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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Nader

Question #1
What kind of entertainment do you provide at your parties? Give details. You KNOW what I'm talking about.

Alright here we go..going to try to answer these the best i can. As for #1 I'm the type of person that likes to see everyone at a party having a good time especially when it's my party. So just to spice things up i invite many of my stripper girl friends, and let me tell you they really know how to liven things up, my last years party during Webmaster Access was proof...

Question #2
How did you fall in love with WYPD? Talk about the parties. Why did you have to stay in another town?

It's simple i love Mexico and the event was right on the beach with beautiful sites. The party's where great one of the nights like 15 of us walk down to the local bar and take it over there was like a few locals with sombrero's hats on.. pretty soon we have like 40 people in this small beat up bar. The bartender was great and everyone that was there where good people. We did the drunken Mexico walk of shame back to our hotel we looked like a pack of herd lol Great times, good place, a must! Oh the reason we stayed at this other area was first we where late on booking, second it was a huge house was thinking of throw a party one of the nights, and third it was like 100 steps from the hotel no biggie.

Question #3
How many drinks does it take for you to get drunk?

Jack Daniels! I can honestly say it takes me about a Pint' til i get hammered A pint is about 15 shots i think maybe less not sure hey whos counting anyways Send me another please

Question #4
What's the meaning behind using the word "bro" in every sentence?

Hahaa hey bro..i think i know where you got this question from. Well to be honest with you bro i don't even notice myself saying the word "bro". I mean come on bro give me a break here i thought you where my bro..hahahaa

Question #5
How did you meet Jenni Darling?

Vegas! I was in my room all alone so hungover to where you know you just don't to see anyone. So i'm trying to sleep and then all the sudden i hear a door knock. Yes whos there i hear a women's voice..ok i'm thinking room service whatever i reply Yes she says is Nader there...I'm like i look thru the peep hole and i see this chick standing with red lipstick and a purse in her hand..i was like oh shit Motha fucken Caz got me a hooker...At this point i did not care if it was free i had no energy what so ever.. So i open the door and she says Hey you Nader with one eye open i reply no i'm not Nader he's not here ...she says are you sure? i said why who are you. I start hearing laughing in the backround and i look over i see CAZ standing there filming the whole thing and everyone is cracking up.. So the first time i ever met Jenni i thought she was my paid service! Let's see if Caz will upload the Video...Go for it Caz Pretty funny story..Caz watch your back bastard i never forget!!!!

Question #6
Talk about high stakes blackjack. How much do you bet?

Poker is really my game. Don't really think i'm a high roller but i can tell you a story i had in Vegas during 06" show. Picture this i'm sitting at the edge of a blackjack table with Lia19 on one side and Danielle on the other. All the other seats where taken by other friends as i remember Mike Hawk, Mitch netbilling, and a few others..Well i have about $500 in chips so i decided to play like a high roller. At this point i'm up and i have like $1200 in front of me the pit boss asks me if i wanted a pack of Smokes since he saw i was out i thought wow good service, so while the waitress was on her own i decided to but everything i had on one hand..Yahh Badasssss ALL OF IT lol it was like a foot tall lol Well i fucking LOST the girls start walking away lol and i get a tap on the shoulder Sir here is your free pack of smokes on the house..I look at her and say are you kidding me i just paid $1200 for that pack of Cigerettes..

Question #7
Discuss fishing.

It's my favorite hobby! I started to fish at the age of 7 when my parents would take me to the beach, i would watch others fish on the pier. The very first time i fished i caught more fish then anyone on the pier at age 7 wow. I was HOOKED! It's a huge relaxation for me. So when ever I get the time i go fish. Here is a post that we made, took the office fishing I do all kinds of fishing Saltwater/Fresh Water you name it. And i also believe in the Catch and Release program i very rarely keep the i catch.

Question #8
Talk about your boxing career.

