Sunny Leone

This Penthouse Pet of the year and Vivid Girl is not just another pretty face. Sunny also runs her own cash program - Sunny's Money. She travels the world for her work and knows how to promote herself better than any model I have ever met. Everyone I know likes Sunny, not just for her looks but because she's an all around great woman. This is rare for a world class model. She's down to earth, hard working and genuinely cares about people. I'm proud to call her a friend.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Sunny Leone

Question #1
I understand you have professional experience giving lube jobs. Discuss this career path that you took and then left.

One of my jobs growing up was at Jiffy Lube. I know, not the ideal job for a girl but I liked it. The reason I left was because I could not handle working with guys and I started talking like a sailor.

Question #2
Why did you leave Eric last year? Was it for another man? woman?

Well in all honesty I was sewing my royal oats with as many webmasters as I could find... Did you guys miss out on that time in my life? No but seriously... I did not leave Eric for another man or woman. I left because I had some personal issues to work out. There was never a question of whether I loved him or not. That was actually one of the best things we did and we are closer now and that is what is most important. He is the man of my dreams and I am lucky to have him. This is exactly why i love this man. Making me laugh always and putting a smile on my face.

Question #3
What is your fascination with Disney animated movies?

When you are stuck at home working all day long its nice to hear light hearted movies in the back ground. I enjoy it because its simple and we all have complicated lives. They are cute and funny. Reminds you not to take life so seriously and smile.

Question #4
When are you going to convince Eric to do BG hardcore with you on film for Vivid?

I dont think that will ever happen. Playboy would not like that too much...

Question #5
What's it like to strip? Do you enjoy it or do you do it for the money?

Well more then anything its part of the whole package. Part of my career is not only to run my site and affiliate program but its a model and entertainer. I enjoy all aspects of it and look forward to everything. The money is not bad either, I get paid really well to go on stage for 15min and I get to meet the people that are members of my site.

Question #6
Is Cory still pissed about you loosing the dance contest in Cancun?

Haha I dont think he is pissed at me but we are both pissed at the hoochie mama , no panty wearing, humping a guy hussie that stole the win from us. Its was not about the talent that Cory and I put into our routine but it was about the simple saying "Skin to Win". We were robbed!!! Robbed I tell you!!!

Question #7
How many men have you had sex with in your life? Women? Do you swing? Do you like men or women more?

I have not had sex with too many people...I can count them all on both my hands. Women - in my personal life 4-5 and on film about the same. I like watching Eric fuck other women but i do not want to have sex with another man. I like messing around with women but I am satisfied by a man.

Question #8
Why did you give up your roots and Canadian citizenship?

My parents applied for American citizenship before I was born. It took our family 25years to become American. I respect my parents and I really wanted to become an American. It was a thrilling experience to stand in a room with thousands of people all wanting to become American.

Question #9
Why don't you visit Toronto anymore?

I do visit Toronto as much as I can. I have a very busy schedule and I dont have a lot of free time to travel where I want to for vacations. Toronto is one of my favorite places and I wish I could go more.

Question #10
How did you get into Penthouse? Vivid?

I was sitting in my english class and this girl gave me a number to an agent. Boy did he play his cards right. As you know when you meet a new model you need naked pics of her to show your clients. Well he did not ask me to do any of that and if he had i would have told him to fuck off and walked out of there. I did go in there with a portfolio though and a very professional attitude. I am not sure what he was thinking when i walked in but he took it slow enough that i got the point eventually. He introduced me to the photographer who shot me for penthouse which happened to be his first shoot for them also. The rest is history.... As for Vivid, I was looking at their site and I emailed their tech guy with my picture and resume. Steven contacted me the next day to come into his office for a meeting. We hit it off and closed the deal. I love working for this company and i look forward to working for them for a long time. They are very professional and treat us girls really well.

Question #11
Do you get recognized on the street?

Not really...the last place i was recognized was at In & Out....hahaha i probably should have not been there. Models dont eat hamburgers. hehehe. I believe people dont put two and two together with me. Most of you have seen me with out any make up on and I dont exactly look the same. hehe.

Question #12
Discuss your crush on Lee and why does it bug Eric so much?

Because she only likes pussy....

Question #13
Why do you always have to do the motorboat in between Allie's boobs?

If you were in my position wouldn't you? I love her and i think she is the coolest girls ever....

Question #14
Talk about your Indian heritage.

Both my parents were born in India. I grew up in a pretty strict household and I am actually thankful for the way they raised me. Sure it was hard being a girl because they didn't want me doing anything once I reached puberty but I wouldn't change it. I might be in the adult industry but I dont do bad things to people or anything to hurt myself...EX: no drugs. I love what I do and they respect that.

Question #15
Why did you move to Seattle?

