers. one way or the other, i found myself drunk most nights night of the week. teenage rebel years right? its what you do. on the other side of things, i skipped college for the most because i didnt want the party to stop, i blacked out on more nights than not, fighting in the middle of the week, ending up in the hospital more times than i can count. pissing shitting and vomiting every which way that i turned. it started to become not so sexy and a little more of a problem really. most the behavior kept going the same way. at one time i was living in a house full of drunks, four guys in a one bedroom apartment, drinking in the middle of every day. walking up and needing a drink to stop a little shaking from the night before, and my health was starting to get a little weird. i was working at bars doing shows, it was ok that i was a drunk, it was the lifestyle at the time for me. rock and roll, drugs, and booze. some of the guys that i had run into around town, coffee shops and clubs, would help me with promotional stuff in exchange for guest list spots and such. i would go out with them to different clubs and shows promoting what we were doing, flirting with girls, having a good time, and i dont think that i ever noticed, but none of them drank at all. i was drunk, but they were not. at one point, one of the guys asked me if i thought that the way that i was living was a problem. at the time i think that i was about 125 pounds (im 175 right now) whiter than i was right now, and i would get nose bleeds constantly. i was starting to think that it was a problem. i decided to get on the wagon and try it all out dry instead of loaded. i would go two or three days at the most without drinking and then i would end up on a bender and try to start all over again. at one point i finally was able to give it up. i changed my entire lifestyle. i moved into a house with a group of guys that did not drink. i gave up the bar job and just focused on the larger club, and not too much time past that i made the move to texas so i could fully shut the door on what i thought was a life that was perfect and turned out to be something so incredibly demoralizing i didnt even really know who i was. i have not had a drink since that time, since that day. shortly after that is when i gave up eatting meat, started reading some political books, and really spent that time reinventing who i thought that i was.

Question #14
Why the hell are you involved with the Green Party?

well looking at a little of my past, i did punk rock shows out of a gay bar, i worked at dance clubs, i am a vegetarian, the obvious ideas that i got from my own surrounding ended up being a very liberal veiw of things. systematic wars overseas, increasing debt killing the middle class, senate hearings that are forgot about a few months down the line. convictions that had no real meaning, it was easy for me to identify the fact that our two party system, that our government itself, is flawed from the top to the bottom. i spent a few years lobbying in california for the party. pushing what i could. not really because i am all the ecominded, but it seems like our first strong shot at a third party. you can complain if you are not involved. one of the reasons that i like adult, oddly, is because i really believe it goes hard against the grain of the system. mostly, its a group of people that did not go through the process of ‘higher education’ which for the most produces quite a bit of debt at a young age to start working for a corporate machine that fuels the top level of economy it makes for a good redistribution of wealth. there are a lot of people that make a good amount of money that do not vote conservative for the most. and then, i also like the fact that so many people inside this industry are self made and self started.

Question #15
Who is the primary fiscal support for your parents?

TRUE (sort of). I was working for D.O.J. and browsing Craigslist. I came across one of Lensman's notorious job ads and was hooked - "that's my job!" were my exact words. I was stunned that they were located just 15 minutes from my house too - who would've thought?! I emailed him but was so anxious to seize the moment that (I won't say exactly how) but I got their office address, grabbed my portfolio, jumped in the car and hauled ass! I flew into the parking lot and someone happened to be coming out as I walked up so I walked in and this dude stopped me (I don't remember who it was exactly - maybe Toby) and asked where I worked and I told him D.O.J. He turned white as a ghost,"Wait here!" he said and split quick! Next thing I know these 2 big dudes came lumbering out and confronted me,"what do you want?! Why are you here?!" etc. After a few minutes of talking to them they realized it wasn't a raid (LOL) and told me if you're looking for work go to (I though I was being insulted ROTF!). I left, completely bummed. A year later my cell phone rang and it was Lensman (of course I didnt know it at the time). I just thought it was some random dude feeling me out for a position. So we talked for about an hour, he offered me a job over the phone and I started the following week. Happy ending!

Question #16
Where have you lived in your life? Why? Where do you live now? Why?

sacramento, california is my home town. my first love. and i place that i still like to go and visit. san francisco, califonia was a very short time. very messy. and not a sober breath el paso, tx was three years of living in the dessert. its was a time that i will not regret. that i got to sell guitars and have a great time. time that i spent really starting the process of becoming the man that i am. santa cruz, ca is now my home. a smaller group of friends. a beautiful ocean town. a slower pace than i have ever lived. i think that is why i dont mind going to shows.

Question #17
What exactly do you do for AFF?

that is always the question. i burn bandwidth. its a interesting dynamic that i have never really defined.

Question #18
Any significance to the tattoos you have?

Not really


Question #19
Why do you keep telling Elli to tell everyone you're not gay?

god damn it, im not gay. i have Elli tell people that because she is hot and has a great body... so i figure coming from her, people will think that its true.

Question #20
Talk about the cross dressing thing.

what? the only thing that i can figure out on this on is that i do wear a few pairs of jeans that might not, im not totally sure, but could be girlhahaha8217;s jeans. not that often. just now and then. they are sevens. it really doesnt count. i dont think so. there might be a girl shirt or two in there. maybe. im not emo. really.