Hmm I wonder how you got this info..Well it's true i used to train but never had a career. This was years ago when i was like 20 i think! One of my best friends father was a well known Boxing trainer. So the father would train us and give us pointers. That lasted for about 2 years until i got in to something else...Fighting was not my favorite thing to do so i moved on...

Question #9
Where do you live? Where were you born? Where have you lived?

I was Born in Hollywood California 1973. At this time i'm living in Burbank, CA. Been living in California for most of my life.

Question #10
How come your marriage failed where your parents' has not? It that their fault?

I rather not even get into this topic while it was the past. I let the past be the past. don't even want to remember lol But i can say that we still keep in touch and it was just not ment to be Biggie...moving on Send it.. Re: my parents They still want me to get married again, and I'm open on trying it again when the time comes.

Question #11
Where did the nickname NadeDog come from?

In high school i was pretty well known and all the girls would call me dog because i would date so many girls lol. and my name is Nader so i put the 2 together and came up with the nickname "NadeDog" which my friends have been calling me for years now.

Question #12
Is it true all college dropouts are stupid and impotent?

I think College can be great if you find what you want to do. In my case College was not for me. I tried many fields even took Business classes. I found it better training hands on and have learned a lot more from working for other successful business men. So no dropping out of college does'nt mean your stupid...i sure ain't hahaha

Question #13
Who did you start working for and with in the adult industry?

I got in the business because of Marty, he was a real close friend of mine at the time and i saw how much money he was making doing what most men would love to do PORN! Computer+Porn = $$$ it was all it took to get me interested. At that time 80% of what's out in the industry now was not around it was fresh. Now to answer your question: Well i have never worked for anyone in this industry i have always owned anything i have done.

Question #14
Why do you love porn so much?

What's there not to love. Here how i look at it I get paid, i get laid, and i get made! Send it.

Question #15
How come you have always wanted an affiliate program?

Well in the early days it was a lot harding getting an Affiliate program set up. You needed a custom made program which was pretty expensive, and i did not have all the resources i needed at the time. So i had to wait... As time went by more and more new scripts would come out and things where getting much easier to get and where much more reasonable price wise. So after waiting in 2003 i finally got my chance and now i have my own Affiliate program. The wait was worth it in this case!!!

Question #16
What the fuck does "send it" mean?

The word "Send it" is my slogan i say it all the time and it means to bring it on, and many other various things like when i see a hot girl i say Send it.. basically meaning i want it. It was a friend and I that came up with that like 6 years ago from local casinos..if someone would win a poker pot the winner when lean over to grab his chips and say "send it" meaning bring it his way. So my friend and I started using it with other friends and it stuck! And now I have brought it in the industry which makes sence. We need traffic so... Send it...

Question #17
How come you're still single? Gay?

I'm Definitely not Gay! The reason why i'm single hmmm well i was in a 3 year relationship like 2 years ago. That took so much out of me that i needed to take a break. It was a good thing that we did break up becasue once we seperated my company stock went up 500%. Being single gave me the peace and mind i need to get NichePay rolling. Why date one person when you can have a different person for every night. Or whenever What I'm trying to say is getting caught up in a relationship is not worth it unless your serious on settling down.

Question #18
How much did your divorce cost you? Discuss.

Haahaa enquire minds want to know... Let's see a house in the Pasadena hills, $25k bank account, and much more Let's put it this way. Here is what i left with: 65 inch TV, 125 Gallon fish tank, Mountain Bike and all my clothes. I was out free to start my life all over with only those items in my name.

Question #19
What was your favorite job as a kid?

My favorite job would have to be when i worked in the 900 number business when i was around 19 thru 23 years of age. It was some of the best times working for a company. The best thing was all the new friends i made. The office was located in Hollywood Ca. and it was like a 24 floor building we where on the 22nd i think..well it was a huge place with different divisions. We would have more fun fucking around then working, you can ask some of the people that work there with me like J$tyles, Marty (partner AdultCheck), and Raffi (WorldWideContent)to name a few. I remember one day one of the guys was caught sleeping on the job..i mean he totally had his mouth open. So one of the other guys there opened like 10 packs of Ketchup and poured them all in his mouth. Soon there after he awakens and starts to feel something in his mouth and does like a gag cough thingy and it goes all over him..everyone was crackin up..he was running around the office like he was shot ha ahahahahgood memories!!!

