You're About to be Ambushed!

Ambush Interview always checks before hand to make sure the person being ambushed is available for answering questions. The 'ambush' is that you won't know exactly what questions will be asked.

I will respect any topics you tell me not to discuss, but understand that the threads are done on GFY and other people may ask those questions. You arn't obligated to answer or you can simply say " I can discuss that for such and such reasons"

To properly do an ambush interview I need to know some background on YOU. Ambush interview isn't just about what you are doing now - it's about what you've done with your life, your job history, education background, places lived and life changing experiences. So i need an email from you sumerizing that. It can be in point form - I just need to know in what direction to point the questions.

I Need email of your:
1. job history before and during adult.
2. Education background.
3. Places Lived
4. Life changing experiences you want to discss.

Send email to
I use spam arrest

Please note, unless you tell me specifically not to touch a specific area of your life I will ask questions about anything and everything I can think of- including personal sexual natured questions. General sexual questions cannot be avoided - but some specifics can be if you ask me not to touch certain areas of your life. You can answer any way you like.

Thank you for agreeing to particpate in Ambush Interview. Have fun with your questions!