Question #21
What kind of car do you drive?

well right now i am driving the lesbian car according to J$tyles. i am rocking a little BMW Z4 around town. we live in a small town. to drive a really nice car around here, you would really end up looking like an asshole, and then everyone would also know where you are and what you are doing. so i guess the best way to say it, is... i drive the most car that i can in my surroundings. thats right when i got the car. still had not do any work to it or changed out the wheels on it it looks like the caddie might be coming back to visit me. a friend of mine wanted to adopt it and take it home with him, but it does get about eight miles of gas to the gallon. 71 Eldo. my true love that i will never be able to give up, the girl of my dreams, the one that i will ride till the wheels fall off and then i will get her new ones. yes, that is a 1961 VBB Vespa. i restored her from the inside out, and then i spray canned her flat black just to be a dick. when ever i catch someone looking at her when she is parked, i walk by and spit on it and yell ‘ONLY FAGGOTS DRIVE MOPEDS’ sometimes i kick it. a girl that you can slap around a little and she loves it. the latest money pit project is a little mopar job that i have started on 1965 Plymouth Barracuda. its the small block V8 and its going to need some help on the body. its got rust for sure.


Question #22
What online adult shows do you attend? Which are your favorites? Which won't you attend anymore and why?

how many shows a year now are we up to? i think that there is more than one every month. how many do you really have to go to? don't you see almost all the same people at each show? i want to cut it down to four a year. i love everyone, and i love hanging out, but traveling that much gets me a little salty. the heat in florida this time of year makes me very grumpy. what i really like are the smaller, no booth shows, where i can spend time with people and really get to talk to them. i'm really looking forward to amsterdam. not the flight over there. that i am really not stoked about, but the show is great.

Question #23
What color is your underwear?

well i do have a few black pair that i ware to the gym because i jangle and jingle a little too much on the tread mill with out them. outside of those... i have not wore a pair since the 80hahaha8217;s other than when i was healing my vasectomy. im thinking that i might wear some in florida this year. its fucking hot there.

Question #24
You were ridding on the handle bars of a bike with 2 girls in Amsterdam. What happened that night?

i bruised my ass from being on the metal rack on the back.

Question #25
Why is it unwise to borrow your car?

well you might not want to be driving around with a plate that has my name attached to it. i might tell the story about canada in a bit.

Question #26
When are you going to come to Canada?

2008. but i think that Jman is the man with the plan and is giving me a hand.

Question #27
Do you plan on ever getting married? Have kids?

one day, if the girl is right and the reason is right, i might get married. but its low on my list. kids are for parents, i'm not one of them. having a child is a huge decision. the biggest one that anyone will make in their lives. you have to be totally selfless and understand that you are giving up your free choices in life to make sure that their wellbeing comes first. travel, career, relationships, all come after the child's needs are met. i come from a really large family. not small. i have aunts and uncles all over the place. i am the youngest of thirteen children. three of those thirteen have not had children. ten of those siblings have had three or more kids. i have more than thirty nephews and nieces. i dont need to carry the family name.

Question #28
Why is your desk in Palo Alto decorated gay?

because the running joke with everyone is that i am gay. i only like gay girls... i don't think that makes me gay.

Question #29
Talk about the gay bath house in Budapest you got a naked soap massage in.

there is another one that i will come back to. the story is too good not to tell

Question #30
Are you Gay?

no really, i'm not gay. fred says that you are not gay if you dont touch it.

Question #31
No really, are you gay?

there was that one time in budapest, but i don't think that makes you gay either.

Question #32
How much do the rinestones on your jeans cost?

much too much. they are just seven A pockets with the studs. and you know that i am going to end this today on 2k posts with a few pics. i will go more into this week i swear

Question #33
Who is Jessicia and why is her name tattooed on your wrist?

i have always loved mexican-american tattoo work. i love names tattooed in script. you will see them on the side of back of peoples necks, their chest, sometimes their back or shoulder. its always single needle (fine line) work done in black. sometimes its a common tattoo to get while in jail, so it will be a little washed out. i believe that it is a style of artwork that is completely overlooked to certain extents. i always wanted a piece of that art. so i need to pick the name. how many times have you heard of someone getting their girl friends name tattooed on them and getting it covered later or having huge regret over it. so that one is out. i dont have any childred. so that is out. my mothers name does not look good in script at all. it would defeat the purpose of the art. so if i am going to look at it as art, then i should get something based on ascetics. a girls name that i like, that is easy to read, and that looks good in script. i think that jessica looks perfect. now i just need the girl to match the tattoo .

Question #34
Do you stand or sit to pee?

thank god i stand. i used to have a price albert piercing. its the ring that goes from the urethra out the base of the head. the shit makes you spray all over the place. one of the greatest things about being a man is that you get to just pull out your cock and piss. write your name on the wall. play target practice. complement other men at the urinals on their wrist watches. i love to pee on my feet goddamn it. and there is no ring with not doing it. (but depending on other jewelry, there are times that i do have to sit. no one really wants to know that story).

Question #35
Why are all your ex-girlfriends lesbians?

ask katie from playboy. for some reason i just love dykes. i have no idea what the fuck it is, but a girl’s girl just does it for me. i dont like butch dykes at all, but i really dont care for lipstick dykes either. there is a certain breed that i like and its hard to put the finger on it. but katie is almost the perfect example. she on the other hand does not like boys much at all. trust me, i have tried and tried. she might like you for a night, but it will never go past that. we both like the same girls too much. its not the thing either about i want to watch them with another girl, or its hot that they make out with chicks, maybe i can get two of them together kind of male bullshit. just something about a girl in jeans and a tshirt, not too much makeup, hair not overly done, a little bit of shoulder to her. turns out that most those girls are gay. hot, but gay.



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