Question #20
Post pics of your home. What's it worth in the LA real estate market? How many homes do you own?

I'm actually moving into a new home Sep. 15th it's located in Toluca Lake California. It's worth about a mil. and it will be the only real estate i will own at the moment. Sold most of my other homes. Lens i will post GOOD pics once i'm moved in buddy... I will have a private party for my close friends pretty soon!!!

Question #21
What kind of car(s) do you drive?

I'm not to picky about cars i've had really nice ones in the past. So when my last Mercedes lease was up i did not know what to get for a while. Until one night i was cruising by a dealership and a cool looking car got my attention it was a Charcaol Grey 2006 Volkswagon Passat. I bought it there at the spot. It's a perfect car for me, love it!

Question #22
Who do you look up to in the online adult business? Down on?

I look up to the a lot of people in this business especially the ones that started back in the early days. I mean there mostly the ones that set the stage for many of us. To name a few names: Lensman, Bangwang and Lars. I look down to the people that use tatics like fake Drama or people that create problems or insult others to get there company name out. Thats just pathetic!

Question #23
What adult internet shows do you attend? Favorites? Least favorites?

Good question! I really have no idea since there are so many shows in a year. I have attened like 6 shows so far this year i think..and there like 3 more to go. Some of my Favorites would have to be: YP Mexico, Phoenix Forum and Webmaster Access LA. Let's see least favorites i rather not say, but i have noticed a lot more shows have less people attending these days.

Question #24
What kind of woman (or man) turns you on?

The women that turn me on are the ones that are sure of themselves and that are very seductive. There is no specific type of race i look for. P.S. Nice feet is a plus!

Question #25
How many people work for you? What exactly do you do?

At the moment I have 6 people working for NichePay! We are growing so if there's anyone is interested in working here and is in the Los angeles area hit me up we have many opening. Inhouse only please I mainly run the day to day operations here in the NichePay office. I do a lot here at the company, anything from The entire company accounting (including all payouts) Manage all my workers Manage all new projects that we have underway Make all the company decisions and the list goes on and on.. It's a big responisblity running your own company. What i'm basically trying to saying is that whatever it takes wether it's do billing or take out the company trash it all has to be done to get to the next level.

Question #26
Do your parents and sisters know what you do for a living? Their thoughts?

Yes! Everyone one of my family members know and they all support whatever it is that i do. lol in the beginning i would tell my parents... "put it this way it's like what Playboy does but online, and after i told them it was pics and videos that i sell and that i was'nt the one shooting it. They have always been cool from that point on"

Question #27
Talk about the LA porn scene as compared to cities.

There is no comparison with the LA porn scene i mean there are so many hot people from all over the world here not just one type. In LA everyone is a PORN STAR LOL

Question #28
Talk about your family's ethnic heritage.

My Dad and Mom are both Middle Eastern. My dad was Born in Jerusalem and my Mom was Born in Jordan. Once they got married they moved to the States Hollywood Ca. Been here ever since.

Question #29
How many women have you had sex with in your life? Men?

Funny question but i actually thought about it one day and tried to figure out how many i really did. So i would have to say over 200 for sure.

Question #30
Several women have told me you have a really small skinny penis. This true or are they just used to 15" porn stars? How big are you? Post pics.

Bullshit question LOL no women would say that becasue I know I satisfy everytime baby. I have never had a complaint and i would say i'm a little over 6" inches and about 2 1/2 inches wide. Send it... And i do have pics! Anyone care to see let me know.

Question #31
Do you jerk off with your left or your right?

I like to use both baby!

Question #32
If you could fuck any one chick from the industry with no concequences who would it be?

No way i'm going to answer that question. She knows who she is....



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