So you wana trade with ambushinterview......

We offer free traffic trades

there are two ways.

#1 - get ambushed. The company links of all people ambushed are posted on the site.
#2 - Trade recip links - banner or text.

to trade recip links we have some rules. FOLLOW THEM

Rule #1 - Have our link up BEFORE even asking. This is common curtiosy and those who don't comply will be ignored. This means we have to SEE traffic in OUR stats from you FIRST.

Rule #2 - Use a text link or a banner from our banners page. copy banner and server it from your own server - not ours. Link to or any individual person's ambush page.

Rule #3 - Inform us before you change a link.

We are easy to deal with. Respect us and we will respect you.

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