I broke up with my ex and needed to get away. I worked for three years without a vacation and I was burnt out. It did not help that my ex took advantage of our relationship and turned out to be a mooch. I thank him for being such a dick because I would not be where I am today and with someone so great. I am really happy now.

Question #16
Is it true RogerV screwed you over?


Question #17
Why did you spend your first year going to shows in Eric's shadow?

I was learning from him and everyone he talked to. I listened and then asked questions. He is my mentor and has taught me so much. He is the smartest man I know, one of the reasons I love him so much.

Question #18
What's with the addiction to getting lap dances?

Girls are hot and the more I am around the better.

Question #19
What does 'captain tender thighs' really mean?

He likes captain morgan and tender thighs came from Juicy...You are going to have to ask him why he calls him that.

Question #20
Where did you get the name Sunny Leone?

I had help from my brother for Sunny and Leone came from Penthouse Magazine.

Question #21
What kind of car do you own/drive? pics.

I have a fire engine red audi 2.0T. Its a nice car that I never drive. hehe I dont have pictures and its too dark out to take pics and I am leaving for brazil in a few hours.

Question #22
Do you own your own home? discuss. Pics

No i dont own my own place I rent. I dont have any pics.

Question #23
Have you ever done any drugs?

I have tried some stuff but its not my thing. I like to be in control and being addicted to drugs does not let you move forward or grow in your life. I dont mind people doing their thing around me as long as they dont try to get me to do it.

Question #24
What are your future goals?

In the next five years I would like to be married, starting a family, I am currently expanding Sunny's Money and I want my business to be thriving by then. I would like to have the option to stay home with my children or travel the world if I wanted to. I believe I will always be working or staying busy in some way and I hope its always in the adult industry.

Question #25
Discuss how you take advantage of the men that go gaga over you.

Unless I am working guys dont go gaga over me. I am a pretty simple girl when I am at home and people look to the girl beside me more then at me.


Question #26
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

I look up to Eric because he has taught me so much. He opened doors for me that dont happen all the time and is very inspirational and motivating. You dont meet a lot of people that push you to be your best all the time and tell you the way it is. Although I might get a little sensitive sometimes I always appreciate his thoughts. He takes nothing from me in return for being so great. I also look upto the women in the industry who are behind the cameras. Just to be able to listen to some ladies talk about the industry and their thoughts makes me want to work more and stick to what I am doing. I feed off their intelligence and drive to make a difference. Thank you ladies... Nothing sexier then a girl that actually has something going on upstairs.

Question #27
Why did an Indian girl work in a German Bakery?

My first real job was at 15 1/2 years old and it was at a German Bakery. I ate everything in the bakery and it was so much fun. I still go there time to time and get a piece of cake. If anyone is ever in Lake Forest , CA let me know and I will tell you the greatest place to get a piece of cake or a pastry.

Question #28
Why didn't you become an insurance agent?

I was never an insurance agent but i was the assistant of one. They did not let a 16-17year old have a licence but i did learn a lot about running a office. Side afternoon when i was at work I was so horny I masturbated at my desk....hehe that was the first time I had done that in public. It was very exciting and did not get caught.

Question #29
Talk about soccer, basketball, pingpong and track and field.

Growing up I played all the sports I could. I was always rebelling with my parents that I played so many sports so I would not have to be home. hehe I actually like it most because I had a chance to interact with the other children. My parents wanted to shelter us as much as they could.

Question #30
Discuss the experience of loosing your virginity. Talk about your love of women. Why date a man?

I lost my virginity at the age of 16 to a very cute basketball player from another high school. Eric and I saw him at Lake Havasu one year and he was not very cute anymore...and he was really weird. I love a womans body. I want to play with her and touch her every where. That is why I am always grabbing boobs. Most of the time i want to touch them more for the fact that they feel nice then it turning me on. I have known I liked women as soon as I hit puberty. At that age i didnt know that it was ok to feel that way but I knew I could never express it to anyone. I finally came to the conclusion at the age of 21-22 that i was bisexual. I am satisfied by a man physically and mentally and I like to just play with women. It does not go farther then us messing around. I dont have any attachments of feelings after words other then "That was really HOT" hehe

Question #31
Where have you lived in your life? Where do you live now? Why?

I was born in Sarnia, Ontario CANADA, moved to Fort Gratiot, MI at the age of 14, moved to Lake Forest CA at 15, then Seattle at 21-22, and live in Sacramento currently.

Question #32
Why do you only have 2 years of college? What did you take? Any plans on completing it?

I only went to school for a two years because I started making more money and traveling all over the world that my modeling career was taking over. I didnt think it was fare to keep missing school. I took all the general classes you have to take when you first go to college. I dont have any plans to go back only because I currently have a few full time jobs and i dont think I could handle it. I also love what I am doing now, and expanding Sunny's Money is also going to help in securing my future so there would be no need to go back to school.



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